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>GRT falling below $2
>AAVE falling below $400
>LINK falling below $30

It's over for real this time right.

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>BTC at all time highs

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Rejected several times already.
Peopl are going to start losing hope eventually.

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I’m comfy holding GRT knowing they’re the only one if it’s kind. Once you come up with a good idea and your indispensable no amount of fUd can bring it down

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not enough pink wojacks in catalog to be happening

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Bog.... please

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>BTC sideways moves
alt season

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Itll hold $50k in a day or two.

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>BTC needs to go to $100k just to double your money if you enter now.
>Fucking ROT has 10x'ed in the meantime.
BTC is for boomer gains.

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Somehow I believe in literally all of them but I am shitting bricks. Am I gonna get rekt /biz/? Should I strive for a better job?

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not this time, bog
check em

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its over anons cya behind the counter at mcdonalds

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It's funnier when you realize most BTC maxis only have like 50 at best that they bought when it was already at 1k. Most of /biz/ didn't care about crypto before it started to really blow up again in 2016, otherwise it was just a meme board playing in shit. Most of them panic sold any big stacks they had. Maxis are all talking out their asses while you have OG linkers with 10 million USD which is some number in SATS that I don't care about because only faggots care about sats.

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The sideways moves were in the past two weeks, fucko. Notice how all the alts pumped, then killed themselves when BTC started wildly popping up 5k and down 5k?

When BTC does a major retrace as the US stonks market and TSLA commit sudoku, all the alts will go with it.

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XRP still up

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Can any oldfags give some insight what the fuck happened to the alt season? I'm getting absolutely wrecked here, I put all my neets bucks into this one.

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We're in the middle of a crash, fren. BTC will follow soon.

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I'm up like 20k since December was up 27k just last week. Hands are getting shaky boys.

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People thought alts would hit btc price and became pump and dumps. People know better this time around. Mostly

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I just sold my GRT and it's back to $2 I'm fucking done.

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I hope you picked good alts friend. The good alts will drop by 80%. The bad ones will go to 0

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I sold the top. Like my pussy, bitch boys.

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Idiot. You realize a bunch of anons went in on it for the long term investment, right? No one on this fucking board saw it reaching $2 this quick. The general consensus here thought it would reach $3 around summer.

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Nope, just shaking out the weak.

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