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I am unable to drive.

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Learn or forever be a no self-esteemlet

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That's okay. In 35 years driving will finally be illegal and we can all just relax as we're being driven to an unmarked location were we will be milked by large breasted women until we succumb to death by titfucking.

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How do you teach yourself?
>inb4 google and youtube
still can't drive, still have never been on the road

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It's the only thing I haven't been able to achieve
But I live in Europe, driving tests are not 'drive around the block 2 times' like in the US

I have spent hundreds of hours and a lot of money and I can physically drive but I can't pass the test
maybe I'm fucking autistic I don't know, it seems like an impossible task

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I couldn’t drive until I was 18. Here in Burgerland this is seen as a sign of abject failure.

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Satisfy whatever requirements of your local jurisdiction. If you're American this involves satisfying a test that involves going through a drive thru and parking with zero roadtime experience. If you're European or pretty much anywhere else you'll usually have mandated minimums for lessons, time on road and vehicle theory. Driving in a school car is possible but you're going to have to spam these lesson in quick succession to retain info if you're poor and don't have a car available for your own practice

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you better learn OP
how do you expect to get around?

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Anyone else have reoccurring dreams about driving and wrecking almost every night?
>t. 27yo no driver

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I have a license and "can drive" but it makes me very anxious. I don't know how to fix this... just drive more?

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sometimes I can't poop but I always just make the best of it.

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The test was designed to be passed. I live in Europe too, when I wanted my license that's all I focused on that year and I passed first time in the hardest test center in the entire country, so difficult it was decommissioned.

Only advice I could give to see if it's you or the system is continue practicing driving all the time and see if you can get the first test slot of the day so the examiner has not made quota nor have anyone to compare you to.

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I just use the bus or my electric scooter, I live in Europe and it's not really a problem
you forgot the part where you have to pass the test

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Same. Pretty sure I am cursed.

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lol what a pussified generation

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I was able to achieve most things I focused on. Not learning how to drive. I seriously think about doing some session with a psychologist and determining whether I even SHOULD fucking drvie.
It's not like it's necessary for me to get around, it's just like a single unchecked point in a checklist which stings a bit.

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you say that now but you'll eventually want to learn

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Can you do more than three laps in a racing sim?
Can you play a mario kart 150cc and not crash?

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Illegally buy beta blockers. I passed on my sixth test. It was the first test where I didn’t nearly die of anxiety

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Driving tests are such a scam in europe. I also tried many times and failed. Will try again sometime after the coof is over, but plan to take 100 extra hours of practice before doing it

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>anon makes it
>cant take girl on a Porsche through the Italian countryside because he cant drive

Do zoomies really? What is wrong with them

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3 liters of water a day, 150g protein and fat, minimal carbs, medium intensity exercise every 2 days at least, financial stabiltiy and hierarchy of needs met, no excess drug consumption that would fundamentally fuck you up and cause you to be worthy of feeling any associated deserved anxiety, it's your body signalling you're living wrong.

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>I never drove before I was 20
>Got a professional driving teacher because I was getting anxious about delaying an essential life skill
>Past my learners license, 1st time. Past my drivers license first time.
>Its been years and I am still a shit driver.
>Have massive travel anxiety and have to plan routes that I do not know days in advanced
>I have zero sense of direction and hate driving.
>All I can do is hope I make it and buy a self driving tesla in 5 years.

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I'm thinking of learning how to drive a motorcycle instead, at least it would be fun

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Same, I either take an Uber or have friends/gf drive me to wherever I need to go. No license and I turn 25 next month.

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I know right? It's so absurd, it may just be that I will be able to afford a lambo BEFORE I can fucking drive it

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>there are people who can't drive manual
>there are people that never sat on a motorcycle let alone rode it
>there are people that can't change gears in a truck with 18 gears without synchros
>there are people that didn't drive a T-62 in bootcamp

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Ground vehicles are for plebs

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should have been born in turkey
here they give license to everyone

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You can pass it anon, something is and has gone wrong in your methods for some time. I was having and awful time with it entirely until about 3/4 through that a really good new teacher saw the fucking awful Manlet teacher before me hadn't taught me brake to clutch control.

Don't waste your time looking for excuses and blame, you got this far and can already unofficially drive so you're not dysfunctionaly autistic. I believe in you, you got this

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Daily fucking reminder that burgers drive automatics and not manuals BWAHAHAHAHHAHA

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Gawd damn nothing beats the feeling of slam shifting your ass into the seat of a 20+ year old german shitbox, hauling ass around curves trying to find the limit where the tires lose grip because what is the point of living when you don't know where your limits are?
Nothing like blasting death grips while bombing down the 101 going over 120mph in a car that is entering it's third service life.
Nothing like hooking up the tires after slamming into second gear with the engine screaming BWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH

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Do they have to do their test in a manual car?

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wtf does it matter like driving a manual is even remotely hard you zoomer uber riding faggot

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>Same, I either take an Uber or have friends/gf drive me to wherever I need to go.
this generation was a mistake
you're basically a 6 year old

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No. As a general rule, Americans do not know how to drive stick unless they are car enthusiasts or have car enthusiast parents.

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If you dont have years of driving experience before you get on a lambo you will crash it within 10 minutes or scratch it trying to park, everyone will laugh at you and you will go home and rope and never enjoy your money. Stop being a faggot and learn to drive.
Automatics are pretty fucking comfy for american highways. I still drive manual because I love driving.
>has anxiety driving a car
>thinks he'll just ride a motorcycle instead

R.i.p zoomie

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you're living in the past old man, i get everywhere i need to go cheap and fast via public transport and don't pay for a car, insurance, gas, repairs etc.

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Daily reminder that the queers at BMW and Audi stopped making manual vehicles, and if you want to be a burger driving a Manual car you have to either:
1. Own a poor person's car
2. Pay out the ass

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Albert Einstein couldn't drive either

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>have to share a seat with Jamal blasting trap in his headphones and a stinky heroin addict every commute to work

i'd rather pay for the insurance, gas, repairs

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wait is this whole thread a larp are there really that many of you that can't drive?

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>zoomie who cant drive or afford a car cope

Absolutely seething enjoy sniffing strangers farts on public transportation I'll be setting up my AC to the exact temperature I want and blasting whatever music I feel like through my speakers

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Yes of course. You take all your driving lessons in a manual and you drive a manual for the test as well. If you don't know how to drive stick do you even know how to drive a car bro? All this automatic stuff is just to get low IQ and women behind the wheel, when driving is obviously only for low inhibition deathwish Chads.

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>tfw I did my learning and test in a manual but drive an automatic now
I'm kinda worried I forgot how to drive a manual, it's been like 12 years since I drove one

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Checked. Whether you believe you can or cannot do something, you’re right. Sad I got that quote from Family Guy, but unironically true.

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Listen to my tale fellow autists and know there is hope for you

>It’s 2012 and I’m 16
>Day of my driving test
>Massively underprepared due to parents always being too busy to take me driving with my permit
>Instructor is an old geezer, it’s literally his last day working there
>Pull out of the parking lot, make the turn onto an old country road
>There’s no speed limit signs(I later returned to check and there seriously are no speed limit signs)
>Ask the instructor what the speed limit is
>”Shouldn’t you know that?”

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because he was too busy stealing his ideas from the patent office
>when driving is obviously only for low inhibition deathwish Chads.

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500IQ alien here.

People who drive have a deathwish.
Driving is going to be seen as an primitive and insane activity in 1000 years

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Enjoy living your life within 5KM wherever you go, also being the biggest basic bitch tourist should you ever muster the courage to go beyond your safe space. BTW QT bitches love fags that are solely confined to bus route and hours.

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we aren't all flaming faggots.

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same, almost 25 and still can't, am I the oldest drivelet here?

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