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how comfy is everyone after this week?
>me very comfy

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>tfw bought the top

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We out here homies. It could go back to 0.2 and I couldn't give a shit.

Bat Saturday is gonna be full of normies and noobies.

Brendans podcast with lex fridman is a must watch btw. Hearing him talk about morality brings a tear to my eye and confirms him as being my father figure in life. Based Brendan.

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Just earned another BAT
thank you based brave

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>Bought some BAT on tuesday
>still on profit
no fud here

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Yo if it dips I buy more aha

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Can we use it to pay camsluts yet?

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I'm slightly negative on my BAT investment but it's... rather stable for an altcoin. Or maybe this past year has made me not care as much about a few percentage point drops because I'm so high in profit. Idk either way I'm very excited for BAT and feel honored to be a dolphin with an anti-suicide stack.

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I believe so. Heres a copypasta from a thread earlier.

Someone else in one of these threads said 'you don't want to skate to where the puck is, you want to skate to where the puck is going'. Wise words.

We can see that people, and governments, are growing increasingly worried about big tech monopolies, alongside that of their internet hygiene.
We know that the ad models are already broken and ridden with fraud and lack of interest and banner blindness. People are now often using ad blockers especially as people become more savvy.

There have been psychological experiments demonstrating that people are more likely to be interested in something if they are being remunerated for it with real value exchange and reward playing into BAT's ad model.

The caliber of companies advertising on Brave is huge. Paypal, Amazon, you name it. If they didn't see value in it, they wouldn't bother. Brave also has native IPFS and TOR inbuilt. It's far more advanced than the competition and really is banking on the future of the web.

Creators such as Wikipedia, Mr Beast, xvideos, Infowars. All believe in Brave/BAT enough to sign up as creators you can tip right now.

Not just that, Brave has some huge pieces of the puzzle on the way:

>Publisher adverts (in page adverts like banners)
>Self serve adverts - at present, all ad campaigns are onboarded manually. You will soon be able to rock up with your zinc plating company and advertise with little human interaction.
>Potentially Brave email addresses/client
>Potentially a Brave YT client
>A long shot, but Brendan Eich has alluded to a social media engine inbuilt into Brave

All this packaged by a results driven CEO. Invented Javascript, ex CEO of Mozilla on a warpath to fix the web for all.

Stay comfy.


Here is the Lex Fridman podcast with Brendan Eich. Brendan must have an IQ of 160+ easy. Compare Eich to Nazarov. Lmao.

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*frontal lobes online*

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i can tell by your digits.

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checkd again. more 7's. keep stacking up to 10k.

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I only have 121.5 brave but I have always liked it and never thought of selling..

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The pump was just because of everything else was going up. However it brought a lot of attention to Brave and will add more mau/dau. We are going to shoot up in march. $2.50. Which will bring more attention, $40 eoy.

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ye i watched the podcast, most impressive to me is his work career, he has so many connections all over the place in tech its insane

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When do you think normies will find out about BAT? Will it be the next few years?

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Same, bro

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I just woke up from a dream in which BAT was $1.60. I had a similar dream about bitcoin being 52k a few months ago.

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I just let an autoclicker refreshing my pages everynight while I sleep and that gives me 5 bat overnight

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Wait what???

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Splain yourself Lucy..

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