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CELZ and NRBT. Thank me later.

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whats this dress called? i want to buy one for my gf once i've made it.

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name and maybe I buy your shitcoin

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whats this dress called? i want to buy one for myself once i've made it.

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her name is Giulia valeriani
you can call me based now

ok so send me some
ETH: 0x9E295b3Ca9A168C9353635222027Ff76D8BeC38E
or some LINK: 0x5A9e825cd581996561C74702f3f743aD29D61A44

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It's called a curtain.

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that's a man

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Why am I buying your penny stocks?

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What I would do in order to creampie inside a girl like this.

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two random penny stocks , why are they good

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You have posted this every time this picture gets posted. You're a fucking animal

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Qipaos and cheongsams look similar.

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Virgin killer

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thank god

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Built for BBC (Big Black Cock)

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where's my eth/link you fucking faggot

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The ada wong quick-shitter

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>imagine the smell

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Don't post your name, face and wallet on 4chan. Everyone is an asshole here.

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Why those stocks?

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/biz/ is all-in CELZ

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CELZ looks like a bag hold. NRBT looks interesting. I'll have to read up more.

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>when she gets jacked for a girl but you can still beat her up easy because you're a man

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you're gay

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Built for BTC (big tranny cock)

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I’m buying tomorrow.

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tfw no /fraud/ gf

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>shieeet she has peak aesthetic muscles that activate the ape brain
>check her insta
>only fans
At least she is capitalising on her assets

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nice thanks anon. looks a lot like this one

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I find this hot. Sorry.

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"Chinese dress" gives similar results sometimes

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Giulia Valeriani

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