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i see the news i dont care should i sell NOK at a loss to buy ROBLOX

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Fuck it i know none of you nigger are but i'm gonna ask it anyway
anyone holding SPR here ?

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Previous: >>28046559

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Sunday night kino:

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stocks... heh

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Is there a stock that will get me out of the parent's house and land me a GF?

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Reddit stayed

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That’s a woman.

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bought NOK at 4.50? Am I fag?

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The people with money will be here later on, closer to 4am.

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hey hey

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Student debt bros, are we gonna make it?

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Is RTX a good buy for comfy 40% gains? It looks like a solid bet under Biden.

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I’m feeling this anon, but I’m holding it only paid $5 a share


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i am retarded

I bought Suncor as my oil recovery play and it's just been crabbing downwards even though crude oil is fucking mooning pic related
guess what suncor is doing though lol

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Is WPF still the play?

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me buying on Barclys when everyone else is panicking because jewhood restricted their buying power
>hahaa stupid nigger paying fees for stock

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>selling anything to buy a fresh IPO now
I would rather play the pajeet SPAC lottery
Please add RYCEY to the cucked stocks list ty

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>He bought index puts and UVXY calls

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am I gmi this week frens

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PLTR or TSM tomorrow? I can only pick one

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Under valued asf.

See pic related. Wind energy in a country obsessed with green energy that should announced they plan to go fully electric with cars in the future.

This company has solid govt contracts.

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Robinhoods top lawyers are jumping ship. They are fucked lol.

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Is VTI too boomer of a play for an IRA?

Can I safely hold QQQ or even QLD and let it ride until im 59.5 years old?

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>tranny stock

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I assure you it isn't

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its just a bunch of fags who are semi decent at picking stocks and not selling Everyones a winner with money

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Good long term hold.

You can buy it on NZX, New Zealand stock exchange.

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What did Michael J Burry from The Big Short mean by this?


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planter simple as

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So I feel just like screening on finviz on stocks with a strong channel up, under 50 rsi, and just buy calls for a month out on them

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Redditors are being toxic af ever since this loss. Don't post on that forum, it's a bloodbath.

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>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."



>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


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CCIV chads report the fuck in.

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>Please add RYCEY to the cucked stocks list ty
you want me to do what mate?

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That’s not kino at all

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What in the ever loving fuck did he mean by that, unironically

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i just want to know how deep in the red are you ?

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I don't think so, but 5.7 billion outstanding shares is a turnoff. I guess be prepared to hold the bag for a while. It will go up eventually, right?

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where video update

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She's like a 5/10 too kek

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Im gonna say the n word...

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If you take a shower grease goblin i'll consider listening to you

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what the fuck?
burry is /ourguy/?

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look at how amazing its shilling has done for the last month!

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Line go up next

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So after he made billions shorting mortgage derivatives, Burry liquidated his entire fund and bought farmland while the stock market recovered from the bottom.

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>semi-decent at picking stocks
Well, I suppose that's half the battle, right?

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u wont pussy

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>Why yes, I am still holding my GME @ triple digits. How could you tell?

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cciv is an all or nothing play. not selling unless it's announced that the target is not lucid.

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OCGN $10 waiting room

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I’m not on suicide watch. I’m more entertained than I’ve been in years, and if you don’t hold gme you don’t have tickets to the show, simple as.

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>plot twist : tranny is shorting the stock and making these retarded posts to keep us from buying

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bullish for GME

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Is definitely a man

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>be kiwi
>see this
Weird. Thanks for doing my DD for me, guess I'll buy in.

>> No.28052048

I'm so fucking happy that I sold all my SLM positions one year ago

>> No.28052063

100% based. Kikes need to be gassed.

>> No.28052115

>starts rambling about the Jews
Extremely based, he was probably druk while typing this too

>> No.28052128

not on a sunday man come on

>> No.28052138

Based af
Wish I bought warrants on it when I bought in at $17

>> No.28052141

Never heard this song before, now I love it.

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he literally posts his account every hour though?

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Did you guys ever play that game in middle school to see who could yell PENIS the loudest in the middle of class?

>> No.28052166

>GME 177% float
Someones lying!

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imagine not buying the GME dip

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that's a nice chart you got right there

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I sell gme premarket right, this is my last chance?

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where's the cock

>> No.28052217

This. How do we get this ball rolling. They are such ugly, evil, disgusting parasites.

>> No.28052221

He usually deletes his tweets if he finds them cringy the next day. That one's still up so he definitely means it

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>researching company
>looking at market cap / shares outstanding
>old investor presentation says 447.6 million shares outstanding
>nasdaq website / finviz / wsj says 207.7 million
>cnbc/yahoo says 363.96 million
well which is it?? tf
how can they be so different? how can there be that much miscommunication/incorrect information on such a key stat?
i sent an email to their investor relations asking for clarification

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what does sallie mae have to do with student loan debt

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This is the ideology that man supports

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Small report on some potential covered call plays on companies with earnings this week.
Good outlook
ZNGA - Makes mobile game
DDOG - Data analytics
NET - Internet services (Cloudflare)
SGEN - Genetics company, possible buyout
TWTR - Dropped 20% last earnings
UBER/LYFT - Gamble if they go up or down
CRSR - Gamer swag, Very high volatility
Notable but low premiums:
Disney, Pepsi, CocaCola, Kraft, Cisco, Under armor

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ready for round 2

>> No.28052290

of course! Penis! xD

But seriously I'm pretty sure everyone does this.

>> No.28052296

No problem friend.

I only shill stocks I believe in that have underlying value.

I am the exception to this place. Normally you should NOT invest in anything anyone here is telling you to esp shitcoins... they all pakkis trying pump and dump.

>> No.28052297

Your last chance was 2 weeks ago when people in this general were talking about taking profits and laughing about how utterly delusional wallstreetbets is

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>> No.28052352

You sell when it either reaches 700 or 1000

>> No.28052380

These Superb Owl commercials have been so fucking insufferable.

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Buy $CLF


>> No.28052420

Why would you even watch the super bowl

>> No.28052421

I have 21 months left before I am free of that monkey. Or I could knock it out right now but then my portfolio would be small and I couldn't use it to generate more money in the interim. Leafland was extra shit about the student loan freeze thing. They did it the first time in spring/summer, ended it in fall just before the second wave and refused to freeze again.

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Dr. Burry is drunk tweeting again

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Before AJ offed himself for having fat hands his last gift to /smg/ was proving that's a man

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>based taste in music
>based and jewpilled
>short Tesla
Is it time for long dated Tesla puts?

>> No.28052500

amass wealth.
fund right wing movements around the globe.

>> No.28052536

Can the mods just filter CLF and make it NAK

>> No.28052548


>> No.28052559

didnt biden promise to just cancel 10k in student loans day 1?

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>> No.28052604

I like sports

>> No.28052635

yeah that's nice and all but he isn't going to follow through on that.

>> No.28052659

Just knock it our right now man, take that weight off your shoulders while we're still in this bull run.

>> No.28052662

I took a nap and am now watching phantom menace
But a dude I knew in college is playing with tampa so hope he wins he was a nice dude

>> No.28052672

That's not sports. That's corporate brainwashing with left-wing policies and diversity bullshit

>> No.28052730

I might have to buy a new (used) car soon as my current is falling apart.

>> No.28052733

No shit but I still like sports.

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Whole market is going red in general in this clown world casino right now.

Underlying value isn't a concept that zoomer brains with dopamine dependence understand.

They fucking the whole market with their gambling and shitcoins but hey that is fine its all funny money anyway.

I just love blasting witchhouse on days like today and watching all those red wojacks in my profilo.

Suicide affect friendos. Dot Com 2.0 here we go :D

Good thing I like the way it hurts!

>> No.28052740

jesus and here i am thinking leafs get everything easier

Yeah we are all still here waiting for 10k cancelled. Ultra liberals are pushing for 50k, IMO both would not change very much

>> No.28052784

TSM is just gonna crab for months, their fabs are saturated already. They have *too much* demand so it's getting a bit of a spillover effect
UMC is moving up much faster as a result

im only holding TSM myself though (and not adding anymore)

>> No.28052789

I only gamble on sports, I don't indulge in jewish brainwashing.

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the choice is obvious

>> No.28052816

buy Mahomes is cool and brady is based

>> No.28052821

Thanks guys.
Will MOMO give me a free plane ride to China and GF if I buy 50 of their shares?

>> No.28052822

Also, NFL doesn't even have any tradition or spirit to it. Watch college football if anything. NFL is for yankees who have no history or culture.

>> No.28052844
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>thinking this will end
we are in a new paradigm and you will like it

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What are some good commodities stocks that aren't made for transexuals? Preferably Chinese

>> No.28052875

I've been meaning to throw some money at some of the shares shilled here but so far all I have is about 45k in Fisher Funds. Def not going to buy into any shitcoins

>> No.28052887

whats the next shill after RKT & CRSR?

>> No.28052893

DIS earnings report in 3 days. Doubt they managed to beat estimates so buy the dip :^)

>> No.28052904

I'm watching the early market on that one. I feel like the time may have passed for anyone to get in on Monday.

Tomorrow's buys for me:
If ocgn looks good by Friday and I've 2x sndl I'm gonna rotate half into ocgn.
I feel it's a long considering phase 3 trials don't complete until July iirc

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>> No.28052925

>for yankees who have no history or culture.
We yanks have a history and culture of invading other countries uninvited and completely ruining them thank you very much

>> No.28052928


prove me wrong

>> No.28052940

He means that he's autumnal

>> No.28052954


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Faceberg has job listings up looking for people who have used Palantir in the past.

>> No.28052983

Why are you fags STILL holding on to NOK? Is it really that hard for FOMO retards to just take a loss? You can wait 20 years to break even or you can put that money in a decent etf and make 1-3%+ per day. Might as well take your money out of your brokerage account and put it into your bank if you want it to stagnate forever.

>> No.28052994

Don't forget about the FIIIIIIISH


>> No.28053016


>> No.28053021

If I'm going to watch sports I want to watch the best.

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>every thread outside of /smg/ is seething about Elon pumping Dogecoin nonstop

>> No.28053034

I'm looking at his portfolio right now and he's holding stuff.

>> No.28053038

college football is literally dogshit though. The quality of play is barely better than high school.

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Another sound track to the great reds here comes the crash boys.

Mmmmm how am I gonna afford to hire models as escorts anymore.

Guess I am going to have to be a second class richfag now and fuck kids in Cambodia for kicks instead.

OC pic related.

>> No.28053099

RBLX when? will it be dumb to throw 40k at this first thing in the am and sell 2 hrs later

>> No.28053119

Would this be viable as a good long term hold then?

>> No.28053129

Yeah not to mention the entirety of college football is dominated by 4 teams. It's predictable and boring

>> No.28053156
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I need an ARKF dip. Just a little one, PLEASE

>> No.28053158

Glad you didn't neck after realizing RYCEY wouldn't be paying for your hand liposuction for at least another year.

>> No.28053161

I'm curious if eu market shit or what. I rarely hear eu stocks get shilled

>> No.28053175
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Speaking of chink stocks, is it still impossible to hold Chinese stocks that aren't traded on the Honk Kong stock exchange?

I'd love to hold an index but I don't trust that the Hong Kong stock exchange will exist in 30 years.

>> No.28053191

Got 10 PLTR contracts with 33 strike price expiring on the 19th. Odds of making it bros?

>> No.28053208

Who is this sultry trainwreck slut?

>> No.28053213
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<who are semi decent at picking stonks

>> No.28053223

That's a new fund he started about 5 years ago. He was full bobo mode holding gold and physical land for about 6 years

>> No.28053232
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>> No.28053238

because normies caught an easy 10x without uniswap

>> No.28053242

Where my RKT chads at?
how long you think we're gonna be holding before selling this week?

>> No.28053272

>i'm taking a break from twitter
>actually i'm back to shill doge
I really just can't understand this man. I'm not even mad at this point just bewildered.

>> No.28053285
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If it dips below a dollar im buying another 3000 shares

>> No.28053299


Why would you watch some overpaid manchildren throw a ball around and act like they are contributing to society?

What makes college ball good is that 1. it is developing men 2. hardwork and effort actually pay off people everyone ISNT a pro athlete so effort still matters. Anything can happen in college ball

>> No.28053306

I can't find a specific release date besides this month. $45 a share and a $30 billion evaluation seems pretty good. Every time I go to the library there are always 4 kids playing roblox on the public computers

>> No.28053316

Can you make it “Whacky Inflatable Flailing Arms Tube Man” please?

>> No.28053317
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Shill me the latest /smg/

>> No.28053343

He’s stoned out of his fucking mind doing cocaine off a waif goth gf’s ass

>> No.28053365

i'm buying 200 dollars worth every week until it makes me a millionaire

>> No.28053370

He prolly had PTSD

>> No.28053371

bros answer

>> No.28053377

kek one of my favorite scenes from that movie
I literally told you why in my post

>> No.28053384
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>Chad Bulls keep winning
How do they do it?

>> No.28053415

Anyone who thinks college athletes in the big two sports are """"pure"""" are complete fucking idiots.

>> No.28053428

>t. went to a college that spends more of your tuition on the roids needed to keep Tyrone jacked than on your own education

>> No.28053430


>> No.28053445

You mean when

>> No.28053447
File: 1.65 MB, 1564x822, PLTRmadeit2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what to do.

>> No.28053455

Imagine if someone gave Howard Hughes twitter

>> No.28053462

swimmers are pretty pure senpai

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no idea mate, I just buy US stocks because I have no financial knowledge and people here do the DD for me. also more meme energy so it's easier to swing trade based on momentum
EU/UK stocks are more obscure and probably need financial/insider knowledge to understand what's going on

>> No.28053471

GIVE ME YOUR CUM, BULL also what do i buy for this

>> No.28053473

I'm just starting just stuck trying to deal with Merrill Lynchs retarded restrictions. Have to get a auth code for every order. And it's limit only pretty gay desu.

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I pay them to smile its part of the service. Covid has really left models in need of extra work.

But you zoomers are fucking my capital with your wild speculation and making everything volatile as fuck.

At this rate it won't even be kids in Cambodia on my nightly menu let alone fashion models it will be fucking trannies in Thailand.

I know social media has fucked your dopamine and you just discovered gambling but leave me market out of your fiending!

>> No.28053488

You know the serious college athletes are all on roids too right. The teams or the athletes' fathers pay for it. I have a buddy who rode the bench at an ohio school for a scholarship. By far the thing that matters most is how much money the school is willing to spend to bribe an athlete under the table

>> No.28053489
File: 386 KB, 1512x2016, A9E84CAA-F093-4132-94D1-D2FFF06C0863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>options on PLTR into ER
>exp on lockup
uh-uh anon made a stinky..

>> No.28053493


>> No.28053495

ok this is a banger
thanks anon

>> No.28053504

I'm hoping it drops to historic lows after the earnings report and bad news.

I'll buy 100k shares

>> No.28053520

I've been hunting for penny stocks that *might* do well in the near future. These look like they could be good... but who knows.
TXMD - Womens sexual health medication
HDSN - Something with refrigerator chemicals
TBLT - Makes power tools and accessories
GRIL - New fast casual restaurant chain in NYC/NJ area

This is not financial advice. I am not an expert and all four could go bankrupt by EOW for all I know...

>> No.28053522

A conservative, diversified portfolio would be 50% TQQQ and 50% URTY.

LEAPS on each, of course.

>> No.28053531

there is not a single professional athlete in the world who doesnt use some for of HGH or steriod

>> No.28053549

What’s the next x 10

>> No.28053557

Never said they are pure but look where alot of them come from. Better than being hoodrats or junkies.

>t. not fighting for isreal so (you) can pay for my school.

>> No.28053564

where do you find these desperate crackwhores to abuse and whats the going rate

>> No.28053568

buy into CRBP if you want cheap shit that'll actually take off

>> No.28053573

19th is when their earnings report is, right? You'll be fine

>> No.28053576

What's that company selling a vaginal exerciser that got shilled last week?

>> No.28053579


>> No.28053581

when is RBLX going to be open for trading? holding back for it at the moment

>> No.28053586
File: 26 KB, 554x554, 1610660961380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fresh update lads

>> No.28053588

hey cool didnt know muscle maker went public

>> No.28053594

all dogshit sorry anon

>> No.28053609


>> No.28053618

Do you mean the Penis game?
No I never heard of it

>> No.28053626

but i'm already 100% TQQQ LEAPS fuck it i'm staying. but i'm not being unironic i'm dead serious

>> No.28053632

One fucking year later

>> No.28053666



>> No.28053670

16th is ER , 19th lock up ends.

>> No.28053690

finally big boy

>> No.28053702
File: 122 KB, 1098x606, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 7.00.14 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFI momentum indicator on ATOS suggesting a huge reversal is coming up. Big bull flag, ATOS should pop soon imo

>> No.28053732

>he pushes his penis into his body , and squishes the ballsack down to make it look like a cameltoe

JFC john

>> No.28053734

We just set each other on fire with axe spray that sounds way gayer
Fucking youngins I swear

>> No.28053735


>> No.28053738

Does this retard think we care about him?

>> No.28053742

That's the one. Only room to grow!

Well you could do shorter dated calls to ramp up the risk, but beyond that you're basically stock or ETF picking. Will ARKK and SOXL keep up their runs? Are there SPACs that'll pop and end up with higher annualized returns? Who knows?

>> No.28053758

"Sure! I always get love from the homies!"

>> No.28053759

Should I waste money on $5cs

>> No.28053791

Shut up faggot rip Tinny

>> No.28053792

wonder why 4chan doesn't have <

>> No.28053802

>Someone took the time to make a video for /SMG/
Don't you have any hobbies?

>> No.28053806
File: 252 KB, 1536x2048, 72208403_350008609131441_2552708851690373120_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Acting theatres, second rate run way shows.

I invested heavily in the "arts" for reasons other then gains. What can I say I like the arts/stock.


I'm a jew and we all do this.

>> No.28053816

so TQQQ weeklies far otm. Got it

>> No.28053826
File: 321 KB, 860x1054, 8B0C7D50-D1DE-4370-9BD9-C65AE049B60F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are midwits always drawn to penny stocks? a relative who majored in art or some garbage and then "became a trader" immediately started with penny stocks, made like 15k, bought a car on credit then lost 100k. i showed him my +300% portfolio the other day and he didnt even know what covered calls were, he just laughed at me using RH and said "once you get td you become a real trader." he's on welfare or something, apparently waiting for the bubble to pop before taking out a loan and getting back into penny stocks..

>> No.28053842
File: 96 KB, 718x476, 20210201_001418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28053851

Why though

>> No.28053857

It's worth many billion if the EIA passes, but it's already been rejected. If their appeal passes, then it has some great opportunity

>> No.28053864
File: 369 KB, 960x1708, 67FCA79E-8CBB-4E10-B57D-B211A459E0CC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is there a stock that will get me out of the parent's house and land me a GF?

>GMEfags on suicide watch edition
Oh boy.
I hope my puts print more money.

>> No.28053871

yeah i cant find anything other than this month, wanna get in early and ride it out see what happens

>> No.28053881

>12 minutes
nigger I don't got time for that shit

>> No.28053905

I think you misunderstand the baseline argument here. You're enamored with all the pageantry, the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the sport.
I simply enjoy the game of football, the physical act of playing the sport. And the quality of play in the NFL is simply 100,000x better than that of college. The depth of the strategy is much deeper, and NFL players perform athletic feats that border on the superhuman. I don't really give shit what any of them do in their off time ass long as they throw and run real good.
Also, suggesting that effort doesn't matter in the NFL is laughably ignorant. Pick an all pro and follow theiir workout program.

tl;dr: there's four games a year that aren't decided by 20+ points so I don't waste my time watching that b-tier trash.

>> No.28053914

speak english, nigger

>> No.28053930

based jew sexual predator

>> No.28053940

Btw they not crack whores other then MDMA they pretty much don't do drugs.

They just lost looking for a leg up in the industry and I hold majority stakes in lot of places they work for and who give them contracts.

It doesn't cost me per hour or anything its just as long as I hold majority of those stonks.

They like a perk of being a bag holder for the arts industry.

>> No.28053945

Same brain defect that causes people to overvalue splits. Low share price == "I can afford more!"

The crazy returns when they spike or get PnD'd also help. When you're in four figure Hades, you feel like you have to get over 50% every play.

>> No.28053957

Dont be rude

>> No.28053960

Anons, what's this week's buy Monday sell Friday meme, and why?
Want to upscale my paycheck a bit with something quick.

>> No.28053961

kek one of my friend's dad is kinda white trash and he also wants to get into trading by starting with penny stocks...

>> No.28053962
File: 49 KB, 339x446, 1611837379091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think anything will pump tomorrow due to the Superbowl?

>> No.28053992

>he doesnt watch youtube at 2x speed

>> No.28054006

absolutely not

>> No.28054009


>> No.28054011


50% TQQQ
32% SPXL
18% TLT
gets the same standard deviation/volatility as SSO.

>> No.28054025
File: 25 KB, 244x246, wtfamipoeing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait LUM is actually a good buy, please don't tell me you only found it because of Lum posting AJ

>> No.28054028
File: 151 KB, 640x640, 1606684775063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>had nearly 300% profits swing trading penny stocks with small money during the lockdown out of boredom
>father-in-law asks me if I'd want to manage $20k for him
What do?

>> No.28054039

watch on 2x and its bearable

>> No.28054046

>wind energy
Wind energy is the most retarded thing ever invented. I would avoid.

>> No.28054048

got it will be looking into this

>> No.28054062

I think Tinny def killed himself i would like to find a police report he did always reply to me when i told him my uncle is also a schiz0

this one is for tinny , and all the other fallen smg sldiers, foerver living in valhalla brothers.


>> No.28054069


>> No.28054095

>hurr durr the poorfags from reddit are shitting up the thread!!
The only thing trust fund kiddies do is post screenshots of their robinhood account and blogpost about all the prostitutes they hired

>> No.28054108

No, the commercials have been shit.

>> No.28054111

fuick no you dont manage anyones m oney but urself

>> No.28054113

>6 minutes
nigger I don't got time for that shit

>> No.28054117

never help family

>> No.28054187

God no don't play with your family's money

>> No.28054193
File: 138 KB, 400x400, timkalpakis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, TD Ameritrade finally let me out of approval hell. I'm so excited!

>> No.28054194

Don't do this people get very upset about money.

>> No.28054217
File: 161 KB, 800x800, 7855A800-4743-44E7-BBFA-469C9BFAC6AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder: buy CTRM at opening

>> No.28054228
File: 70 KB, 707x1000, CTbg14BhaOs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does everyone know Tinny died?
Where is he?

>> No.28054234

>Paying double taxes for a quick paycheck pump
What could you possibly need this money for?

>> No.28054236


Find fashion penny stocks. Attend shareholder meetings and network.

They always bring the girls to the meetings, the whole industry is a lowkey pimping loophole.

>> No.28054271

I concur

>> No.28054278

nvm i take my based back

>> No.28054280


>> No.28054301
File: 85 KB, 347x642, 49331EB5-2D30-46DE-8DA0-608561A2A952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They haven’t closed the short position yet. This is far from over

>> No.28054334
File: 2.93 MB, 576x1024, 1605323608448.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will genuinely miss tinny :(

>> No.28054350

for calls 33 is a bit low

>> No.28054376
File: 517 KB, 579x567, 67-65-706278.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like a splendid Idea anon, youre clearly the best trader ever born

>> No.28054392

What if I got a cut?

>> No.28054400

I don't even know his goal. There is like <100 unique posters in each thread. I would be shilling on reddit if I were him.

>> No.28054409

I bought when it was 4.06 and they're locked into developing 6g alongisde ericcson
fuck the fomo idiots though
> I was in the forest the entire craziness and missed the chance to sell at 9

>> No.28054416

Thanks anon, appreciated the video
had sundial on my retard watchlist but have moved it to buy alongside PLTR

>> No.28054427

>the RYCEY shill is also shilling AQB
AQB confirmed for going to 0

>> No.28054442

sure but just put it into SPY :3

>> No.28054445

He is dancing like Terry Davis

>> No.28054460

Wait didn't reddit get a time slot to shit talk robinhood or say gme hodl?

>> No.28054490

Joking aside this is a real possibility, always inverse me

>> No.28054499

I'd avoid handling family money. Or telling them about your financial interests in general.

>> No.28054503

rip tinny

>> No.28054507

>father in law
>in law
do not manage his money. if you are confident you can consistently beat the market, borrow from him and use your gains to repay it.

>> No.28054516

i missd u, bb
can u 3sum wit my stripper gf?

>> No.28054518

I bought the contracts when it was at 28. Do you say it's a bit low because I should have set it higher?

>> No.28054536
File: 25 KB, 1394x122, NOSUICIDE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>suicide watch
feeling comfy

>> No.28054538

Yeah I think there was a 5 second reddit commercial that advertised a couple of subreddits or something. Don't think it mentioned RH/GME explicitly

>> No.28054542
File: 11 KB, 800x450, corsair-components-logo-800x450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's still time.

>> No.28054564

Swap that TLT for TMV and now you've got a good 2021 portfolio.

>> No.28054580

Not even. Self made.

Grew up poor then saw how dumb internetfags were and how unregulated crypto was.

Rode pump and dumps like a fat cock till I had enough to invest in government subsided commie companies and road your tax money to riches.

Natural jew abilities, like a lizard. You dumb little meme coin faggots made me but now you are getting out of control and threating the whole market with your dopamine fiending and brain washed herd mentality.

We losing control... clown world isn't what we wanted in the end cattle boy.

Crypto is like cattle herding and a grew up poor on a cattle farm.

>> No.28054587
File: 2.97 MB, 1918x1037, ^-^.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/smg/ well represented in /sp/
well done lads, proud of you

>> No.28054588

You're so indecisive about your stripper gf it hurts.

>> No.28054608

Penny stocks hit all the right traits of get-rich-quick pyramid schemes that midwits love. The midwit's inflated ego makes him think he's the next wallstreet genius that can eye out the next penny stock that will rise 1000% to a few bucks in a few days. The midwit's lack of self-control makes him throw all his money into this penny stock because he wants to maximize profits and can't conceive of the possibility of his prediction being wrong.

>> No.28054612

Earnings are on tuesday right?

>> No.28054634

This is great

>> No.28054644

Where is that asshole motherfucking piece of shit, BOBO?

>> No.28054681
File: 548 KB, 274x351, 1612754207387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was a pleasure

>> No.28054697

congrats, what's next?

>> No.28054722

NOK isn’t ever going past $5 again anon.

>> No.28054748

pretty sure thats his first gf. he admitting to being a virgin before paying her

>> No.28054756

a man can dream

>> No.28054762

Look at the companies balance sheet.

>> No.28054789

>buy some
>they do nothing
>buy a few more later
>one goes 3000%
>develop ego
>dump all profits into new thing
>bankrupt self
Many such cases

>> No.28054839
File: 185 KB, 773x823, v158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, it's me

>> No.28054856

Wait, really? Scoops confirm/deny


>> No.28054861

Not selling till 10k

>> No.28054868

Canadian oil is in dire straits, especially the oil sands. Well, that's what popular opinion is anyways. So that would help to explain the crabbing downwards. Pipeline projects are getting canceled so where is this oil going to go? You should move your position to emerging oil markets, have a look at RECO.V or RECAF, they are going to develop a Permian basin sized field in Namibia, with drilling results due in the next weeks. Africa probably won't managed to get out of oil this century whereas the west may well be saying goodbye to only as a transport fuel as soon as 2040. Oil isn't dead it's just that the market has changed and will change further, it makes sense to me bet on player with a large stake on the same continent which will be the next big consumer.

>> No.28054902

Im gonna be rich one day

>> No.28054967
File: 526 KB, 364x489, sweatysnaek.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28055019

that's a man

>> No.28055024
File: 8 KB, 229x220, 1588923300508s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28055042

God I hate reading stock need articles. You can tell they're targeted towards clueless boomers who don't know anything about the stocks they're throwing all their money into. I don't need some Californian jewish woman to explain to me what Roblox is.

>> No.28055074

he will never get over her if tru

>> No.28055092

Felt the same looking for a listing date kek

>> No.28055132

no, tell him to talk to a finacial advisor or tell him to put it in boomer etfs/growth stocks

>> No.28055147


I need to learn to set a stop loss on every position and simply pick new entry points if they get filled.

>> No.28055151

Dump it across a bunch of safe companies and ETF's if he's just going to let it rot in the bank if you refuse.

>> No.28055200


>> No.28055212


>> No.28055227

stock *related news articles

>> No.28055229

What's the best oil ETF?

>> No.28055231


>> No.28055235

Why not put his money into boomer stocks etfs for him and have someone that he can talk to in life about it?

>> No.28055248

It's not the only investment I'm doing, this is "as opposed to my long term portfolio".
I want more money so I can move out of the commie shithole state I was born in sooner.

>> No.28055252

yeah a little bit higher, maybe $35

>> No.28055278
File: 2.36 MB, 1435x1080, 014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

beat me by seven seconds
will delete

>> No.28055282

uhh what do I choose anons?

>> No.28055301
File: 15 KB, 625x127, gmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm fine I have very low average and I don't mind waiting to see the data btfo the GME bears once again. If you talk to these people they really think that hedge funds won't lie because they'd get in trouble for it lmfao.

>> No.28055328

Tip :
AOU on the ASX
Buy fucking now - trading at 0.28 - should bump to 1.50 - 2.00

>> No.28055331

I don't know, but that dickhead won't let me pick up cheapies this week apparently

>> No.28055350

well its already hit 33 so whats the issue?

>> No.28055435

nothing I guess

>> No.28055463

He deserves a proper response, tranny

>> No.28055723

>pretty sure thats his first gf. he admitting to being a virgin before paying her
I’ve been with 5 girls now

>> No.28056078

How are BFT warrants structured?

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