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You should read what you are investing in before investing in something lol.
Vanguards lifestrategy 100%, why does that even exist, isn't the point for lifestrategy to have a fixed stocks/bonds allocation? Just use VWRL

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we are mooning in 4 hours SOSchads

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there are now 3 /smg/s

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No there're only two.
Ever heard of Darth Bane.
Bane decided "One Sith must contain all the power of the dark side. One Master must decide how that power should be used."[

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marketing for retards, like factor or multifactor etfs
A conservative time tested portfolio is simply 100% TQQQ

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I’m buying EH today and nobody can do a thing to stop me.

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But not with an female Asian ass.

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Are my TSLA funds safu or should I panic sell?

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>he bought TSLA
all my keks

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>offsetting my losses on US market with swedish market gains

fuck off mutts

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Deposited more money in my account.
Is subscribing to live data through my broker worth it?

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bump for recycling

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why is lenovo stock so low even tho they are making complete bank

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TSLA is unironically coming down. And no one knows what the floor is since it's so fucking overvalued.

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Why would a Japanese girl have a tattoo. That makes no sense.

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Why are Ford and Coca Cola so low? This is all a smoke and mirrors game.

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I don't think small ones like that are frowned upon.

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Welp can't throw money at SANP.

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They are. A lot of public baths will ban you for any tattoo.

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Should I buy Kanabo group shares??????

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you are doing gods work letting others exit

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KO trades at 28x with barely any EPS growth in 5 years. id say its over priced.

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You did buy SI, right?

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I'm in calls all day. I have nothing to say. So I may just have my laptop in bed.

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in case any bagholders didn't already caught wind, SNDL is going to dilute more of their share price by offering $1 billion worth of securities

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KO is post growth boomershit still depressed because of covid hoax. Ford (and GM) rallied hard lately until the chip shortage. F has debt and pensions and shit eating at its bottom line. Generally want to stay away from unionized workforces like auto and airlines.

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I have $1000 in GME gains, what do I put it in?

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based sndl employees. getting rich from leddit.

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DNN thoughts for today?

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If someone was still holding SNDL after after $3 they deserve those bags

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you'd be surprised

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The APHA chart is starting to look dangerously similar to the meme chart

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so we've got room to go up?

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Fifth time’s the charm. I’m going to ask this one last time. AQBros, what do they have to do to start making money?

>Genetic engineering
>FDA approval
>Property development
>Goddamn fish in the goddamn tanks

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Jannie is a confirmed SNDL bagholder kek

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Does someone has the weekend resume ofnthe sentiment bot? Pls post it

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janny janny catch the janny dragon ball J

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ARK funds just disclosed 13G for AQB
they now own 16.11% of the company
(February 16, 2021)

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>are we in a bubble yet.
Here's SPY divided by M2 money supply.

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>RYCEY mooning

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