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It's the OFFICIAL non-faggot GRT superthread. If you're a fucking pussy who sold go cope with your trash shitcoins somewhere else.

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i hope you guys are not being payed in this shitcoin

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The Russians and Indian scammers are going hard on this one. They bought for 2 cents each and now looking to retire. Ignore all these shill threads if you know what's good for you.

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They would have retired at 2.80 nigger, or you are admitting this coin is going to moon. Which is it

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Why you need to promote a coin so hard if its actually good?

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where my sub .50 chads at?

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Faggot nigger

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This shit looks like its still dumping. What should I set my buy limit order to?

I'm thinking $1.9.

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Imagine buying google stocks below 3$

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That seems like a good target but really who knows.

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try 2.3 retard

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>bro bitcoin will never be worth more than a pizza
>apple computers? why would I need that when I have a pc
>google? pshhh just use altavista bro

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.42 checking in

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for this coin to reach this price its because thousands were sold at very low prices.
Swingies got there profits between .30 and .80, they been sucking on india cows titties, now its time to suck on the bulls cock

You either in at 2$ or bye bye , the clock is running fast

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Can someone just post about this shit on reddit so it can go to $5 and I can dump, buy the dip, then buy more and wait for $10?

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thatta boi
ygmi anon

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the second point is correct though fuck apple

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>Almost all FUD is cut and copied with names replaced on any altcoin thread

They just make it too fucking easy? A newfag can figure this board out and make money in one day. What the fuck is wrong with everyone?

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I actually had this exact same thought today

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yeah bro they're super hurting for your business too being a trillion dollar business and all

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Oh money wise they're fine, i just meant in terms of actual practical use they're pieces of shit

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>What the fuck is wrong with everyone?
its all the same 10-15 dudes anon

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what about that based m1

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they were all better than google. google was the worst search engine and it succeeded

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.36 checking in

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>, i just meant in terms of actual practical use they're pieces of shit
unless you work in a field that requires actual creativity instead of jerking off to pirated anime and playing cracked cs: go deathmatch all day

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Don't know about it, but i'm sure it's overpriced like everything they make

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You are an actual nigger thinking apple is better for ANYTHING compared to any alternative
go to /g/ and get your ass fucked

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still worth getting into? I'm poorfag and have only 14 grt rn, can buy 150 usd worth tho

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no shit that's my point
all you faggot
>muh fundamentels
retards need to get with the news
perception is reality
spicy anon, very spicy

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Question. Can I delegate my get through coinbase wallet? I don't trust metamask

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sorry I need a UNIX environment that actually allows me to work without having to rice all day you stupid faggot

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>I can't be seen on a non apple based operation system even though literally anything i want to do can be easily done if i'm not a fucking giga retard and just look around! what would my hipster friends think!

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>If you could buy bitcoin at a dollar.. would you?

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Pretty sure it’s only on metakike

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>need computer
>go to apple store
>cute stacey helps me buy the sickest fastest one they make
>offers to come over and help me set it up
>dick her down when she comes over instead
>plug in computer days later, it starts right up
>edit the sex tape that night
thanks for the top computer advice bro, I'll stick with my methods though thanks champ

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"It just werks" a dumb nigger
terry would fucking hate you

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this is the dip anon

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nice strawman

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I'm too handsome to care what you ugly autistic retards and you're demi-god sperg lord think about anything

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It's not, anything you want to do on a mac OS can be done on either a windows OS or linux os

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linux yes
Windows if I want to fucking shoot myself

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I'd like to wait for it to go to 1.9-1.95 first...

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I'm waiting for another drop to .65 and then getting into it. Looks like the floor was .55c.

Yes this is worth getting into, but it's currently way up in the fucking air as to whether it will ever pump. Theres basically zero news or hype surrounding this project, but it has potential.

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sure bro be the only autistic faggot at the stylish mega chad bro LA meeting with a lenovo
we'll totally invite you for drinks afterwards, promise

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who would ever refer to themselves as handsome on /biz/ other than a anxiety riddled manlet

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there's plenty of lower entry-priced shitcoins to yolo into anon if you don't have much to work with
grt isn't going that low again

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You're not gonna make it you vain piece of shit, you're going to get robbed by a nigger like the justice you deserve

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Have there been any projections/predictions on how much GRT will burn yearly?

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any suggestions bro? I'm new to this but pumped on ritty all day and researching

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Absolutely based

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I'd actually rather swallow cyanide

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thatta boi anon, love the spirit
NuCypher (NU) is the next GRT
Orchid (OXT) seems intersting
I just swung some linkies into districtOX (DNT) - I'd recommend 100% checking it out

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that's delicious

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>entire market dipped twice in the past few days
>never touched 1.50
>briefly went to 1.70 and bounced back immediately to crab at the $2 range
>recovers nightly to 2.30+

Crazy to think this time last week we were ecstatic about it hitting $1+. Just buy and hodl anons its that fucking simple. WAGMI

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>*based on bullshit
I'm hyped regardless

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that pic is what's based

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there were some epic late night $1 waiting room threads last week
the fact we're holding steady $2+ is very exciting

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>TFW 0.60 cents cuck.

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appreciated, I'll look into these

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sheeeiit bruh ygmi
imagine being one the dudes asking if it was going to dip at .80 .90 1.50 when it took off into orbit and then fomo in at the top

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Got my measly 230 but need to get more

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how does 230K sound?

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holy fuck that logo is based.

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>the opposable thumbs of fingers
>the google of blockchain
>the double-decker of party favors
>the backbone of defi
>the google of web3.0
>the Tom Brady of football
>the shotgun of mouthwash
>the google of crypto
>the API for APY
>the McDonalds of diabetes
>the lamborghini of ferrari
>the corona of viruses
>the yoo-hoo of chocolate drinks
>the sasha grey of anal porn
>the thai ladyboy of trannies
>the starbucks of coffee
>the Belle Delphine of Onlyfans
>the katrina of hurricanes
>the never of womanhood
>the anal fissure of ass problems
>the aids of gay orgies
>the chicken of barnyard animals
>the dyson of vacuums
>the grey goose of vodka
>the Bud Dwyer of press conferences
>the amazon of worker exploitation
>the epstein of fake suicides
>the pajeet scam of crypto
>the BBC of cuckoldry
>the corona of viruses
>the peter north of cumshots
>the gamestop of melvin capital
>the Jimmy Saville of pedophiles
>the george floyd of fetanyl overdoses
>the Kobe Bryant of helicopter safety
>the Sam Hyde of mass shooters
>the Dan Schneider of child actress footfags
>the Auschwitz of leisure centres
>the Jeffery Dahmer of serial killers
>the MyPillow of head cusions
>the Joe Rogan of experiences
>the faggot of OPs

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can we break through 2.4 today?

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>there are anons here who sold the dip due to schizo china FUD posting

Many such cases

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30/30/30/10 split of this, nu, link, and shitcoins good?

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actually yes

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Too late to buy in?
Was hoping for a sub $2 crash

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So much for that

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Buy some eth and btc as store of value, but yes nice stacks lad

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Its cooming

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>sub .50
.25 is the maximum for grt chads. stay coping

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thats banana is cancer

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