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So, I'm putting $100 each month into a random coin. Shill me a coin for this month, /biz/. I trust you. Has to be on Binance.

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forget about multiple coins. Go all in on reef, it's not gonna be for the cheaps for much longer, when retards realize max supply was always 20B and stop talking retard shit

thank me later newfren

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redpill me on reef. whats their thing? It it just a meme like doge or do they actaulyl have a purpose?

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actually has a purpose and use case. It works on the polkadot network providing and receiving liquidity from both cex and dex. Token itself can be staked, it's used to vote on any decisionss made bout the protocol

quite cheap too as of now, see the mount of fud posted here only in the last 2 days, you get this, you gmi fren

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they have nothing, except of a retarded ceo

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Im going in on OPCT, decentralised anonymous cloud storage that has low marketcap

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Badger, badger, my little, big BOOBA badger; come and chew my chewy chode.

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isnt on binance tho

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that's how early we are into this project you absolute retard

Keep fussing everywhere with your "there's nothing" bullshit and enjoy staying poor

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sorry I use KuCoin, i also like Drgnchain but i think thats Kucoin too

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Different guy here. What makes them attractive then? Remember, I'm very gullible.

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Unironically BTT. Less than 10%ath right now and already starting to pump.

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shes gonna have a bad back

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SUSHI cos Mark Cuban's friends are gonna be jelly when they see his video about how much money he's making from farming and staking there. also, BOOBA

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the fact that we are stupid early, pre product launch, the fact they work with polkadot, the fact they have talked in the binance show, the fact that you only see weak ass fud all day everyday, meaning people wanna keep getting in for the cheaps

again, sirs , do the needful and you do you

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i wanna suck on those milkers.
also, link

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makes me wanna buy no lie.

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>earning tokens for seeding a download
is this even realistic? From my point of view most people who use torrenting softwares do it because of the free shit so I don't really see how their project could interest anyone

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MKR is on binance

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