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Notice anything?

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bullruns dont end anymore. its all uphill from here.

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When everyone buying in is expecting a 10-50X then you know it’s the top.

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The top is in when womxn start posting selfies with timestamps on /biz/ and certain exchanges disable sign-ups because normies all try to rush in to buy any fucking altcoin.

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It seems like literally everything is mooning and breaking ATHs which is worrisome

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in terms of time we're near the top, but what about in terms of %?
in 2017 it went up like 50% in a little over a week

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Holy shit so true. I can remember the Ark girl who posted here. Fuck that coin

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Deluded Arkies will never make it. That shit is still below a dollar when it was above $10 during the 2017 bullrun. I'm so glad I sold that shit back then.

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wow i don't care

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buttcorn $0 EOD

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imagine getting ads on your phone

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exchanges have scaled up so that's unlikely to happen, but if it does happen then it absolutely is a sell signal

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unless the feds increases rate i cant see how the market bull run will end. if the increase the rates there is going to be massive unrest.

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The date...

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this. the theory that when everyone is buying the crash is coming is dead and outdated.

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>$2bn stimulus bill this year with direct payments and $15/hr
>money printer go brrr until at least 2024
>blue chips buying into BTC
>inb4 new paradigm
When it crashes it will have climbed so high that if you got in early enough it won't matter. 100k BTC eoy.

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The difference now is defi is creating incentive to keep your money in crypto rather than cash out.

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>May 24, 2017
>still had 8 months of bull left

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Vast majority of normies will never understand this concept though and just want a quick buck

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Lol, wasn’t btc at like $2k in may?

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1k 2x = 2k
3x = 4k
4x = 8k
5x = 16k
6x = 32k
7x = 64k
8x = 128k
9x = 256k
10x = 512k
Each x is a doubling of the previous.
Only pooves and benders say otherwise

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Coinbase and Binance still shit the bed regularly when bitcoin's price moves too fast.

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>He hasn't made $100's of dollars in BAT for doing nothing.

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people use the old anecdote of kennedy sr. getting a stock tip from his shoe shine boy, and then realizing wow i should get out of the market. But that was bullshit. kennedy was a mobbed up crook and inside trader, and he fabricated that incident in order to explain away his incredibly suspicious trades.

There is something to be said about unsophisticated retail traders getting into the market and what that does to volatility, but this notion that if the little people are investing that means the top is in is just a red herring.

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I used to think we'd top out before summer. But then I realized that the bullrun won't end when the moneyprinter is going BRRRRRR and there's free money floating in the streets because of the low interest rates. And there's no end in sight. What we're seeing is massive inflation in assets, and the Fed pretends it doesn't exist, which is very good for crypto.

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please, don't let the top happen until september. i need several more months for cardano to moon.

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put me in the screenshot

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Just wait till the stimmy checks drop for normies.

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Lol, I'm dropping it all on xrp

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Imagine being a 1920s stock trader, chillin with your finance bros on the trading floor and suddenly a bunch of poor unwashed normies show up asking how to buy a stock

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I'm trying to stick to coins with proven tech and software.

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Some coins are doing more than that every day right now

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based shizo

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that's different. they're scamming their users with front-running bots.

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It's not hard to imagine.

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....that guy was off by 7 months, what a fucking meaningless indicator

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Does that mean we will see BTC at 300k?

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Yeah is that OP's point? That was fully 7 months before the top, which is where we are now.

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Yes. I remember this post. The day this guy posted this, BTC was at an all time high of around 2300$

It's one of the best examples that people call it "the top" even if the bullrun has only just begun. Just imagine selling in 2017 at 2300, you'd rope yourself on christmas day

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Man, I'll take 7 months of a bull run if that's what op is implying.

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Wall Street was a lot WASPier back then, in all fairness. But still. Nowadays big dogs don't even have to interact with retailcucks, but back then they were literally hanging around your secret club. No wonder they Bogged the market.

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Holy fucking checked mate

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Holy fuck

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Checked and witnessed

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There's still truth to the concept. Smart money get in early and when the less smart money FOMO in the early investors sell their bags to them. The thing is this strategy can only yield as much money to the early investors as the FOMO people actually throw in. The FOMO hill is usually on lower volume, even if the price goes very high that doesn't mean all that much money enters the market (it's Joe Blow buying 1 GME at $480).
With Bitcoin, institutional money have now taken and are taking positions. They are entering so much money that there is no way they will be able to make bank on the comparatively miniscule amounts Joe Blow will throw at this after we hit $150k. Their best bet is to keep the buying pressure high, keep the price up and be able to say "we have assets valued at $500B, give us a big fat loan". So there might not be a crash this time. There might be, certainly, but I had assumed there would be until I started examining this more closely. And the conclusion is that there /might/ not be a big crash this time.

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But seriously, this mania cannot go on like this. Red is incoming in the next month.

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Checked and basedpilled

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>this time, it's definitely different
get this out of your system and you'll make it

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Needs a picture of 80 vaccines to various parts of the body.

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It's rare that the truth gets digits like this.
Checked and truthpilled

2 things I know for a fact:
>The bull run is only over when boomers think they're about to be rich
>The bear run is only over when redditors sell and buy their dream car (an Audi or something shit)

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new paradigm?

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my internet meme money will never go down

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Imma buy a sweet ol' a5 with my gains in couple of months, check em

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I went hungry for a week so I could put my last $200 into BTC that month. Still holding.

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Holy shit

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Even if you bought at the top you'd be at 3x now. It just sucks from a psychological perspective since we have no clue if there's going to be a dip soon or if the money will keep pouring in.

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The new paradigm is the people thinking a 3 year bear market is going to come before this bull run has even got up to cruising speed.
>this time itll be different
The thing about them mockingly saying that is they incidentally accept that it also applies to them thinking theres no stronger bounceback coming in the following bull run.
>some coins crash and burn and never recover
Yeah ok, sure look at what coins were top 100 in 2017. Any look familiar? A lot do, eh?
Pick projects with good fundamentals, hold and delegate or stake, and youre set.

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You should care and be excited anon, we pump in bear markets

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All you have to do is follow the google search trends

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based and factual.

Seriously though bros, the top isn't far off. We all know this. But why sell at $2300 in May 2017 when you can sell at $10k on the way down in January/Feb 2017.

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>millions of green retail investors across all sectors are rushing to get their horses in the race because they know that in this market, you can buy anything and very quickly will see healthy gains.

There’s only one way this ends...

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in 2016-2017 the total crypto market cap doubled 8 times. that was when it was a fringe asset class with hardly any tangible use case, and 99% of people had never heard of it, or if they had they didn't understand it or take it seriously. now we have the biggest companies in the world putting it on their balance sheet to escape a hyperinflationary macro environment, politicians vying to be crypto-friendly, serious discussions about central banks holding bitcoin and issuing digital currencies compatible with public blockchain. we're still nowhere close to retail mania, and we haven't even doubled 4 times yet this cycle. bears are such faggots

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I'm trying to, at the same time I realize there's no better destination for my money than Bitcoin, so it would really just be attempting a big swing. And swinging Bitcoin isn't as easy as it looks.

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Yes it is
>BTC go up

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>Pick projects with good fundamentals, hold and delegate or stake, and youre set.
what do you mean by delegate?

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There is 100+ trillion in negative and/or zero yielding bonds that will be flowing in soon

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A crash of the traditional financial sector and mass migration onto crypto?

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Absolute this man... I check Blockfolio and everything is fucking tearing upward

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Look into the tokenomics of projects you are interested in. For a common example look into delegating grt tokens and you will understand the appeal.

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bearniggers get the fucking ROPE

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