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Anyone else just not getting out of bed anymore ? I’m too rich to get out. I just order food to my door and get high all day watching the link chart and playing RuneScape on my phone

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i wish that was me. i only have 56k link, not even 2m

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That sounds so comfy. How can I end my terrible wagie life and live like you?

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By buying link 3 years ago

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>the ultimate goal is to make enough money so you dont have to ever do anything again
is this what late stage capitalism feels like?

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That unironically sounds boring

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I'll be there one day

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That life will get old very quickly unless you can keep setting new goals.

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Seems like a dangerous life style but you do you.

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I have a VIVE HMD and I just fly around in MSFS. Half the time I put on the headset to escape from dystopia to play hl alyx

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It feels great. I’m so high and the pizza guy is almost here. Just got another attack level at moss giants too

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Shitty lifestyle is what you mean

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I got a Quest 2 but runescape is unironically more fun

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What is the appeal to runescape?

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congrats on making it, but this lifestyle sucks dick. you sound comfortable with it now, but to anyone reading this that's looking for suggestions on how to fill the day after making it, I'd recommend:
>cooking healthy food
find healthy hobbies and do them everyday. oh also,
>no porn
>no fap
of you will DEFINITELY waste your life and feel like shit.

making it is about living to the fullest, not living like a wagie on weekend

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Mobile, nostalgia, and games these days suck so old games are even better

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You’re a faggot

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its a giant sandbox autism simulator. You get endorphin hits everytime you gain a level in the myriad of repetitive skills that boil down to performing chores or paying lots of gold to do less chores for more xp. Its still awesome, and I play osrs regularly, but the charm of the game kinda died with the grand exchange (although RS stonks and investing became a thing, RS gold is more stable than a lot of country's currencies, unironically). I miss the in-game arbitrage and social aspect of having to shill your bags to actual people in real time outside of banks. It felt "real", not just like clicking a button and getting a sale on an auction house ui.

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Maybe I'm already at 7 figures because that's how I've been living the past few weeks

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I’m a pker

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Escapism is all we have to look forward to besides death.

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Ironically I sit inside because I DON'T have money.

I wonder if these richanons would be outside more if they were poor..... hrm.

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venezuelans are unironically crashing osrs gp. it used to be 1m for a dollar usd... its not anymore

however i like ge because i can just buy my shit and fuck off. i got 99 agility because muh autism couldn't handle any skilling activity because it would deplete run energy inefficently. i only fish now though so it was completely useless

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you need to leave!

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Effectively bottomless content, so there's always something to work for
Excellent sense of progression
Can be played afk or very in depth
PvP and PvM

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Fuck this sounds amazing. I'm newly minted rich but still live in a shitty rental and have two kids. I'm ultra jelly. I want to get high all day and play vidja.

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I was inside too when I was poor but eating ramen and having to wage 5 days a week

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no, spend more time at church
you'll thank me later

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Goddamn it what a horrible fucking person this piece of shit is.

I'm out.

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He's right dude. I'm trying to do nofap / semen retention. I've gotten as far as 40 days, usually cave around 2 weeks tho. Ive been keeping journals and its ridiculous how much better I feel, how much more productive I am. Even dropping weed isn't as good for your mental well being

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My god the cheese they added for fuck sake dominos

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How the fuck are you going to eat that?

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Do you enjoy being inside all day, when is the last time you drove around in a convertible in the summer?

I'm poor so I find little things amazing, I've sat inside my whole life and I don't enjoy the constant theme of nothing changing, even my cats after being inside all winter coats become greasy and they are unhappy they want to be outside at least once a day.

I'm not being sarcastic or edgy just curious, I'm bored and I enjoy talking to you rich people spent my live understanding poor people but never really delve deep into the thought process of the wealthy.

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I’m not. I’m gonna order another one cause I’m rich kek

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how are you pking on MOBILE hhahahahahhahahahahah

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Also Ultima Online was a superior game.

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F2P pking lol. Gotta jump on the computer for p2p

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>Plays rs on phone

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Computer is uncomfortable

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He's unironically right.
you will most likely get tired of the rich NEET escapism lifestyle eventually if you're not an NPC.

t. lived like you for a year after /making it/

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Kinda the same as you OP, but I'm grinding Zulrah rn, I hate this boss but I'm close to getting a scythe so I can clap Slayer bosses with BiS shit pretty soon

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What’s the point of getting rich just to be a disgusting fat slob?

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So I don’t have to work anymore

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I was with you until
>no porn
you have to go back, faggot.

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>but I'm grinding Zulrah rn
Why do people grind bosses for gp in game? Do you really value your time at 40c an hour? Buy GP and get it over with

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Lived like this since November after making it. Already tired of it. Have HGH and Test coming soon and built a gym. Not going to sit around doing nothing anymore.

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Defeats the point. We don’t put dollar value on gp

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Hello fellow gigachad, please rate my stats. Recently started learning Chambos, currently at 15kc.

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>We don’t put dollar value on gp
Except half the player base does.

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I've been living like that for years except I'm a poor neet living on welfare in parents apartment. I literally order ubereats for every other meal and wake up at 5pm. I have crippling depression though because every day seems meaningless and I have physical and mental health problems so getting a gf is unlikely. gg I guess

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Cause I'm close and I'm paranoid about getting hacked by Vennys, I've read stories and cba with that shit. I could make an alt I guess

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based profiting from runecrafting 99 what a grind chad

>> No.29009092

8.5/10 need to up those melee numbers

>> No.29009097

And like >>29008941 I think it would kill the game for me entirely, I could never buy GP in any game not OSRS

>> No.29009150

Personally I don’t cause otherwise I would just buy everything and get tired of playing

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Thanks, it was actually my first 99. I just did a little every night in bed, took somewhere between 2-3 months. Currently doing the same with thieving.
I-i know...I REALLY hate nightmare zone.

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To each his own. I hop on every now and again to pk so I just buy gold right away for gear and supplies. The game is dead for me anyways. Retarded devs ignored pvp for years and keep pushing for pvm/skilling content #5285582. I never enjoyed pvming because its gay and repetitive as fuck.

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links a scam


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When I finally make it, instead of being the decay of western civilization, I will actually go outside and play RuneScape IRL.

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Damn bro if you are really so loaded you should stop ordering from shitholes like Dominos. At least find a slightly higher end place where they know how to make a decent pie.

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how many token are you toting? i 31k, slowly waiting for the opportunity to flip my boss's boss off and walk out forever.

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thats' the most dangerous thing about weed
with weed, you always have something to do (more weed)

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Who did we make a deal with?
Who did we make a deal with

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my dream is to grind woodcutting on osrs while living is a beautiful snowy mountain side, with some nice river flowing by my property.

I want to be close to outside, just not actually inside the outisde.
its scary.

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i still have to get out of bed to walk my dog, but otherwise i mostly do the same. ive been high 24/7 for LINK's entire run so far

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everything else was closed this late

>> No.29010898

lol same.

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runescape players have made it
world 2 has prepared them for this market

>> No.29012211

It’ll get old eventually. I did that for about two years after I made it, then I became a pilot for fun.

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desu this is pathetic you will realise eventually. without urgent goals, life is insipid.

>> No.29012507

Anon you’re depressed

>> No.29012612

that's the life

>> No.29012879

Has anyone taken a sabbatical at work? Are you going back to the grind?

>> No.29013175

I was never working to begin with kike

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keep jerking away your masculinity to pixelated simulations of girls, faggots.

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how rich we talkin

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I've been off my wagie cagie job for 3 months and have no desire to go back desu

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true, but nobody cares grandpa

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Link is old news, if you didn't buy early you're priced out.

Have a go at something fresh anon, 10x to 100x on launch


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I care damnit, I loved that game.

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Sounds fucking based to me

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A while ago I realized, even if my net worth 100x'd, I'd still just want to be alone in my room playing computer games.

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Post pizza still intact fat piece of shit

>> No.29015565

big agree
too bad new rich isnt saving for his grand sons but just wants go get high

>> No.29015593

supplement with /fit/ and asian escorts and its perfect

>> No.29015656

I just need to get to the copier, Sheryl

>> No.29015837

How are your investments doing?

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>living the life

>> No.29016223

>had two chance to finally pay off all my student loan debt and just be able to start fresh on Gamestop
The only reason I even get out of bed is eating and cooking. Everything else is just miserable. Stupid shitty job, no friends, stupid shitty apartment.

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real making it is intentionally not making it, as you eventually realize actually making it is not what making it was made out to be

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All those years in W2 Falador Park and the GE have lead up to this moment...

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So...you want to live like a caged animal?

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I haven't exercised for a year now and this thread pushed me to start again
You should do it too anons. Look for bodyweight excerises on youtube if you don't have equipment, or do as I did and use large water bottles if you have them.

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Absolutely based

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i've been NEET since may 2020 and all it's done is made me terrified of going back to waging

>> No.29017578

At least play rune scape on a big screen fatass

>> No.29017697

>living to the fullest
by living like a monk, you dont need money to do any of that shit, why do you even bother?

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fuck sitting at a desk when you have pic rel

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What a faggot.>>29008094

>> No.29017866

I was a wagie until I got involved in this pump group

Invites just opened
discord gg/Ug6PHtWtPY

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I get morbidly depressed if I dont leave my bed but if other people find nirvana doing that then they should go for it

>> No.29017997

as people have pointed out this will get boring very quickly and you will hate yourself and feel empty and depressed. then you will remember >>29007586
and live a better life. all part of the cycle
t. done the exact same

>> No.29018066

I was on furlough with bennies mailed every week for 9 months and it was the happiest I've ever been in my entire life of 36 years. Eat shit.

>> No.29018143

what does your post have to do with mine?

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Nah but after smoking for a while it stops being fun, like its just not as enjoyable. You're high doesn't last as long and you start to feel like your wasting your time. I use to dream about this lifestyle but after a couple college summers it loses its appeal. Of course you can always do more drugs, but even that loses its appeal eventually. I've come to realize that what truly brings me fulfillment is doing random shit with my friends and reading philosophy. Money is just a means to that.

>> No.29019294

based as fuck

I get out of bed just for my health sake but I basically just stay inside all day and shit post, this world is full honkler now and I’m sick of it, just want to make obscene amounts of wealth while doing nothing

>> No.29019542

Prove it. Give 1k right now

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Absolutely fucking based. Anyone who played runescape had an invaluable headstart to the concept of digital scarcity.

For me, it's meditating, reading (self help), personal projects (art/music skills), exercising/stretching (a mile/few mile run or walk daily outdoors will do it, also make sure you're getting at least 15m of sun), and taking online classes. The key is to remember that inspiration is born of necessity and a compulsion to do something so don't feel bad if it hasn't arrived yet, and NEVER compare yourself to others if it makes you feel like shit. Wear the horse blinders and compare your progress to yourself. Be honest but incredibly flexible, never let habitual hiccups discourage you. Nearly any activity can lead to some kind of unique edge that will better you as a person. Hell, fucking runescape merching skills got some people rich.

Would not condone the drug use, I have no advice for that.

>> No.29020708

hate neeting
hate waging
hate school
hate people
simple as

>> No.29020719

Biggest cope ever tbqh

>> No.29020814

real value? ok Ill sell you my philosophy books for 1 BTC deal?

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Between OP, the unchecked trips in the fp, and this one I gotta say it's really just this.

>> No.29020880

>this world is full honkler now and I’m sick of it, just want to make obscene amounts of wealth while doing nothing

This. The world is upside down entirely now so this makes perfect sense.

>> No.29020915

Talk to me in 5 years anon
Guy is right

>> No.29020938

you try hard puritan good boys are starting to piss me off.

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Imagine thinking you can live life to the fullest without going on prostitute murdering sprees like Bateman

>> No.29021298

Based. How much do you have?

>> No.29021421

I did that for a year and hit morbid obesity for the first time ever which sucked and was dumb. I wound up quitting my job and finding one that didn’t make me want to kill myself all the time.

>> No.29021423

this bro

i was a mercher back in the day had millions of GP, the most fun I've ever had was the live markets where everyone was spamming and haggling like a third world wet market, good times

>> No.29021596

>tfw was such a poorfag at the time that I could only buy 2k links
My only regret was being poor

>> No.29021610

>grinding mobs for gp
MMO equivalent of wagies kek

>> No.29021694

absolutely based u already made it anon

>> No.29021710

>Nope, on the contrary. I used to lay awake at night without being able to sleep and than wake up before alarm clock and stare at the seiling for half an hour because I dreaded and loathed going to wagecuck. After I would finnish coping and seething silently, I would still perform the normal wagecuck duties. After work would spend the whole evening and weekends shut it at home researching shitcoins and learning SWE on my free time. I wanted to kms daily.
>Now that I am 8 figures in crypto and cashed out 7 figures, I quit wagecuking and wake up early, exercise, spend a shit load of time outside, socialise, hobbies, etc.
>Havent touched a video game in years because I no longer seek to escape from my reality, I welcome it.
Thanks for reading my amazing blogpost.

>> No.29021771

Kek you sound absolutely pathetic. One day within the next 1-10 years, you’re going to ejaculate, realize how pointless your existence, and off yourself. Nobody will give a shit

>> No.29021796

Lol projection much?

>> No.29021918

thanks for sharing but here where I am it's a miserable cold dark winter and everything is closed due to covid, even hookers aren't as active now.... where does a richanon even spend his money? video games are the only escape right now

>> No.29021922

>I no longer seek to escape from my reality, I welcome it.

The reality of 2021 is not worth welcoming imo. I dont mind hunkering down and rejecting it whilst we get rich, and hopefully when freedom returns and Im not under house arrest or being looked at like a potential guinea pig I will be able to embrace a reality thats actually good.

>> No.29021949

A) samefagging on 4chan proves my point
B) nah, I’m poor af and live a life 10x more fulfilling than you and am working on a legacy. NEETs are unironically bottom of the barrel trash. Talk to me in 10 years when you’re dead hanging off a rope (since nobody will have bothered taking you down) and I’ve done something bigger than my own existence

>> No.29021997

god this is really my fucking dream to do this and not feel shitty. If I lay in bed all day and do nothing and not work, I feel all unaccomplished,

>> No.29022018

sounds like cope

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File: 111 KB, 828x842, 5F256EFA-DC91-46E7-AC3B-4123F7417572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn’t even read the reply chain and I currently haven’t slept since Tuesday because I’m working on something. Your level of seethe is just pathetic.

>> No.29022050

Congrats, you’ve made the most midwit tier argument on the internet

>> No.29022121

holy based

>> No.29022132

>3 posts by this ID
>replied to my original comment in under 10 seconds
Neck yourself OP. Go back to playing RuneScape

>> No.29022142

living the dream

>> No.29022176

Enjoy being a poorfag forever you salt-poisoned cluster B retard.

>> No.29022188

you seem to be really invested in internet arguments, why so mad bro just chill

>> No.29022242

Pretty based, but you forgot to also cash in on the NEETbux to show the middle finger to society. Not working is 120 IQ, but being a wizard while actively destroying society for your own enrichment is the real 160 IQ move

>> No.29022265

is it to late? I can affoard around 70 links. Maybe it still has alot more growth? i can hold for 2 years+

>> No.29022290

>Enjoy being a poorfag forever
What an original thought you have there. Thought I wouldn’t expect less anything from a useless NEET. Ask yourself this, if I died tomorrow, would a single person, let alone society lose anything of value? The answer is obviously no since you drew the ceiling for yourself at jerking off and playing video games all day. The money is just buying time before your inevitable suicide

>> No.29022299

I’ll sell you my maxed main for some linkies op

>> No.29022361
File: 33 KB, 657x527, 1609466925811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's have a /biz/ nh tourney. 10 linkies if you can beat me on my max med main, 3 rounds max.

>> No.29022482

Same as every RPG game. It gives you a false sense of accomplishment

>> No.29022639

No fap is a meme, no porn is real though.
You need to reset your T level cycle by jacking off every 10 days or so, peak is at 5-7 days and goes back down after that.

>> No.29022690

what are you so mad about

>> No.29022746

>training at moss
>not 99 att already
fucking noob

>> No.29022765


Falador Park... Great memories.

>> No.29022770

Fuck my asshole daddy fagget cunt.
Can I pls buy 4K from you @ 90% market .. ?

>> No.29022824

add me on tg @chocolatechode

>> No.29023351

>wow is much more popular but /biz/ are runescape players
there is gotta be something to this

>> No.29024514

How does that work? I'm intentionally not coming for 2 weeks now, is it unhealthy to keep it in that long? I feel better not coming doh. More confident and assertive.

>> No.29025471

Good exotic weed will unironically entertain you forever. This is not necessarily a good thing.

>> No.29025541

Lol just build yourself into a huge animal cause fuck it, you have the time. Gotta say that sounds great can’t wait to make it and congrats

>> No.29025691

>Still coping

>> No.29026149

You’re a fucking loser

>> No.29026327

Why the fuk isnt ur firemaking at 99? Easiest skill to lvl

>> No.29026548

You were literally granted a dick for a sole purpose of fucking and reproducing. If you won't use it at least for some sort of stimulation you aren't using your reproductive system. Why should it keep up?

I say don't watch porn since it really fucks up your brain long term, but fuck a lot if you can, and if you can't, masturbate once or twice a week.

>> No.29026723

My gf won't put out and I can't coom without porn. what do?

>> No.29026810
File: 28 KB, 323x356, 1605692751650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This cunt gets it.

>> No.29026941

Kek underrated

>> No.29027025

Stop listening to this bullshit, do what feels good, if you cum buckets over some porn it gives you happiness and your balls dont shrivel up. Holy shit, does everyone here want to be part of some redditor hivemind?

>> No.29027043

This but still porn and Fap

>> No.29027088

>imagine thinking it ends at death and you've wasted all your precious time in this human incarnation on image boards, games and getting fat on fast food
nothing wrong with fast crypto gains but at least make yourself a little worthy of it in the eyes of the creator

>> No.29027103

Take it from me: the best entertainment is free

>> No.29027131

>My gf won't put out
Why is she still your gf?

>> No.29027194

>make it
>become a lazy sloth
you’re doing it wrong

>> No.29027219

digital heroine


>> No.29027244
File: 168 KB, 748x766, 1613549379149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Porn is cancerous, mind rotting garbage made by jews to keep white virile men weak. Why do you think it's banned in Isreal and most of the porn industry is owned by jews? They're the largest advocates of interracial porn in the world. Wtf does that have to do with
>muh redditor hivemind

>> No.29027370

Based greater good poster, there no happyness in idle curiousity. imo the concept of reincarnation is very invigorating, the idea that if you fuck up the world you'll be thrown back into it later and have to deal with the effects of what you've done is interesting.

>> No.29027593

>Porn blocked by default in israel
You learn something new everyday, I've been finding it really hard to kick daily jacking off, I avoid almost all porn but if I go too long or try too hard I cave and go to drawn shit. Any nofap anons have tips?

>> No.29027823
File: 261 KB, 1125x1729, 445F2E42-5E6D-43C4-8C96-3C3921AC6C56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jacking it is fine, watching porn isn’t
>pic attached

>> No.29027876


>> No.29027925

You sound like a kkk member. You have a white +18 I can stick my big black Dick in? You can watch

>> No.29028099

based and checked

>> No.29028126

It does end in death my dude
Do what you want with your life because I can assure you nothing waits for you when you're dead and your existence will be forgotten very very quickly

>> No.29028161

end your life

>> No.29028781

Poor unenlightened anon. You will see the light whether in this life or the next

>> No.29029218

whatcha doing there, rabbi?

>> No.29029817
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Is it too late to become a richfag in crypto?

>> No.29030004

Based. You holding ARPA or Bella? Staking gibs = like 4 pizzas daily.

>> No.29030307


>> No.29031281

Fuck off

>> No.29031823

Enlighten us

>> No.29032093

I keep my battlestation out of my bedroom specifically to avoid OP's situation. Now all I need is a home gym and I'll never have to leave my apartment ever again.

>> No.29032167


>> No.29032665

How rich do you need to be to live like OP? What is your threshold for no more wagecucking?

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