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How accurate was this movie with its portrayal of economics? The most important take away I got was that most industries are a bubble waiting to pop.

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>First mistake we ever made was letting Nixon get off the gold standard.
>Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.
>Greed is good.
pretty based movie

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oh i just realized that's the sequel, watch the original faggot

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the entire finance world is a debt bubble waiting to pop

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>Biggest bubble ever? The Cambrian Paleozoic phase with the primordial soup. They never fuckin' saw it comin'. .

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Short haired women literally look like young boys....ewww

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>Money Never Sneeds

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I saw the first one and I enjoyed it. Is the sequel good too?

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>How accurate was this movie with its portrayal of economics?

Good enough.

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