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Guys, those who been long with BAT, do you plan to stick with it?

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Go back

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Not long but will hold for at least a year.

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not selling till $40

i dont give a fuck about any normie on here that doesn't use brave. i actually laugh when i see some crypto 'expert' (village idiot) on here that is taking screenshots on chrome. i lol every time.

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Brave is literally built on chrome lol

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Damn bro he got you
Post your blocker stats, I’ll share mine in a minute

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yeah they stripped out the trackers, idiot

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Which forked WebKit which forked khtml which...
I don’t even hold BAT.
Back to >>>/g/eddit

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Not selling until $40, even then probably only half my stack. Brendan is going to holocaust jewgle.

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I'm a long time BAT swingy. Sold off my stack this morning but will rebuy next bull phase. Probably the most undervalued token in crypto

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Similar plan here.
Half the stack at 40$ would eliminate the mortgage.

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Bullish divergence on the 30m timeframe for BATBTC

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Brave is an incredible browser, been using it for ~3 years now. BAT is a nice little addition to Brave and I think it will only improve in utility and ease of use.

The recent price action of BAT fucked up my entire world view of BAT though. I don't know where its price is going anymore. If it reverts back to previous price action, we're probably going back to around 30 cents and languishing there for a while. Who knows anymore though.

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its never going back to 30cents.

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Fuck yes, been holding for years and I bought even more at the recent top and don't care. This is one of the best long term holds in the space. Like buying amazon or google stocks early on.

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We will see huge numbers in march. The recent pump was brought on by just the market rise, if it falls it falls. Our moon shot will be this summer.

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No IOS support so for that reason I’m out

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This is what we're all hoping. It's an exciting project.

Not Brave's fault and I reckon they're doing everything they can to change that. Apple might come around some day.

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someone asked for stats, here it is

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Brave is a scam. Token is useless and not needed

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>whales still trying to FUD since the 4D green breakout candle is already locked in

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I'd stick with Jennnie forever anons

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If you don't sell now you will be posting pinkies for the rest of the year

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I'm stupid.
Mind explaining in layman's terms?

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Why is this guy a BATlet?
Doesn't that mean he has no BAT?

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Sucks for you. I have over 100 usd worth of bat just from browsing for less than 1 year. Imagine how much that will be after the moon.

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Hmmm. $200?

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except they didn't
it's better, but not private at all

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Been using the browser for a while, convinced my friends to switch. What's your price prediction, ten years down the line?

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At least $1

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in 10 years? BAT will be stabled off around $300 a token.

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>be multimillionaire
Do stop messing with me.

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lol I had to reinstall windows after inshitia's drivers fucked up and mine was 3 times pic related.

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How the fuck do you even get bat tokens? I've been using Brave for a long time but I've never even seen ads (yes they are enabled). wtf

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Not bad.
Not bad at all!

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Just FYI, you could have booted in safe mode and run DDU.
You could also have booted a live linux distribution off a USB and backed up C:\Users\(You)\AppData\


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I made about 100 in a year or 2 so no

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It's not wholly unreasonable. Just keep in mind ten years from now $300 won't be much given how much more money the money printer will have BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR'd.

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Hey at least we like the browser too.

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Fudge. So more like just a millionaire.

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only been using it about 3 months

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/g/ is right there for you

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You are awesome!

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>Just FYI, you could have booted in safe mode and run DDU.
No dude I literally tried everything.
Integrity check, DDU, reinstalling a bunch of driver versions, safe mode, the only thing that worked was reinstalling windows.

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you too anon
best part about BAT is that it has both real use and that makes it not a PND, and that is real value

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Are you a in a shit stain country or are using a vpn?
Bat is going to take off with their new advertising plan.

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What is that exactly?
Keep seeing thread about it being oil and everyone freaking out.

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I hate that you cant save images on mobile for some reason

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>0,1 BAT/day
not bad desu

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Some pasta for you to consume. It all checks out and is legit imo.

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Touch hold, Open in new tab, touch hold in the new tab to save. Not sure why it is this way though.

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If it comes up on the exchange I may consider it.

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This PnD script is so played out...

> mention obscure shitcoin in a thread that has no relevance, for instance, IEXEC has nothing to do with BAT or browsers in general
> another anon just "happens" to inquire about said shitcoin (in this case IEXEC)
> OP of shitcoin shilled has threads a replies that just happen to be ready about why the shitcoin is about to go to le heckin moonerino
> pottery

Maybe I've been here too long but its just fucking tired. It reeks of amateur discorders.

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I have nothing in IExec.
After checking it's price I think I'll hold off.

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jesus christ

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Still could have backed up AppData

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Calm down rajesh lol. I don't know that anon. I just like RLC and memes. I have over 150 RLC ones. I showed my BAT browser usage first too :)

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I leave my pc on 24/7/365 and it is always playing videos with 50 tabs open (not all playing videos and not to farm bat, I am just like that) lol.

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had no fucking idea this post will get traction, anyhow good to see the screenshots of how much time was saved from shit ads. But overall, I think the product is great and I will be investing into the coin just cuz I do like the product itself.

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> called out on shilling
> instantly accuses other anons of being a shill

The meme's write themselves.

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you can immediately tell someone is an unserious fucking retard when they follow their own statement with "lol" or "lmao"

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true lol

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I didn't say you were a shill. I jokingly called you rajesh. I am also not saying what you said doesn't happen. I am saying you are wrong in this case. Anyway, I am off to have a wank then sleep. Night, you paranoid fuckstick.

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People crave that stuff though which will make the price rise. Look at how many people obsess about collecting rewards points on their credit cards or at Walgreens or whatever.

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Seems like the downtrend BAT has been in over the past few days may be showing weakness and signs of reversing back up relatively soon. Specifically, it is showing these signs on the smaller scale so technically we'd want to wait for more signs on higher timeframes.

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I think there are just 2-3 guys here that made terrible decisions and are holding on, while EVERYTHING ELSE, even shit like NEO, BCH, ETC and all this dinosaur shit pumps. Let alone all the new coins. If you have sodld your awful bags and bought random new coins on Binance, you would´ve been 10-30x already.

Opening a BAT thread every day on 4chan will not make your terrible decisions from 2017 all right. I use the browser too but it is a typical 2017 ICO, where the token is hilariously useless. Your bags will keep rotting while the whole new bull 2021 season is passing you dumb piece of shit.

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Based lmao

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Look at how many pointless coins and tokens priced high right now that do nothing. BAT can get there.

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I didn't buy BAT 3 years ago
I bought it last week

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It's important to shill Brave every once in a while on /biz/ to the crypto crowd. For example, Brave's already building its own crypto wallet so it won't have to rely on metamask. Brave's wallet will be built into the browser.

People can argue browser wars, which browser is the most private, etc. but at the end of the day, Brave is the only browser taking active, meaningful steps to be the next generation browser. It's cornering the crypto field. Crypto is an essential part of the browser. Anybody that believes in crypto being a big part of the future should start using Brave immediately.

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Token is needed by advertisers to run ads on brave. Brave has 25 million active users and growing fast. Big companies already advertise on brave. You don't know what you're talking about.

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no it isn't lmao, what a retard, it's built on chromium, two very different things, how did you even find your way onto a crypto board?

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How? Its literally right there

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sure thing janoy

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>Brave is the only browser taking active, meaningful steps to be the next generation browser. It's cornering the crypto field.
Holy shit why didn't I notice this sooner?
Brave is the only browser that actually has built-in crypto capabilities.

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I need you to return to whence you came good sir

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I've been using Brave for 8 months. It keeps depositing my BAT into an Uphold wallet and won't let me remove my BAT from the Uphold wallet. I want to remove it from Uphold. How?

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go on associate all your browser usage with your identity for cents worth of bat

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Also by definition Brave is the only 'killer app' that implements crypto. No other crypto project even comes close.

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I love Brave and this whole experiment but goddamn they can do such a better job of promoting this thing.

>> No.28737105

That is changing. They are sending Brendan’s big ass head out for interviews and shilling.

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We crashing back down to .20 BAT bro's, plan accordingly.

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Maybe, I expect it to come back up monday.

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based and truthpilled

I shall be buying in the 25-30 cents region, once again.

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Why's that?

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I don't believe you. You never looked at the new tab page?

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How do I get the free tokens I got from using Brave to my Binance wallet? Do I have to use their wallet? I don't wanna buy BAT on Binance when I already own some on my PC.

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seriously man once they start to do some marketing this is going to go apeshit
You are going to get left in the dust and its going to be sad.

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No its not, Brave has been around for years with an active userbase of million redditors, if it was useful it would have already risen instead of crabbing in sub 1$ Pajeet hell.
Fuck you.

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Just go buy more PNK, you dont deserve BAT. You're not one of us.

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$20 in crypto a month isnt worth the annoyance of me looking at advertisements.
BAT is a poorfag token. end of discussion.

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Truly a smooth-brained take, I'm in awe of the true retardation that exists on biz. It may not be worth it for you (I doubt it) but with 63% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck an extra $10 a month could pay for a netflix or peacock subscription. Not to mention all the zoomers who want to stack crypto even though they can't cash out until 18. But you do you brainlet.

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