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Where is the TG?

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tell me the sweet juicy drama anon

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I don't know the drama, I was trolling this coin pretty hard I didn't know it was literally going to presale rug lmao

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Would be nice to atleast know what happened. Telegram and site just gone, alongside my tokens.

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another weekly rugpull nothing to see here. Go next

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It sounds like you got rugged, Anon. Should have listened to me buddy, FUD or not.

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rug: pulled
curry: swapped
village: fed
children: happy
sirs: good

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>Telegram and site just gone
i think they're preparing to give everyone a 1 btc airdrop just keep waiting and remain hopeful

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this sirs
don't worry

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literally nobody on the entire planet put real money into something called "chode"

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Dev will refund me my eth right....hahahaha. like of course he will....whats his telegram sit ill ask nicely...its not like i got scammed it must be a misunderstanding....

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sirs i will refund ethereum but only up to 2 since i have already spent the liquidity on my village sir

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i still have all mine

first time ive been rugged, wish i could have at least seen it happen

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WHY are you wasting time on this when BNB and CAKE are going to moon?

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If I made a coin named retard.scam, how many if you would buy it? Be honest

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>trust the plan
two more weeks

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You can name it Dejan coin, Pajeet finance, Scamm coin, as long ass you say it will 10x, that it will moon, and have pepe memes people will buy it from you

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>HUNDREDS of my own dollar

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sir i would put all of my money into it

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sir hundred dollars can buy a many goat
i spend the money, you give me the rug?
do the needful, help me pull
one... two... three...

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Was/is this guy on drugs?

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he bought a token called chode

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Hello people and welcome to Pajeet Finance. Our newest token is Joe Scam token. You can buy it just by sending ethereum to this wallet address! 0x13f34853510162a062aBbfe60e65088Df41e071F
and dont worry you will receive a joe scam token in matter of like weeks or months. Our main developer is Joe, and he had help of also known developer Knoo, and also developer Loki. so itss total safe, its great investment, price only go up because we set the 3 percent fee for buying and 50 percent fee for selling so nobody can sell and liquidity is totally unlocked so well probably pull it out and sell every token but. Dont worry people it will moon, you just have to send ethereum, buy and buy more once it goes up on Uniswap. So thats it we done have website because websites are for boomers you just have this wallet: 0x13f34853510162a062aBbfe60e65088Df41e071F
this telegram group: chodecash
and you know we will also pay for the biz shills, for the pepe memes, so it will go viral, and it is probably the best investment of your life so just send that ethereum people OK byee!

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>Bitcoin at 50k
>Dozens, if not hundreds of legitimate alt coins pumping
>Retards decide to buy some flavor of the month shitcoin called chode
How long will it take for retards to learn? How many Tendies/Trumpcoin/Coronacoin/Nulink/McDonaldsCoin/Chode-like PnD scams do you have to buy before you realize you are a low IQ person with a gambling problem?

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Hell yea, it would be on dextools top 10 in less than minute.

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Christ, just stick to the top 100 faggots if you can’t tell which ones are rugs vs actual gems

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i just sent 100 ETH
i will be waiting for my coins sir

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Audible kek

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nigger subtly putting nulink in there was a pretty funny fud not gonna lie

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lmao it's the same pajeet from McDonaldscoin

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>unironically buying a coin called CHODE

Anon... I-

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I never bought it homie

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Not gonna lie, Chode had some god tier marketing. That little blue character was inspired. Especially with the "oh fuck I'm a gay little chode".
To whichever anon made that shit, get into webcomics or something. You're talented and you can do better than rugpulls and memecoins.

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Aren’t those names from rubic, Hoge, and mcdc? What were you thinking? Getting dumped on is a rite of passage in crypto at this point I guess.

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to be honest if you haven't ever been dumped on and you haven't made ~1 eth off of a 10xing PND shitcoin you're NGMI

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Checked. Kek'd

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BTW what this guy did was quite literally securities fraud. I would be ruthlessly trying to get my money back and report the address associated with the scam.

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