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What are the best/worst moments in biz history? For example, any particularly notorious rugpull scams people were caught up in?

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Number go up
Number go down

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leddit invasion

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>Number go down
I remember

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pretty accurate senpai

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>number go down

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I both loved and hated when basically every thread in the catalog was "a thread died for this"

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I would say the Sibos Betrayal

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Hey post your address, I'll send you some btc

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This, except the exact opposite. /biz/ is at its best when the streets are running red.

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Vechain was the best

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/biz/ wasnt really involved in it, but the recent RIFT scam was such a well-played scam, loved it

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that polish whore that wont leave

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best is when biz is divided about a coin followed by a massive line go up/down
fuck im getting hard just thinking about it

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We like to shill link to newfrens but we all know it's a scam.

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Boomer posting summer 2018 or 2019? Nothing like coping massive red candles with big siiiiiiiiips

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when there were less than 100 human posters and every second thread made for bsv

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i pity the retards who got heckin bamboozled in 2018 and held those heavy bags

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Pink wojack screaming biz is the best

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People have been shilling the fuck out of BAO the last several weeks only for it to absolutely tank, followed by everyone going completely silent.

I fucking hate this place and all you stupid niggers

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other highlights
>portnoy coming on the board
>sharpie in the pooper threads when women pop in here from time to time

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Agreed... this GME bullshit is the low point of biz... fucktard redditards can fuck off...

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Best time I had on /biz/ was the night the Sergey Fangirl was live-streaming her autism from the fireside chat.
It's when I actually felt a part of a community, watching and commenting together as the bizarre night unfolded before us.

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posting hardcore porn for the jannies to clean up! fuck JANNIES AND NIGGERS!!!

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I made this

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ive been browsing this shithole since early 2017 and there's never been a time where the majority of /biz/ buys into an exit scam. it's always just a handful of newfags/retards. newest rugpull going on at the moment is Asko

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>portnoy coming on the board

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yeah but if they kept holding, its like $25 now.

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When rbc dumped to 1c. I remember it as if it happened just yeserday.

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Fucking retard it went up like a million percent. It was always going to correct.

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There was a string of rugpulls in late 2020 that killed defi. There was like 3 massive rugs a day. yclones everywhere, food coins (hotdog kek), but CBDAO was probably the most notorious of them all.

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A small appliance that can fit neatly behind a cupboard and give your tortilla chips that classic restaraunt style warmth.™

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Fuck Luigi.Finance. Wasn't even a rugpull, that nigger just walked away with our money.

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This was incredibly based

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Another poor /biz/ call was Lazarus. Spammed for DAYS and when it gets on uniswap in dumps to oblivion and never recovers
>When he posted Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing on the site

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That one time biz spammed a forced meme McDonald’s coin that was 100% a rugpull and not remotely related to the actual company

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portnoy came on the board asking questions about link

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Even the riddler after what he gave us on the LTO generals? LTO is now /bi coin and the never selling is not a larp. Do the math.APY is what its all about

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thoughts on scatcoin?

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im a newfag and even i knew you should have ridden that thing up 3x max and got the fuck out

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This. Biz isn't all bad

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Tbh, this was pretty fucking good lol.

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My favorite was the pink walls of 2017
I owned nothing and I was happy
I'd drop buy just to laugh at all the screaming and absolute state of the catalog

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Came here to post this. The birth of toiletlink

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Yeah, it’s a fucking piece of shit

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Core saga was pretty crazy. People were literally convinced it could only go up forever. The "holy grail" of crypto

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What the actual fuck

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Jibrel Network (JNT)
Was shilled and fudded a lot. Some had huge stacks. Price never went up during the bear market. Then the team soft exit scammed by changing the tokenomics making the token worthless.

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quick someone make a brap coin these idiots will fall for anything

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i have a lot of historical biz screencaps but dont really feel like uploading them all for the tourists to devour and larp as oldfags.
here's one of my favorites tho.

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the night of the attempted bch flippening of btc

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>operation dragonslayer
i remember it just like yesterday. i almost fell for the flippening fud as well. didnt completely dump my share of bch immediately

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Bear market always removes the tourists and the get rich quick fags

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brapper finance already exists

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I've only been visiting this board for a year, so it's the bleed over from rddit gme and dogetards. The worst rugpull I saw was the "we're pumping xrp at 9am in 2 days" then they dumped a half hour before because so many people bought in. I wasn't sure about it, but my guess about their timing was so accurate I could have made a fair bit of money. All I did was watch and laugh.

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Didn't bch get to like $2500 or or more? Nice caps brings it back that was a night

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I want to hear more about the Luigi one

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Espers probably, basically any yobit scam back in 2017

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Assblaster saga in late 2017 blew my fucking mind and got me hooked on 4chan, I'll never forget the feeling... He basically claimed he was a finance insider and that Chainlink would be top 10 crypto one day and would be worth upwards of $50. It was less then $0.50c at the time and got anons pretty excited - it was a good, believable larp and I think it was legit. Guy got doxxed from proving something about his identity, shortly after deleted his LinkedIn and Twitter which pretty much verified to anons that the larp was legit. That thread eventually made some anons very rich and some others like me a decent chunk of cash.

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I started going on b was I was 14 in 2009
I always stayed off biz though because of volatility. I can get into this stuff now though.
When will I be welcome ?

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