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Yes you faggots are all rich now but most of you are UGLY INCELS

Money will never fulfill you as much as being beautiful does.

> Alain had a traumatic and abusive upbringing, both of his parents abandoned him when he was 4, he'd have problems in school and spent a year in military prison in his youth after misbehaving severely when in the army. Then as a total loser he arrived in Paris:

> According to actor Jean Claude Brialy, when Alain Delon arrived in Paris completely unknown he hypnotized everyone by his beauty when he entered bars and restaurants, wives, husbands, young girls, dogs, everybody in shock, in an interview before Brialy's death he said he had never seen such a phenomenon again.

> When Alain was discharged from the Navy and arrived in Paris according to the owner of a famous restaurant in Paris 5th arrondissement all the women in the whole district threw themselves at him. He started dating Brigitte Auber before he got into acting. At the time he did a variety of odd jobs, including waiter and porter, she was a famous actress in France and yet she was the one who was insecure.

> When he returned from the Navy and Indochina he befriended a leader of the Corsican mafia who introduced him to the head in Marseille, the later treated him as his son. French screenwriter Pascal Jardin said he was the only man who made him want to become a woman in order to know him better. The Italian director Count Visconti repeatedly stated Delon was his muse and "beauty itself" and reportedly he played the piano to put him to sleep when they were shooting Rocco and His Brothers. It seems all the people in the industry across Europe were stunned by his beauty, can see it from the words they used when they recall the first time they met him.


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I 100% Red Dead Redemption 2. Can you do that, wagie?

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Bet people remember meeting Bill gates, Bezos, and Musk with more reverance than some attractive dude.
Average + Rich and dont care

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I know this post will make some people seethe, but I kinda look like him

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Damn bro you gotta dick I can suck?

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Guarantee Bezos would trade all his money to be a 18yr old tiktok model

imagine you being someone like Chico,
imagine going first day to college
first party and u walk in looking like that

no amount of money could ever replicate that feeling


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>but I kinda look like him
No, you don’t

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If you go to asia you get treated like this. Assuming you take some care of yourself. I was fat when I went, and I still had beautiful women openly come onto to me. They didn't even speak english, they just made it obvious they wanted me. Perceived wealth/Power/Respect is a man's pussy. Not his face.

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to be fair that dude looks like really, really good

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>If you go to asia you get treated like this


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Well, I'd assume it's the same if you went to Russia with a bit of money. It's just gets harder. But lets say you're a millionaire, and you somehow convey this with your presence, women will see that cash as a big juice pussy they want to fuck.

Being good looking is nice, but women ain't us. They like it, but it's not all there is. They find money just as sexy. Like, if you're not a complete piece of shit, they will genuinely love and adore you if you're rich. If you're 400 pounds and pay her to piss on your face, sure, she'll understand she's using you. But if you act right, even while not being beautiful, women will love you if you're rich.

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you think he's unmoggable but he got mogged by bronson of all people.
plus some angle fraudin going on

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not in the age of internet where basically you tip 1 dollar to some cunt to shove a horse dildo in her ass

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If any of this is actually true, you should take it as copium lol. The dude looks like an average white guy and he's 5'9. I 100% guarantee you I would be able to steal his girl before he was an actor or had social status, at least nowadays that disneyxd yuppy prettyboys aren't really considered attractive anymore..

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"Guys, let me tell you what women want", says poster who's never had a gf.

go back to pol, lad

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>height 1.77m
Probably more like 1.75 (5'7")
Status: manlet

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being slight pretty is actually a major weakness, women will treat you as the pretty face boy, all superficial, and if women are less attractive they will hate on your pretty face and gonna play games with you

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biz boys are mick jagger

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women want attention and money and nothing more , specially attention , they love simps

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this is what a slightly above average white man looks like with make up on. He is not a, 8, 9, or 10 by any means especially since he's a manlet.

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>imaging being in your early 20s and having deep forehead wrinkles
holy shit

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You've kinda proven my point for me here, anon.

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I’m genuinely better looking than any bloke that has been posted in this thread. I’m just here to take advantage of the odd high IQ biz crypto gems. And OFC, Reddit is cringe.

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>mad roastie who cant bag a sugar daddy

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man its gonna be great when i make it and i have great genetics and am rich.

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We get it OP, its nice to be handsome.

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I'm sure he was in the 50's and 60's, the standard of attractiveness has changed immensely. A manly stature and jawline wasn't as important than. White guys were also more socially attractive than. Why do you think literal heroin addicts were considered attractive in the 60's. Now, almost every 18 year old white kid looks like this guy though. Height, tan, jawline, and frame are way more important now. This guy has none of that.

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So you're extremely good looking, you can get any girl you want, you find the perfect girl and get attached to her and what do your looks are good for next? Yes you can go fucking around but you'll feel guilty for betraying your girlfriend, if you don't she wasn't that perfect to begin with. You'll feel like every girl is worthless if you are like that and why go chasing worthless people?

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this is cope though being attractive is based and has nothing to do with being unfaithful

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keep coping OP you fucking abused dog subhuman truecel abomination

pic related

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Being attractive is good for fucking thots, I left my girlfriend to fuck around because I'm not a psycopath and don't like lying to people I care for, and now I feel guilty and realize fucking thots doesn't satisfy me, whether I have good looks or not it just doesn't mattet in my situation. And it will happen to you too, unless you're a sociopath obviously.

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I don't have commitment problems, so this will never be an issue for me.

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