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Can I trust them with my crypto? Is it an exit scam?

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LOOOOOOOL. no. they are the most legit company in crypto. best performing token of 2020 with 3,000% gain and NO DIP. celsius is literally a beast thats sleeping, its actually about to take off.

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Yeah Celsius is legitimately unfudable.

We all have a vested interest in making sure they are legit when we want to store our crypto. You can do the research and see theh are beyond legit.

Alex the ceo invented VOIP. He’s a pioneer in everything he does. He also gives great advice and seems like a wholesome dude in general.

Celsius will be the biggest player in crypto banking I think

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their liquidity is locked anyways. their employees earn their bonuses in CEL token, and have signed a 3 year contract which prevents them of withdrawing their tokens before 3 years. so u can bet they will do whatever is in their best interetst to keep the token doing well. Alex mashinsky, their billionaire CEO, is the biggest holder opf CEL and one of the biggest holders of BTC. his liquidity is also locked for 3 years. you can check out all their wallets and more information on their website.

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>Yeah Celsius is legitimately unfudable.

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>the Chainlink deal is 'you use our oracles, we put our treasury in your shady platform' which has no audits and nobody knows where the fuck the money is going
>why would a centralized service need decentralized oracles? It doesn't, it's just a deal that was made to get more money in their hands, ie its a win for Celsius but makes chainlink look like desperate fools willing to put their treasury at risk just to nab one pointless customer, even without the whore shit which shows they haven't even done any due diligence despite gambling with their treasury, it's utterly embarrassing
>2 minutes research also shows Celsius made the exact same deal with litecoin, made it their platform wallet in exchange for the litecoin foundation putting their treasury in Celsius' hands, everything about this type of deal screams scam because the only way they can get customers is by promising them they'll use/promote their tools in some (falsely) reciprocal manner rather than based on the merits and legitimacy of their service
>lies about multiple fake partnerships

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This is a shill thread. Considering withdrawing my funds now.

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i have 4900 CEL tokens. literally convinced my dad to bet my tuition on it. im probably never selling my cel tokens. itll 3x by march then ill be able to take a fiat loan to pay for my tuition, then 10x by eoy. ez

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