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50x by EOY. Better hop on before it's too late

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Based Attention Token

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Thinking about it. Been silently watching BAT since last May... thing is, how hard can brave pump? Will the fundamentals finally come thru and make BAT insanely huge??

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imagine not having a token that has the largest userbase of crypto made by a legit team thats been in accumulation for near 4 years. so many newfriends are going to cry when they miss it.

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Yes. It is the next link. It will perform well this bullrun. But next bear run it'll keep going up while all these defi and btc clones bleed out

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I'm hearing $40 EOY.

Any truth to this rumor, BATbros?

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Theres lots of people like you that either have been watching it or using brave. Just wait for the real fomo to set in. No other coin has 25.4m+ users. Things will be getting very interesting soon.

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It’s really got a great white paper. Anyone wanna shill me on this?

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you get paid to shitpost

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Fuck it buy a suicide stack and see where God takes you.

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I think the best shill is 1) download & use Brave and 2) turn on Brave rewards if you're so inclined.

If you use Brave and like it, you should be able to comprehend the appeal of Brave rewards and therefore BAT. The ever increasing userbase is bullish for the project and the price of BAT hasn't seemingly caught up to the project's success yet.

That's all I got for ya

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Trust the fundamentals. This coin really should be valued at $30-$40. It’s only a matter of time before its actual price reflects that.

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I don't know if anyone has had to help people that don't know about adblocking but the internet is a total shithole without one like Ublock Origins. I mean it is like using the internet in the early 2000's when you would get hit by some random virus or malware that spammed a billion ads onto your screen at once but this is coming from "legitimate" sites.

I think if Brave can figure out how to force the Internet to be usable again for normies and fuck Google, Facebook, whatever's shitty scummy ad schemes then it could very well save all of humanity and be worth more than any other internet company.

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I haven't gotten an ad all day :(

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I have a ton of BAT on an old computer with brave. I setup my uphold wallet on a new computer. I still have full access to the old computer - how do I transfer the BAT? I tried using my uphold wallet, but it just pulls the balance of the new computer

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Thanks, anon. I do use brave, but I’m struggling to see mass adoption here, particularly by ad agencies. A lot of the coin’s future depends on continuing regulations of the ad space, like gdpr, yet as we can see, very little is being done — in the states, at least — to curtail corporate dominance in this space. Is Facebook going to adopt bat? Google? Or is the use case based simply on its existing 25m users (a market all their own)?

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>Brave stopped giving me ads again

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I make 18k a month, should I just buy as much as I can?

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>Theres lots of people like you that either have been watching it or using brave.
Gotta say that does actually sound pretty damn interesting. You can sorta tell a lot of people just keep selling their BAT whenever the price goes up. But I can clearly see that there are whales, even here, that are simply stacking those tokens up in the meantime while risk is low.
kk but how much is a BAT suicide stack? Same as LINK, 1k BAT??

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Few reasons to be extremely bullish

- Current Market Cap:
BTC ~900 billion
ETC ~204 billion
ADA ~28 billion
DOT ~23 billion
DOGE ~8.5 billion
.etc etc
BAT ~950 million

- BAT is still 46% away from ATH and price action has recently broke major resistance below .5, which is why we are mooning (for BAT)

- All 1.5 billion coins are in circulation. 25million+ users, should be 50 by EOY. This means there are potentially 50 million people who can receive BAT by browsing online - this drives demand for BAT up - if all 50 million held BAT, the average BAT per person would be 30. This + the millions on wallets means little BAT to go around = price goes up.

- Advertisers buy BAT to the tune of millions of BAT to place ads on the platform = increasing demand on finite supply of BAT.

- The founder of Brave created Javascript and is the co-founder of Mozilla/Firefox.

- The Brave team actively avoids any currency speculation/pumping tactics that you see in crypto, to avoid any SEC scrutiny and to allow the token price to grow organically (means the growth is "stable" which is why you see it referred to as a stablecoin)

- New features are rolling out soon, including a self serve ad platform (increased demand)

- https://brave.com/careers/ - look at the number of openings - this is an actual real company with an actual real product tied to a crypto that you can accumulate for less than $1.

might add more later, but I've been holding BAT for years while my other holdings either died completely or are on life support. Meanwhile Brave keeps adding users and features.

fuck my spacing i dont care

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When did BAT get released?

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More like a prophecy, and us BAT's will, will it into existing in but mere months!

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Shit coin only worth 20c US severely over valued.

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>t. faggot mad he doesn’t own a fat stack of BAT

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How you do that

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Because im not paying 3x the coins value

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Brave and Bat is all the Japs I work with talk about. I’m sure they will be chatting tomorrow about it.

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Amazon, it’s easy to sell on

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what do you sell?

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Im one of those stackers. BAT has one of the best R/R values. Its doing extremely well fundamentally, and I pay attention to their github, and they have new features rolling out soon. Waiting for everything to snowball.

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I’ll tell u if you can answer when BAT was released for public purchase

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Fucking finally on this shit coin

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how easy is to start an online business?

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well friendo, you inspired me to buy some more
I'm selling my linkies

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It’s retarded just look at what other people sell

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Suicide Stack is 10k BAT so around 4k USD

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Oh then I’m good lmaooo I just bought 4K and gonna deposit 3k every week

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BAT is fucking fantastic

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What are actual expectations for price in the next year?
Keep seeing $40 chucked around like 100x is no big deal. If theres 50m users by EOY, what could that translate to through normal growth. Assuming advertisers and users grow at the current rate.

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as someone in the e-commerce field, advertising is intrinsically linked to people’s money. And when you want money, you want cost efficiency & Golden returns. I’m reading on BAT, I just bought today.

If what I see is true then I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a big deal. Marketing is a trillion dollar industry. Military, propaganda, brands, everyone markets. It’s a potential paradigm shift

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nice work - you'll make it.

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I love BAT and started buying as soon as it was made available, however it’s always been in some sort of sub-$1 limbo. What makes you think it will 50x this year?

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Out of sheer curiosity, why did it take you so long to get into Brave and BAT? If you have been here for years its been posted about pretty regularly. I'm just curious as to how there are still /biz/zers getting on the BAT train now.

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honestly no pajeeting here, its probably the only coin i've ever used for its actual purpose. its quirky, seems laid back and kind of just "relaxed" crypto where you don't have to worry so much about it.

put it this way, its definitely not a bad buy
i don't even own any besides what i have in my browser from just using brave.

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we just believe it will happen. the power of positive thinking. it's just a feeling. visualize it. realize it. remember LINK, the feeling we had that it was going to happen, and it did. it's going to happen anon

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I think some of it might be people starting to invest in BAT. Brave is a good browser, but there is a big difference between using it and investing in BAT. A good portion of long time users will start to see how BAT has massive potential from a tokenomics perspective.

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All valid points. Personally I work in the legal field, so I'm much more focused on that kind of FUD. Paying close attention to what's going on with Ripple/XRP. You can imagine (at least in court) that Brave/BAT could be compared to Ripple/XRP some day, so I'm keeping an eye on that.

As far as advertising mass adoption goes, I'm a total pleb. All I can say is that from a layman's perspective, I love the advertising platform on Brave and can never see myself going back to any other sort of online advertising, ESPECIALLY any that harvests/stores my information on some shady third party servers without my consent. Just seems like such a dinosaur way of doing things. Needs to become extinct soon.

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last night we had an epic BAT thread. bunch of BATChads doing market buys in the thousands to break past .45. I think they're all counting their gains now

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Market trends tells me it’s not over yet

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If it wants tp hang around .60 until stimulus/tax refunds come I will pour it all in.

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Just bought 1k USD worth of bat meself.
The BATBTC ratio is still incredibly low, with tons of upside potential. BAT seems like a nice coin to dump some gains into that I no longer feel like trading with.
Also the charts for BATBTC are looking delicious with that sudden turn to the upside, with the MACD on the 2D and 4D switching over to what might be max bull. Looks really, really promising. Plus, price action on the 1D is finally above the cloud again--first time since september 2020.
It feels like catching ADA back at 0.02 cents, which I missed. I'd like to thank the BATbros for shilling this shit since forever.

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2 cents* not 0.02 cents pls no crucify

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Hey could you answer my question? >>28470706

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you know your shit. i sold half my bat stack into btc/eth couple weeks ago. didn't even look at ratios was just sick of bagholding for years. i know i switched at the worst possible time but fuck it. i have more than a suicide stack of bat left so if it hits i can legit fuckin retire

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It released on Coinbase in 2018 I believe. It was available for purchase but not easily before that.

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Can the moon mission at least wait until the end of the year? I need to acumulate some BATs first.

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There's been whispers about a trust bust fucking big tech. And no, not from meaningless politicians, but from the DOD and state department. The US intelligence is becoming increasingly frustrated with many of the companies they contract for a variety of reasons. Some are unaccountable (Microsoft does whatever it wants), some us their monopolistic power to overprice things or create unfair advantages (most big names- Microsoft, Facebook, Lockheed, etc.), and some outright pose threats to US sovereignty (especially Facebook).

A few reports came out recently about the intelligence community and their distrust of social media giants. Facebook profited millions off of Qshit as did many others. If the DOD and state department can successfully securitize the issue, a trust bust is inevitable. Not even those giants can lobby their way out of that one.

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I was right there’s market resistance. We’re going back up. Go to sleep and relax guys.
It’s a steady investment. Admittedly I’m a little over confident because of my work, I spend well over 12k on advertising and would be happy to spend more but I don’t have enough products out yet. I do however know many others who spend 50k on ads per day on ads, and these are guys with Amazon stores or Shopify stores. Marketing is big. It’s bigger than any product you can think of

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How do you get the shit to sell? I used to flip stuff but don't feel like scouring Goodwill's etc anymore.

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>I spend well over 12k on advertising and would be happy to spend more but I don’t have enough products out yet. I do however know many others who spend 50k on ads per day on ads, and these are guys with Amazon stores or Shopify stores. Marketing is big. It’s bigger than any product you can think of
Holy fuck what did I just get myself into? I'm a BATbro now.

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hey dude, my father and I are coming up with a great automation product. It's done, and we're looking to advertise it. What platforms do you recommend we advertise on?

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From an IT standpoint I don’t know if we will ever get to a point in the next 10 years where online advertising is seen as a safe and a normal way to buy products (by clicking an ad and directly buying with that referral link). I don’t know if it’s just because I work in IT and have been using the web for 20 years but everything about online advertising gives off massive alarms to me due to the potential for viruses/malicious code to infect your device. Do normies think like this as well?

I think the idea of BAT is actually pretty good and I use the web browser version of brave but wonder about the above

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Hi! Well, it’s a little complicated. But I plan on writing books on the topic. Pic related is an Etsy store I started a few months ago and it’s extremely profitable. My ads are $125 a day here but honestly, that’s nothing. I only have 36 different SKUs on here. My eBay is a similar story.

I can’t really get into much detail because I do plan on raising people’s income to help fight poverty. But the internet did 99% of the legwork for us. Crypto & other investments are other means for money one should consider.

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Facebook, and YouTube. For Facebook advertise articles and how you can help. Why? Because people don’t go there to get bombarded by advertisements. We go there to unwind and relax. If the product is good, you’ll do good.

YouTube is a great one, but you need to grab attention in the first 4 seconds because people will click to video. It’s highly converting for services related to logistics.

I will emphasize I’m not a professional marketer and it’s not professional advice but this is was what worked for me.

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Why won't you answer the question? >>28470706

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Hi pic related is an Etsy store I started a few months ago. All because of ads I make an extra 400+ per day.

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Things just come to me at the right time. It’s an underwhelming answer but I believe in a mixture of destiny & free will. I don’t stress out looking for the next best thing.

BAT just made sense at the time and I did some simple reading and decided the stock will be nice to be involved in over the next year or tel

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BAT will have it's day. The ultimate slow and steady hold
>real product
>growing adoption
>growing customer base
>proven results for customers

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Nice work anon, Etsy hussle isn’t easy but I hear of many people that have made it work

>> No.28476074

ah, ok... that's an interesting take. When I brought up Facebook, I was told that people don't go there for business they go there for friends or family. Soo you're saying that if they're already comfortable, they will be susceptible to messages about how their lives can be more comfortable?

Thanks for the advice, it's all helpful

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No problem. Generally the opinions of the masses are to be disregarded. You know the food pyramid? I flipped it upside down and that’s how I adjust my diet accordingly. I just avoid the sweets haha unless I go to chili’s and get a chocolate lava cake. What I’m saying is do the opposite.

Google PPC will drain you, highly competitive ads and the bids can be outrageous.

Split test different ads for Facebook. It’s a steep learning curve but it’s exciting. I’m autistic and love numbers so maybe that’s just me though

>> No.28476268

Any advice for somebody who is interested in making some extra $$ like this? I have experience with 3D printing, vinyl cutting, engraving, and shit like that. I don't currently own any of these machines, but I have capital to purchase them.

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what do you sell tho

>> No.28476424

Do you do consulting?

>> No.28476461

I honestly don’t know :-) I’m not artsy. In fact I don’t make any of my items hehe. Just find a popular store and see what they’re doing is my recommendation. And please b careful about copyright
For Etsy I can’t say the niche because, well, I just don’t want more competitors haha sorry

>> No.28476534

I do - I charge about $100 an hour but plan on bumping it up to $200 maybe soon.

>> No.28476669

Fair enough. I appreciate the response.

>> No.28476702

Installed Brave today and bought a grands worth. I like it..
Brave is as fast as chrome/edge with the option to keep or allocate add revenue to your favorite sites.
It's a Real product and a Real solution
it just makes sense

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This is a cult buddy. Now you have to bring in three friends.

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i understand, as far as i know etsy is solely for handcrafted material goods, is it not?

tried to sell branded clothing on there a while ago and was under the impresson some people use it as a buy/sell site like ebay sorta but no real luck

sister works from home and does etsy full time and does a lot with dying yarn/custom prints on tote bags, shit like that

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This. If everyone did this we could surpass chrome in 2 years and bankrupt google in 5.

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Hey so use what I said earlier, so sort of the opposite of what people generally do.

While Tim & Becky go to garage sales to resell stuff and clutter their house for eBay sales and make a work bench for handmade.. crochet? for Etsy, I’m simply buying certain things in bulk, sending them to a 3PL to fulfill for me and selling them on eBay or Etsy as I fly to Saint Augustine Florida, or to Plano, Texas.

Haha I really should just write a book already.
>pic related is my eBay store

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ok, do you have an email you would be comfortable posting up here so I can contact you? We're looking to advertise our product.

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Only the big brain bois allowed to invest in BAT. Buy in bulk from where fren?

>> No.28478744

>not using brave

>> No.28479055

[email protected]
Teehee :-) well, I’ve sourced from a lot of places! Vietnam, Peru (Alpaca fur is comfy if you’d like to do Shopify but seasonally it’s late), and China

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Its crazy to think that this has barely even started yet. Barely any chatter at $.64. People are so focused on vaporware that they are going to miss the rush when normies pile in.

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finna gonna make it bro's.

get on board the lobe locomotive now. im stamping the tickets. train gonna leave.

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We need Aliestar Crowly but with a BAT token

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no satanic shit. BAT is a BLESSED COIN.

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>hurr durr to the moon

You guys are going to get burned because you haven't read the goddamned whitepaper. It literally cannot go above $1

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I am accumalating generational wealth by browsing the internet..... crazy

>> No.28481163

>baiting newbatties with a 3 year old FUD meme
I love it. It's like an initiation ritual.

>> No.28481201

i can't wait till $1 whitepaper nonsensical fud ends lmao

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BAT being over $1 completely defeats the purpose of the token.

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>> No.28481298

Also 65 cents.
The heck is going on?

>> No.28481372

welcome back you $1 bastards.. i'd say i missed you but i didnt

>> No.28481373

I'm a family man with small children who like to wake up early. I'm supposed to go to bed. Can I risk it?

>> No.28481399

Risk what?

>> No.28481418

risk what. bat isn't risk. you buy and hold. simple as

>> No.28481455

I will dø it for him. It doesn’t and he sucks dicks.

>> No.28481524

Speaking of utility tokens focusing on privacy.
What do you lot think of Orchid (OXT)?

>> No.28481529

Oh....I'm still new and only dabbled with Brave until now. I wasn't sure how active I needed to be with this.

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Examine past trends and deicide for yourself. I think we have a day or two before this returns to a more average price

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Post rare Brendans

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the fact that this thread is still dead is a testament to exactly how early we are

>> No.28481848

newfag detected, it's a meme from 2017

>> No.28481859

oh i get it. yea if you look at the charts other than the '18 bullrun and bust it's been consistently crabbing forever... people have just been accumulating during this time.

>> No.28481881

fomo not gonna make it. BOND actually has real fundamentals, not any hopeamentals that bat has been living on since 2017

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BAT's hitting local highs (hasn't been worth this much since the late '17 bull run)

nobody like to talk about this, but any time you buy a local high you're taking a risk. Buying right now is a "risk" in the sense that it will very well dump to a lower amount.

HOWEVER, what BATchads will tell you, and those of use that have been holding since 2017 will tell you, is that none of us plan on selling BAT right now. We see BAT as worth much more for numerous reasons; the main reason being that Brave is such an important browser, probably the most important, private and logical internet browser going forward for the foreseeable future. BAT is a huge component of Brave. Brave and BAT are constantly improving. We see BAT being worth much more than even 60 cents, or a dollar, or 2 or 5 dollars.

So yes, it's a risk, but if you're patient and believe in the project, it's a risk worth taking. 100%.

>> No.28481932

pathetic... i hope you are paid for this

>> No.28481933

If this moons til 5:00 then expect a massive pump following today

>> No.28481956

That's the impression I got. Uphold's depiction of it is not as clear as I'd like and I thought it was a matter of hours.

>> No.28481980

Literally got in before this pump so yeah pretty new.
If it dips hard enough I'll double the stack.

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Welcome to the BATboys club, brother.

May you forever hodl.

>> No.28482150

In it for the long haul but never making use of gains kindas defeat the point.

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>> No.28482176

If u have a github account just create brave creator account and link it with your github and uphold account then send that bat as tip
On your github page it'll transfer your bat to your uphold account

>> No.28482187

should i go all in boys? oh god i want more batties right now

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Just doing my dues.

>> No.28482217

Chewing on this and I’d have to agree.
Also this

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Same here don't know why it always happens with me

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i'm getting fomo but my stack is fine. still want more, feel like once we break $1 we aren't coming back down

>> No.28482321



>> No.28482372

got only 15k, i need MORE
can dump all my BNB for a 9k more.

>> No.28482382

/biz/ is like a /pol/ happening thread, but constant and I can get something real out of it. Is this how addiction starts?

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I kinda do too, but my portfolio is, like, PERFECTLY diversified into solid projects. 2K USD in BAT now should suffice for a massive bullrun, so I'm fiiine. BAT website says 336B spent on digital advertising, right? 381x would be great kek

>> No.28482424

You can also connect your Reddit or Youtube account if u don't have github account

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>tfw resurrecting BAT memes from the archives
We're making it anons of old!

>> No.28482466

honestly i'm just feeling new blood in my veins after holding my 15k bags for 2 years. never stopped believing in the project. now i'm diverting all my other stacks into bat.

>> No.28482489
File: 206 KB, 2080x1706, 1611331571122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>none of us plan on selling BAT right now
I'll probably be watching them bob around in my portfolio even if they hit $40, instead of selling. I'm too used it after all those years, I'd miss them.

>> No.28482588

I have bought some in uphold

>> No.28482617

Be careful anon. Unless you’ve held for a while we’re at the biggest top since 017, don’t wanna see you get burned badly.
I’m noticing a lot of momentum and hope, unlike the McDonald’s coin this is a legit coin and product so let’s see brother

>> No.28482697

I can’t wait to quit my job

>> No.28482736
File: 69 KB, 449x547, 1605888790586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when things are habbening, 100% correct

gotta warn you though, when prices are falling/stagnating for years on end, it's much less exciting. In fact, it's pretty dull. But by then you'll be too addicted to quit. Part of the fun.

>> No.28482738

$600k fiat is not a bad payday

>> No.28482788

Good job.
Your patience will be rewarded.

>> No.28482797


>> No.28482851

>losing a source of income
But how else will I get to gamble on new coins?

>> No.28482897

Yep, Holding forever.

>> No.28482920

I look forward to it. Thanks Anon.

>> No.28483073

>wanted to buy last week knowing it would moon
>only got verified today
>saw it jumped to .60
>waiting for the dip
>now its over .70

>> No.28483172
File: 22 KB, 399x400, 1606362312211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28483208

Oh I just checked. We might actually hit 75 cents in the next hour or two

>> No.28483213
File: 223 KB, 1200x800, 1595496464760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28483257
File: 41 KB, 802x352, Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 11.16.21 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28483327

$5 eom.

>> No.28483343


>> No.28483380

I still have a stack of a few hundred. I was going to buy 10K BAT at .30 though :/

>> No.28483408

then why does the whitepaper say it cannot go over a dollar

>> No.28483430


>> No.28483432
File: 374 KB, 2528x1426, Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 11.18.54 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i need a xanax

>> No.28483454
File: 102 KB, 800x545, 1515317081982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28483461

Oh how didn’t I see this? Jesus. Anons does anyone have the screen cap of the
>year of the bull

>> No.28483538

What site is this, anon?

>> No.28483593

It doesn’t you queer.

>> No.28483627
File: 745 KB, 1000x1107, hat kid milk beans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personally just went with my big gut feeling of riding the momentum swing on this. 20% of portfolio into this for at least the easy double.
Honestly it just feels cool to possibly be present for the beginning of a potentially huge market shift like this.
>#59 rank

>> No.28483653
File: 325 KB, 1640x2322, 1515347503087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28483682

glad someone recommended brave to me, even though i only turned the rewards feature on after like 6 months.

>> No.28483724

Same here anon. I just put in 4k around 10:45? I think.

>> No.28483758

come on i just need a lil red candle so the order goes through and i can comfy crab forever with my bat bros for 2 years more

>> No.28483762

Yeah, but I'm not very, erm "cash solvent" at the moment. I could dump 3K into this potentially lose lose half. Or I could put that into ETH mining.

Really, my balls just aren't that big, I guess. I'm playing the "just one more dip and it will come down a bit" game, and then hating myself.

>> No.28483763
File: 79 KB, 512x512, 1612839534549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would like to know that as well

>> No.28483864
File: 15 KB, 231x219, 0E77E86B-9625-40DB-921E-7809745EA7C3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s your red candle

>> No.28483900

I was there market buying like $15k worth. About to buy more.

>> No.28483953

Everybody has their own way of handling these intense markets. Just so long as you do what feels reasonable to do in your very specific situation, anon. Don't kick yourself TOO too hard. It's just money, after all. One aspect in the complex, grand scheme of life.

>> No.28484029

name of websight sire?

>> No.28484092


>> No.28484112
File: 73 KB, 960x739, business and finance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOL holy shit. Are we really finally going to pop off?

idk, feels too good to be true.

>> No.28484120

Oh I'm not really that hard on myself. I just hate that I knew in my gut that _this_ was the week, but I wasn't set up to actually buy in time (which was my own fault). I could have been up by two thousand right now.

>> No.28484150

Losing money is expected in the market, I can’t stand when I puss out and miss a pump.

>> No.28484157

Here’s the dip. Expect a massive buy in. Reminds me of dogecoin a week ago.

>> No.28484170

I'm trying to decide if I should flip my BTC/ETH/LTC stack back to BAT

>> No.28484183
File: 39 KB, 696x696, comfy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks bro, it worked.
i'm a 24k batlet now. will i make it?

>> No.28484289

if $960,000 is making it for you then yes ygmi

>> No.28484358
File: 24 KB, 250x169, nervous wreck green wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reminds me of doge
my thoughts exactly
come to think of it, that was my last (great) swing trade. every other little margin trade made me bleed half of that trade out, but man it was just so clear and beautiful. If BAT can do that too, then I am so set.

>> No.28484374

I’m seeing market resistance against going down. I’d like to see volume, but I’d say expect at least 10% returns by 3:30 EST.

>> No.28484576

i'm a europoor and i've got my own flat already. those are good money.

>> No.28484814
File: 3.43 MB, 4032x3024, 977F236A-7805-4419-9E3F-E66BA524733B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s the first big dip of my buy. Microwaved up a frozen dinner cos I’m lazy and don’t wanna cook at 3am

>> No.28485003

Everyone using the browser right now is making about $1000 month in future money (1 year from now)

>> No.28485084

Will they adjust the amount of tokens you get if it rapidly increases?

>> No.28485103

I'd sure love to hop on Jennie if you catch my drift anons? eh?

>> No.28485201

You get a set percentage of what they charged for the ad. What ever that percentage is in Bat you receive.

>> No.28485210

Looks comfy anon.

>> No.28485544

Thanks brother :-) I like these and Salisbury steaks with Mac n cheese

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