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If you only knew how comfy things are

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tfw 30k stacklet

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istorically, REEF is a pump and dump. Hate to break it to you folks, but it is. These are the facts. People saying it isn't, you're on the wrong side of the data. The entire market is being run by trade bots. Large REEF tokens have been already allocated to holders, way before REEF even hit the exchange platforms, because of testnet operations (before mainnet).

I estimate each token to be valued at 0.0000001-0.0000001 maximum until larger companies want to use it, which currently they don't, because it is too expensive too. ETH is expensive, in general, to use anyway.

With that being said, REEF is a utility token which means the price has to remain low for companies to even want to use it. It is just the way it is right now

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2k stacklet here holding till i buy more

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Can I make it with 300k?

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You sold yesterday's bottom and got outpriced didn't you? kek

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Why is Reef/BTC lagging behind so much? The difference is getting huge

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100k reef stack reporting in

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Oh hey, it's you.
How are you going?

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dudee reeeef

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yup that's good

why so little bro?

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Just got my 30k stack, am I rich yet?

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poorfag waiting until payday

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I have 30k reef @.0256 average which is very comfy. I got rugged on asko today but if it goes back up on the 13th with their mainmet launch I'm just putting that into reef. If it doesn't go up I'm riding asko down to .00000001 and still putting more into reef

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How does 300.000 USD sound?

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You gonna get rugged here too, look at this shitcoin cant even go over 0.031, not even with that twitter nigger making videos about reef

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whoever is making these memes is slaying, nice job

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I drew crayon lines on my monitor over a 2 week chart and I could tell it was hitting .032 today, and it did. Reef to the moon

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you forgot the "H" in start of the sentence in your copy pasta FUD shill

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Watch as some faggot puts up 10 million at 32

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Where have all the sell walls gone boys?

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It was the nigger at twitter that pushed the coin to 320, not your stupid retarded faggot lines

And what for? to dump back to 290 because some fucking whale wants to keep the coin under 300

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um bros, is this it? are we clear for take off?

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REEF stinks I should have just kept my BAT!

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Lol weak fud

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Lazy fucking slavnigger hurry up denko

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Breezing past all the way

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*lane clear*
*ready for lift-off*

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4c eod bros

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These mother fuckers are persistent.. been pushing these walls back for 6 hrs lmao. They running out of steam.

The demand is too strong boys.

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back to .033
Historical trend doesn't indicate it but imagine if this moons to like 0.4 now.
That'd be insane but there's too many niggas dumping at each milestone.
We'll see tho

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110k stack reporting in, wish I acquired more. Hopefully can get another 100-200k before it really takes off.

>> No.28166400

Just got 13k more at.032

>> No.28166481

It's gonna dump soon. There's no way the whales are gonna let the price go up further while they're still accumulating

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>reef investors use crayons to make meme lines
the absolute state of rugpull denial

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I think I need more bro. If this reaches ChainLink's market cap, that's 0.52 after all tokens are released; unless I'm misunderstanding something. It will have to grow 10x over LINK for me to even hit 1.5mil.

>> No.28166847

5k stack here. feeling comft asf

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>inb4 whales wake up and dump it back to 0.027
It's not going to be allowed to moon yet guys. Sell and buy the dip later.

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>wake up
>3.3 cents


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Buying now is asking to be pajeeted

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Same. Until the product launch there's not going to be a moon. I'm gonna keep accumulating more REEFies. Don't get burned by whales dumping this shit to get more Reef lads. There's literally no reason for a moon mission right now

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Lmao gonna sell as buyers begin to outweigh sellers? Ho Lee Fuk. This volume is not normal.

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alright just for you I held. but desu it's probably gonna dump to 2.8c soon

>> No.28167975

Don't get burned anon. We will be hitting 10 cents EOM, but right now we are at the mercy of whales. Make some money and buy back in alter

>> No.28168138

I've had too much experience with coins taking off after I try to swing, will just hold and buy more if it dips back

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already doomping the moment i said it kek

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We just ate through 200k sell wall LOL. This is fucked

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Wait what the fuck why is it pumping so early I'm still waiting on my next paycheck to buy more REEEEEEEE

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It's not gonna pump. There's no reason for a pump yet. Wait till end of the week when the Binance competition ends and wait for EOM for the product launch. Sell high, buy low and get fucking rich

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This pasta is stale.

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There goes my swinging.


>> No.28169180

just joined the reefers FINALLY. 10k reefs can still make it right?

>> No.28169362

4c here we come hehehehe

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Where the fuck is this constant volume coming from boys. Are the binance chinks flexing on us or what?

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Never listen to swingies.

>> No.28169621

Fuck swingbros we got $rope

anyway im going to fucking sleep fug this

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>bought at 0.029
>sold at 0.028 to buy graph after it did nothing for a week
>REEF immediately pumps to 0.34
I'm so fucking retarded.

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Why would you ever sell at a loss

>> No.28169743

grt is bearish rn its not going anywhere i put it all in reef and got at least 15% maybe ill go back to grt is it dumps to .89 at least

>> No.28169861

I hold both. Join me, Anon! :)

>> No.28169875

That's the one I meant last thread.
So cute. Do it for her Reefbros.

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why does this man have no body hair? is this what yoga does?

>> No.28170316

Ok why isn’t this pos dumping while btc is pumping. I refuse to buy this until I get a good discount

>> No.28170419

I bought in at 27 a few days ago. Why is this mooning? What is a realistic high?

>> No.28170466

WTF WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.28170738

1$ EOY maybe 2$ ATH in the next years.

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Please load some FUD so I can buy more

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You'll hold me even if I feel down, right Investor-kun?

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How do I get these off binance and onto my ledger?

>> No.28171754

What are the suicide and make it stacks?

>> No.28171813


>> No.28171825

100k suicide 1 million make it

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22.5k stack, feel good mon

>> No.28172355

0.10$ EOM cap this

>> No.28172657

Nothing comfy about this crabbing piece of shit. I wake up every morning to see this fucker hasn't moved

>> No.28172671

I got news for ya hun, this is the bottom, it aint getting any lower.

>> No.28172749

So this is how the democrats decided to grab crypto by the balls?

>> No.28172766

God i hope so, but these sell walls are big

>> No.28172897

You can only reply to this post if you own 100k REEF.

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Reef crustaceans about to moon

>> No.28172965

Reminder if you don’t buy now you will be pink

>> No.28172969

Post yours then niggerfaggot. At least I put mine up
want to get tokens by playing and use top nft?
I will help you with it if you are clever enough
Check Playcent and give me some respect!

>> No.28172976

That fucking UK nigger needs to keep his goddamn mouth shut.

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Handsome and gentle aussie reef chad reporting for duty.

>> No.28173308

0.025 is the bottom. prolly 0.024
be ready to buy at this price and dont blink it as I did 2 days ago

>> No.28173316

Gmi stack, I am a jelly stacklet @200k

>> No.28173415

We will never see 0.025 again kek

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File: 1.88 MB, 1196x1194, signal-2021-02-08-001049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not happening champ. Thanks for playing.

>> No.28173584

Unless something completely fucked happens with the project we're not going below 28 again

>> No.28173718

I put a buy on 0.030xxx Really hoping this gets fulfilled before we moon for good.

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the absolute cope posting

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lads I had a dream in which the value was at something like 40USDT, this board was full of denko shitposting over reef bringing so many normies into crypto gains, also a lot of reef bubble fud

w-what does it mean

>> No.28174246

your dream will come true in 3-4 years

>> No.28174426

you know it's funny that you mention that because as soon as he shilled it, it instantly dumped,but hey nice try faggot

try harder

>> No.28174555

They are moving upwards with us, hold on bro this train gonna speed up

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How much does our professional nigger/cryptoinvestor KSI have approximately money in this coin?

>> No.28174672

15M Reef

>> No.28174763

100k reef here. Is the anon who went from 49k to 100k in here?

I haven't checked the prices of any of my wallet today, since I heard btc is at an all time high, I assume I've lost thousands.

But just thought I'd say hi to my REEF bro's and especially fellow clownfish

>> No.28174787


Doesnt sound like much with money made from his social media popularity, boxing gigs, music and so on.

>> No.28174842

Bitconnect, Harmonie and Rubic

>> No.28174879

I'm secretly hoping for more, against logic and math

>> No.28174893

That's what he bought originally, I'm pretty sure he's the whale keeping the volatility down so who knows now

>> No.28175522

I can only afford 5.5k...
Can't make it on this coin, but hope I can get enough funds to start diving in seriously on the next good projects.

>> No.28175570

What app is that?

>> No.28175604

>istorically, REEF is a pump and dump. Hate to break it to you folks, but it is. These are the facts. People saying it isn't, you're on the wrong side of the data. The entire market is being run by trade bots. Large REEF tokens have been already allocated to holders, way before REEF even hit the exchange platforms, because of testnet operations (before mainnet).
>I estimate each token to be valued at 0.0000001-0.0000001 maximum until larger companies want to use it, which currently they don't, because it is too expensive too. ETH is expensive, in general, to use anyway.
>With that being said, REEF is a utility token which means the price has to remain low for companies to even want to use it. It is just the way it is right now

>> No.28175823

look at grt and ftm too, it's not too late

>> No.28175899

cute :3

>> No.28176111

Tfw 13k stacklet

>> No.28176152

harmony literally did +50% today

>> No.28177419

Fuck it. I'm burned out of the crypto market. I have nothing left to lose. Putting my last money into Reef, fuck it.

>> No.28177447

best decision of your life

>> No.28177556

should I just close the window and walk away and check back in a month or two?

>> No.28177781

sold all my reef for btc see you below 3 cents where I will be buying back

>> No.28177960

85M volume on a tier one exchange, feels good

>> No.28177979

you know it, just keep an eye out if staking comes to binance

>> No.28178023

if bitcoin dumps, you'll be fucked, because alts will surge

>> No.28178037

Thanks, I just purchased another 100k reef

>> No.28178063

that's not how it works ...

>> No.28178508

It is very obvious to me that bots are running the show with Reef on BN. If you look at the trading activity, this is very clear. There are also very large sell walls being set up, which is VERY typical for Binance.This is why I left 3 years ago. Be aware when you have no alternative places to buy a coin. The market is NOT dictating the price of this coin ,they are.

>> No.28178671

Yeah sometimes it works that way, and sometimes it drags everything down with it, depending how slow it dumps

>> No.28178714

reef has heaps of whales with sell/buy orders

>> No.28178746

Not that I even invest this way, but last night there was a share your portfolio thread, and almost everyone with 6 figure screencaps had a fat bag of reef on there.
Hopefully they're interested in the long term prospects of our boy Denko's project, and not planning a flip .075.

I'm actually pumped for the wallet and vault, so I'm not selling anything but staking rewards.

>> No.28178798

https://monokh.com/posts/ledger-app-isolation-bypass anons is this a problem ? i dont understand

>> No.28178883

probably filthy swingers

>> No.28179009

If we see those numbers again, I'll probably throw another eth in. That's it though. I'll be way passed my threshold for how all in a high risk product I go.

>> No.28179144

I can see why someone would swing it desu. Like grt, it has all the hallmarks of a project that's not going anywhere, it's affordable, and it has a fair amount of daily volatility. I wouldn't swing it personally, because it's just hitting that awareness level where big jumps to a higher trading range would nuke you and you end up constantly chasing higher bottoms.

>> No.28179221

Looking forward to your pink wojack post when you're priced out. Swingies get the rope

>> No.28179275

some turbofaggots shave all their hair, and some are bigtime into hairy bears. no idea what goes on in the homo brain, cant comprehend it

>> No.28179289

hahaha wow fuck I feel fucking lucky. Sold last night at ATH, worried I wouldn't get back in before bed so set a buy order for 0.03 and now I'm even comfier than before. Swinging Reef is too fucking easy.

>> No.28179306

The simplest solution would be never own ltc ever for any reason, I think. That seems like a pretty solid solution to most of life's problems.

>> No.28179315

Blessed doubles please tell us what the hallmarks of projects is that go nowhere. Genuinely interested since both seem to at least have a purpose.

>> No.28179349

it seems to have stable rises and dips too, I'll never swing because one day shit will take off and I'll never forgive myself.

Apparently XLM is really easy to swing too, it's a money printer, but it's starting to take off now.

And classic eth

>> No.28179358

It works until it doesn't.

>> No.28179473

Not going to lie, I was nervous as fuck sleeping and happy as hell to see my order went through, don't know if I have the balls to keep going.

>> No.28179528

you will make a few 10% gains then get greedy and lose all the gains

>> No.28179539

Reef collaborating with Darwinia and will use their CrossChain bridge. RING/KTON is a comfy long term hold too.


>> No.28179820

nice info

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