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Thank me later!

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10 eggs marine reporting

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These devs fucking deliver man. Intelligent anons know that a high APY doesn't mean shit if its not sustainable. What makes it sustainable is a high burning mechanism EGG has built a unique burning mechanism (as explained in their medium article). These devs burned 90K and there is 180K circulating right now. They are not fucking around. This shit is going to moon so hard over the next 1-2 weeks. It's like buying Bunny at 5$ and Auto at 100$.

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>can't find the devs
pajeet/chink rug

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I'm not intelligent but I understand that there is some design behind the high apy.

I went in because it's absolutely going to 10x

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you will get rekt by the rug pull

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>copypaste website and farm contract
yep, stay away anons

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Burning so much upfront is not a good sign..

They are trying to get people to ape into it just in time to rugpull.

Look what happened to Ice Cream Swap ;)

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what makes this farming burning coin any different than the dozens of other failed farming burning coins in the past 5 months?

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I'm not done farming you fuck.

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this one has a different pradeep that will rug you

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why is the token so expensive?

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Low supply and its being burned.

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