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PSA graded trading cards are the best store of value.
Biden will print tens of trillions and you will watch as the dollar goes to shit supporting payouts to minorities, perpetual war and the welfare state. PSA graded cards (NOT CGC, other 2nd rate grading companies) are where to keep your gains.

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If I have some PSA mint pokemon cards that are highly desired, should I sell now because of the pokemon anniversary or will it go up more? I'm inclined to sell no matter what because of how illiquid of an asset they are plus the fact that they are literally fucking cardboard.

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>tfw had this card and many others but my mom threw it away

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cash out fiat, buy silver bullion (10-100 oz bars) and then cash in as needed.

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Logan paul will do another box break soon I think. I would wait until you think market peaks from that. Pokemon is near peak anyways. Yugioh is where its at the next 10 years as the yugioh kids become 30 somethings with earning potential.

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land? precious metals? expensive limited edition watches? why of all things would you choose a piece of cardboard as a store of value.... baka

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Blue eyes white dragon is the Whitest card around really.

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in PSA 10 this card is worth over $85,000 right now. Steve Aoki recently bought one for that much.

Well thanks to your mom and others throwing these int he trash these cards are really fucking rare and a great store of value right now

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Its just a valid as paper

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Based Kaiba

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>900 spot price
>1100$ + shipping for bar

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No Kiaba, I won't sell you my Blue Eyes White Dragon.

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how much are old baseball cards worth these days? do these things ever go down? what's stopping someone from dumping their cash into black lotuses?

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I know that feel

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i have one of those
how much is it worth?

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They already are. Black lotus sold last week for $511,000

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>clearly black eyes
>White dragon
>clearly light blue
Blue-eyes White Dragon is a fucking liar that will go to hell for fucking lying

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>not putting all your money into guns which will do nothing but appreciate under a Biden administration

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what about old baseball cards that boomers used to shill when we were kids? did they keep their value?

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Peter pans clinging to their gone childhood until one day they wake up and burn it all in a bonfire before hanging themselves in minecraft depression.

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you disappoint me

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Yes, baseball cards will keep value or decrease bit by bit until boomer generation dies out. MTG seems to reached its peak. Pokemon is rising but will slow. Yugioh will continue rising over the next 10 years as the YGO players reach peak earning potential.

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Lmao holy shit I have 2 1st edition Gemini Elf PSA grade 9 minimum just sitting a drawer in my room at my Mom's. (I know because I literally looked at them within the last 2 months) and they're apparently worth at least 1k each

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>dealers give free shipping with big boy purchase

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send them to PSA now

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Last year I went to Japan and bought a bunch of extremely rare English Konami beta deck yugioh cards. They look like this, only in English. They are so rare that very few photos even exist and PSA had to contact Konami to confirm legitimacy. I am the only person with PSA graded cards.

They’re going for $500 a piece non graded, I have over 1000 all graded PSA 8+

Don’t get into this anons, myself and a bunch of autistic japs will dump on you hard.

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thanks just sold my deck

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What if the ultimate irony is that we never experience "real inflation" because the asset bubble concentrates itself entirely in cardboard that nobody wants. I suppose bitcoin isn't that hard to understand. It's an easily reproducible item with no real value that people can't help but spend real purchasing power on.

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no one cares about your gay OCG

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no, you had the unlimited version and it was beat to shit. fuck off normie.

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Wait, please explain to me. I used to collect these things when I was a kid and I have multiple Blue Eyes White Dragons like that from 2002 (some bent some good) and Exodia, all the God cards....What is it worth? What is PSA?

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I have like ten of these, where the fuck do I sell them?

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If they are in good condition you send them to a grading company like PSA who encapsulates them in a case and gives them a rating from 1-10, 10 being gem mint. PSA 8-10's are the most sought after, with 10's commanding a huge premium, about 3x the amount of 9's. Check ebay sold listings for the PSA version of your cards and how much they are worth. remmeber to check the set number and edition to see if they really match.

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I will whenever I go home.

My Mom has never thrown out my stuff so I still have all my Pokemon cards which I'll probably start selling soon. I'll have to look at my yu-gi-oh cards to see what I have but I know I have a bunch of first edition ultra rares and secret rares from the first probably 2 years worth of sets in great condition first edition yu-gi-oh cards, always kept them in soft sleeves inside a hard sleeve and have left them that way for since.

This thread just made me realize I probably have at least 30-40 grand worth of yu-gi-oh cards just sitting in my room.

I have a first set of tournament packs mechanical chaser just sitting in my room too.

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ebay, if you want to sell them raw. You can grade them to multiply their worth by going to psacard dot com and submitting your cards to be graded and encapsulated. But this will take 8-12 months since poke retards clogged up the system submitting their trash cards

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how come some of these pokemon cards are worth like 50k and some are only worth like $300 on ebay? i had a holographic charizard, blastoise, venusaur etc back in the day would i have been rich af or not?

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TP1-TP3 are worth so much, you lucky motherfucker.

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just bought a starter pack

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need to look at set number, 1st edition or not, PSA graded or not.

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Bandai was the OCG. This is Konami beta release

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yugioh cards are worthless you dumbass. they were overprinted to shit. The most expensive yugioh cards are in the $10000 range (which is a VERY select few) except for that one black luster soldier where literally 1 exists. They'll never reach the 100k+ that charizard is

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LOB blue eyes literally just sold to Steve aoki for $85,000

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>tfw you threw away your blue eyes with the rest of your cards away one month before the pandemic.

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If fiat dies then Pokemang Cards are worthless. Buy physical gold, silver, land, or weapons.

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it probably wasn't the same one. and why the fuck would you throw them away?

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the main thing I don't get with cards is how they can possibly be so valuable when they are so fragile? all it takes is for 1 mailman to fuck up and you've just lost 100k. Even shipping them to get PSA tested seems sketchy as fuck

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what I hate about yugioh is how every card has a literal wall of text you need to know. the old cards had one sentence and it was easy to know how to play them

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Why is blues eye white dragon rare when you got in in a deck?
Everyone had one?
Its not a booster pull
I thought exodia was the rare card I sold the head of exodia for like $50 nearly 15 years ago

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1st edition were printed only for a limited amount of time. And everyones mom threw them out. And kids took terrible fucking care of their cards.

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they hold sentimental value. but yeah your 100% right. have your ducks in a row, have silver, gold, land, and other more desired valuables. these only hold so much value.

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>early Pokémon and yugioh 1st edition booster boxes are selling over $50k
Wish I got into this shit 6-7 years ago...

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>why the fuck would you throw them away?
I had been carrying them around since I was a kid so about 15 years or more. I grew too attached to them and was hording them so I rashly threw them away thinking if I don't do it then I never would do it at all.
Not only my yu gi oh cards but also my pokemons cards, a lot that my older family members passed down to me, are now in the garbage.

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As soon as interest rates rise the prices of Pokémon, Yugioh, crypto, pms, real estate will crash.

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OP was picking cotten in a feild, with a story that could be anyones guess, I was thinking I should prob tell him about Sentinel, but I walked by him instead. He said I saw you comming over, and I already thought it over and said, " I want to run a sentinel node". I said thats a start, and better than nothing.

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Are those really valuable? I had several dragons but I pissed on them as a kid

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the blue-eyes from lob in good condition are worth a lot because it was from a booster pack. The sdk ones are not worth nearly as much as they were the one printed in starter decks. problem is most people havent touched there cards in years so they remember oh yeah i had a blue-eyes as a kid well its most likely the inexpensive one.

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Is that card even worth anything? I had like 20 of them.

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the pokemon bubble is about to pop people that actually care about the hobby and collecting arent paying the logan paul tiktok influencer tax espically when these people dont give a fuck about the game and get ever random holo worth two bucks graded and try to claim to there clueless audience that they made a pull worth hundreds of dollars.

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85k for a grade 10? Let me check my closet I know I kept a box of this shit in there

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If interest rates rise the entire economy collapses, don't bet against the fed.

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Somehow I doubt people will want to buy yugioh cards when hyperinflation makes them lose the clothes off their backs.

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Cope harder. Should have just put 8k in doge last week

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Funds are safu

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just found my stash what do you think

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Thats SDK. A fucking Starter Deck Kaiba. You know that is a SHITCOIN. NGMI

>> No.28266580

price check the magic cards even the reprints say spell now since mtg sued them

>> No.28266638

1st ed sdk looks good. Would probably grade that. Digimon looks like it's poised to explode soon too. Don't know much about that market though.

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its a debate between dds and lob (holo/wavy) right now we are in price discovery mode
lob wavy imo

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What sealed yugioh booster box should I buy?

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93/94 mtg is far more scarce and has way bigger demand than yugioh, I've gotten rich from it

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isnt PSA trash compared to BGS?

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I can literally see edge wear from the photo ok for ungraded but it's an 8 at best

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Do you trade on Baex binary assets trading(#baex)? I found their system with Microsoft indexes, price is rising fast, and it is easy to get benefits. All IT sphere is developing fast, so I think Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon share can be rather profitable. What do you think about it?

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Wait, is anything of this of some actual value? I stopped playing 10+ years ago. I traded off most of my deck to get bunch of rares and foils because I thought that was a smart move back then. I have bunch of 'normal' OCG cards as well (last thing to come out when I was playing was Elemental Hero / Destiny Hero stuff). Not sure if they have any value either.

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Had a psa 6 120/121 charizard star I sold for $130 back in 2014.
Same psa 6 sold again for 1250 last september. FML I miss that card too.

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I have a few

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jesus anon, why wouldnt you at least sleeve up the rare cards? theyre all probs worthless because of wear and tear from storing your cards bare like an animal

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So if they say magic instead of spell?

There's slight edge wear on the blue eyes in the red circle. The top bend is the card sleeve and not the card. Other than that looks pretty solid. Red eyes doesn't have any. Realistically what would these card go for?

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>Not buying Rare Funko pops

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I was like elementary school kid in Eastern Europe lol, nobody cared about collecting these things.I don't need money from them anyway, I was just curious of these OCG cards are actually worth something because I haven't played the game in 10+ years and from what I understand it's basically a completely different game - like removed from play became 'banished' and there's this synchro stuff etc.

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Its crazy how everywhere you go, Pokemon cards are cleaned out since even modern cards are going for a ton of money. Yugioh would be like that too if Konami didnt fuck with the secondary market so bad. Then again, I guess you can't blame them.

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Shit, this thread is bringing back memories.

I have some 1st editions laying around too. Should get them graded, they are in premium condition because I was autistic as fuck with my yugioh cards back in the day.

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1st ed SDK PSA 8 $2500-$3k
I would grade and hold on to it for a while. Yugioh isn't close to approaching pokemon levels of growth yet

Red eyes non 1st ed SDJ not worth much

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Do trading card retards really think In a world where fiat has no value anyone will give a single fuck about trading cards? What the fuck?

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whats the suicide deck bros?

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kek, looks retarded but unironically safer than usd

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I'd pick up at least unlimited OG LOB holos, secret rares, ultras1st edition from LOB-AST will be your best bet. All the value is concentrated in those early sets in Yugioh

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The fed isn't printing billions of shadowless charizards are they?

>> No.28269370

that's precisely why. Invincible cards who automatically get PSA 10 wouldn't be worth nearly as much as a perfect 10 card which anything couldve happened to it to fuck it up in the last 20 years.

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This thread is hilarious

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solid advice. I most likely will start accooomulatiung
LOB psa10's off ebay once the bullruns done

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Mom sold my Base Set Charizard.
Thanks, mommy.

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