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Today is the day BAT bros.

>> No.28345496

I'm not seeing it.
But if it is can it wait 24h?

>> No.28345618

Nope. Market buying $10k worth right now.

>> No.28345670

Wait no stahp let me double.

>> No.28346419

$1 when? I feel like it's bound to happen sometime soon.

>> No.28347115

This week. $4 end of month. $10 end of april. $40 eoy.

>> No.28347392

>$1 end of week
And how is that going to happen?
Haven't seen any news.

>> No.28348149

Its coming.

>> No.28348254

Here for it

>> No.28348392

don't do schizophrenia kids

>> No.28348497

Well at least it's stable.

>> No.28348547

If I miss a huge BAT pump because my loan hasn't gone through yet and probably won't be in my account until tomorrow morning at the earliest I'm going to kms, I just swung like half of it after 2 years of holding into GRT

>> No.28348664

A lot of people dump this around 45-46
And not enough enthusiasm about buying in at that level
It was .39 today
I bought in then

>> No.28348672

This coin never does anything. Perfect stablecoin.

>> No.28348872

Retard fud. We will reach .48 tonight. .53 by monday.

>> No.28348940

You don't buy BAT to x your money guys. You buy BAT for slow gains over time. It's behaves much more like a stock or commodity than a coin. Probably one of the best coins to move into if you're nervous about a crash or are unsure either way since you're protected from max downside.

Everyone should have at least a few thousand BAT but it should ultimately never be more than 20% of your portfolio.

>> No.28349279

So it's where you transfer after mooning then?

>> No.28349447

Kek. I hold a small bag of this junk so I hope you're right.

>> No.28349498

Yea it's a great stop over, but if you're just looking for to cash out and move on you're better off just transferring into another coin you think will gain. Instead of staring at the 1s chart on whatever coin you're praying on, you should be doing your DD on the next coin you plan to move into.

BAT is just there to be an anchor to your portfolio. None of the long-time BAters here actually expect this coin to 5x, 10x, 100x, whatever.

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holy shit dude can you stop with this cringe r*ddit tier hopeless attitude?

bat $40eoy.

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oh shit forgot to cute out the white part

I expect a 100x

>> No.28350015

Never. Nothing ever happens.
But hey I'm in this ride for the long haul.
That's some sort of optimism right?

>> No.28350137

your clearly so new to BAT.

none of the BAT og's have this bizzare hopeless contrarian attitude. we're all comfy as ever. in fact im happy to wait another 4 years just to shake out nerds like you

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it BAT an ERC20 token? will it be upgraded to 30 once the supply max circulates on the blockchain? that might move the price up

>> No.28350333

This money is going nowhere.
May be pessimistic but I'm no swinger.
This investment either soars or burns.
Can live with both.

>> No.28350473

I think 5x is reasonable, and in fact we're almost 5x from last year's lows.

I see 10x as possible too.

100x would be awesome, but I'm not holding my breath.

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>inb4 big ol' fat dump down to 30 cents before plateauing around 20-25 cents

true BAtheads know what's coming

>> No.28351061

That'd be awesome in a way.
Would happily buy the dip.

>> No.28351136

100x is not impossible at all man. Digital advertising is a huge business worth 300-400 billion every year and growing. Brave is growing exponentially and will grow even faster now that everyone hates big tech. Soon the only way advertisers can reach an audience of hundreds of millions of people is through Brave ads and we're the one holding the tokens they need to do so. It's that simple.

If they also implement staking at some point you can retire with a nice BAT stack.

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news coming soon

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Eh, maybe. But it will take a really long time, and I'm cool with that.

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Does anyone know when the new roadmap is to be released? I swear they've been talking about it for months now and still nothing.

I like your optimism.

>> No.28352974

I've been holding BAT since 2017 but only recently got really excited about it and 8x'd my BAT stack.

Think about it man, Snapchat has around 300m daily active users and a mcap of 94 billion. Brave can easily 10x their active user count within a few years. And people spend way more time using their browser than they spend on Snapchat. On average, people spend 5 hours per day using Mozilla (https://data.firefox.com/dashboard/user-activity) so we'll assume it's about the same for Brave while people only use Snapchat for 30 mins a day on average. This means that you can show them much more ads. On top of that, once Brave gets big enough it's inevitable that the majority of websites will sign up to the Brave Publisher program because otherwise they lose out on large amounts of revenue which means that there will be even more demand for BAT because advertisers will want to advertise on those websites. At $0.45 the token is hugely undervalued IMO, especially in the crypto space where literal ghostchains and 2017 scamcoins have marketcaps in the billions.

>> No.28353141

Speak for yourself, im a long time BAT holder with over 525k BAT. You think im in this for anything less than 10x? Get out of here

>> No.28353164

we're all gonna make it BATbros

>> No.28353410

What will you do after take off?

>> No.28353578

I might sell a bit around $10 to cover initial investment. Once we hit $40 sell most of rest pay off mortgage. Tell my wife I did a good job - get a pat on the back

>> No.28353667

Not a bad plan.
No mortgage/debt is practically financial freedom.

>> No.28353964

Same, I've been holding since 2017. I don't think getting 3 billion (300 million * 10) active users will be easy, though. I would be happy to see just 100 million + desu.

We also have to consider what Eich's endgame is. Remember that Brave is a venture-backed company, and venture capitalists like seeing companies acquired or IPO'd. Most VCs expect for their investments to pay off over say five to ten years, and Brave did its seed round in 2017, so...

>> No.28354068


Sorry I realize I probably misinterpreted you. You probably meant Brave could get 10x Brave's userbase, not 10x Snapchat's userbase. In that case I think 250m + users is definitely achievable with good execution.

>> No.28354110

So what you saying is things could get interesting in a couple years.

>> No.28354532

Privacy is only going to get more important and the bigger browser don’t seem to care/profit from selling your info.

>> No.28354695

Probably a stupid thought but what's the chances of outer forces bringing trouble to Brave?

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Chromium is a free and open-source software project developed by the Google-sponsored Chromium project.

They obviously build for Chrome first and foremost, but now Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium as well, and obviously Brave is too. Chromium is Google-sponsored, but is there ever a chance in the future that they will be building for Brave first and foremost? I know that sounds farfetched but I'm basically wondering how closely linked to Google is the Chromium project and if it will ever sever ties/move away from being Google's little bitch.

Not sure how much is matters for Brave anymore, they basically do whatever they want to Chromium, but every so often Chromium does a total fucky wucky and messes some stupid shit up and I know it can affect Brave.

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feels good bros

>> No.28354769

Yeah I meant the latter, Brave 10xing their current userbase. However, if they manage to displace Chrome (tough goal, but not impossible, Eich did it before to Internet Explorer with Mozilla) then 3 billion is possible too. Chrome has almost 3 billion users.

About the endgame, I think it's just making money (or maybe going public, but don't think so). Brave will take 30% of the adspend (15% in case of publisher ads) with the rest going to publishers and users so they should make plenty of money.

>> No.28355025

It's definitely a risk. There are issues with Apple at the moment IIRC regarding BAT payments on iOS devices. However, I don't think Google can do much against Brave because of anti-monopoly laws but I could be wrong.

>> No.28355450

Cute. Keep earning those tokens, mate.

>> No.28355594

People are catching on to the positives of the browser. I think we may reach 27 million in February.

>> No.28355687

I really like the Brave browser and use it on the web and mobile but I'm probably not gonna buy into any more tokens because I'm too poor to diversify any more than I do but I really do love the project and hope the best for all of you

>> No.28355791

thanks dude

>> No.28356111

May you fare well.

>> No.28356137

Look at the faggot from reddit speaking for everyone and spewing some fantasy of the "economics" of BAT. Your hubris and faggotry knows no bounds.

>> No.28356403

Brave has been growing MAU by 1-2million per month so 27 million is definitely realistic, and 27.5 million would be fantastic.

>> No.28356621

Criminally undervalued. But as we all know crypto is not about "fundamentals" or "reason". This should be at $5.

>> No.28356677

Hey. At least there's nowhere to go but up.

>> No.28356825

Nose dives every night but other than that yea

>> No.28357212

We broke .40 its on. Lets go boys.

>> No.28357668

Bah. If it dives enough I get to quadruple my stack.

>> No.28357898

It rises at night(cst) nigger. It dips during morning.

>> No.28358318

I like brave browser but please explain to me how BAT will ever not be a shitcoin? It literally has an unending inflationary airdrop, it's centralized to the brave browser which goes against the spirit of crypto. Why would this ever not go down?

>> No.28358956

Something to do with Europeans buying in?

>> No.28358990

go down? its one of the safest coins in existence.

>> No.28359142

The japs and koreans love brave and BAT.

>> No.28359254

>unending inflationary airdrop
Wow, that's a lotta fancy words. Would you be so kind as to elucidate this thought?

>> No.28359581

I have 600 BAT and counting just from using Brave. Small stack but if it really blooms it will be pretty neat free money.

Limited circulating supply and increasing demand (browser adoption)

>> No.28360444

Different anon but after holding for 3+ years we earned the right to be hopeless and fud out of spite the very coin whose success we depend on. Holding this long makes you mentally ill. Fuck BAT but please moon also

>> No.28360546

dumb CEO

>> No.28360810

don't lose hope. you've made it this far. i am mentally ill after holding all these years but i know we'll make it

>> No.28360896

How so?

>> No.28361090

By the time BAT moons, all other assets will be on MARS

true if trips
false if dubs

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File: 1.04 MB, 550x721, BAT print.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unending inflationary airdrop

Has a total supply of 1,500,000,000. Try again

>> No.28361462

He hates fags. It's the most based thing ever.

>> No.28361517

I’ve got about 1,200 of these. Am I GMI?

>> No.28361592

Get 10k for suicide stack.

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I'm gonna make it, right bros?

>> No.28361776

Do I actually have to be actively browsing to get these faggot tokens?

>> No.28362118

What's that?
Why would I want to suicide?

>> No.28362710

Brave has to become the active window every now and then, otherwise the faggot tokens will not trigger. If you're not going to use it as your browser it's not worth it, but it's legitimately the best browser if you're not a faggot normie so there's that.

>> No.28362718

binance fucked us

>> No.28362885

What. The flatline?

>> No.28362982

binance is down champ. our run to past 0.5 is getting fuked as we speak. we've been over this

>> No.28363390

I had it open on both my phone and laptop all night last night and got nothing. I think you actually have to be doing things with the browser.

>> No.28363462

yes. you hardly get any bat browsing btw. don't bother trying to farm it. just use it legit.

>> No.28363885

How do I mine this?
I like Brave and their memecoin but I can't crappost 24/7

>> No.28363991

You don't. Just farm and throw some excess cash into it.

>> No.28364600

I have about 260 BAT across 3 computers. I need a wallet to keep this stuff in.
You can't idle and farm BAT, just use the browser normally. Keep in mind the it caps at $5 a month.

>> No.28365189

We are about to break .50 tonight. Who is ready?

>> No.28365324

No it's not. I already have $9 since the 5th of February.

>> No.28365537

Let me double my stack first.
Midnight hurry up.

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Yuros and Chinamen sell. Americans buy. Especially true with BAT

I don't see us breaking 50 cents. I see us dumping back to 25 cents Soon™

>> No.28366407

My body is ready. I dont even need these dubs.

>> No.28367124

Going to 25 cents wouldn't be that bad.

>> No.28367183

I want it to go to 25 cents because I swung a ton into GRT but I have a lot of faith in BAT too

>> No.28367224

>caves to a penny instead

>> No.28367279

Let me rephrase that. I don't know shit about GRT and I don't want to know shit about GRT. I have no faith in it at all, actually. But I fudded myself out of buying Chainlink by thinking too hard and I am NOT doing that again. BAT is just the safest long term bet imho

>> No.28367400

Personal strategy is to never swing unless it's moving profits from one asset to another investment.
If I want to get in on something new that's what the job is for.

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I feel the same way, I actually took out a $10,000 loan intending to put it into GRT instead of paying my BAT, but the loan has taken time to materialize and I was left with no choice. With GRT looking primed to moon and BAT simmering and looking primed to do something other than dump for once in its life I don't know what I'm going to do with the money when it does finally show up in my account. Do I put it into GRT and hope to swing some on a high back into my previously fat BAT stack or do I just put it all into BAT essentially replacing what I spent?


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>> No.28370019

>everything shoots up
>BAT drops

Fuck this piece of shit coin

>> No.28370468

It will moon by the time you wake up.

>> No.28372007

I see.
*loads gun*

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>> No.28372579

It's time anon.

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give me 0.46

>> No.28372778


>> No.28372793

im willing it into existance.

0.47 will land whilst we are posting in this thread.

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I'm going to bed

DO NOT fucking sell or Brendan Eich WILL come to your house and kill you using only the power of his incredibly large cranium

>> No.28372992

It will touch on it but will stay around .45.

>> No.28373059

Only have about 220 BAT. And i know i am heterosexual. Guess i'm ngmi.

>> No.28373185

Why would one sell?
Likely doubling the stack tonight.

>> No.28373290

>*Brrrrrr. Brrrrrr. Brrrrrr.*
>...load ze pomp. *Click*

>> No.28373356

Why do rich people like to pump?

>> No.28373586

First we pump, then we [ ]

>> No.28373643

Oh so it's ploy to skim from the others that buy in?

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>> No.28373819

it wont pump until you guys stop making these threads

>> No.28373822

Everyone market buy right now

>> No.28373852

It's called shaking the hands, maximal volatility will do that

>> No.28373905

What if I push the buy button?

>> No.28373982



>> No.28374041

start building and strengthening your positions. BAT has a lot of lost ground to make up, and this is the floor.

>> No.28374042


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>> No.28374717

Give me 30min.

>> No.28374760

Its ok. I just bought 5k more at my highest ever BAT fiat cost.

We're gonna make it.

>> No.28374767

>34 posts by this id
You want to sell your bags, we get it

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Guess it was a false alarm

>> No.28374819

I ain't selling for at LEAST a year.
And at that point it's only for direct usage.

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File: 235 KB, 1600x1200, brendan-eich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's this uber nerd, definite 4chan poster's Elon/Bezoz transformation going to look like anons?

>> No.28375111


>> No.28375122

I'm gonna... I'm gonna.. BUUUUYYYYYYY

>> No.28375136

He will stay exactly how he is because he's already perfect.

>> No.28375194


>> No.28375296

But why?

>> No.28375536

Somebody shop him looking at a funny meme on the computer.

>> No.28375643

i bought the fukn top.

fuck you guys for not buying.

don't message me or my son ever again on here. i thought we were 'bat bros'. i thought we were all meant to be in this together. not cool my guys.

>> No.28375834

Hard to buy when you've hit the daily limit.

>> No.28375924

Ive been buying the top to ass blast these walls.

>> No.28375956

Here we go again

>> No.28376042

Only ass that has been blasted is mine and not in the good way mind you

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Doubled my stack.
This will be all unless it dips HARD.
Also what the heck is a suicide stack?
Heard that's what 10k is and would rather not kill myself.

>> No.28376267

That's what the suicide stack is for - so you don't kill yourself when it goes up

>> No.28376286

Oh weird.

>> No.28376363

i-is iit happening?

>> No.28376441

where the fuck are you guys we broke .46

>> No.28376478

Whoa I actually did a thing.

>> No.28376576

Imagine holding this literally useless token instead of AAVE. imagine.

>> No.28376654

And we care because?

>> No.28376678

>wake up
>back to 0.45 from 0.40

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Idk my chart looks sexy with a 100% BAT poorfolio.

>> No.28376765

Very nice early guy.

>> No.28376829

I'm still moping but I've come good.

Based. based on what? Based on bat.

>> No.28376917

you're right on time. our lil bat stock doin sum

>> No.28376952

Youre gonna make it.

>> No.28377137


>> No.28377201

What? Where?

>> No.28377351


>> No.28377362

We're almost at .47 frens, I bought 2k more

>> No.28377379

Neato burrito.

>> No.28377542
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.47 breached, lett's go my fellow bagholders

>> No.28377602

I don't know if today is the day, but this year is the year.

>> No.28377632
File: 28 KB, 680x383, dc9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coinbase down? aaaah!

>> No.28377689

Holy imagine not having any bat right now.

>> No.28377695

What the heck is going on?

>> No.28377750

.46 was resistance and we broke it

>> No.28377780

Explain resistance.
Is it due to automatic selling?

>> No.28377846

everyone in this thread is gmi

>> No.28377869

Holy fucking newfag get the fuck out and stop spamming this thread

>> No.28377883

0.5 USD is the big one friends

>> No.28377912


>> No.28377948

The day that you will be taken over by BOND?
that is more probable than anything else desu lol

>> No.28378045

The supply has been capped and is almost completely in circulation now

>> No.28378052

Go shill your scam coin somewhere else faggot.

>> No.28378110
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>> No.28378151

This. I always buy into BAT while i wait for a good time to swing trade other assets. It's safe, and because it's predictable and can be earned for free, that makes it one of the most accessible crypto, and Tesla buying BTC gives all crypto much higher potential for exposure. The 24hr transaction volume for BAT is starting to go fucking nuts too. Good things are coming.

>> No.28378318

>have a cheeky mornin fap
>take a shower
>make coffee
>now we're somehow at 0.47

I like how this day is starting.

>> No.28378511

Keep market buying and channeling your energy. Once we break .50, $40 will be just around the corner.

>> No.28378583

It's up to you now.
Done all I can.

>> No.28378876
File: 9 KB, 764x163, 24hrvolume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine what this shit will look like in 4 more years

>> No.28378941

Uhm. Same but bigger?

>> No.28379022

Now you're thinking with portals lad

>> No.28379662

The 1D chart looks sexy. I'm going in.

>> No.28380330
File: 34 KB, 608x589, went in.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need more dry powder. That trendline is broken, and BAT is yet to have a mega pump. Get ready.

>> No.28380491

>no mega pump
Has it ever pumped?

>> No.28380797

wym we're poomping

>> No.28380854

Breaking and holding at 50 cents will be nice to see.

>> No.28380875

By the way, I remember you posting your stack yesterday. Wasn't it at ~200k back then? Did you increase it or did you move some from your other stack?

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