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The way I see it, this is the local top. Bitcoin will drop down to $30,000 soon and then go back up to the 618 fibonacho line. Then it will dump back to $30,000 and do again retrace to the 618 fibonachi. Then it will break $30,000 in April and we're in a crypto bear market until November.

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Whatever you say buddy

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>The way I see it

ok bobo..

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You fucking bears have been saying this since 20k

Admit it, you’re fucking wrong and mass accumulation near-trillion dollar companies is happening

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BTC will hit $1M this year and next spring crash to $300k before retracing to $30M

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sir bls

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don't gamble your money away
buy some alts and let them run
thank me later

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Well my position is worse, I am already looking for the lube when the bull come

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is there anybody more retarded than TA niggers

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Come on bobo. Even motley fool is planning to buy bitcoin. We are just getting started.

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I've been waiting months, bobo

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I don't usually let boboposting affect me but god fucking damn the last 4 days I have seen nothing but bobos and undercover bobos telling me this is the top and only fools keep holding. I've finally had enough you bobos are more delusional than ever. READ THE MAP

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