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Hundreds of millions of Americans getting $1400, where at minimum 20% of them will chase these crypto pumps they keep hearing about.

Further, loss of confidence in USD leads to run on cryptocurrencies.

How do we make money off of this?


Let's talk plays.

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Do yourself a favor and buy a stack

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shit, got no more money, everything is in shitcoins and I don't wanna pull them out

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>1.9 Trillion
>Mega Pump
Here's what's actually going to happen. The eviction moratoriums are going to be lifted before the checks go out. The money is immediately put towards mortgages and rent among the fiscally responsible, and spent on consumer goods by the irresponsible. Less than 1% of that money will find its way into cryptocurrency.

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why even work now
my pay means nothing
its more of a meme than doge

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Only /biz/ will have people who put 100% of that check into crypto.

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>Hundreds of millions
Wrong. Fewer than one hundred million qualify with the new income limits:

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Good. They should limit this free money to those making $20K and under
t. $8K wagie

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>Adult dependents finally get gibs

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i got 2 kids.

This gonna be like the last one? Am I gonna get per person I wonder?

$5600 would be nice. Got $2400 the other day and $3400 back in april

Dam governments gonna give me $17500 for the year after i file my regular taxes.

Whats thing really gonna cost me down the line?

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oh plus my unemployment boost which pretty much make it the same amount of money i made when i was working. Almost $45000.

Thats pretty good money in dumpwater florida where i live

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guess im buying more metals (and some BTC while im at it)

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I hope it's worth it for killing this country

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you forgot the image

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Your human rights and dignity.

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Also wrong. That is a suggestion not a rule and most members of Congress want it to be for 75k and down

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this lol

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I am now going to expand my position from 50% silver to 80%, fuck fiat and I don't trust the government to not do everything in there power to make crypto illegal once fiat starts failing.

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Based. You're smart, anon. I'll buy more as soon as JPM-chan smacks prices back down to $23 before all hell breaks loose.

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Subtle IQ test.

If you don’t put that shit in crypto with at least a 70/30 BTC ETH ratio you’re legit not ganna make it (and maybe shitcoin of choice). No way are stimulus checks sustainable. They’re crashing this shit slow and steady. Frogs in a boiling pot. COVID was the biggest PsyOp yet. Not meme-ing.

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HOLY SHIT JELLY. Yeah I'm gonna try to lower my dollar cost average for the next year, I don't think shit will really hit the fan for a year or so. Complete currency crash in 2023ish imo.

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Sorry but I didn’t lose my job so it’s all going into crypto

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I have a feeling you won't have until next year, anon.
If Basel III gets implemented, we're going to see real price discovery like never before.
But I'm willing to bet the jews will kick and scream their way out of that one.

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Can't they just delay Basel III, haven't they before?

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>people that need money will dump their money on crypto

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Not everyone is getting a check.
They made it so only those making less than $50,000 will get it.

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They probably will. Remember, anon, the banks regulate themselves and find themselves not guilty every time.

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qrd what is this basel shit frens?

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>Basel III
banks having to keep a minimum amount of capital to cover loans

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so a lowering of reserve requirements? i thought some already had 0% reserve requirement as of last year?

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Lets be real, most of this is going to doge.

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T. 18 year old neet

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boomers are gonna use it on silver. you gotta get into the normie mindset. yeah autists like us and peripheral types will buy BTC but the real pump will be silver. I doubt there will be a squeeze but wouldn't be surprised to see it go to $50 / oz

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>thinking they are going to lift the eviction moratoriums in clown world

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lmao, they'll only give checks to niggers. buy $NIKE

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All of them do.
Al of them.
All of them.

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Americans have far too many money handouts.

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Honestly I don’t even understand my own fucking country anymore. So does this mean that the bill passed? What the fuck does this mean? Because I read something that said it’s going to the House now. So what the fuck was the point of this? Shouldn’t it have gone to the House first and than the Senate?

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You all know this will pump Bitcoin to over 9...0000!
Aaaand Eth to probably 20K.
Aaaand Link to $1000. End. Of. Year.
We did it boys.

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The landlords and banks will then try to invest everything into shitcoin but the Etherium prices will make their transactions fail and transfer all the stimulus checks straight to their rightful owners: the miners of shit coins.

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To be fair it was always bullshit. Always. Bankers have always issued more notes than reserves.

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this outcome would be keyed ngl

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if the nigs r getting money we need the guy who made McDonalds coin to make Popeyes coin real quick

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this. its literally just going straight from the gov back to the banks. they might as well cut out the middleman of us

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*sounds of a balloon inflating echo in the distance*

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How the fuck is it even possible to only make $8k a year working a job? 20 hrs a week at minimum wage? God damn anon go work at McDonald’s and make 4 times as much

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>1% of 1.9 Trillion
19 billion into crypto

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I has 2k to spend and i have no idea what I’m doing. Pls help me make some shekels

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Bullish for AVAX

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You know what this means gentlemen. We must short the US dollar.

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>$8k a year

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>everything is fine guise pls just relax

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They go to pump Axia

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It will become a shitcoiners market
Everyone will pump doge get ready to buy. Next will probably be since its another DOGE Shibe

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I wish we could short XRP

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who is fred?

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You can nigger, just go to Binance and short it, we need all the liquidations we can get

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it can start in either house of congres

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>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."



>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


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Any idea when the checks come in? Straight up have all the normie coins that coinbase offers as newfags will use that like crazy for LTC BTC DOT ETH etc. Once they moon straight to stablecoins and wait for the smart money to correct and boom buy at a discount again. Easy peezy. Honestly Im thinking trash LTC will moon the hardest.

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Fucking finally. I sold my condo in June waiting for this shit to happen. Bout time.

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he's big finance guy who makes cool graphs for autists to sperg over

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Id be surprised if 3 percent of the us population use the stimulus for crypto.

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Not turning it down. Would you?

We have no power over any of this

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You cant make crypto illegal its impossible. You would have to ban the internet 100%

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It’s not about the money making its way into crypto you retards it’s about the value of crypto skyrocketing because the value of the dollar will be plummeting (more)

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yes I'll take one loaf of bread please

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Bitcoin has the most name recognition and is the most attainable. You can buy at ATMs, cash app, robinhood, etc.

But honestly doge

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Where is the best place to buy BTC, who’s got the lowest fees?

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why did they force trump to only give $600 when we could have had $2000 at that time instead of need to wait for "OUR party" to distribute the rest? I genuinely wish someone would behead these fuckers and everyone who supports politicians

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pro.coinbase.com is much more popular though

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Who the fuck is Kvue news? I'll believe it when the money is actually in my bank.

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i am pumping $GME

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They could EASILY make it illegal for people to buy crypto. They could also make it illegal to purchase goods and services with crypto

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Only newfags think this.

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I believe that if you're not cashing in on it and buying necessary supplies for what's to come then you are a fucking retard. 17k for 2020 in stimmies and UI, you could by thermals for a rifle, NVGs, you should've bought a shitload of ammo, perimeter defense/surveillance, and the list goes on. Now it's too late for most of that, but as everyone here knows someone has to be left holding the bag and if that's you then that's you.

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Care to make an actual argument and tell my why I'm wrong?

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The money will go to things like food and bills not your fucking crypto

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I quit my job last month, my portfolio has already gone up by more than I would have made this entire year anyway kek

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Not spoonfeeding you but I'll give you a hint. Not even oppressive countries like China can stop the loss of faith and confidence of government.

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Only newfags think the government wouldn't do this. You must be real new here. I can smell it on you.

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oh my sweet summer child... you have no idea how miserable your pitiful little life can be made by bureaucrats

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How long have you guys been in crypto and have not learned how the concept of money or power works? They are similar.

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They will make privately owning gold and silver illegal too.

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And to think everyday people in the weimar republic had millions of marks
I guess they weren't worth very much

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>I hope it's worth it for killing this country
Let it burn for all I give a fuck, nothing is achieved, nothing is built, and it seems like everyone is too much of a pussy to do anything about it. If you aren't taking these payments and turning them into protection your pretty much a dead end.

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it's already going into crypto, look at Ethereum

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the moment you spend crypto in public you WILL be identified. there's no other way around it unless you create your own silk road 3

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I just get the feeling the commodities are going to skyrocket across the board from all this printing. Gold silver steel timber oil food everything is going to inflate

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>implying the pump was caused by welfare retards

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business aren't failing because things are expensive.
businesses are failing because they don't have money at all
Hedhe funds made billions doing....

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it is all gonna go into gme

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Obviously it's public, but it's not majority used for illegal shit. Physical paper dollars are the most used for illegal activities, drug lords literally hoard them. But we're talking about making it illegal. Which, they couldn't if nobody gave a shit about current establishment governments anymore and if fiat currency becomes worthless.

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Normie money will go on boomer coins. If it's not on paypal, they're not going to buy it.

Also expect normie paper hands to be shaken out at the smallest disruption, so while they will be pumping, they will be more turbulent.

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I’m not saying I don’t think businesses should get some money, this is /biz/ where /biz/nessmen make money if you are positioned in any commodities companies you are going to make a tonne of cash in the next few years

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Obviously it's public, but it's not majority used for illegal shit. Physical paper dollars are the most used for illegal activities, drug lords literally hoard them. But we're talking about making crypto illegal. Which, they couldn't if nobody gave a shit about current establishment governments anymore and if fiat currency becomes worthless.

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learn some computer science first.

If you think it willl be banned, you need demonstrate how government can do it

>> No.27888967

they can make exchanges illegal though

>> No.27889052

Thats why you're supposed to hold your own crypto, I'm sure you have heard of Mt. Gox.

>> No.27889102

if nigs get it we must make a meme coin for farming cotton

>> No.27889256

Hundreds of millions Americans and hundreds of millions of illegals too! Invest in 20 year old Honda Civics!!!!

>> No.27889296

Already priced in. Move along

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Ironically AMC. The normies who had no money and felt like they missed out on the memes will pump it like mad.

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bro gtfo
this about the head xrp fagget saying something like "xrp will be worth wayyymore in the future, like $0.74. Definitely number go up" and hella other faggots got their panties twisted but the irs said crypto is property, the same as a book or car and not a stonk or any kind of currency. so wtf is the sec going to do to?? they dont know about this.

>> No.27890438

yes but it makes it much harder to buy and sell

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can I get a quick rundown?

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NORMIECOINS IS code for blue chip. There absolutely will be an influx of mainstream money into crypto. Probably a considerable amount more than would have, due to that bullshit with stonk. Any blue chip will bring you gains. Diversify,

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not only checked but also based late-focker plus-size eater

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>browsing /biz/ and still doesn't get that money isn't real.

Pic related

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This means niggers will buy. Do you know what coin niggers will like to buy? I’ll give you a hint it’s the most popular cryptocurrency in Africa.

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>Give the goyim more disney bux

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aka forex into other currencies, its no secret the USD is devaluing and people are buying literally anything. Australian Dollar, Euro, Yen the fucking pound. all stronger thanks to the USA's shitty fiscal policy.

Note this is also really bad because it cucks exports. In Australia's case we are attempting to lower our dollar through our own QE and low interest rates.

You heard that right, our solution to NA nuking its currency with QE is for us to nuke our currency with more QE. shits about to get apocalyptic.

>> No.27893990

How do I into FOREX and what currencies are safe right now?

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the plan extends the eviction protections until the end of september. it also ups the child tax credit from 2k to 3k and 3k for kids under 6 and makes it fully refundable and a monthly payment instead of a tax credit meaning families are going to be getting 250/300 a month per kid. It also gives $400 weekly unemployment and is attempting to raise the minimum raise to 15. there is going to be a shit ton of disposable income going around

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Rofl, this thread is dumbing hard

>> No.27894095

ETH :)

>> No.27894144


Whatever is on coinbase that is below $1 or slightly above $1. Doge will be bought on another platform.

If Doge goes to coinbase that shit will moon.

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Why do I have to pay taxes if these bastards can just print money at will?

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I can't wait to see them try telling the military to go door to door while chimp riots are happening in the cities.
Have you been paying attention? They can remove opinions from the internet even if the majority believes them. Can't wait for the shock when the government announces they are going to use facebook's libra as a currency, all other cryptos are banned, if you're a bad goy your libra will be confiscated.

>> No.27894298

doge will never moon because there is an infinite supply of them, Elon pumped it one last time because he felt sorry for the people who aped in after GME

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didnt lose my job and i dont pay rent so 100% of its going into crypto lul

>> No.27894326

america is already a dumpster fire. would rather have that money go to us than to government bloat.

>> No.27894367

don't underestimate greed

>> No.27894407

see my previous post you will be getting 500/600 per MONTH and I'm pretty sure that will be a permanent thing. Just be aware that the monthly payment is the tax credit so if you normally are expecting the 4k tax credit it won't be there because it's been given to you throughout the year. Also there's a 50% day care credit up to 4k, 8k for 3+ kids meaning if you spend 8k on childcare you will get half of it back. all this shit is refundable too

>> No.27894449

20% what a fucking joke. Maybe 20% of millennials and zoombers but that’s it

>> No.27894494

to pay the interest on that money

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