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BTC is not a currency. It does not meet the test of a currency. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not around in 10 or 20 years. It is not a durable means of exchange, it's not a store of value. It's been a very speculative kind of Buck Rogers-type thing and people buy and sell them because they hope they go up or down just like they did with tulip bulbs a long time ago. Yes, the price may still go higher, as these sorts of speculative bubbles tend to do, but eventually these speculators are going to have a very bad ending.

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Thanks for the input

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Just how much did you lose to post a cope like this?

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It's deflationary bobo! You will regret your lack of intelligence!

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You underestimate peoples stupidity

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okay sell then

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Nothing. I invest instead of speculate.

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I agree. I market sold my speculative assets for solid investments like GS and JPM.

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post your folio nigger

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I guess so. A rising price does create more buyers and people think "I've gotta get in on this." I guess if you don't understand it you get much more excited than if you understand it.

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what will the consequence be of the new digital euro they're working on?
will BTC be doomed if the dollar and euro digitalize?

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Digitalizing garbage doesn't change the fact it's still garbage.

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Smart move. At least you're investing in something that is actually productive and has some intrinsic value, a company.

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>I invest instead of speculate.

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How aren't they already digitized
Go online, buy something. No physical asset ever existed. Unless it's decentrliazes blockchain it won't matter. But the decentralisation is only good for preventing inflation. The privacy shit is all a meme and all the shit they build around it is garbage.

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A digital euro would be pretty similar to a euro in terms of being backed by a country. Now people can say fiat is worthless, but, the value of fiat is not derived from the currency itself, which is what bitcoin and other cryptos claim. Nevertheless, you're going to be a lot better off owning productive assets over the next 50 years than you will be owning pieces of paper or Bitcoin.

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As a currency bitcoin is rubbish but its not really used as a currency, more like a store of value / hedge against inflation, so digital dollars and euros wont affect it
No one will want to hold digital fiat because it depreciates just like normal currency, in fact they will probably code it to be inflationary

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the only thing keeping it as a store of value is its brand, because it has no competitive moat.

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>ITT: Stockfags coping that their shit stocks are being regulated by their corrupt overlords if they make anything above 5% Monthly gains while coiners can turn 5k into a million in a month


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Consequences are 0. FIAT is already digitalized. I can go my whole life without ever touching a bank note.

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they have been saying that for the last 10 years

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we've had plenty of speculative bubbles in stocks too, in fact it's going on right now. Like these speculative bubbles in stocks, only worse because crypto has zero intrinsic value. Speculative bubbles will feed on itself for a while and sometimes for a long while and sometimes to extraordinary numbers. But they come to bad endings and cryptocurrencies will come to bad endings

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