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I have paid multiple girls I met on tinder to worship their feet and suck their toes

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Super beta and wrong board but ok thanks for sharing

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if i could have one demographic completely eradicated from the earth, it would be people like you

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It's a business transaction

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did u cum

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ill never understand foot fetish

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did you pay them in LINK or..... KINK

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So they swiped right on you and you still paid them? Just start sucking on their toes while you're fucking, works every time

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Second time I did it I unironically leaked precum the whole time with no stimulation to my dick

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nothing to be proud simp
>paying for tinder dates

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No, I have an account where the profile pic is essentially an advertisement saying that I will pay to lick your toes

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how much do you pay

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Cheesed to meet you, man of culture.

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Going rate is 50 bucks and I say it's for like 20 minutes or so but always end up going way longer. It seems a bit high but I think that much is needed to lure random tinder girls into getting in my car in a dark lot at night

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honestly . . . based

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You're posting this on /biz/ so I feel it necessary to say this is a financially stupid way to go about it. You can easily decrease your dollar-per-toe sucking rate by luring a vanilla girl into something long term where you introduce your fetish. Basically just go about things like you're looking for a normal fuck buddy or girlfriend or whatever and then after you fuck a few times you throw out a "haha wouldn't it be hilarious if I suck on your feet" and then you actually do it like a madman. Then you can turn it into a thing and if you're lucky she'll get into it too. Obviously you're going to have to spend money on the girl in this scenario too but at the end of the day it will be significantly less expensive than $50 per session.

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He’s paying $50 per meet. The transactional cost of. Girlfriend is far greater than this. Economies of scale may eventually kick in reducing the average transactional cost but the initial cost between meeting a normal girl and getting her into foot fetish will be high

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I literally sell suck and fuck!

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Only if you're ugly bro.

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you are paying women for the simple act of being women to please your bizarre sexual urges
you will never be happy. you will spiral further down a rabbithole of deviancy until you can only get hard to weird shit. women will be instinctively disgusted by you
giving women easy money like you are is actively making the world a worse place and fucking own your own gender as well
fuck you fuck you fuck you

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damn you're just like Jesus when he licked the feet of his disciples and sucked their toes clean.

Based and Jesus-pilled.

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and i thought i was having a tough time

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I guarantee you all of the girls that are taking his money in order to let him lick their feet right now are "normal girls" too. Regardless, the fixed cost of getting a girl you're seeing regularly and/or seriously into feet may be high, but this is definitely all about economies of scale precisely because of how inelastic feet are for him. His demand for feet and toes to suck on is a constant, he will always need a supply of feet and so he should be planning for the long-term. And in the long-term, finding a foot-fag girl makes sense when the alternative is dropping $50 every time he gets too horny. And there are definitely more benefits to this economies of scale than just spending less to suck on feet, he'd get all of the emotional benefits that come with building a romantic rapport with a girl.

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if i put a picture of a petite man's feet and woman's feet on the screen without indicated which is which and you ended up jacking off to the man's feet does that mean you're gay?

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Yes it means he is gay and also he has autism because only autistic retards can't tell that's A MAN.

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Shoukd have sucked some titties fren

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dude, that is so fuckin cool holy shit!

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I like a good foot don't get me wrong
what what I like most is shoving my face in a girls butt after she's had a long day at work and taking a big WHIFF

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I don't pay tinder dates to suck their toes. I pay them to leave.

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Only comment on this thread worth reading

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pretty based actually

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This gay dude once paid me $200 so that he could lick my feet and for me to piss on him lol

Not my proudest moment but needed cash

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nigger we're all fucked and there's nothing we can do about it, globohomo wins because nobody did anything that actually mattered and every retard who believed whatever they were told to actively fought to suppress ideals that objectively benefited them
so before i get FEMA'd for refusing the bugs i'm gonna pay hot girls to do weird sexy shit
fuck you you fuck

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>all of the emotional benefits that come with building a romantic rapport with a girl

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Burn in hell degenerates

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fuck you cucktholic it's your fault the world hates God

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>got a semi looking at feet

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>white simps
>pay money for maybe feet pics on onlytrans
>feminine and passive
>indian simp
>demands free booba and free vagene
>masculine and aggressive

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>mfw the etherium gas fee hits

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not into feet but that was pretty hot

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Only based if they were wearing nylon stockings.

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Go to /b/ and never come back.
Go to /b/ and never come back.

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If you have the money to pay to play with random Tinder thot’s feet you can woo a lady to do it for free

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surely you're aware of how retarded you sound

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