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Did you really think that life would be that easy?

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Post your short fag

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Bobo please I beg of you Bobo don't do this to me. Bobo I wanted to start a family. You are killing my future family! I'll never find a wife! Bobo give me back my family!

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Ihave already seen so many discussions about Baex. baex! Do you use it? The project offers NASDAQ, Uber, Amazon, Disney and other shares that can bring a good rewards. But firstly, I wanna know your mind

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this is nothing, just scaring people out of longs with scam wicks, see you at 50k EOW

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My body is ready

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fuck off retard shill at least make better memes next time

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Thanks just entered at the near-local-bottom.

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we did it reddit

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>Whole top 100 are massively red for the hour

How is this not some invisible hand shit right here?

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PPL are taking profits. Bobos are jumping in to make some money on short selling.

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It's literally just people closing their positions because of funding rates. That shit was at 0.8% for some of the coins. And of course all the trading bots reacting to the selloffs, causing a chain reaction of take profit, stop loss, bots and liquidations.

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I made 60 cents from shorting.

Yeah that's right, I'm a chad, what you gonna do?

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No, retard. If you are actually hodling and not trading futures, just keep hodling. Dips like these recover very quickly.

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I don't know what coins you retards are holding but mine are fine lmfao

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It 100% is. Which is an incredibly juicy fucking sign.

We are nowhere near done here. Get ready for them to buy back in after weak hands shit themselves.

That's going to be a huge pump. Across the entire market.

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Earning reports in the stock market, not much happening BoBo

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Mr Bobo.... why is the bag red? and I don't see anything inside... Hey what's goin--

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>down 5% after being up 100% this week

oh noooo!!!!

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Would upvote if I could!

My coins are doing just fine!

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holy shit im selling right now

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