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I'll start

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started with 800 euro 3 weeks ago.

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don't have that app but I'm 70/30 iota and monero with 30k

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I'm never gonna make it

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Holding ETH, now? Why?

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Is this portofolio good?

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its way to diversified for the amount of money that has been put in. you might make $200 this bullrun

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Any chance?

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Will I make it if I keep Dollar cost averaging into Eth, DOT and Link for next bull run?

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Small amount in crypto. I'm more into stock at the moment...
Where should I go from metamask? I like that UI you guys are using what app is that

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Most screenshots are from the Delta app. Or blockfolio I would assume

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Oh okay thanks.
Where's a good place to hold my crypto in the mean time?
Is metamask safe enough to keep it on there while it remains around the $1k usd range?

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No way! I have 50 link, 0.5 ETH, and like $300 Reef, and a couple other shitcoins. We have be exact same portfolio. Gonna DCA link/ETH/avax so let's hope we both make it!

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wtf is this poorfag thread?
triple digit portfolios?
am i missing the joke?

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> 51 Link
You already made it.

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That's crazy similar bro! Godspeed! We can make it eventually!

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Will i make it to 7 figs? What would you change in my folio?

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I have the same amount on UNN but I bought it on a whim. Was thinking of taking profits and selling. Any big news coming?

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You boight the top of coins that already mooned

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Started with 250 a week ago. Should I transition to Link at 1k or hope for another moon?

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Started with 500, how can I grow? I feel over diversified but I’m new. Thinking of cashing out REEF and going for some LTO

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Xor is going to $300 and Idle is going to $40. Both of these are absolutely inevitable. I've got like $1000 of some shitcoins not on here plus 15 million bao locked because I started farming super early and got like 8000% apy. Will be amazing if that actually pans out.

Started in September with 8 eth ($2400 at the time)

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Invest more in USD. It's like that stuff is printed out of nowhere.

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Mate put that Eth into link rn

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I've held GRT since 0.7, Avax since 0.35 and Reef since 0.03. INJ is the only recent buy.

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Sell me on Mana anon, why should I stack 10k of it?

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Id sell the ones that just had a massive run and buy other solid coins that didnt moon has hard recently

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Rate my coins

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Based retard.

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Fucking autism meant this pic

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I can't decide between ada dot or avax halp. I swinged avax but it dropped further, not a problem cuz i know it will go back up. I'm also the most bullish on avax, should i dump ada & dot in it? Rest are just small make some profit coins

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Everyday I want to rope for not getting to 1000 LINK
Gonna start chasing shitcoin pumps and dumps and put profits into LINK.

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>Forgot the picture am retard ngmi
Anyway advice?

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Thinking of buying 10k more more FTM, initial price that I bought at was .03c (17,200kftm) bought 5.5k more ftm at .18c

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Diversifying is a meme. If you want to make it, all in

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Poorfag here. Tell me how did you pass to 5 Digits anons...

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PRQ pushed me through

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So it's just like one chance opportunity and you change of sit ?

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Chad wallet you're gmi
I'd get rid of everything That does suck.
LTC, FLASH. RBC, PLT, BNB, USDT And distribute it across the rest. Well I would sell everything and go all in LINK but I'm autistic.
True but I think NFT's are dumb and worthless as the artist only makes good art if he is starving you will end up with hordes of grifters and shit art that clog up the field.

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I'm unironically going to make it because XRP.

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Completely agree on the nft part. But the whole market is a meme. Rari getting big awareness via celebs making their silly Nft’s. Only $50mill MC and not even on a big exchange yet. It will get huge

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As long as I don’t put my money into uniswap only scams, food token, .finance. I’ve never gone below my initial investment(fucked up on rubic because I liked the memes, and paid 1k$ For the lesson) otherwise it’s been a steady rise, also lost 5k PRQ on swinging, another expensive lesson.

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I've got a fuck it stack, wish me luck.

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Ditch FTM. Buy more LINK/ETH or another small project with potential. Depends on your risk tolerance.

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Shill me EUR

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Chad as fuck if that's actually all your money

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holy shit how did you make that much that fast! lmk

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LTO will get you there if you hold long enough.

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shit stack reporting

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going into LTO would be the right move anon

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How the fuck can people have portfolios with such tiny values that contain shitcoins? You're literally paying 1/3rd, if not half, of your capital on gas fees.

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Im more into stocks too. Checkout sos. Suppised to hit 20-30 in short order.

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Prices in AUD. Thinking of selling some nano to buy something else on Binance (non-US). Any shills for me?

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Seeing newfags fall for reef, asko, rubic, bao makes me sad not gonna lie, they have not experienced their first pump n dump yet

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You won’t!

Rename it to “Buying High”

You’ll make a large profit relative to how much you put in but you won’t “make it”

Maybe next cycle dude. You will make it with that mindset


Nice, another 0 BTC 0 eth folio

No ETH no BTC, trash

Super based

Buy BTC and ETH

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With such a small amount you need to go all in into a shitcoin. No room to hold blue chips like BTC. Find the next Rubi, ASKO and go all in.

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>started with 6200 2 weeks ago
How do I make it?

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Rubic will actually stay cubic fren. The rest are scams

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>House Fund
are you the same guy that posted many months ago?
has your portfolio actually moved? it looks about the same.

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got 20k in social security when i started uni and invested most of it, i think end of 2017 as the bubble burst
ive sold a few grand here and there to pay for rent

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I put in 670€ in total.

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Getting rid of Reef.

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Yeah but into what? That's the question

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am i gonna make it? i need quick bucks thats why i only own shitcoins started with about 2k, considering all the gas money ive burned, close to x2 in a couple weeks time not that bad

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Holy fuck you need to consolidate

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Observe peasants, I'd have more but I spent all my extra cash on plan b after I cum in your mom's.

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Based beyond belief.

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I may get rid of ADA for more XRP and ALGO

Still don’t know what to make of LGCY. I think it’ll be worth for long hold.

LCX is just a gamble that is still on the green. Bought it before the pajeet PnD.

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Underage b&

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>tfw read about XOR in May and didn't buy that shit

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Old pic, over 3k now. I've been holding BTC for a while, but I got ADA as another long. Dropping $600 next week, any recs? I'm thinking REEF and some Filecoin.

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started with $164 dogecoin, did I fuck up? newfag not reddit

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50% link
30% btc
20% eth

a retarded split for a newfaggot retard to start out at?

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Not farming w/ that bao stack..
Anon I....

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what app are you all using

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Is there anything else needed?

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That's a bold assumption.

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People unironically buy xrp?

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For new people. You need BTC. Everything else is gambling. I understand some shitcoins make gains, but do you actually think these “digital tokens” have value. BTC is the only thing that matters.

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