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I can feel it.... It's so big, so powerful... The great dumping to $ 20k.

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OP in two years:
>I can feel it.... It's so big, so powerful... The great dumping to $200k.

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>e solde?

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Let's go to 2k bobo I need to own 1 bitcoin, I NEED it

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OP in 10 years:
>I can feel it.... It's so big, so powerful... The great dumping to $2 million.

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I feel to also, Bobro.

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Can you stop being so cringe?

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My patience has limits, bobo. Short and dump it already. You've been saying this for months

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swingies get the rope

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it ...

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Hey, God, can you drop BTC down to like $1 tommorow for a couple minutes so I can buy a shit ton? k thx

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Be careful what you wish for

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>BTC is over goys, you can buy one for only 20k now

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The increasing power of the BVLL.
Bobo, you know not what you tamper with. Sell now and preserve your honor

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why are you calling the truth "cringe"?

you're a loser irl and on biz, nocoiner incel

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let's break 40k together bobros

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BTC will never dump to $20k again. You're forever priced out, faggot

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"priced out"
how is anyone priced out when you can buy fractions
this is the most retarded shit ever

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Priced out of owning a whole bitcoin you stupid fuck

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But muh institutional investors this time its different looool this is like 2017 all over, Us Bobo bros know what's coming.....

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it'll be sub 30k at the end of the week. i'm a newfag here since january and even i know that. i'm up fucking 50% in a month. thats 5x more than my index fund portifolio. its not sustainable you cretin. enjoy your 8k shitcoin

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>i'm a newfag
stopped reading there

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If you only knew anon

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Been here since 2017
Not a single bobo survived

>asian people.............2%
>depressed people.....9%

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it's about to explode you fool.

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If bitcoin crashes almost all crypto crashes, but at the same time its the perfect time to buy more bitcoin

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>btc dumps to 20k
>finally i can buy get rekt bulltards, time to go all in!!
>dumps to 6k
>oh shit

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i'm literally up 40% in a month. how's it sustainable? and tesla bought already so thats the biggest news of the year and the pump for that is over... so???

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noob says it's gonna dump

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WallStreetBets backup discord: DjurEMPe

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>i'm up fucking 50% in a month
babby first crypto gains, and shit ones at that

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But we have a gap at $3600

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do i need to remind you
thanks for playing, 10/10 bullrun

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no it's not ban this faggot

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get out

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I don't have the balls to open a short but I'm full tether. shit like this >>28354078 is raising some red flags

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we dont dump until katy perry gets on board again

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i want it to happen so i can just buy a full btc. not putting a cent into btc above 30k

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Doesn't make it not a stupid thing to say. Nobody is priced out of bitcoin. You can be priced out of a car, property, a subscription to your tranny porn website, but not bitcoin, unless you want to argue semantics

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Why does Bobo look like Pic related

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Bobo's gonna die soon?

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