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whats up

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Comfy as always

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Hey hey heeyyyyy

>How likely do you think other countries will follow in UN land registry after Afghanistan?
Rick: There are already several countries lined up and are watching carefully

>What is your future perspective with LTO if you think 5 years ahead. Where do you hope to be with crypto, and in the developments themselves?
Rick: I think we are working out the strategy from the vision paper perfectly. So read that and you will know where we are.
>Is the LTO / VIDT team currently large and qualified enough to meet all (international) high demand / adoption?
Rick: Yeah. We have gathered so many good integrators around us who are familiar with the technology that we are ready for further upscaling.

Some translations from Dutch ama

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So glad I got out of this crabbing pos

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think the problem is you dont have the patience to hold more than a few weeks. chart looks healthy af to me

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Literally dumping all week

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? its up 15% from the 27th. can no one read a line graph now? is this the new fud? is this the best they can muster? jesus

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kek, not even 4x in 12 months. imagine missing the whole bull run

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that just feeds into the point that its heavily undervalued though? wut is this fud kek

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nobody cares. nobody is buying your bags kek

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Don't return crying when LTO is a top 20 coin.

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Sitting comfy on my 200k stack, can't be any comfier than this coin and grt

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Getting Link-vibes with this coin

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Zoom out faggots

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Comfy 500k hold.

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what a bunch of impatient niggers itt
LTO is doing just fine

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LTO comfy
Also GTO is pumping like I told you all it would, it's gone up 60% today I imagine it will hill double what it is within days jump on it dont regret it

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I wish I had more of this coin LTO bros leasing 16k just isn't enough

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been telling yall to get on GTO as well

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can we just have our 1 lto thread

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Leasing will be more profitable in the future as more clients on-board.
Projects just take time because big corpos are slow compared to crypto.
Important thing is transactions are ramping up and 100k is the standard now.
At this growth rate it will outpace the growth of amount staked and give us better APY.
Hopefully that schizo riddler was right too.

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I'm staking a bunch of LTO too, it's comfy. I'm just saying for my LTO bros if they wanna get in on short term gains, get into GTO as well. Unlike 90% of /biz/ I actually like to share winning.

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you're advice is to buy a coin that already pumped 70% today. that always ends well

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I'd bet a G that it will hit at least 100%
DYOR but I was correct, I told people it looks promising weeks ago and no one has shilled it here except me on like 5 occasions. It might drop 20%, but within 1 month I am certain it will be double what it is now.

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im comfy hodling my 30k GTO along with my 10k LTO and 10k Audius

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Daily transactions have been climbing at a solid rate since the beginning. Up 2.5x from 1 year ago today.

If this keeps up, we will see 250k/day at the end of the year, meaning the staking APY will be 20% and the burn rate would be 4.5% (because they come entirely from the tx fees)

But, as more clients on board and the network starts to legitimize itself, we might start to see this linear growth turn exponential.

And LTO continues to flow out of exchanges and into leases. n
Now over 130million are staked, and growing. As the txs/apy climb, so will the amount of leases since people will jump on, cause a larger outflow of coins from exchanges

This will eventually squeeze the exchanges and cause an explosion in price.

Traders don't give a fuck about staking or burn rate, so they don't know this potential, keeping this coin undervalued.

Its starting to snowball, either get in at the top of the hill, or get in at the bottom

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Bros this sounds very bullish

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>That transaction growth
>And LTO continues to flow out of exchanges and into leases.
Key point. With 50% circ supply staked and LTO on exchanges going down,
it's only a matter of time until the price realization hits
Combine this with the fact that LTO generates a lot more revenue from transaction fees than much higher mcap coins,
I think LTO will perform well

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lto Netflows are continuing to show accumulation.
1) More LTO has flowed out of exchanges in 24 hours, 7 days & 30 day periods.

2) Massive price suppression inflow attempt on January 29th of 2.53mill LTO quickly gobbled up & outflows now continue

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Here's a chart showing the network revenue (in transaction fees) since last year.
With VIDT onboarding big oil, the UN recruiting nations states, and LegalThings in the process of closing on their biggest client yet in terms of txs (shrimp), this is going to go absolutely crazy this year

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and DIDs, DREP

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if thread comfyness is an indicator of a coin's future performance then I have high comfydence in LTO.

Been in it since 11 cents, planning to further increase stack and start delegating.

Do you anons think it's a good idea to margin trade it? Thinking of opening a modest 3x margin but I've never done it before and although the support seems solid I'm still hesitant pulling the trigger

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UNFUDDABLE, get your nigger ass out of here with that weak shit. Go back to the drawing board and come up with some new fud im gettin board here

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Has anybody figured the math out yet? Riddleranon is obviously pointing us in the direction of LTO being far far more undervalued than we think. What are we missing?

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Reminder we have a God on our side: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_T%C3%ADo

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ignoring facts >>27586820

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Riddleranon did say the synchronicities would become astounding.

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On the coin alone, fundamentals are right (same with my ADA stack). This has the same problem as the entire altcoin mkt, we're still due a BTC pullback this year. Dunno if I'd want to bridge leverage across that.

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El Tío (The Uncle), is believed in Cerro Rico, Potosí, Bolivia to be the "Lord of the Underworld". There are many statues of this devil-like spirit in the mines of Cerro Rico. El Tío rules over the mines, simultaneously offering protection and destruction. Some figures are in the shape of a goat.

Miners bring offerings such as cigarettes, coca leaves, and alcohol for the statues and believe that if El Tío is not fed, he will take matters into his own hands. Villagers of Potosi ritually slaughter a llama and smear its blood on the entrance to the mines.

The miners of Cerro Rico are Catholics and they believe in both Christ and El Tío. However, worship of El Tío is condemned strongly by the Catholic Church. Images of El Tío are usually not allowed outside of the mines, as this is seen as the realm of God and El Tío has no place there. Likewise, Christian symbolism isn't allowed inside of the mines, as this "Underworld" is seen as El Tío's realm.

Every year, the Carnaval de Oruro is held, and costumes and statues of El Tío are paraded around in a ceremony that represents his defeat at the hands of the Archangel Michael. This is the only time that images of El Tío are allowed above the surface of the mines.

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Not even a fact? Nigger you posted some random kike chart and called it a fact. WEAK fud

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LTO is the miners bane that was prophecized. He holds off on their destruction by demanding offering of cigs, booze, and coca leaves
Join the demon chad before he destroys every other shitcoin

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literally from coingecko. Confirmed shill ignoring facts. Not surprising for a paid jeet shill thread

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I see. I guess I can wait with that for now and just DCA to increase my stack

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Youre a dumb fucking retard if you think that matters. At opening this coin was .15, then drops to .05 for months. THATS whats important. A 4x from .05 to .20 you blind fucking kike. Stop your weak fud before your kys from foming in since you got priced out faggot

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kek, first day using English for the pajeet

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ABSOLUTELY WEAK fud. Cookin breakfast and calling out fudders is so comfy. You got priced out. Deal with it

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trips of truth

WAGMI friend

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who's Riddleranon? what did i miss?

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Unquestionably BASED
Comfy breakfast
A guy was larping as the baba cugs of LTO a few threads ago.

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some schizo that pops into LTO threads every once in a while and some some quick mafs for us plebs.

not doing a 4x is fud nowadays on this board. I said this before. This board stopped caring about crypto fundamentals a long time now you can see that with recent PnD shitcoins gaining insane traction like SHIB especially, and I'm still not sure about RBC not being a pajeet rugpull.

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I filter RBC threads since I saw the entire catalog become that shitty shade of green a week ago.

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Comfy indeed. The fudders leave as soon as they know theyre beat

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don't remind me anon I'd rather eat shit than witness that onslaught of pajeetry on this board again.


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have they ever discussed at what price LTO needs to be in order for them to decrease the token fee? i would imagine that there is a big cost savings in using the network vs all the added admin wages a business would incur to deal with all of the data that LTO handles, but at what LTO price would that no longer be the case? Mind you even if the cost savings was lost at some point in the future, i still think companies would pay a premium to use the tech and its convenience vs going back to employing more admins, the turn over in that field, re-training, labour burden costs etc etc

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SS get, nice

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The team said clients are willing to spend up to $1 per transaction, which would put the the price of LTO around $2.85 with the current tx fee of 0.35 LTO

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BTC is probably going to crash hard this year or the next, how do you think that will affect crypto projects like LTO?

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DCA or buy large amount then lease?

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Either is fine, LTO is extremely undervalued though so if you can buy a lot now it might be better than DCAing. Leasing will give you 6.66% APY but that will increase with transactions, which have been increasing steadily week after week.

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Make it stack?

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according to schizoriddler, 55k, IMO it's 100k

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should I sell my rbc for lto?

i got in at 3 cents

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I've never looked into RBC so you should know better than me. LTO is a safe bet.

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I would do it. Or at least move half of your stack, to hedge your bets.

LTO doesn't run on hype, which is how it has been able to fly under the radar even though it has huge clients and real adoption. So while I absolutely expect it to explode, and deservedly so (unlike Rubic), the lack of hype is definitely a detriment right now

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