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Just bought some BAT about an hour ago, while it was bleeding.
Now I'm up 10%.
Is it finally happening?

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yes, it's happening anon

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up 40% here, it's happening

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wtf was bat

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last call before $1... the train is about to leave the station

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i knew that BAT was going to start pumping soon, but decided that kyber network will pump even harder. and it did. no regrets

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Literally the largest sleeping giant coin out there. It's used by advertisers on the Brave Browser. That browser has 25.4 million MAU, and around 8 million DAU (thereabouts). The coins are paid to browser users when they let ads pop up on their screen. The buyers of the ads are literally distributing their coins to potential customers. This thing is going to moon EVENTUALLY. Of course when I say "moon" I mean 10, 20... 50x lol

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