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Hope you're ready for what's coming

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And Pangolin could be going live this week...

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tell me more

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What’s the outlook between these and LTO?

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LTO is really really uncertain, whereas I guarantee that these will be around in 5 years.

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aeb.xyz ;)

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GRT just hit new ATH. Check it out.

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no. ATH is .89

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Can't fucking believe I'm going to make it, several times over.

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This is my portfolio. And link obviously.

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Im currently holding 20 GRT because im a poorfag student (wanna buy more but cant right now)
Got any tips for me? Try to sell and buy in order to accumulate more, or just hold it?

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Dont forget the OG

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GRT is some retarded scam coin with retarded, yet I'm still holding it

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You're a retarded faggot with retarded, yet I'm still replying to you

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So that makes you retarded.

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Based and retardpilled

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Am I retarded?

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I was lucky enough to stumble upon biz as a poorfag in 2018 and ended up with 250 link as a result, been considering transferring all that into GRT (about $6k). I believe in link so I hesitate to get rid of it but if I went all in on GRT I’d have almost 11k GRT.

is this a good or bad idea anons? I’d rope myself if link went to $1000 in the future but that mentality also prevents me from taking profit

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Get a part time job

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Sell half your linkies, put them on AVAX and GRT.

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It’s like two mirrors facing each other and I’m falling into them

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I hold a small GRT bag and no LINK (t. poorfag) and desu I think link has more moon potential than GRT

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6k GRT 100 link, will I make it in 3 years time?

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retarded claims* me word cut off durr sowwy. still hodl coin

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I'm putting half of my scholarship into that.

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>11k GRT.
if you delegated that you can make passive income. About $100-$150 a month. Not crazy, but if GRT goes up that 100-150 a month will be a lot more. I also hold some LINK though.

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Most people who seem to be pro GRT and know anything realize that it isn't going to moon-- it's a stable investment over a long period of time. Short bursts just aren't in the cards.

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GRT will go to $10 this year once all subgraphs are open and more tokens are unlocked. under $1 is still early. 23570GRT holder here

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AVAX is loved by GRT community

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We were made for each other.

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What’s the minimum for GRT staking for fees to be worth it? Would 1000-1300 be enough?

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Based. Now we just need nucypher to connect in. And i need some aleph. Then ill have the holy quintrinity.

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why is that?

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Delegated 10,000. Actually made about 250 GRT in January. The indexers weren't as full as they are now.

Not all of the indexers with low cuts pay the best rewards. Many of them pay very little because they are overdelegated. Some of the better paying ones take a 90% cut. One I'm curious about takes a 100% rewards cut and 1% fee cut. Could be one to watch when the subgraphs are added.

The smart thing to do would be to buy and hold for now, then delegate when you see what subgraphs are on each indexer. I think I will have to redelegate at some point when they are added.

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I’m not staking yet but I think the general consensus is at least 5k to be worthwhile, preferably at least 10k
>tfw 3.3k

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wow thats a one sided poll

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Still wrapping my head around the concepts. Are subgraphs what serve information to different applications using it, like Uniswap? Does this mean that apps are only getting data from specific indexers?

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Oh alright. How about AVAX? From what I’ve seen it looks like a smaller amount would be viable.

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AVAX staking is pretty fucking easy to set up and you only need 25 AVAX to do it. ~10% APY.

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at what point in the year do you think this will be?

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Tell me about avax, fren

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This >>27744917
Was meant for >>27740716

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How does one choose the best indexer? Ive got the suntzu link but i dont know how to use the data to determine which indexer will perform the best and not get slashed. I keep trying youtube but i only find how to delegate not how to make the most educated decision. Any advice?

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How does running the entire financial system sound?

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its the best

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What market is it on? Potential of avax?

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thinking of taking my REEF and ADA gains and going all in on either AVAX or ATOM. I only have 1k, is this retarded

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Basically you won't make it this year holding GRT, but you definitely will in the next 5 years.

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ZERO exchange will explode because everybody expects it to be a rugpull despite the technological excellence the devs prooved many times

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Yes but only if you go all-in on ATOM.

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That's the goal of AVAX, it's what it's designed for.

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How do I get some AVAX as a burger without using a kyc exchange

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Fuck is avax

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jesus the level of inorganic paid shilling of ajax is off the fucking charts
paid for inorganic memes, forced associations to borrow credibility and fake enthusiastic AVAX bros.

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I try to choose a indexer that has few delegators because you are going to get a bigger cut of the rewards. As time passes, the indexers fill up and you get fewer and fewer rewards. I may redelegate once per year to maximize rewards.

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Newfag here so maybe I'm not picking up on the general consensus of /biz/, but GRT seems to be the most unanimously agreed upon altcoin across the whole board right now. I'm seeing very little counter signalling. Is this a massive psyop or are there concerns some anons have surrounding GRT?

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Swingies get the rope. But honestly yeah but with cuckbase fees if you’re a burger it won’t work

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they require kyc

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My bet is on GRT for the next 5 years.

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binance and VPN

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it's more hype than anything anon. I'm personally hyped because of the upcoming subgraphs, token burn and delegating. it motivates me to make GRT memes and share it with /biz/. Maybe whoever started shilling GRT was a psyop but God damn it I love this project.

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this but for avax, I literally do it for free

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how do i get ready?

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I'm ready.

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Buy avax and grt, easy

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Where to buy?

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should i have more GRT than AVAX on my portfolio or should I also buy LINK?

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My portfolio:
400 LINK
500 AVAX

Possible to make it with this?

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what's the best fiat onramp these days?

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in 5 years youll be set bruh

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i only hold 5.7 AVAX and 55 GRT btw

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King stack

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holy shit

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I buy it on binance

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I'm an OG linker who sold too early. But I get link vibes from GRT and AVAX. I got into avax

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Don’t see it. Not available in the US?

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Coins are interrelated ecosystems. Avax, grt, link are all likely to go up or down together, you're overthinking it. Diversifying is about buying assets detached from each others. Based on mcap right now I think avax is the least overhyped, but this is the opinion of a retard. DYOR.

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Gokupasta anon here.
The weeks after the first price spike I was basically the only anon shilling GRT and making memes for it.
It seemed like a textbook pnd because when it got listed on exchanges the catalog was fucking f l o o d e d with GRT threads and it went 20x in three days or some crazy shit like that, but after that there were only a handful of barely active threads while GRT crabbed and bled.
It was fucking weird. I guess it was a mixture of people being mad for being caught bagholding it while everything else mooned, people just dismissing it as a pnd (I did too at first because of the insane spam on release) and people just shutting up and accumulating. Also, no pajeet marketing team hired by the devs?
But the hype was real. Just check the archives for pre-ICO threads. It's the most goddamn fucking solid project in crypto, and people immediately took notice.

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holy fuck ygmi

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breh, give me more hopium, you make me belive

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Okcoin or voyager

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is that not just a uniswap copy?

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would you sell some of a 42k GRT stack to get 500 AVAX? I'm tempted but i love my GRT so much..

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is AVAX going to come to coinbase? i dont have any other way of getting the coin....

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if you are even thinking about selling grt before 1 year, you are literally ngmi

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in which country are you?

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No one really knows in the long term, We are not going to see another breakthrough in consensus algorithm for the next 15 years (but that's just speculation). Meanwhile GRT has the potential to be a massively valuable multi-chain ecosystem of infinite data, but having a first move advantage on layer 2 tech is not necessarily a big deal. They do have a good name and somewhat good decentralized structure that can hardly be improved.

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I 5X in the last 40 days on Graph. What have you done anon?

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seriously if there was an actual way to buy this token I'd be in

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I meant AVAX, I already know GRT is on coinbase and have made a 2x of that

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sry me retard

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I am a Graph King (>500k) and I acknowledge that AVAX is incredibly legit. However I’m not fucking selling a single GRT for a long time.

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Sui stack make it stack? Looks like some legit tech

>> No.27754160

For a $375 entry fee minimum that sounds tasty.
Is staking worth it? Any real risks?

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I can't give you more hopium than that my dude.
The Graph is amazing because it's stupid simple, it works, and it's only going to get better with time.
The old digital economy will slowly get replaced by Web3, and GRT will speed up the transition immensely.
Now it's just a matter of waiting until we make it.
Just buy, hodl and delegate.
Even the 1k graphlets will have a chance to make it. The passive income might seem pitifully low now, but compounding interest + increasing value is not to be underestimated in the long run. Maybe you'll not make it with GRT alone, but you can use that income to invest in other coins in the future. There will be other chances.

See you on the moon.

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How the did I not know about Voyager

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If you hold these three you are gonna make it so hard. IYKYK

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No, there isn't even slashing. Literally all that can happen is you delegate to a dogshit node with <60% uptime and just get your money back with no staking reward. You will never lose AVAX staking.

>> No.27754589

Give it 2-5 years
Depending on development and implementation but it looks promising
It's about 30% of my wallet atm and hoping to increase that over the next year

>> No.27754623

Oh yeah and you don't need any hardware/VPS at all to delegate in case you weren't aware.

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More grt fren
Keep linkies too

>> No.27754849

someone post/make an avax staking guide for imbeciles like the grt one

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Very nice.
Roughly same except replace DEA with 15k FLOW

>> No.27754970

I will defiantly look more into it.
Do you stake?
I saw an anon using a Grafana template for his staking looked amazing.

So I do not need a device constantly connected? The one anon i was talking to a while ago just used an old PC to run it full time.

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Anyone have this by chance?

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I only have 242 GRT right now. Might buy more in May when more supply gets injected into circulation.

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Nah, remember blue rays competition? Neither do I. Which coin does Coinbase back. Sorry grt chads win again.

>> No.27755468

The holy trinity.

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Not sure but I saw this chart earlier kek

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I'm in LINK, REEF, ETH, & RLC atm. What should I swap for GRT or AVAX?

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Man, reminds me of when Wanchain, ICX and Aion were the holy trinity.

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>> No.27756067

Did any of those have a mainnet, nodes, or staking capabilities?

>> No.27756083


It's literally this easy

>> No.27756086

I’ll probably be a survivor. I have to buy my wife titties soon.

>> No.27756169

lol nobody in here even knows that the 1st wave of GRT investors are subject to a 1 year no sell. Can't wait to see them sell on you apes.

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Anyone know how long the Voyager waitlist typically lasts?

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Thanks fren

>> No.27756453

Dunno but OKCoin took me less than an hour

>> No.27756471

not even close to a shill or a fucking pajeet but i believe in avax to such a point that im about to move all in on it.
think about this. what are normies going to take up positions on?
>btc - priced out
>eth - priced out
>3rd GEN _________
this is where we are right now
right now the only fucking contender PERIOD is avax.
b b but what are those?
x = main
(p)latform - staking
did you catch that? Contract chain??
oh so avax can interact with ETH 100% with 3 cent tx fees you say?
oh you can swap your erc-20 tokens on AVAX for basically free???
see where this is going.....
anyone else like me is fucking DISGUSTED with the amount on money spent on gas
eth is over dude .... just like btc downfall is its 7tx/sec, eths gas will be its downfall

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File: 6 KB, 219x138, Screenshot_2021-02-04 The Graph price today, GRT marketcap, chart, and info CoinMarketCap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, you're such a genius. If only we had a metric or name for this.

>> No.27756576

what is the max withdrawal
do they have fucking lifetime deposit quota??

i buy mine thru vpn but it always worries me....

>> No.27756598

If your text makes me cum does that make us gay?

>> No.27756601

Is GRT really going to stick around or am I going to get rugpulled?
I'm going to throw $100,000 into this and another $100,000 into LINK.
Assure me I won't regret this

>> No.27756777

My crypto is 100% AVAX (4.2k stack) - I want to get in on Pangolin farming, but I don't wanna sell any Avax.

Wut do?


>> No.27756959

What wallets do you guys use?

>> No.27757049

This guy gets it. Some motherfucker paid $400 in gas on a $2k transaction today, I saw the cap. AVAX will be huge.

>> No.27757086

Some faux leather bullshit I bought at walmart.

>> No.27757105

Ditch the mETH & RLC for AVAX & GRT. Reefs got some legs as a moonbag so maybe hold that one.

I'm in LINK since late 2018, AVAX and GRT both from ICO. I've picked up more AVAX and GRT since they got listed as well as I maxed the caps out on both public sales. I'm holding these to the cycle top, got a 6-10x to look forward to for all three by EOY. Just gotta clench your asscheeks and hold onto them tight. God speed m8

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Lol, that's really the best thing you can do. You'll be set for life in a year or two.

>> No.27757138

2btc worth a day I think

>> No.27757349

Pinch those pennies where you can. I prefer the real thing though, faux leather just doesn't sit right.

>> No.27757368

ok so i can buy on binance up toi 2btc a day provided i NEVER EVER log in thru a non-vpn ip correct??

>> No.27757388

just scrounge up more money and invest it. Don't swing trade if you're not experienced. Think about how little you have and how much you bleed for every transaction fee you pay. This is a good project with good long term growth prospects not something to put the house on or to expect short term gains from.

>> No.27757404

>not buying enough AVAX for a validator before pangolin and bridge
what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.27757440

Didn't that cause covid?

>> No.27757484

better question is how do you report these transactions on your taxes when it's illegal to be trading on binance in burgerland?

>> No.27757502

yeah dont expose your IP to them and you should be good

>> No.27757767

A potential killer app could be a search engine running on avax+grt combo. Don't think link has the same potential.

>> No.27757795

The fuck is pangolin

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>put in an order for 50 AVAX for $15
Sell me your tokens

>> No.27758248

100% of my portfolio is split between AVAX and GRT, so my body is ready

>> No.27758282

this, comfiest hold ever.

>> No.27758290

lmao first time I used it even the buttons weren’t working

>> No.27758664

uniswap fork/clone that runs off of avax. Its going to be built on the c-chain, (avax's EVM chain) and integrate cross-chain transfer from ethereum to avax. Basically, you can enjoy way lower fees and fast transaction fee's while still remaining in the ETH ecosystem.

>> No.27758801

Avax Dex with lots of cool features

>> No.27758923

What you’re telling me here, and correct me if I’m wrong, $15 per avax is a fucking steal?

>> No.27759164

this thread is giving me hardcore FOMO. what are good buy in prices for GRT and AVAX?

>> No.27759223

they are shady as shit

pangolin is the one

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Honestly? Right now Anon, right now.

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File: 36 KB, 637x921, 1612122253129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.27 MB, 2880x1616, grtsphere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dump on a decent amount on GRT at least 4k.
GRT is the future. $1 end of week.

>> No.27759410

But much rubic lmao

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I'll be honest, I shill GRT on /biz/ hard throughout the day. I do it because I truly believe in the coin.
Buy the dip

>> No.27759758

godspeed anon

>> No.27759793

holy shit you are going to make it in a very significant way anon

>> No.27759908

Can someone tell me where the undiluted cap is coming from for AVAX? Are the coins held by someone or is that accounting for extra supply in the future?

On coinmarketcap, its says there is a $10 billion undiluted cap

>> No.27760059
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Yes, and we've been telling you since $4

>> No.27760135

I’m sold. Just waiting in my voyager confirmation.

>> No.27760255

i need reef to moon so i can put my gains in AVAX

>> No.27760435
File: 827 KB, 968x928, 1611603391807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to buy on OKcoin because only one of 2 exchanges offering it in US
>0 volume, no one selling
Either this exchange is ass or no one is selling this

>> No.27760475

yo don't bother i waited and waited for them to take me off their "waitlist." Plus they don't even support withdrawals yet so you can't stake. Use OkCoin, they are adding it today I think.

>> No.27760677

Just do OKCoin, since you aren't really able to withdrawal avax on Voyager yet.

>> No.27760681

Burger here, found out I can buy SHAKE on bitforex with a very small gas fee, are there any places I can buy AVAX with no/low gas or am I stuck with the uniswap gas.

>> No.27760727

Just bought in on Binance. Now Anons, give me a AVAX price prediction. (Already balls deep in GRT)

>> No.27761010

how does 1k EOM sound?

>> No.27761112


Gotta say Anon, that sounds very coomfy. Thank you.

>> No.27761532

Based NUfag what’s you stack lookin like?

>> No.27761869

It's based on the max coins of 720m

But 50% of that is staking rewards over 10yrs.

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Jesus christ Okcoin is such a shit exchange, cant even get the fucking shit to verify so I can withdraw and stake

>> No.27761976

>reporting on taxes
>converting to fiat

>> No.27762182

How should I avoid coinbase? What’s the best alternative?

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I'm a retard, does this mean I can buy avax with eth?? I'm american and I have no way to buy this shitcoin even though I really want to

>> No.27762409


I prefer Binance over all.

>> No.27762679

It's on OKCoin my son

>> No.27762760

And it certainly is NOT a shitcoin. You will realize that when Pangolin launches and changes the whole crypto space forever. Get in now, do not miss out. You should fear missing this one

>> No.27762854

Fucking thanks bro! Got me some avax now.

>> No.27762970

This shit literally has the potential to go to $1k and far beyond, but in a month?

>> No.27763060

When does cornapanda go live?

>> No.27763115

I expected this response. So, all the people that bypass the region lock are betting that they’re more compete t than the IRS jews?

>> No.27763376

i was just joking fren, obviously I believe in it which is why I want to buy it


>> No.27764199

You cannot defeat their shtyle

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>finally finish KYC on OKCoin to withdraw after their buggy piece of shit took forever to even take a photo
>We are sorry, withdrawal of AVAX is temporarily paused due to wallet upgrade. Please try again later
There really is no escaping their grasp

>> No.27764590

I keep trying to explain this to a friend, but he just doesnt get it. Would rather hold his ETH as it gets a hard cucking in mcap and growth from Avax. I feel bad for him desu.

A lot of people dont want to listen. About this shit. Its like trying to explain the future of the internet in '95 or cellphones in '03. Some people will listen. I got my parents in on GRT at .34, so they are listening to me on AVAX. How does it feel to know that some 60 year old boomers got a .34 entry on GRT?

>> No.27764923
File: 20 KB, 626x354, horror.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27764961

I'm 100% into AVAX and believe it's got potential to be top 5 eventually, but GRT? Nothing I've read has made me want to buy it.

>> No.27765049

An admin said should be good to go by tomorrow

>> No.27765140

Keep reading until you understand what web 3 is. Youre probably already using graph without even knowing it.

>> No.27765241

Why does AVAX always pump, when I want to buy

>> No.27765283
File: 1.47 MB, 820x823, 1611722537249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well hopefully I won't get bogged before then
But I am glad to be on this ship now
I am sorry I ever doubted you AVAX shills

>> No.27765362
File: 114 KB, 90x90, tenor (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kneel

>> No.27765498

All is forgiven. But you must convert 10 others to AVAX chads to pay off your karmic debt.

>> No.27765544

I just dumped 100k into avax. am I gon make it?

>> No.27765549

AVAX celling is higher (Multi Trillions) but it's riskier as the competition is harder (Although i believe non of the competitors are worthy of even mentioning against Avalanche), GRT is just clean homerun, Like LINK.

>> No.27766015

Just check your digits and green ID, fren.

>> No.27766112



>> No.27766136

just sold my ada for grt because I'm a poorfag and can't afford to diversify. how badly did I fuck up

>> No.27766257

Im curious. What other competition solved the blockchain trilemma?

>> No.27766274

The diluted cap for Avalanche is wrong because it won't get diluted in even 300 years. You want to look at the total supply (As you should with every coin desu, Max supply is just retarded unless you're planning to hold for centuries) which is 360M and even that number won't get reached 10 years from now due to slow locking period.

>> No.27766380

I bought 30k linkies in 2017. And then sold them with 30% profit. Pretty good huh.

>> No.27766486


>> No.27766488

Based, ty anon

>> No.27766653

Going to just buy 100 AVAX so I can cope if it moons up. Keeping my GRT stack intact. Don't dump on me faggots

>> No.27766696

What kept you from killing yourself?

>> No.27766810

you misspelled avax with grt but otherwise you did great faggot

>> No.27767262

um. yeah i sent LTC to an exchange overseas and sent AVAX to an unknown address. fuck the IRS and those jew kike nigger motherfuckers they get enough of my fucking money as it is.
trannys can shop their own dicks off you wont get my taxes for it mentally ill faggots

>> No.27767472

fucking hell I wish /pol/ would leave I feel bad about letting them make money off our shit

>> No.27767514

That’s a good portfolio

>> No.27767730

ive got 1 million GRT kek. few years from now ill look like a fucking idiot but at least i lived life going balls to the wall like a madman and gave myself a shot at the very least. worst case i end up like every 67 yr old who doesnt have a pot to piss in and relies on the gubberment to take care of them. In all honestly you should be taking on major risk for 1 decade start at twenty five years old and by thirty five if you still havent made it you got 30 YEARS to save money like every other average pleb on the planet. if you can not manage to save money over thirty years and live conservatively then i guess you were destined to be broke but id rather be broke with balls than broke and also a pussy. i might be broke or rich but ill never be a bitch

>> No.27767742

One thing I don't understand is this. Yes, avax will be able to interact with ethereum. Who pays the free on the ethereum network though? You still have to pay a fee to move the asset, no? It it originates on the ethereum network, wouldn't you have to pay the same ETH fee?

>> No.27767803

1887, i wish delegating was an easier feat

>> No.27767834

Correct. Then the competition is not harder if it does not exist.

>> No.27767872

any NuCypher chads here? its up 29% today

>> No.27768056

No only GRTchads we don’t fuck with Numales

>> No.27768146

No the fee is due to the high network congestion which is caused by a lack of scalability across the network. Avax and some of its competitors all aim to fix the scaling issue which causes high gas cost.

>> No.27768193

Yes, that is very true. However it's a one time fee. I would much rather pay a one time fee for a future reduction on all fees and faster transaction fees imo.

>> No.27768250

Yes see>>27767803

>> No.27768415

If the transaction is done in the AVAX network, the fee is on AVAX. The fee is burnt and removed from the supply.

>> No.27768558

t. nigger from reddit

>> No.27769811
File: 118 KB, 654x630, 853FAD71-E401-44D9-A14A-F8060ACF3840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet I have more grt than you nigger

>> No.27770054

Guess I wasn't clear. I was referring to the ethereum Bridge.

>> No.27770617

Okcoin is shit, Voyager eternal waitlist. Why is it so difficult to buy this

>> No.27770753

AVAX was just testing ATH

>> No.27770764
File: 3.55 MB, 4088x5586, 1611172942415 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27771562

I wish I was a yodeler

>> No.27772167

Why the fuck are the fees to withdraw GRT to my wallet so high? Not as bad as BTC but christ. AVAX was dirt cheap.

>> No.27772291
File: 91 KB, 1186x748, 1612067639522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks man, just bought 40 AVAX so I will most likely stake those.

>> No.27772734

w-will AVAX go back below $15 bros? I don't wanna buy above that like a pleb

>> No.27772740

Is it too late to get into avax?

>> No.27773031
File: 131 KB, 1837x637, Screen Capture_20210204193505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should have bought

>> No.27773112


Sub $200 is accumulation.

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