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>baking a bread while nothing's happening

>last updated: Feb 8

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>not having a general everyday for shitposting

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I am financially ruined

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>Thread up for 15 minutes
>2 replies, 1 of which is the OP
It's over for bagholders isn't it?

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Rip vanguard and blackcock

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nothing is happening right now. markets are closed till Tuesday... more crabbing upcoming...

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you still came here to post, i count 3 now. dumb faggot. You get no (you) from me

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Kek, you're alright OP, don't come to the stock market tomorrow.

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I hold and don't feel the need to say it on every thread.
If you can't hold without never ending stupid hype on social media, maybe you shouldn't invest in the first place.

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What ever happened to that report that was supposed to be released showing updated shorts?

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we need some autist to save all these and make a mega pic to include evidence this site 100% is astroturfed. We all know it is but we can save some faggots for falling to the fud and keep newfags from making this place any worse than it is. Just look at what happened to /pol/ when the oldfags relaxed. It got out of hand really quick.

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it stated that short interest was still high. 78%. although this number is self reported so the real number could be much higher.

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I'm disappointed, there are shills that said "go to Reddit they'll find you" but in fact I found a guy who doesn't need me ...

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How is a random screens hot between two faggots on Reddit who probably colluded to make this pic evidence of anything lol. There's not even a date on it. I believe shills are being used extensively but pics like this just make us look like schizos if we say they are evidence of anything

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How much does a shill make per week and does it need to be reported?

>> No.28697149

when's it going back above 400 lads?

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i have seen many different screenshots of this. more than 5 of them. the point is to collect them all along with all the other evidence so that newfags and oldfags alike dont fall for this shit.

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I took the screenshot right now. I found this guy on r/wallstreetbetsnew. I am French (look at the time format, 16:12) while on r/wallstreetbetsnew the screenshot was taken by an English (2:52 AM).

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If a shill know someone who will pay me for shilling here on 4chan I'll take it. I posted the screenshot only because the guy refused.

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do you plan on reinvesting that one gme or are you gonna be a faggot

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based and same
there doesn't need to be a thread, shit won't open till tuesday.
everyone knows the motions at this point

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but its fun

>> No.28699087

playing psychological games with the trashy shills is fun yes, but I got stuff to do

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If you have a shilling job opportunity, please DM me on 4channel

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$200 for full time. Perfect for pajeets

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still holding never selling

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Remember, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the betting parlor.
GAMBURU Tuesday coming soon frens.

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Go to a real company kids


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>mfw imagining being a streetshitting pajeet shilling for 200 dollars per month
I feel a little bad for calling them out on their shitty shilling attempts now.
imagine getting a shitty birth roll and being born in india of all places. fucking hell, I couldn't bear such torment.
I'm sorry, pajeet

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The post reeks of curry and shit.
This is why you need to light your incense BEFORE YOU post, Mudahar.

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I do think there's a bunch of people on this board who are just pissed their shitcoin isn't getting pumped, because attention is getting diverted. plenty of those in the GME threads too

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so you guys think that lightning can strike twice?

the stock has stayed around the same price for the past 18 years but you think it's going to spike even higher yet again? well I suppose anything is possible if you're willing to keep holding for another 18 years haha

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How can one nigger be THIS stupid?

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look buddy the only people who won with GME are the guys who were investing a year ago when it was at $10 a stock one year ago

things are different now, you're in an echo chamber

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its been sub 30 bucks its entire life, why would you go on the internet and just tell lies?

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I bought at $25 and sold at $325

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>only just now going over 50 regularly
Again, a nigger this stupid must be a joke.

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I got stuff to do so I'm out until tuesday.
stop arguing with these retarded niggers, they're salty because everyone is holding GME and their shitcoin isn't getting pumped

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good luck

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Nah i feel bad for poojeet shills, so i "Argue" with them and get them paid.

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At its core this is a valid point. Do the due diligence in recording all relevant data to these screengrabs. I.e. time, date, usernames as well as additional corroborating screen grabs from the shills account history.

Good work anons. Fuck shills.

>> No.28701770

I pay people to make memes for shit coins i want pumped. I was paying $10/ image for McDonald's token and $20/ original meme

>> No.28701781

lmao. you're a nice man, anon
you think they get paid multiple times if you quote them multiple times?

>> No.28701950

I sure hope so, they deserve better than this poor dudes.

>> No.28702998

Are credit spreads the best way to deal with this crabbing piece of shit?

>> No.28703081

Fuck women
Fuck niggers
Fuck kikes

>you're in an echo chamber
And fuck (You)

>> No.28703674

Based on the options activity + Max Pain Theory, it makes perfect sense that we were pinned just above last week. For this upcoming week there's a couple scenarios:

-The most likely is we get between 55-60 by end of week. That will likely be the max pain spot. My crystal ball guess is $58.47
-Another is we go up to 60-70, which is also high pain BUT I doubt they'll allow the price action to give us that much room so quickly. Maybe the hearing will do something, but basing my calcs on the numbers.
-The BEST scenario, running through the calcs, is that we actually dip to 39.99 (ie JUST under $40). That will give MAXIMUM bounce level. I'd be shocked if we did dip that low though

>> No.28703889

Just above $50*

>> No.28704074

If we get a dip below $46 I will actually start to consider taking this seriously.
Maybe I'm a bit delusional tho, I really want to have some fun.

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>the best scenario is price goes down
lmao retards

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>I'm going to keep buying the dips until the company goes bankrupt

>> No.28704442

Tell me why dipping that low is a good sign? And how do we differentiate between a dip before a climb, and a doomp, just time playing the game?

>> No.28704514

>price going down is the same as dipping
You people are tiresome for real, give me a break sometime.

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>how do we differentiate
You get a crystal ball, it's simple.

You keep posting the same pic and the same fucking retarded statements over and over while raging and sperging out ocasionally I'm getting real tired of your stupid shit.

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>tfw you realise satanists and illuminati are cringe af and you are so above them
freedom above control

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>You keep posting the same pic and the same fucking retarded statements over and over while raging and sperging out ocasionally I'm getting real tired of your stupid shit.
I got it from someone else posting here. I thought it was funny.

>> No.28705133

>so you guys think that lightning can strike twice?
That's a myth you pleb

>> No.28705182

Is this the endgame, GMEbros?

>> No.28705209

Lightning hit trump tower three times in a row, and there is numerous cases of people being struck more than once. It's just fucking rare.

>> No.28705221

>3x $115C 2/19

i'm fucked aren't i

>> No.28705251

kike spotted

>> No.28705264

Calls and puts are fucked.

>> No.28705296

There's so much shit flying around I can't tell anymore.

Ave Satana

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Real talk, is coffee good for you?

>> No.28705390

>Chrystal ball

Then what do you mean by taking it seriously at 39.99

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there's low life larper that i don't care with the existence of and there's real satanists which i am above

>> No.28705433

What do you mean?

Just raw numbers my man. Like I said, though unlikely, if we do hit it I'm happy.

>stonks only go up hurrrrr

>> No.28705470

Your foreskin belongs to Moloch
Your children will also serve our purpose
Resistance is futile

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hate niggers
hate kikes
hate gamestop
hate when my puts decay
simple as

>> No.28705513

nvm just a larper

>> No.28705548

There's a lot of crayon work you can do, options analysis etc. We can analyze it from 100 different angles and no one can predict it. You can only prepare for potential scenarios. Based on what I'm seeing, a dip that low will be coiling the spring even tighter.

>> No.28705587


>> No.28706096

I never said that I think if it falls that low we're probably dead in the water.

You guys should understand by now that most of this discussion is literally schizo hypothesis and wishful thinking.
This is not fucking reddit neither is it serious /biz/ if you don't like it you can get the fuck out.


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We're in the endgame now.

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>says the shill using reddit spacing
You have to go back.

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Everyone's got their claws out on a Sunday thread. Endgame feeling

>> No.28706646

reddit is that way bro. we here take our schizo ramblings serious

>> No.28706757

Can you post a link to any theory / whatever to read up on that I can use as a starting point to my own analysis?

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Didn't this thing happen like four weeks ago? Why are there still threads about this

>> No.28706856

Pure cope

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hello fren!

>> No.28706904

You just gave me $15 with that reply suck my dick bitch I love reddit and I love foreskins

>> No.28706926

I'm 100% serious. This week is endgame.

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I just came here tosay that you are no bagholders, you are long time investors of gamestop

>> No.28706960

Hot tip for Valentine's day bros palladium is about to pump like crazy don't ask me how i know

>> No.28707084

$200... PER MONTH?


>> No.28707097

You can bet your ass I am
Since 2012 holding 10 shares
Never selling

>> No.28707168

You're confusing two of us. Look up Max Pain Theory. Using that is how I came up with these >>28703674 and correctly hypothesized that we would net crab this past week.

Basically, enough puts were opened below that price that the money makers pin the price to above that to reduce the amount of settlements they have to make.

You can look at the OI of open puts and calls for any given expiration and $ strike. The more expire out of the money at a certain price for the stock, the higher the "pain" (ie. the more options expire worthless).

Market makers push the stock prices to, or near the max pain amounts as a part of doing business. This isn't illuminati QAnon bullshit, it's a theory that's been around long before GME. I'm just applying it here the same way and it proved to be true for last week.

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Much appreciated Anon

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Yeah I want to reinvest it on GME, but I'm also gay.

>> No.28707504

the truth is you replied to a bot. making (You) the stupid one

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Take thisone too.

>How much is a Shill?
About the same amount as a MCD-Workslave, so it's not too much in the first two world.

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you better invest in your oshi's wallet afterwards

>> No.28709611

Which holo most likely bought GME?

>> No.28709666

what's happening tomorrow?

>> No.28709679

Bank holiday

>> No.28709741


>> No.28709866

Calli on EN Botan on JP

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possibly an update to FTD data
but maybe only after holiday

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>> No.28709953

It will maybe move on Thursday

>> No.28710002

What does this mean for the long term prospects of a bounce/squeeze? How long can we expect this 'pin' to continue before real price movement?

>> No.28710533

Couldn't tell ya. A black swan event (like Thursday's hearing) could completely throw everything out the window and make it start moving. Or not. Really doubt much would come out of the hearing though, so not getting my hopes up too much.

Outside of a massive catalyst, I don't think we can expect any crazy movement due to the above. I personally took some profits on the way up and now holding for the longer-term growth with the rest. Target $300 EOY outside of a squeeze event.

>> No.28710635
File: 111 KB, 364x290, signal-2021-01-27-173806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



It's the largest Steel company in America you retard LOL

>> No.28710795
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>A black swan event (like Thursday's hearing)
Is this really that much of a big deal? I wonder if this livestream stuff could go on the Twitch front page or something, since this is about games.

Also nice dubs.

>> No.28711295

>Really doubt much would come out of the hearing though, so not getting my hopes up too much.

Nah I don't think it is. But who knows, it's enough to put GME on the forefront of news again. If a squeeze is gonna happen we need hype too.

Would be nice to have it on Twitch! I'm sure some of those cringey Youtube 'traders' will be streaming it.

>> No.28711365


thats a horrible investment. Biden administration sucks of Xi on a daily basis, not to mention theyve rescinded exec orders restricting trade with china. US will be flooded once again with cheap steel from china. Stahp trying to get us to hold yer bags.

>> No.28711487

Congress is going to say "in the interest of fairness to retail and to penalize the conspirators, instead of a paltry fine, Friday morning the stock price will be reset to $1000. Enjoy."

>> No.28711829

One Bogdanoff call is all we need

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How are you feeling frens?

>> No.28712143

i fucking wish

>> No.28712552

Alone like every fucking day since last summer
How you doin

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>You wanted go to space, non?

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