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Begone pleb.

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Very good. I shall let you in.

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Oh, and ADA of course.

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>dubs or 56

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Thanks anon

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Nice save fren

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>6 figure hell

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Welcome, anon. You have some catching up to do, but I'll be waiting for you at the top.

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you again
I must ask you how has your life changed since making this insane amount of money? Have you even cashed out anything?
based on your mobile operator, are you from Scandinavia?

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you do realize any faggot can make a larpfolio right?

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Its a larp. No1 with that ammount of money is stupid enough to hold so much nano and yet 0 link

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someone with 42m isn't fucking about larping on /biz/

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I feel like I'm in a Chadthread, so I'm posting my folio. Hope I can join you frens soon enough.

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hey congrats!

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I called him out on his LARP last time because I could not believe anyone would hold a shitcoin like nano but he unironically linked me his wallet and it is real.

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I know I'm there in USD but I want to see it in my native bong bucks

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my portfolio went from 7k to 12k to 8k in the past 24hrs. As a man with over 40million dollars, do you still get this insane high Im feeling from potentially losing everything?

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whats the app, looks comfy desu

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I also do hold NANO because I know that it's the real normie coin, and it will at least reach $70. I know it. Volume spike in december was a huge signal, and price has consolidated insanely recently. It's prob going to x2 in the next week again.

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Very dumb and risky portfolio but we might make it

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Well, it was a massive weight off my shoulders, but I have yet to really put my money to use. I gave a lot to my dad so that he could retire early and get himself a new car, but I've only spent a small portion on my hobbies. Stuff like guitars, lenses for my camera, new PC, etc., but that's about it. I've cashed out like €4m so far and will be cashing out a lot more in the near future, as I plan to buy myself a nice apartment in the coming months. And yeah, I'm indeed from Scandinavia.


You can verify this on MyEtherWallet:
"address": "0x213657bccc5cf8b74455d110c11d5a8ed6241dec",
"msg": "This address is owned by !!Dpd67cze7EU",
"sig": "0xe391831faf87ac59ec5f1c79acc2235854b6c0da410aa819bdfe2396342809a84d60d93dda3f11ae91c4c510499ac7c92cc413381c0955591dc1a7271e2e780a00",
"version": "3",
"signer": "ledger"

Over the years I've seen my portfolio go up and down insane amount so much that I've honestly stopped feeling much. I still find it fun to make it grow though, so that's why I'm still so deep into the game.

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all that rubic!! AHH!!!!

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>$42m portfolio
>using chilimobil

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Might be wrong but I think it's crypto market cap

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Im RBC, UNI, and Plasma. fucking based thrill seeker. Also have left just 300$ in my bank account, for the added rush.

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Gib me 5k anon to you it's peanuts for me it's life changing

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What's wrong with Chilimobil? I've had a pretty good experience with them so far.


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fun larp
If not gib me some and ill tell you a funny joke

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put 3k in doge you'll in instantly

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Oh ya
>Pic related

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based. Why no ALGO & GRT friend?

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where can we follow your wise decisions like a fucking cult?

did you throw any chips into DOGE for the frenzy?

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Welcome aboard.

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i dream i can be like this one day, but I doubt I'll ever make it.

Did you start out sorta rich or did you come from humble 3 figure beginnings like me?

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They're both on my watchlist. Might take positions in them at some point, but right now I think I'd like to wait and see where my current coins go.

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>whale id
kek confirms

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>tfw have 23k ADA, but i've lost the keys and password to it
I don't know how I feel, I bought them all when it was .02 and now I only have $453 left in my bank account. What a cruel world.

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Do you work?
How where you able to acquire all this?

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IYour father is hoping he dies in his sleep tonight rather than have a begging faggot of a son like you.

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What's your biggest daily loss? 5mil? More?

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We went in deep at 1.8 cents. I took my initial out and 50% profit at 35 cents. Not touching until at least two dollars

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Congrats, i hope i can join you at the top at some point

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Nice job anon. Why don't you have any LINK?

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Gratulerar anon! Måste kännas otroligt bra att veta hela din familj har framtiden säkrad finansiellt.

I was always curious how the actual whales lived after making it in crypto, but I guess you are still the same person you always were. Very based retiring your dad. Where in the macro cycle do you think we are? Do we still have a couple months left?

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Did you miss out link completely? You prob made it off from eth and now you are a bit lost with your nano and shit. Biggest balls in a while anyway.

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/biz/ is officially the richfag board, can we get some velvet ropes in here?

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anyway I think you a good hundred million dollars with NANO if it actually works out, and I strongly believe it will

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How the fuck are you cashing out without getting raped by the taxman?

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thanks for reply. Hope you hit 100million

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send 70 nano so I can be like you in 10 years


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Do you have any genuine advice for someone starting out? I'm 60k in debt, dad was murdered in 2012, mom got 3 types of cancer in 2013, and I feel into a massive depression while taking care of her. She died last week and all I was left with was the debt. I'm trying to start learning how to go about this and really struggling and feel stupid any time I ask a basic question, like even what apps these are or if you guys' are doing this and avoiding tax or just not caring and eating the capital gain / losses, etc. I really have no idea where to start or how to start learning and I just want out of this hell of my life. I spent my entire 20's suffering and stressed and giving everything I had for my mom to have hope and a life and now I have nothing. That's life, but I just feel like nothing was accomplished in the last decade. I should be so much further. Sorry for the blog, but I just need to start succeeding so any help would be appreciated.

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he isn't, you cannot avoid being raped by the taxman if you are from Scandinavia, but that should hardly matter at that level

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No where, sorry. And no, I only shorted it with a small amount during the first rise and made like half a BTC or something. Considered moving some money to BitMEX to try shorting a larger amount, but it's too risky. One fucking Musk tweet and I could get immediately liquidated.

I started with $6000 in 2013.

Haven't worked a day in my life. Started with money I made botting Diablo 3 in 2012.

Thanks. Hope you make it too, buddy.

Bought the presale and made millions on it. Might buy in eventually, but right now I think I'm good.

Takk, söta bror! Yeah, my lifestyle hasn't changed all that much, but I'll probably start spending more soon. As for the last part, I think there's still plenty to go this run. Definitely at least a couple of months, yeah. Still though, I'm no oracle, so obviously take it with a grain of salt.

I pay my taxes like a good boy. They're not that bad.

Thanks. Hope you do well too.

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% holdings please so I don't have to calculate? also fucking gigachad GG.

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a k

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What bank are you using? Ive heard stories of them not even accepting the money when its from crypto.

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seems like it's not a larp. Sorry for you loss and struggles. Keep on moving man. If you want to start investing into crypto, to feel better / give you hope, just start by DCAing slowly (for real man) into the coins mentioned in this thread. Good value. But apart from money, I guess you have to find your peace, everything is so temporary in the end

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i was in 6 figure hell for a collective total of about 5 hours last week
due to swing trading i am back down to mid-5 figure hell
kill me

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based and sensiblepilled

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>I started with $6000 in 2013.
thanks sirs, I will remember your humble beginnings and final destination as a source of inspiration as I make gains.

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Congrats anon! That's awesome and worth being proud of.

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I don't even know what DCA means lmao, but thank you. And it's definitely not a LARP, my life was just shit and I decided to give everything I could while I could. I'm not a faggot asking for a handout, just some advice and educational tools. Thanks for the advice.

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What the hell is wrong you? Retired and go to bed everynight with beautiful women

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Happy for you anon. I will get there for my family.

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hey man. cograts. Do you think I can receive a few unis from you?) thanks in advance.


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INJ is on Binance, USDT on Kraken

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I'm happy that you made it bro very inspiring to see, what top 5 cryptos would you recommend for someone to hold for the next few years?

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>I started with $6000 in 2013.

Kill me
I started in 2013, mined altcoins traded up to btc. Ended up losing 12 BTC on cryptsy.

Now I'm still toiling the fields with a pathetic 6 figure folio.

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Tfw this could have been me of I just dcad and ignored trading. Fuck

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damn you must be the richest guy on /biz/

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Kek, there are literally 9 10 and 11 figure people that post here anon. How new are you?

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Two more questions actually.

What's your favorite anime?

Do you feel bad about fucking OP out of his own thread? lmao

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I want to diversify but I feel like I missed the train on a lot of the good shit already.

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Sorry for your losses, anon. Crypto's come such a long way that there's honestly so much to learn, I can imagine it's extremely overwhelming. I started with it was just Bitcoin pretty much and learned along the way, so I don't really have like a specific resource or anything I can vouch for. I have seen people link this before and it seems pretty good though. Maybe you could give it a shot: https://academy.binance.com/en/start-here

Kinda hard to tell, to be honest. Crypto moves so fast, it's hard to tell what coins will be relevant in some years and which ones will be forgotten. I think it's better to move into BTC once we go into a bear market again, assuming something crazy doesn't happen and it gets dethroned, and wait for alts to come down like they tend to do, and then start taking positions into ones that seem promising. I like looking at code repos and communities to gauge activity and go for the ones that are actively being developed and seem prosperous.

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I also started in 2013 with more money than our whale friend but he outperformed me by more than 40x kek

>Now I'm still toiling the fields with a pathetic 6 figure folio.
don't feel too bad, you are not alone.

I have never in all the years I spent 24/7 on this site seen a single verified (or even larped) portfolio worth more than 40MM.

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>What's your favorite anime?
Shinsekai Yori
>Do you feel bad about fucking OP out of his own thread? lmao
kek, a bit I guess.

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I'd cry for days if I even had 1/1000th of what you have. Top kek. Are you ever gonna cash out? Buy properties?

>> No.28045127

If you're still here can you give a brief history of your plays since 2013?

>> No.28045171

Tell me about your decision making process for selecting what coins to buy.

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It's hard to deal with it when I'm surrounded by newfags who made more than me in the last 3 years when I knew I had 9 figure potential in my grasp lol

I'm still working hard on it though

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Checked. I have this on my list but never watched it. Should I watch dubbed or subbed? I'm looking for a new anime to watch. Also is it one to actively watch or passively watch while gaming after work?

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i see you hold masq
You holding YFL to?

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Sorry, OP you are poor and forgotten now

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>tfw 144k
bros I don't know if I'm going to make it this cycle. I don't want to have to wait until 2025.

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dude it's so funny you made your dosh botting in d3. You probably know the guy who runs kraken made a ton of money botting and running a trading site on d2. Fucking awesome seeing diablo players become rich.

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Worthless subhuman beggars

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welcome to hell, and good luck

>> No.28045663

No, didn't even know Link Swap had its own token

>> No.28045680

DCAing just simply means "buy a little at a time and hold". Doing this might give you some financial freedom hope. But good luck to you mate

>> No.28045715

>tfw had 10k ada 2 weeks ago
>yolod it into xrp cuz digits
You can have it if you promise to fucking kill me irl!

>> No.28045811

>It's hard to deal with it when I'm surrounded by newfags who made more than me in the last 3 years when I knew I had 9 figure potential in my grasp lol
believe me I fucking know this feel lmao. I literally have old screenshots of my blockfolio on my old phone with over 200 BTC on them but of course I fucked it all up by trading and not holding. Feel like roping when I look at them
>I'm still working hard on it though
same, just stay focused and WAGMI fren

sorry for your loss anon. I hope you feel better soon. As for the advice on how to get started, just keep lurking biz and try to google or watch youtube videos for things or financial terms you dont understand. I'd also recommend to follow crypto twitter after you get some experience.

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I've cashed out relatively small portions so far, but plan to cash out larger amounts in the near future as I plan to buy myself a nice apartment.

My biggest plays were Raiblocks (now Nano) at like $0.13 average and 600 ETH worth of pre-sale LINK and account for a massive amount of why I got so much now. Besides that, I made a lot on ANS/NEO and some other coins that now are pretty irrelevant like UBQ and ARK. Those are the most significant ones I can remember off the top of my head.

I just suck in as much info as I can about coins and make a decision based on what my intuition tells me about it. I go through the whitepaper, code repos, the community and ecosystem, the devs, etc. Probably not very helpful, but there's no one specific thing I look for or anything, I just let my intuition do its thing.

Sorry, fren.

I personally can't stand dubbed animu. I also never watch stuff while gaming or anything, so I don't know, but it's probably the type you want to pay attention to.

kek, I actually had no idea. That's pretty cool.

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Thanks I genuinely tried to kms because I felt so suffocated and like there was no way out, but you guys give me hope. Just sucks being 30 and feel like I'm not on my feet at all and that everything I worked for in the last decade ultimately meant nothing. We all die though I guess. All I can do is my best, just hard when I can't even feel comfortable enough to relax and breathe. You're inspirations.

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what's your investing strategy? do you sell when you make a bit of profit and buy the dip or just hold?
also amazing job, I'm happy for you

>> No.28046045

Free gibs lets everyone in.

>> No.28046079

You're right I did beg, I risked being banned to make my future a little brighter.

>> No.28046102

This is an anarcho-liberal board. We don't have room for you here.

>> No.28046114

>OP gets in
>thread is then derailed by Sven Futaflinger

>> No.28046118

So you weren't swinging, literally DYOR and getting in early for the long haul?

>> No.28046147

congrats anon. just dont tell anyone about your wealth in real life cuz people are envidious greedy cunts

>> No.28046148

I just meant to respond to the two of you, not quote the binance page. I'll definitely start reading that now though.

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Redding pumping commodities next.

Buy $CLF


>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."


>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


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>I started with $6000 in 2013.

looks like I'm not going to make it boys

>> No.28046325

Do you think Ethereum will still be relevant in 5 years time? Planning on loading on eth to make it my 80 percent stack when the next crash comes.

>> No.28046393

How do you guys get into high 5 figs or 6 figs? what did you start at? A guy I know has around 5k in crypto and is wondering what he could turn it into realistically since he's currently NEET

>> No.28046479

And, was it worth it? -_+

>> No.28046502

Only way from here is up anon.
Do you use discord or something like that? If you want I could help you out if there are things you are struggling with when it comes to investing/crypto

>> No.28046615

opinion on RBC?

>> No.28046849

Nordmann? Henger du på noen discorder?

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>> No.28046939

I bought it early, sold it also early because thought it was a pajeet scam. It seems to be legit however, but I have no strong opinion. Another interesting dex project I've seen shilled on biz is DEXG

>> No.28047020

I put 4,000 in back in 2017 and 2018 and it’s just over a 100k this week. Look into long term holds by doing your own research and making sure the project fulfills a need. The team should be compromised of people with wins in their past. The project’s GitHub should be active and there should be a lot of communication from the team about releases and partnerships. 90% of the shitcoins posted on biz won’t exist in 3 years. Take that to heart.

Also, you are going to be too stupid and emotional to day trade. It’s not for everyone but there are a lot of us in six digit land by not swinging daily candles.

>> No.28047140

My username/tag is Woodlands1013#5141
I don't use Discord much at all besides for Pokemon Go when I used to play, but I would love to talk if you can offer any more advice than you have already. But you're obviously getting overwhelmed here so it's not issue if you can't.

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File: 1.01 MB, 813x1289, 7 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you put half of that into Polkamarket, you're gonna get in to the 1m club easily

>> No.28047474

I try to identify when BTC is going to make big moves and take profits on alt positions by moving back into BTC. Then when I think BTC will consolidate, I start taking positions in alts again and hold. I always look at prices of alts in BTC and always aim to accumulate as much BTC as possible.

Yeah, my parents are the only ones I've told, but I don't even tell them how much I have since they'd get a heart attack if they saw how much my portfolio can swing at times.

Jepp, nordmann.
>Henger du på noen discorder?
Bare discorder til diverse coins for å følge med på nyheter og sånt.

>> No.28047494

Yes, proved to me that you either have to be an ethot or degrade yourself to get stuff.

I asked and nothing happened and that's that, no need to post my life story.

>> No.28047763

accumulate as much BTC as possible.
So stop looking at the $'s??

>> No.28047808

>I try to identify when BTC is going to make big moves and take profits on alt positions by moving back into BTC. Then when I think BTC will consolidate, I start taking positions in alts again and hold. I always look at prices of alts in BTC and always aim to accumulate as much BTC as possible.
Thanks, so let's say that BTC is showing signs of going up, you take profits (let's say 100$) from ADA and put it into BTC once the price is stable you sell those 300$ you made and buy other coins repeating the process.
Makes sense, I can only imagine your adrenaline with all the up and downs in the past few years.

>> No.28047814

Tilgjengelig på chat noen steder? Er ikke rik enda, men bikket nylig millen. Litt av samme strategi som deg, trade alts frem og tilbake mot btc avhengig av ratioer. Hadde vært interessant å snakket med noen nordmenn som kan litt.

>> No.28047847

Godspeed to you, anon. Thanks for the voluntary ama

>> No.28047884

Life goes on

>> No.28048014

hey scandi anon, I remember you from a year or two ago when you were heavy in LINK. Why'd you drop LINK, but still bagholding questionable shitcoins? Do you still feel "emotionally" married to nano?

>> No.28048085

Just here to say you have my full respect. This kind of shit is incredibly motivational.
Thanks anon

>> No.28048288

Ok thanks.

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> 6k eth
I don't even have 1 eth, I might as well rope at this rate

>> No.28048662

>I try to identify when BTC is going to make big moves and take profits on alt positions by moving back into BTC.
Good to know I'm on the right path with that strategy, thanks nordic bro

>> No.28048819

What is your opinion on how long this shit will continue? (ICO's 10x left and right, great new projects, in general having the opportunity to turn a lil sumthing into a big sum)
Not this cycle but in years. After the last one I though this would be the last one, but it's still the same shit. Still the same scams and 10x in a matter of weeks.
Give me hope that my $120k will make me a millionaire as well. kek

>> No.28049460

When it comes to alts, yeah, that's what I do. BTC is the only coin I look at against USD.

Yes. Though keep in mind that for the sake of risk management, I always keep a significant portion of my portfolio in BTC, and now that it's so established, ETH too.

>Tilgjengelig på chat noen steder?
Nei, sorry. I tillegg til at jeg allerede har avslørt litt mer om meg selv enn jeg egentlig ville, så kan muligens nicket mitt på Discord og sånt kobles opp mot navnet mitt osv. med litt google-fu, så jeg vil egentlig ikke risikere å avsløre mer.

I sold enough LINK to get back my initial investment and some more in 2018 and held 1M. Last year I sold the rest at a higher average price against BTC than it is at now, so overall I think I did well. I'd have fewer BTC right now if I had held onto that last million until today. I might get back into LINK eventually, but for now I'm just gonna watch it while I trade other coins that move more.

As for that last question, yeah, to some extent.

>> No.28049474

He has 42 million dollars why the fuck would he care if he gets taxed

>> No.28049702

Please just remember, crypto isn't an instant ticket to wealth. don't rely on it to fix all your problems.
I really hope things get better for you anon.

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File: 859 KB, 1242x2688, BEEDA702-F2DB-4FE3-A45A-35C467BAABB8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put in $10k back in 2017, forgot about crypto, then hopped in to recent craze. Went to check my holdings on Bittrex and found they shoahed a big chunk of my altcoins. Let’s see how long this latest bubble lasts, but won’t sell shit.

>> No.28049966

Yeah, I don't know either, to be honest. At the end of the last run I definitely thought the next bull market would be a lot less crazy, but DeFi has been an insane catalyst this run. For all I know, some other "paradigm" or whatever you wanna call it will end up being the catalyst for another crazy run next time. I, for one, gladly welcome it of course. So many opportunities.

>> No.28049979

Even if you don't add me on Discord, could you offer potential links or advice here?
I don't want wealth. I would literally take anything just to get back to net zero and just have a fresh start. I literally can't breathe from the debt, it feels insurmountable. And it's "only" 60,000. Just seeing these people with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, my entire crisis being a drop in the bucket of that and literally nothing, gives some semblance of hope instead of just feeling like I'm going to be homeless and die for trying to save my mom

>> No.28050078

do*, not take

>> No.28050101

what service is this that everyone is using?

>> No.28050125

>For all I know, some other "paradigm" or whatever you wanna call it will end up being the catalyst for another crazy run next time
Dear God I hope so. I actually might end up with a decent amount of money then.
Take care and all the best you Scandinavian Chad. lol

>> No.28050203

Did you diversify your investments across different assets at all?
As in, did you put anything from that $4m you moved out of crypto into stocks, etc. so far? If so, why not?
I saw you're somewhat risk-aware keeping most of your gains in BTC, so I'd be really interested what your thoughts are on this

>> No.28050289

I think you're a great friend if we ever would meet and hang out

>> No.28050665

Thank you for the kind words

>> No.28050790

I'll pray for you tonight anon. You did the right thing for your mother I believe. It might have set you back a lot, but who knows you might be even more depressed if you didn't care about her at all. Money at the end of the day are just numbers. Distance yourself a bit from it and don't think about it all the time. Easier said than done. But don't let it destroy your life.
You can still turn everything around. There are people sitting in prison getting their asses fucked while being completely innocent. You are free, you are healthy. Now free your mind from those years of suffering and break free to new beginnings. And don't think you are retarded. We all started somewhere. I have a friend who has a Master in Economics, is in his mid 20s and can't figure out how to use uniswap. There are explanations for everything.

>> No.28050850

how do you store your crypto?

>> No.28050992

Here are some resources I use frequently:
>overview of coins
>on-chain analysis, very useful so get a feel for where we are in the big picture
charts.woobull.com (also check this dude's twitter)

Thanks. Take care, fren.

Yeah, out of the money I've moved out, I've put a decent chunk into stocks. I plan to move a lot more into stocks, but my broker is being a bit of a pain in the ass with KYC, so I'm waiting to resolve that before I make another move. I'm very overexposed to crypto right now, but it just feels like such a waste not to be balls deep right now that I can't help it.

Trust me though, by the end of this run, I will have cashed out a ton. I kept way too much in crypto after the 2017/2018 and was a valuable but very costly lesson.

Multiple Ledger devices with the mnemonic phrases hidden off-site.

>> No.28051048

Bro I'm here and thank you for reaching out, i don't feel so lonely.

>> No.28051076

Just ignore the faggots that dismiss stupid questions as spoonfeeding, they're wasting their time on doing dumb shit like that and are not worth bothering. Nobody here has the slightest fucking idea what they're doing.

There isn't much I can give you as advice on your situation, but neither can anyone. The key is to not get emotional in business, your logic is your strongest weapon. Don't FOMO into shit. Go for the long haul.
Which could or could not mean crypto in your situation, but a stable source of income first. Look into what you can do about that debt, if nothing else it should offer you some tax advantages.

>> No.28051086

It's called Delta, it's a free portfolio app.

>> No.28051150
File: 30 KB, 500x500, igor-bogdanov-s-telefonom-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he posted?

>> No.28051294

Oh, and I also recommend following these posts: https://bitcoinuncharted.substack.com/

It's great stuff and can teach you how to interpret some of the data on those charts I linked.

>> No.28051340

>but it just feels like such a waste not to be balls deep right now that I can't help it.
I know that feel bro. Considering to move some other investments into crypto right now. It's hard to resist

Thanks a lot for the insights and also the links, I guess you must be tired as fuck right now (I'm in Germany, so same timezone I assume lol) so much appreciated, good luck

>> No.28051417

That's the mindset that I'm trying to have, fully. It's all I can do.
Thank you, sorry if I'm annoying.
How does my debt offer me tax advantages? Thank you very much.
Thank you so much again.

>> No.28051438

Yeah, it's a bit past my usual bed time, so I'll be heading off to bed shortly. Thanks and good luck to you too, anon.

>> No.28051488

of the nine coins visible in your portfolio, what are you the most bullish on?

>> No.28051624

thanks. i don't have much capital and i'm a newfag, should i all in one coin and hold?

>> No.28051654


>> No.28051736

how do you figure out if a coin is worth investing in?

>> No.28051849


>> No.28051934

>How does my debt offer me tax advantages? Thank you very much.
It depends. Some countries allow you to offset interest in certain situations, e.g. if your debt is related to your income. It's why companies often use debt to their advantage (look up "tax shield").

I'm honestly not more qualified than giving you this general advice though, especially this heavily depends on where you live, the kind of debt, etc.

>> No.28051999

Better be with a sharpie

>> No.28052062

Nice dude
What r u gonna do with your hard earned money?

>> No.28052083

What exchange is this

>> No.28052095

My debt is all credit cards and school loans while I was in school that I took out her living situation and medical expenses. I really don't think there are any tax credits for it, but maybe I'm even more retarded than I thought and could have been getting a bit of help the last few years.

>> No.28052174
File: 1.05 MB, 1284x2778, C61F1864-8F84-4CDD-8164-F33E2BD91928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now let me in too

>> No.28052207

What sin did you commit to push you over the threshold of six figure hell?

>> No.28052311

Do you see btc going to 200k anytime in the next two years?

I grew my port from 10k to 180k, seeing your story gives me inspiration to keep pushing forward

>> No.28052323

Depends on the timeframe. Short-term, AVAX and ADA are all gas no breaks right now. And if you had asked me a couple of days ago, I would've said AMPL, but it took a bigger dump than expected recently, so I'm on the fence about it and I'm watching it carefully. Could be a good gamble still though.

On a longer term I think UNI will keep rising. Nano I'm kinda emotionally attached to, so perhaps I'm somewhat biased here, but I think it'll have a good chance of grabbing the spotlight again assuming BTC keeps going up, since fees will get insanely expensive.

People here tell others to do it, but I would personally highly advise against it.

I replied to pretty much the same question somewhere above.


>> No.28052325

don't doxx him you dumb fucking nigger

>> No.28052343

Imagine selling 1.5 million link. Proof even retards can get lucky.

>> No.28052504

Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed now. Good night. Before I leave I'd like to make it clear that even though I've made a lot of money on this, it doesn't mean I'm necessarily good at it. Maybe I just got lucky. Take everything I've said with a grain of salt.

>> No.28052600

Thank you very much. Take care.

>> No.28052741

Sell off 10k link and put it in a bunch of sub $.01 shitcoins.

>> No.28052833

>Shinsekai Yori
Based, can understand why you made it

>> No.28052881

I'm over here failing to login to my btc wallet that has 0.04 in it and this guy has finished life


>> No.28052889


>> No.28052945

Use it as inspiration anon

>> No.28053134

>everything I worked for in the last decade ultimately meant nothing
it meant everything to your mum, anon.
please understand how worthwhile and important that love must've been for her.
I hope you make it.

>> No.28053153

I'm not looking for that kind of risk. Kinda wanted to sell maybe 1500 and put it into another good project.

>> No.28053203

Thank you anon

>> No.28053260

does this address work?

rich anon, can you change my life?
lets get sausages together after covid

>> No.28053287

I'm new to buying and I want to throw my money into 2 or 3 projects like all you smart guys. I have GRT right now and some LINK

>> No.28053310

I remember when they would ban beggars

>> No.28053381

get some ADA
you will want to hold BTC at the end of the day

>> No.28053593

How can I see gains on my coins, I'm using binance

>> No.28053785

any tips for a newbie? i already lost $50 not bad because i lost $160 the first moment i invest into crypto

>> No.28053812

Hm where can I buy ADA from?

>> No.28053913


>> No.28054116

>no LINK
You were so close anon

>> No.28054419

this guy has stupid money, what would it be a bad thing to ask for 1 btc?
try it yourself maybe he'll send you one to spite me?

>> No.28054544

sd? kek

>> No.28054600

It's against the rules, stupid streetshitter

>> No.28054800

IM SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU ANON! I will be joining you in six figure hell this year and I am very excited

>> No.28055553

lmao, underrated comment

>> No.28055697

>Haven't worked a day in my life. Started with money I made botting Diablo 3 in 2012

Made a couple hundreds in the market as well, spent the money for the gf back in the day, btc was a second option. Didn't worth it.

>> No.28055791
File: 727 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210207-223423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28055977

so close

>> No.28056059

Ah, I see, a fellow retard. Next time don't diversify so much.

>> No.28056241
File: 73 KB, 702x702, 1590619742189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll outperform you percentage wise, i will!

>> No.28056327
File: 92 KB, 799x450, 145278580_760089154603390_6273286498029139818_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would get dump the big guys/micros and pick three nice sized mid cap alts.

the big guys are nice and stable (but you won't are unlikely to even x2 with them)

micros are so risky (if you are starting out you will lose more often than you will win. if really want you can gamble with $100 but the gas will probably kill that)

but the lovely midcap, you can get crazy growth and you won't end up with nothing.

good luck anon!

>> No.28056469

Thanks frend, whats considerd low and mid cap alts?

>> No.28056875
File: 73 KB, 300x294, ''sip''.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. Would ADA, DOT, AVAX be considered mid cap? Because those are the three I intended to start buying next.

>> No.28057099

Go off the market cap listings
High Cap top 20
Mid Cap 20 - 300
Low Cap - 300, down until single digit millions where they will become micro caps

>> No.28057255

Any advice for someone new to this?

>> No.28057366

They are on the high side but still good and I would remind you not to buy after a pump, look for cryptos that are undervalued.

>> No.28057440

lol @ vidya.
could have been in unn already but noooooooooooooo

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