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>"I...i......it's just a bubble!"
>"Wah wah wah wah wah, I'm so mad because I'm too much of a pussy to invest my money in the market that all of the big papers FUD me over, so I'm gonna cry and whine and try to prevent YOU from getting rich too!"
That's all it is. "Muh bubble" fags are just people who were too pussy to invest in crypto because they read some faggot MSNBC article saying "Don't do it! Crypto bad! Buy stonks instead!" without realizing that NBC, like 90% of the media, is owned by a publicly traded company (Comcast in NBC's case).

Get the scam? "Crypto is bad, don't invest! Invest in me instead! Buy stonks!"
That's all it is.
If you got conned by that then I'm sorry anon, but I can assure you that you are still VERY early to the party on crypto if you want to get yourself involved today.

INB4 "sell signal!" grow up, nigger.

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good bread

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>its a bubble
reminds me of this stonetoss comic made years ago kek

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It really is different this time. Don't let 2017 PTSD weak handed faggots tell you otherwise.

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They are preparing for the central bank coins.

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How can we be sure tho? I mean it definitely looks like it'll be different but I don't wanna miss the top and be left holding for years till similar prices come back up

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blog post from mastercard for anything interested: https://www.mastercard.com/news/perspectives/2021/why-mastercard-is-bringing-crypto-onto-our-network/
sounds like it's going to be USDC and maybe a few others stablecoins first. but even USDC isn't technically KYC compliant, you can get some on a dex
interesting news, thanks opee

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>this time it’s different


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They just don't understand crypto, I used to be like that too until I looked into it. Educate them, or don't, they can stay poor

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Either you let the market crash and burn, or let these people regulate it in a way that is not profitable anymore.
Your choice.

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They are all getting ready to take stablecoins, mostly USDC, which I think is neat. Boomers will never replace FIAT, so tokenized FIAT is the bridge to tackle them over.
At least for paying stuff.

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The only thing different this time is institutions and baby steps in Mai stream adoption. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have another bear market in the next year or two. This market has a long way to go towards adoption. Don’t get too comfortable, good times never last.

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Stable coins are essentially worthless because at the end of the day those tokens are pegged (allegedly) to fiat located in somebody’s gay bank. The whole point of crypto is not needing banks to use it. You might as well keep your debit card, since at least you don’t have to remember a phrase or password.

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>this time it’s different
Give a single reason why it's gonna be the same this time.

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The whole point of crypto is to get rich, don’t give af about libertarian muh satoshi muh fiat science project.

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It's not different this time. The only thing to pay attention to is the time scales. It's only February. BTC will go up until at least end of March.

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Why do you think there’s money to be made? It’s making banks irrelevant, no more parasitic, retarded people managing your money. Sure stable coins have a purpose, but only as training wheels for crypto because at the end of the day a stable coin only introduces an extra layer of complexity for boomers

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>safety, compliance, and stability
Choose one and only one.

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Bitcoin will crash.
Fiat will crash.
You will be allowed to own nothing but CBDCs.
They will own everything.
This is the first step.
It's happening this year.

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The entire world economy is in a much different state. The inception of bitcoin after the 2008 crash is finally truly being put to the test. Crypto apps are much better now too, along with defi. It's literal shut in retards that are reeeeeing about normies that don't think it's different.

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For normies sure. Defi will still exist in some way to fight the system.

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If that doom and gloom shit even happens. Doubt.

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nigga did you not just see a bunch of inbred Qtards storm the capitol? now imagine if they'd brought their guns. fuck your fagit stock market and fuck your blackpill. Based thread OP, crypto will continue to curbstomp traditional markets

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