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>GME/AMC are back down
How do (((they))) always win? Even when they lose, they always come out on top.

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you really thought you could win Goyim? We have had contingency plans for years for just this scenario.

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it's was planned by them all along. the whole story line is a scam.

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>How do (((they))) always win?
>ugly (litterally only black people rate below them on dating sites)
>weird genetic diseases
>short and perverted
>disliked by almost everyone
>have to live among their own communties because inevtiably end up being despised

Tell me again how they "win" at life???

Jews basically live a tortured existence and all they (sometimes) have is money.

When God said they were "the chosen people" it was a metaphor for how God could love even the most despicable creatures on earth. Fact, the whole point of that was that everyone knew the Egyptians were smarter, better looking, and better but God was demonstrating he was a loving God who will allow prosperity if you follow him.

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no one has ever tried killing all of them

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