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Picrel is you after Saturday when you kept fudding ASKO instead of buying it.

>inb4 1prod

I'm just giving you one last hope

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should i really tho? its so high rn. if i get dumped on one more time im not joking i might kill myself. im down to 3 eth and you dont want to know where i started at

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Believe, and if it dumps keep holding. I will be right beside you brother

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It's pumping hard, evne if you get in now, i can guarantee it will be $1 end of month if not before so that's a minimum 5x. To think i could have bought 7 months ago and gotten a 100x but some redditards fudded me hard calling it a scam.

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FUCK I'm aping in

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Okay aped in again to buy more.

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What's happening Saturday?

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shill it to me, spoonfeed me, why should i buy the absolute top of a coin thats half a year old. should have shilled it back then to me

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Screenshot this price and just check it in a month.

Literal last chance to get in on this rocket ride

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Mainnet launch

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Because it will bring you riches you cannot even fathom, you will get girls who willingly fart in your face. Just imagine

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coming out on 13th, better aave, only 10% of that marketcap will make this fly. base dev team (5 out of 6 coins made by them are 1b+). I'll leave the rest for you to DYOR, why am i even fucking losing my time i don't even care if you buy lmao this shit is flying

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Thanks for the 2.5X faggots, just sold my 10k

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Anon, you just said in the other thread it was 10 ETH. I know it's you. Too bad we'll blast 30c tomorrow.

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thought it was 3x in the other thread anon

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is biz actually early on something for once?

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Guess we are Anon

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