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>2020 summer housing rush incoming
>highest housing prices of all time
>millions of white first time home buyers overpay for houses in nice suburban areas
>economy collapses later this year or next year
>no one can afford a house and millions just locked themselves in to mortgages they can barely afford
>Biden administration gives homebuying credit to minorities paid for by your tax dollars
>minorities start to flood majority-white suburban areas since they can afford these houses now

None of their communist plans can work if whites and blacks keep segregating themselves. They are trying to find ways to get mix up the melting pot. They will use housing to further subject the white race.

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How can I profit from this

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>How can I profit from this
Buy up houses in ghettoes of every city. Homes in Englewood (Chicago) cost ~$10k. If its next to a vacant home, you can buy the lot for $1 so that the city can charge property taxes to someone willing to buy it. Eventually you can get entire city blocks, demolish it and sell it to developers that wants to build mixed commercial/residential property that will probably be filled with college aged whites and section 8 niggers.

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Planning on buying my first home sometime in the summer in the 100-140k range. How will this effect me?

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Should I buy a house one day? I’m going to be single for life, so not sure if renting would be better. I feel like buying a house would be my best bet. It sucks that you can’t really find a house for less than $450,000. I’m not willing to move to another state.

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>race = color
you're already fucked because you're stupid enough to believe this

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Fuck off poltard.

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What are the current demographics where you're buying? What's the nearest major city that minorities could flood into yours from?

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I love how schizos think everyone hates niggers. I think the best thing about the internet has been convincing these retards people actually like them. Black people make fine neighbors anon.

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>Should I buy a house one day? I’m going to be single for life, so not sure if renting would be better

Being single or not isn't a factor in the home ownership vs. rent decision. You could just get a cheap house, own it, and stop burning money on a lifetime of rent payments. The only real factors in ownership vs. rent is whether or not you move around a lot, or you're too poor to put together a down payment.

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Urbanite problems. I'll be dead by the time this is an issue in small podunk mountain towns.

Renting is absolute ass. In the last 11 years of my adult life, I've spent around $77k on renting at an average of around $700/month, and I've had roommates for the majority of that. Around $80-$90k if I never had roommates and lived in the same houses. I move around a lot due to work, and I'm never in one city long enough to consider buying a home, but I'm planning on buying a house in my hometown next year. I'm not sure where you're looking, but my hometown has several houses in the sub-$200k range easily. They're not new or big, one I was looking at was built in the 60s, but they're 2 bedrooms with a basement, and that's all I want.

I'm hoping what OP says comes true, so I can get a nice house for cheap. Yes it would be awful, but I literally could not give a fuck what happens in this country anymore.

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>I literally could not give a fuck what happens in this country anymore.

How much time have you spent on boats?

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> t. Shecklestein

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im unironically black and have a heart of gold and just wanna trade shitcoins without getting a job and get a small house to be neet in

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also you can literally get a mansion in the same city for 1 million. what the fuck?

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>>minorities start to flood majority-white suburban areas since they can afford these houses now
>whites move away
Biden btfo by a tale as old as time

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>living in Oakland
>haha faggot I'll just live in Oakland HILLS
>*dies in fire*
This happened in 1991 btw

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>living in Oakland
>buying a home in Oakland
>paying over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to buy a house in Oakland

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oh whoops i thought it was la

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>Difference between 10 & 2 going up
>Stock market keeps going up at the same time

You know what that means? It means every some catalyst pops the everything bubble, absolutely everything other than cash is going into the bin. There's no "defensive" assets that will counteract a collapsing share and housing market when the bond market is so horrendously distorted and manipulated by the federal reserve. The yield cushion has entirely evaporated over the past decade. The average 70:30 portfolio experienced worse declines during March 2020 than It did during the GFC, even though the share market drawdown was only 35% in March compared to nearly 50% in the GFC - It's because bonds returned negative too, whereas in the GFC bonds went positive. Bonds have progressively done worse every single market crash over the last few decades. I believe 2020 was the first time they both went negative. The next time will be worse.

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the upper middle class are invading cities around the USA, raising housing costs (in what were the ghettos of the city) what are you going on about with this shit

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They can’t afford to leave you should be good. Just look out for any greyhounds coming

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>the upper middle class are invading cities around the USA
Except, in the Bay Area, Richmond.

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So basically you're calling white first time home buyer retarded as fuck, with terrible money management and a bad grasp on the future.

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Oh no, what am I going to ever do! Wait, I live on 1,000 acres and if anyone tries to come on my land without my permission or a warrant I'll slaughter them like a dog. Nevermind I'm fine.

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This, 300 acres in Arkansas here living the life.

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I actually know someone who got a 100% mortgage on a third house by leveraging his business. It's only affordable because interest rates are so low... but can he afford it when the rates are inevitably raised again?

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I've been thinking of moving up to Maine. Anywhere comfy to live up there?

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Enjoy paying 500% the real value of a house due to the overinflated market and losing 80% of your investment when the housing market crashes.

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unless he took out an adjustable mortgage rate, he is fine.

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Housing market or bonds will never crash again. The FED has our backs

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i moved once because a nigger moved in across the street i will not hesitate a fucking second to do it again.
i will not live with niggers, next to niggers or anywhere where niggers are more than 5% of the population
>Whats the worst thing you can call a black person that starts with N

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You're partially right. Housing market and bonds will never crash again so long as the US federal government remains solvent. However it won't. It's over this century, America will balkanize and be replaced by the New American Republic.

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buy a foreclosure, get an inspector and or construction guy you trust to look at it, and get estimates on what need to be done. easy shit like demo you can do yourself. i dropped 50k on a 2bed 2 bath rancher and another 20k to fix it up. I got a new property estimate and its valued at 175k. when you invest in a forclosure and fix it up the value of surrounding homes go up as well which leads to a good domino effect

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When I started real estate in 2013 you could pick up a little 1100sqft shitbox for as little as 14k.

Now the same houses go for 90k at least. In many cases literally the exact same houses I sold.

I'm not saying a massive correction is going, bit it would be warranted.

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Housing market isn't going to crash like all of you poorfag college aged retards are hoping for. Wayyy too much outside interest and Boomers buying investment properties. Not happening. Get used to paying rent you cucks.

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>Boomers buying investment properties
They will be dying off and their kids won’t know how to manage the properties or want to move out of their inner city studio

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Stop listening to Peter Schiff, they cant go insolvent, they create money

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It will collapse and IS collapsing - against Bitcoin. Along with every other asset.

Bitcoin is sucking the store-of-value premium out of real estate at an insane rate. We drink their milkshake. We drink it up.

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Are housing prices keeping up with Bitcoin's appreciation? Not even close. Therefore the bubble is collapsing against the future global currency - not against fiat, or gold, or anything else.

Bitcoin is a superior store of value to any other asset currently being used for such, including real estate, gold, stocks, and bonds. The twin technologies of halvings and difficulty adjustments make it a form of money never before seen in human history. The invention of digital scarcity is on par with the discovery of fire in its impact. Due to Bitcoin, all value storage will be digitized, as information was before it with the growth of the internet. It isn't simply digital gold - it's digital real estate. Imagine a housing market that had its incoming supply cut in half every four years - permanently. Would anyone ever sell? Would housing become the ultimate store of wealth, surpassing every other asset?

It would. That's Bitcoin. Except unlike housing, it's also highly fungible, liquid, and capable of traveling via communication channel.

If you don't hold your wealth in Bitcoin, you will soon find that others hold your wealth - in Bitcoin.

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>stares in bone marrow transplant
>stares in eGFR
>stares in rs7726475
Fuck off retard

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How are you still poor with all the handouts we give you not counting the “crazy bucks” as you black fucks call SSI/SSDI.

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>communist plans

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>Planning on buying my first home sometime in the summer in the 100-140k range. How will this effect me?
You have to ask yourself what would god's chosen people do? They'd probably wait until the first time the feds raise interest rates and pay cash for some real bargins!

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>Boomers buying investment properties
thats a major reason the last crashed happened though, to many purchases with no back up

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If you don't own anything by now you never will. I hate this world we live it.

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>gov creates tax cuts, loans, low interest rates so people can afford housing
>people with houses still need houses so none sell
>people with houses just refinance with lower interest rates
>prices go up, more people can't afford houses
>gov lowers interest rates even more, creates even more loans and tax cuts
>people with houses already get even more money

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>It means every some catalyst pops the everything bubble, absolutely everything other than cash is going into the bin.
Wouldn't silver be the best choice here? the price only goes up in times of economic distress; I can't think of a single other asset that does that.

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same here neighbor. FYI they've already infested redford. livonia and farmington are next.

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true, Uncle Joe will make most of the good ones illegal though

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being a rural fag but still using the internet makes you a hypocrite and a deadman

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problem is the real estate industry is a den of criminals

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Buy those who benefit from volume of transactions. So brokerages. They have a great business model and unless fintech company like Zillow or someone can cut out relators the relators really just work for you. Warren Buffett bought/created Berkshire Real Estate brokerage.
Source: I'm a CFA

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What is rs7726475?

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I personally live in a high tax, rich suburb with a rich history of keeping poor's and blacks out. We have a single block dedicated to some low income housing just to stay kosher. I pay 10k a year in taxes and that money buys me the freedom of never seeing poor people or blacks. We also have a strong local voting base that all pretend to be progressive but in reality, they also don't want the blacks. It's honestly a haven.

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No, 08 crash was because they were giving out loans like candy and all the shit loans were sold in bulk. the smart loan guys knew it couldn’t last and got out early

investment guys have very deep pockets and will buy up anything in the choice areas, not stuff sub 200k

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Rs means Rupees, the fiat currency of India

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Real estate markers all across the country are all out of whack due to high income earners who can work from home are moving out of expensive cities and cash buying homes in cheaper areas.

The south is getting hit hard by this right now.

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listen to Grant

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>make it a form of money never before seen in human history
Makes another coin...AHH GEEEEZ DOOOD

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How do taxes work on foreclosures? Are you taxed at the original price even after fixing it ?

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The problem with silver is that (((banks))) dump paper silver on the market and keep the price. Just the past week they dumped about 25% of the worlds annual physical supply just as it crossed $30 and reduced the price.

Silver is a good hedge against inflation and good store of wealth outside of banks, you're unlikely to get rich investing in silver.

Check out /pmg/ if you're interested in silver.

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