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>only started caring about money at 25

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oof. I cared at like 9

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>>only started caring about money at 25
Im 25 and im the same.. Never cared about money either. I dont think its bad - - better then being obsessed with it. And i mean you are here.. Which is better then most npcs out there.

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>got 20k from my parents when I turned 18
>once owned what would now be 16k in BTC
>spend it all on weed and hookers

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>caring about money
ngmi, read more books nigger

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Hey that's me. I always saved more than I spent but I put 0 dollars towards a 401k till 24. Didn't put anything towards an index fund till 25. Didn't directly buy any stocks till 27. I think about how much money I could have made buying basic bitch tech stocks in 2013 and cringe.

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You'll only get a lot of it if you don't care about it.

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only stopped caring about money at 28

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>Started giving a fuck about my personal finances at 30.
>Realize that i don't want or need any luxury.
>Suddenly all my financial goals are easier.

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try 35 for suicide fuel

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not started caring about money at 29

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>only started investing at 25
>never really wanted money, just freedom from the economic and social enslavement systems of capitalism and communism
>knew about bit coin when it was 400 dollars
>called the guy that told me about it a dumbass
>crypto only clicked with me in may 2020 and I started buying in heavily since it was 8I
>only 90k in crypto, just about to reach 6 figure hell world 1-1

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It’s normal for good looking normie men to not care about money until middle age when they get tired of living the wage slave normie life. When you are an outcast from society and women treat you like dirt it lights a fire under you from a very early age

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>turn 26 Wednesday

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you telling me you don't care about money? how come?

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not really

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>started at 18
suicidal rn.

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When you’re ugly as shit and a manlet it becomes obvious very early on that the only escape from a depressing life of loneliness, disrespect, and low self worth is to utterly mog everyone around you in wealth and status.

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Imagine having gone to public school where you and your gay little faggot friends got HARDCORE brainwashed and mind raped by kikes to the point where you spend your ENTIRE youth and half of your healthy life sitting in a cardboard box built by illegal spics playing video games and touching your penis all day for DECADES at a time.


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I’ve seen this image a few times and it gives me a chuckle but is it vaguely based on something?

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be me
>upper middle class parents
>parents always had my back when I fucked up and helped me financially
>never saved any money
>got brainwashed by media that it's acceptable to live in a tiny house or a cublicle appartment
>never thought about having a career
>waging from low tier job to low tier job for years
>only really getting into crypto now at 30 and feeling like an oldfag loser

worst part is, if I were a woman with this kind of financial iliteracy and lifestyle getting into crypto only now, I would get praised and my feet kissed by incels

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This. Being ugly is probably the best thing that happened to me financially. If I could get laid with hot girls with just my body I don’t think I would ever have the drive to become a millionaire at a young age. I’d probably be one of those good looking Chads with $500 to my name at age 28

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>worst part is, if I were a woman with this kind of financial iliteracy and lifestyle getting into crypto only now, I would get praised and my feet kissed by incels
that's absolutely not the worst part and is actually quite irrelevant you retard

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>only started caring about money after I found out Im going to be a dad


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That’s why some guys just give up and become trannys I guess

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No clue, I like to think it's not because that makes it funnier to me.

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this is true lol i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought this. I wasn't even ugly desu but i had massive insecurity and i was such a loser, anxiety, ocd, adhd, etc. All i could think about in middle school was money as a way of getting everything i wanted, i started trading forex in highschool. When you have the looks and friends at an early age you're not SERIOUSLY thinking about money early on, unless you have rich parents.

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>only really getting into crypto now at 30 and feeling like an oldfag loser
kek, yeah this is me except a couple years younger. have a degree i'm not using and just work random jobs for a year at a time every so often. my life plan now is to amass crypto wealth over the next 2-3 years and not worry about relying on a career for financial security. we're getting a late start but we can still make it, anon. i fully believe that

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Cope, Chads are thrown opportunities and being good looking is correlated with intelligence and mental stability (aka gains). The Chad’s advantage is that he can be 30+ years old, zero net worth or decent qualifications, and waltz into a leadership role in any normie business he applies to purely based on his persona and looks. Wouldn’t you want Chad as a team manager?

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>to utterly mog everyone around you in wealth and status
how does one actually do this? dressing fancy and buying expensive cars?

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Yes. Missing 411. Odd number of rather experienced hikers/hunter/out/ers go missing yearly. Tend to have patterns of
>rock/boulder fields
>extreme weather
>lack of wildlife that day
Shit's fucking weird, and the BLM/P&W won't talk about it.

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Owning an 800k house in your 20’s on a single income and not having to strain to afford it. Driving a 50k car. Etc

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not caring about money is what made me get so far
im rich now and i still dont
fucking faggot

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Lol holy fuck, I would be relating to you 100% right now (same age even) if I didn't completely change my life five years ago through a combination of luck, acts of God, more luck, and becoming a superior being from enduring decades of scientifically engineered psychological torture and brainwashing at the behest of the thing people refer to as "society" (there is no society, just people pretending they don't live in a cage with shit on the floor).

Oh, and my meds? Already flushed, so you will be drinking them in your tap water since they can't filter them out.

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>only 150k

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>been fired after 3 months in last 2 jobs

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You’re right there are a lot of Chads in high finance, biglaw, business, all that shit. Being attractive gives you a big advantage. But the problem with being “naturally talented” like that is a lot of those folks are used to coasting off their talent and have zero ability to cope with setbacks and difficulties. Plus a lot of Chads don’t even give a shit about money because they get to fuck hot girls in their crappy $500 a month apartment and their beat up civic, but then their life starts to suck after age 40 when they develop health problems and hate their shitty jobs that they’ll never escape from.

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>broke and homeless.
>slept in my car in an inglewood parking lot to save money
>get awful ikea job at 26,
>get fired
>tax return was 1600
>Corona hits
>market crashes
>discover crypto and stocks.
>now have 20k

27 now. :)

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>bragging about 20k when he’s almost 30

Uh anon

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I only cared at like 32
I did have a blast in my 20s though so whatever

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thanks anon, thats nice to read. And thinking about it, we are still early and on a good track compairing to some reddit bagholders with diamond hands. maybe I'll just ignore future selfdeprecating and demoralizing threads

maybe the worst part is that I'm retarded and thinking about larping as a crypto whore on twitter so that people don't think I'm a loser an be nicer to me

first world people don't drink tap water

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what are you doing here

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My parents never gave me money, and my birthday is near Christmas and I never got big presents so I got used to never getting anything I wanted unless I put in the effort and earned money myself, got my first job at 16, studied computer science, became stingy etc., now I make a comfy 6 figures working from home. I spent a few years blowing money on things I wanted when I was doing internships but now I'm on a good path to retiring early.

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Hey retard that is literally impossible at that age unless you come from MONEY. Just kys already

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Cope. Lmao

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lmao nice larp , not even Musk makes 6 figures working from home

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There is nothing to cope about you simpleton , you barely graduate in your mid 20's hahah imbecil , go larp somewhere else

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If by "own" he means paid the downpayment for both those things it's very possible.

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you can enjoy luxury bro, i abuse so many free coffee deals in the UK i end up drinking more faggy takeout coffee than most people who like to treat themselves to luxury. I basically never pay for them

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It's not about the numbers, it's about the come up.

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Bar mitzvahs are happening earlier nowadays huh rabbi?

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I’m 26 and my 2020 W2 was 235k. I think you need to cope harder

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I only woke up at 24 which was last year.
Used to blow all my money on drinking, drugs, holidays and dumb consoomer shit.
Corona lockdowns were a kind of a wakeup call, made me realize how much money I was fucking pointlessly wasting. Buying shit that I didn't need at all. Sometimes buying stuff just for the fleeting dopamine hit. Takeaways all the tjme instead of cooking for myself.
Now started saving like mad and being frugal and now have £50k in crypto, nowhere near enough but it's a start.
Hope all you anons make it.

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>Got 15k when I was 18 from grandparents
>Invested it all in Bitcoin immediately.
>Went to college and had all my expenses paid by my mom. (Rent and food)
>Traded. ETH, LINK.
>Retired new rich now at age 24 with over $3m.
>Still hold a lot of ETH, LINK and DOT.

See how it could have went differently, anon?

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