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This is your last chance to FOMO in before we break ATH. This is not a drill or pajeet scam/bs. Do it.

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If anyone here doesn't believe me, trading volume doubled over the course of 2 minutes. Its happening, load up bags while they are cheap and lets fucking go.

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.046 to .063 in the past 12 hours. a hell of a fake out. load up while you can. reserve those rights.

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307k stacklet here
I’m never gonna make it

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I'm an 8k destitute poorfag stacklet and I'm comfy as hell. I can't imagine how comfy you are fren. We are both gmi.

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I already bought my stack back in 2019. 1 million RSR!

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biz has been pretty good at calling rsr pumps, i only ever see this coin here before it goes up.

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South America has woken up and is pumping their new currency.

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Trading vol is nuts on RSR, I actually don't understand it

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you wont make it and if you dont understand, go shit somewhere else

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it was hyperbole, if you can't understand that then you may want to learn an easier language

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>mfw bought at 0.07

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Newfags dont listen to the shills in this thread. We're going down. This a dead cat bounce.

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niggers this is not the place to argue. Buy RSR and comfyhold

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how much did you leverage your short?

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This scam will go back to 2c

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Don't worry fren it will all be worth it soon

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It takes a certain type of man to hold RSR...

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