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>be me
>want 20 LINK
>Cry a little
>know it’s gonna go up to $100/LINK this year
>debate sucking it up
>scared some autist is gonna dump his 200k link bag at market
What do anons

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you should not buy anon. you don’t want to get dumped on by the iron handed autists

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just keep putting $50 of every paycheck you get into it, not hard

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safe bet, look at BNT or NU for some big gains, then put some gains into link

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Autist here. We ain't dumpin anytime soon bro. Go ahead and buy fren

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Literally just did this
22 link Mooney

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Also checked

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>Do I fomo into LINK when it's like 40 bucks
KEK. No.

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I know as I soon as buy in, it will plummet like everything else I buy.

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Chainlink's going to 100+ this year

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i have a little over 100 link... and I legit probably won't sell until 500-1000, which it might never reach

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Let's say you get to send a message back through time to yourself.
How do you convince yourself to buy Bitcoin at $34?
How do you convince yourself to buy Ethereum at $34?

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I would definitely trust my future self so I would just say it's me

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play alts for big gains. rotate into link afterwards

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very low probability of that. but even if so op would be better of finding something to 10x

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Don't be pedantic.

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But that's genuinely what I would do

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Anon here is how you build a stack during a bull: keep DCA'ing, but keep at least half of what you put into link into cash or stocks, so that if the bubble pops you have lots on the sidelines to buy more. Then keep DCA'ing the entire subsequent bear market. If you actually do that you'll get rich just like we did.

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I finally put 1k usd into it around 22 dollars.
Somebody sent me this video and it was what encouraged me, maybe it can do the same for you-

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Fuck this $35 stable coin

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This is you from the future. Buy LINK.

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Why would he future self waste time at $34 and not $1 or 12 like it was in december?

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Thanks, I'm going to do this. What other coins should I buy?

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Chainlink should #3 mcap based on fundamentals, however fundamentals are dead in the bull cycles, the only thing that matters is flows.

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Yes. Go into Airswap instead.

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Sure thing me, thanks for the heads up

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If I’m holding 100% monero right now and it just mooned, should I split my mooned monero 50% into link? I’ve seen it go from 15 to 34 so I’m feeling like I missed it because I was going to buy but didn’t.

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Any link is better than no link. Don't be discouraged by the OG's having massive stacks. Owning only a handful of btc and eth was laughable just a short few years ago.

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buy it dude, just got in today at $31, i was told in 2018 to buy, didnt. link isn't going away, seeing it from the almost beginning to now, it's a good investment. but you have to hold at this point if you buy in. shit i remember when i bought eth at $40. ive fucked up before but im building my little stacks, jump in bro.

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Imagine showing this thread to anons in 2018...bros....what is happening...

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it's weird because people had like 10k-20k stacks and that was considered poorfag tier back then
even third worlders were accumulating hundreds of link which was basically nothing but now that's thousands of dollars

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Sitting pretty with my 66.66666666 LINK

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Only have 4k links. Friends have 40k link. They've already made it pretty much. Link needs to get to $1k for me to even think about making it money. Even then it's basically only enough for a small apartment and a tiny little. addition to my annual salary.

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I buy $34,90 promo

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Buy some. If you think this is the top then don't. But it's going to get to $100 for sure unlike all your shitty pajeet coins so why not invest and guarantee yourself some cash

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Faggot. 1k or bust.

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new fag here what is to DCA?

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>just buy 1.5 LINK every 2 weeks dude
this is actually the best timeline possible

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I’m a $LINK whale and I can see what’s next... XTZ to $20 watch

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Dollar cost average, basically means buying in batches over time instead of all at once so you are less likely to be rocked by market fluctuation.

>buy 2 LINK @ $10
>buy 2 LINK @ $15
>buy 1 LINK @ $20
>buy 1 LINK @ $35
Comes out to $17.50/LINK as opposed to
>buy 6 LINK @ $20
In the first scenario if LINK were to God forbid drop from $35 -> $18 you'd still be profitable. If you bought all of your LINK @ $20 you'd be slightly in the red. Hope that helps!
>Ended up buying that LINK btw

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i've been DCA'ing into link since it was at 18 and now i feel like a fucking idiot buying at 33 when i could have just bought a fuckton at 18

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Link is a top 3 coin that is currently sitting at 9th place.

Think of that what you will

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Top 2 possibly #1

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Don't even think of selling before 1000

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Yes but it also could have dumped

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this is why i sold my 63 linkies. it was just too demoralizing to imagine how much more others had. I'll keep looking and maybe be early somewhere else

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Nobody gets it all perfectly, it's silly to think of it that way

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This, link is mooning so fucking hard it's funny.
So glad I stressed myself with learning about crypto three years ago.
You guys have any other recs currently?
My friend told me about Cosmos the other day, looks promising.

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dyor. have a look on DHT as well

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