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>ctrl + f "shib"
>no results
Let's change that
How much SHIB you got gentlemen?

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50 billion

anybody else get the feeling that shibaswap is going to be like BAO and SUSHI?

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well, I would never check my own digits but holy fuck

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based. Yes. Those are the exact vibes.

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here you go anon, checked
2.4B here

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10b, just dumped 100b on you fags.

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SHIB: the digital milk farm of noobs

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23B here. Could have left with $4500 but stayed because of the incessant shill. Let's hope this retarded coin continues to pump.

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I bought because it was 1 sat but I still think it's a scam and these threads are obviously shills.

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missed your lambo then, retard

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congratulations. how will you be spending your 1 ETH, or 0.96 ETH after fees?

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dude you got digits in both your post AND your ID

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a lowly 837m. new to this shit so im not going all in on a shitcoin.

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Okay Ranjesh. I'm not trying to convince your faggot ass to buy. The thread is for SHIB hodlers.

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you still have 900 billion too, you faggot AKITA holder.

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fuck I just realized the ID is pronounced "Pepe" too

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Nice anon. You should definitely consider pooling your tokens if you don't want to spend more on it and have an equal amount eth plus gas fees sitting in your metamask.

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I have 2 bill Shib. When does that translate to a Lambo?

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eoy lambo

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Kek. blessed thread

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311m poorfag reporting in

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say goodbye to your 99,117,713,536 AKITA you fucking pajeet currynigger. you done fucked up coming in here talking like that.

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How much ETH did you spend for 2B? Please don't tell me you bought close to the top.

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I bought it on the first day before the gas got retarded

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you must have paid half of your eth in gas wtf

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finna cop me some of that $19k you got sittin there bitch boy.

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30b bag. Might doubt my stack later tonight if dubs.

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consider pooling those billions anon if you plan on keeping your SHIB

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Satisfied with your digits op

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Shiba creator has top xfund bag. Why don’t you have any shitheads

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Same 15$ gaslet here

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if you finna run, you better hope your $80 in ETH can cover your gas fees bitch cuz i'm about to clear you out here in a minute

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Boats AND Hose

>> No.27577306

LEASH covered that Ranj

>> No.27577648

Double it.

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why would anyone want a girlboss dogecoin?

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How long till rich we need shibaswap asap im sick of gas fees

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scared bitch? i see you selling more SHIB. don't worry nigger i'll get it soon enough

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Shibillionaire here, glad to see that the upward trend is continuing.

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15 trillion, bud. Let's goo!

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I'm glad I jumped in, didn't invest all that much. but let's see where this goes.

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Gentlemen, I'm officially back in the green on ALL my cryptos, and I had already cashed out my investment

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>ctrl + f "shib"
>no results
This was preferable. Bad dog, shoo.

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When we goin up again, lads?

>> No.27578853

18B here. Won’t make me a millionaire, but will be a nice return

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That 12 hours chart is making me coom. My foreskin hurts.

>> No.27579346

So that guy that kept dumping at every pump is now gone?

>> No.27579441

I drive a land cruiser 100 series Ranj. It don’t go fast but it go where I fucking want lol

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He's just bled out but he's still out there. We would all be 5 figures now if this curry nigger wasn't completely retarded.
News on shibaswap apparently coming this week so I would hold for a moment and if shibaswap is legit jus thold until it's out and you're gonna make it with that stack.

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Naive newfags pls dont fall for this scam and be left a permanent bagholder.

Poo. In. Loo.

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File: 13 KB, 248x137, fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Stop scamming up this board with your garbage.

DMG is the patrician's animal.

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Yeah I just don't understand he is making chump change, he and all of us could do much better.

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I was financially ruined by this meme. Had to sell each and every one of my coins

>> No.27580123

Might double my stake at this next dip.

>> No.27580197

Is this even a legit account?

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Buy high l, sell low. Blame coin. At least have a modicum of personal responsibility

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That's what being a retarded Pajeet does to you.
That's also why they keep shilling other shitcoins and panicking so they can buy it cheaper than what it is now.
Reminder that we're still on a very healthy grow, and the chart looks real nice if you ignore the pump and dump created by some nigger on youtube.
It's clearly a joke you fucking moron.
I know that on Reddit you have to add a disclaimer that this is satire since you're a double digit IQ curry smelling retard, but this isn't your dragon dildo riding community here.

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#10 holder shibro here. Overnight work or I would have started the thread myself. RFIII news being posted by the dev is mighty nice. Knew it was coming since it was posted in telegram, but still.

Get your bags boys, if these guys can solve the gas problem with trading on DEX, we have the only platform to be able to easily buy shitcoins for cheap without getting fucked on gas. Absolutely massive.

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Also a pajeet coin requires it to be made by an actual pajeet. The dev is Japanese and didn't abandon his project. The moment it got some traction he immediately got working with RFIII

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I'm a proud bagholder now

>> No.27580548

how many? i got 2.4 billion

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238 Billion. Closest I'll be to a whale.

I was asleep during that big pump. Tempted to sell but holding firm. Let's get this up to 8 sats by EOM.

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Meme magic

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Don't be a dummy buddy. You're going to see it hit absolutely ridiculous numbers once we have a working exchange. You're going to kill yourself if you don't at least wait for that to happen.

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I got like 3.5 billion from when this shitcoin first launched and I wanted to sell the top but gas was like $80. I might DCA in a little more and wait for another good pump before taking my free tendies.

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Is Shiba right now not even equivalent to 1 sat? What's the actual sat value for one Shiba? This is quite insane how cheap it is in comparison.

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It’s cheap, but the market cap is 10mil. So you have to take that into account when you consider how many x’s you may get

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>try to explain the telegram ESL niggers that their memes are shit and only hurting them
>get banned
I am dumping that shit first occasion I get. I can't believe in a community driven coin where the community is a bunch of retarded niggers with no basic reading comprehension. I'll give you /biz/bros a head's up.

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I bought over 667 billion SHIBs for like 30$ when it was first shilled here on biz. I bet in 4-5 years, SHIB is going to worth as much as DOGE because of stupid memes disseminated by retarded redditors. It's a clown world, so might as well capitalise on it.

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