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How we feeling REEF bros?

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yes guys, tell me, are you feeling heavier?

like 400 mil heavier?

when will you learn stupid fucks

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Will it dip again? I need to accumulate some more

>> No.28202855

I fucking hope so. I got 3k EUR ready to buy Reef, but not at this price

>> No.28203068

ready to burn them more like

ahahahahahaha yes, yes it fucking will, just like fucking rubic...

but hey, what do i know? /biz/ is actually based and they know their pajeets from their whiteys, right?

i hope you are not too attached to your money twats cause you are losing all of it

>> No.28203138

probably a little bit, but the charts looking pretty healthy right now. slow and steady gains means there probably wont be dramatic dips. i'd say just start putting more in slowly but surely.

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I wonder when denko releases the alp

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youre very angry, did you sell 0.025?

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Did you get burnt to ash buying the top of rubic "the uni killer"?
Next time check to see if there's any real need for the product you're investing in.

>> No.28203462

never touched this shit, never touching it

you are being shilled a shittty scamcoin and you don't even notice

>> No.28203464

Reef is a joke that wil end badly just like harmony year ago was shilled here at 150 sats look where it is now , same old story

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my digits dont lie, you sold and now youre angry
you dont care this much about us to be that angry otherwise

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i didn't buy rubic either i don't know about you but i do all my DD before dumping my money into a scam

you should try, it feels good, especially when you are right and stupid biztards won't listen


>> No.28203761

This is going to be the next BNB

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you arent right about anything yet, the success or failure of reef hasnt been determined. Ill remember you though either way, thanks for stopping by

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Double dubz. I still like my theory that he got nuked from orbit in rubic, and he's misdirecting his hostility at a project that he's likely been trying to fud for a week in hopes of peeling off bagholders for his project of choice.

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still swinging

>> No.28203984

Buy orders on standby lads incase we dump below 3c

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Nigga, idec. I bought in using pocket change, and I'm fully aware it's zero or moon. I also really want to use the app they're building (unlike btc bagholders literally giving zero fucks about a new uniswap). Hope it all works out.

>> No.28204219

I don't care if the tokenomics aren't going to work. I'm just here to ride the moon wave.

>> No.28204224

cap it. do it. then remind me in 3 months when it's back at 0.006

i do not buy nothing that's not on binance, so yeah

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very good i love price steering shitcoins which are designed to make money only for author! Like PolkaDot + ChainLink

>> No.28204463

ze app hahaha

enjoy your html template, tell me, what happens when you go to their website huh?

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If you're not breaking off a small percentage of your crypto investment to buy mega high risk shit before it's on the cex's, we're honestly done talking because you're new as shit, or a literal fucking boomer that hopes crypto gets covered by fdic someday soon.

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there is no fucking moon it's already over 200m market cap and denko is dumping 500m more tokens every day on the fucking market.

200m market cap with no product. lol

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The mad FUDing indians in these threads tells me to buy more. I mean, who spents their day FUDing coin they hate if not paid Ranjeets?

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Sounds good. See you at zero then. I don't make small dollar high risk investments in developing products to go firecracker hands and roll out on anonymous forum fud.

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Tell us your portfolio nigger? RLC digital CUM, Stinkies, Buttcoins, effereums, or is it the Cardano ghostchain that's been nothign but emptry promises? Tell us now nigger

>> No.28205081

Bought at 3c literally as I wanted a punt with a small amount and Lark Davis shilled it. What am in for? Hoping for a 3-5x at least.

>> No.28205235

avax, asko, ada and xlm

do with this info as you wish

how does losing your money sound?

>> No.28205237

>invested financially and emotionally into REEF, which literally doesn't have a product
>mocking Bitcoin
lol fuck off ranjeesh

>> No.28205254

Doge is literally useless but that mooned.

>> No.28205351

it's kinda of meta, I don't want to say 'reminds me of LINK' but one of the thing you newfags don't understand is the theory and practice of FUDing your own coin. it's funny and part of the circlejerk to make up dumb FUD and generate discussion centered around producing and countering the funniest/most disruptive FUD. the holders are comfortable, they just enjoy the mindgames.
the bigger picture is simply that biz isn't that relevant. unless you gathered every regular biz whale to coordinate, even heavy shill campaigns and PnDs derived from biz can't actually move the needle on big projects like reef.

>> No.28205420

I sold to get into gro after the dump, already up 100%

>> No.28205445

Amazing thanks.

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Well yeah i can understand that, but some of these are so obviously serious and mad that it's not even funny.

>> No.28205728

>getting dumped on by the project developers every day
>gets really angry
>buys more REEF

>> No.28205800

Guys! He's in ASKOBAR! Literally a name change scamcoin being rugpulled this am by a known exit scammer.
I now understand the resentment.

Good eye on avax though. Once it hits coinbase, you're going to multiple. Can't lose all three time, right? Even when you're so clearly trying to.

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CBDC Nigger charity coin upheld by the Ukrainian government voted as top three most corrupt government next to Colombia and Brazil KEK
Only good one

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you ARE ACTUALLY retarded omg im a reef bagholder you stupid cunt,

lurk more faggot

>> No.28206042

fck off with ur fud.

Is reef scam or not?

>> No.28206093

Hey Denko, how are you doing?

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Historically, REEF is a pump and dump. Hate to break it to you folks, but it is. These are the facts. People saying it isn't, you're on the wrong side of the data. The entire market is being run by trade bots. Large REEF tokens have been already allocated to holders, way before REEF even hit the exchange platforms, because of testnet operations (before mainnet).

I estimate each token to be valued at 0.0000001-0.0000001 maximum until larger companies want to use it, which currently they don't, because it is too expensive too. ETH is expensive, in general, to use anyway.

With that being said, REEF is a utility token which means the price has to remain low for companies to even want to use it. It is just the way it is right now

>> No.28206251

why would this coin get people so ridiculously upset on a level beyond other coins? like you're saying, they're SO mad and serious... why the fuck would REEF make anyone more or less upset than any other project?

>> No.28206271

Been sitting in healthy profit since I bought, tempted to buy more. Only got 100k reefies. Gonna dump a fat stack at .10 cents, but shiiit I wanna dump a fat stack at $1 too. Decisions decisions.

>> No.28206300

dude, stop talking to me, stop commenting, stop posting, and go back to lurking

you are obviously too stupid for /biz/ and should lurk for much longer before getting in the way

go back to WSB where they spoonfeed you like the retard you are

>> No.28206316

scam.. just fucking dyor and you will come to the same conclusion

>> No.28206385

Well well well look who it is, the nigger who got extra mad for making a bad trade on reef selling it at Friday's bottom for GRT. I recognize this pasta of yours.

>> No.28206388

yes sir it is scam and no sir me are not denkochan

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With that info ill just ignore all your fud, well you cant be wrong all the time 1 in 4 is good ratio

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Comfy af

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Pretty fucking great

>> No.28206808

Dont really care about it being a scam or not, all i know is that ive 2x since i bought, and it looks like its still going up despite what all fuders say about it.

>> No.28206905

DOT finance projects will be a running theme for multiples irregardless for 2021. I'll risk holding the bag as I think we'll take off.

>> No.28207155

plz fud harder so i can buy cheap

>> No.28207168

Fuck why isn't it dipping. I want to buy me some Reef. Any predictions on this? Get in now or wait for a dip?

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uhhhh... reefbros?

>> No.28207324

actual portfolio is
and some NU

>> No.28207723

Just shows he is a hard worker, we're in good hands.

>> No.28207898

You fucking shitbird. You actually had me going... decent looking. Why no avax for real though?
The idea of low fee swaps and being in on something before it's available in the US makes my penis the big penis. I don't think it's going to be an eth killer or anything gay like that, but it looks fun to play, especially since you can wrap existing eth ecosystem assets and mess around with them without gas for as long as they're in crypto, and only send them back if you need a fiat cash out.

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Your id is fucking PEDO
Holy fuck

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>> No.28208012

im a poorfag and i run out of money, waiting for the next payday

love ya <3

>> No.28208113


280k Reef Chad here. Am I going to make it?

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It’s hilarious, I’ve never seen another coin get so much fud. We’ve literally been out performing Bitcoin since it’s resurgence

>> No.28208540

Well, seeing that the endgoal of reef is 0.000001 you will end up with bout $28 bucks

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uhhhhh... anon?

>> No.28208623

this. ultimately denko intends to have 800 billion coins in circulation

>> No.28208643

50% in now and the rest set up as buy orders at the price you wanted. This is still quite a good time to buy

>> No.28208738

ok pedo

>> No.28208751

people want to buy ur bags for cheap, thats why all the fud around reef

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no its 800 gorilions pedo

>> No.28208942

I came in 2009, i am the original fag. Newfag, go back to /v/

>> No.28209318

you're wrong. he wants 1 trillion coins out by EOY

>> No.28209362

I thought 09 was still newfag like me (2010). Btw, I've been a phonefag since day one and I can't triforce even on pc.

>> No.28209773

top fucking kek

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>pedo ID
Buy polkadot, stick with your people

>> No.28209881

>Post a 25 year old woman
>Post deleted

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i have 900k will i make it?

>> No.28210683

Look at his ID - literally PEDO!!!!!!!!!!! MY SIDES

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You posted the exact same thing but with the Rubic founders shopped in instead. Terrible fud

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up 50% on the week I'm high on REEF right now. my REEFies stay fucking LEAFY

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0.05 eod

>> No.28212646

Looking reaaaaly clean bro

>> No.28212795

well what did you do all this time?

it doesn't seem like you learned a lot

did you just switch from /pol/?

>> No.28212797

0.08 EOD. Dubs will confirm it.

>> No.28212990

i guess not YOUR dubs

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Maybese these dubs?

>> No.28213123

still no but nt

>> No.28213180

holy shit that was a good dump.

>> No.28213210

Fuck this shitty coin, I wish I sold and bought SFP at 1.9...

>> No.28213235


>> No.28213283

I'm beginning to lose faith. Is reef a gay name? I like Pangolin better.

>> No.28213304

to the moon boys.

>> No.28213514


imagine anyone falling for this

you like the chink virus too? cause guess what?
it didn't come from bats

>> No.28213536

Was mostly on /b/ and /r9k/ now i wanna get rich and stop being incel.

>> No.28213670

aaaah denko is rugging

>> No.28213915

well, i'm pure biz, and no offense, but lurk more fren

thank me later

based. this guy fucks

>> No.28214055

I'm not even sure what you're implying here, that it's a bad purchase? Not sure if you've checked into the charts at all...

>> No.28214418

I'm not even sure what you are implying here, that you cannot read? Not sure if you've read the whole thread at all...

see? i can be a tool too, just like you

>> No.28215303

this quarter, so before the end of march

>> No.28216001

would you like a hug fren? you seem very upset

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Slow and steady

>> No.28216219

as long as you hold your shitty nigger coins i'll be happy

when shit hits the fan, remember you had it coming all along

>> No.28216736


>> No.28216879

it's just that we are all holding the coin and you don't seem very happy

>> No.28216929

thanks. are you also a long ternm rug holder?

i mean bag holder?

i mean reefer?

>> No.28217536

Exactly! It's mindblowing. Why the utmost hatred for this out of over a thousand coins?

>> No.28217727

Niggas want to buy more

>> No.28218510

have you even been on their telegram?

it's like going for a walk through the gardens of Pajeetia

>> No.28219592

Honestly why isn't this dipping harder? Do I buy in know or wait for 0.030?

>> No.28219636

Denko made something special

>> No.28219669

Should I swap my GRT to Reef? Why?

>> No.28219727

Feeling real good reefbros
Its a slow rise but it will be worth it

>> No.28219810

Not feeling really well about my reef. We are slowly loosing positions on CMC. Went from 165 to 170.

>> No.28219813

There's something infuriating about the logo and name. Is it too obvious to compare it to a holiday resort? It's sort of smug and seedy.

>> No.28219975

Throw me in the discord

>> No.28220615

reefium gon do a thang

>> No.28220934

I'm in reef, but proceed with caution. High risk high reward. Etc etc

>> No.28221075

This coin is a nice hodl. Stable with predictable swings, I make money ez on daytrading. Hopefully it moons soon lol. I heard they were pumping the supply up a ton which is retarded.

>> No.28221209

we're about to hit 3.3c again

>> No.28221462

that's because denko is dumping on you retard
500m coins are getting released every day to keep your 3 cent stablecoin a 3 cent stablecoin

>> No.28221520

They were not pumping the supply kek. That was just the usual pajeet FUD.

>> No.28221807

This. Legit projects get FUD on /biz/ so they can pack their bags. REEF is a great concept and will moon when the app goes live.

>> No.28221942

0.5$ EOM check em

>> No.28222072

Jew ID. I sold.

>> No.28222075

Is it me or are the huge sell walls at every corner basically gone? Hope the dumpers are not just hiding but have been eliminated as every swinger should be.

>> No.28222116

Check my ID and buy back in.

>> No.28222209

they wont be gone for weeks to come, and definitely wont be gone until the 11th

>> No.28222368

Gibberish poop colored ID. Bearish.

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Should i diversify my portfolio into different coins?

>> No.28222505

What happens on the 11th?

>> No.28222547

the ID has spoken, you now must comply

>> No.28222820

theres a trading competition for reef on binance

>> No.28223040

That doesnt matter at all. It is just a small pocket change.

>> No.28224015

really? I can never tell with these retards. I don't join telegrams and I'm too lazy to verify.

>> No.28224402

Yep. The supply is stable for now. In the coming years it will gradualy grow and it is exactly outlined on the Binance research page how. But by that time we will have staking online. Everything else is FUD.

>> No.28225405

The .035 wall is fast approaching bros

>> No.28225568

I'm not even sure what you are implying here

>> No.28225966

Let’s break it.

>> No.28226438


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>your ID

>> No.28227307

Whales and swingers desperately keeping the price down, the growth is insane enough that if we could moon in the next couple of days with enough exposure

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