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You, yes (You)
Come here, I got something for (You)

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>1M Mcap
>working product with updates every other week
>ads on coinmarketcap tomorrow and coingecko on monday
>competitor project actively bots the downvotes on coingecko against it
>weekly AMA
>white team

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Best tool imagine not having a make it stack

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what is that

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Wow this is a real project.

Loading the bags now, Ty anon

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a bee

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The dextools killer

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What’s this? Seems like a sure 10000x

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It’s Cryptokek $KEK. Seen it shilled here a couple times but this is the first time I’ve looked into it. Dev’s are community active af

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what do you have for me?

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bsc implementation would be the killer. 5 mil market cap at least. which is 5x from here. kek. invest 5000 k take back 20000-25000.

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Make it stack is only 10k
Suicide stack is 1k
Its very early still

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Use case?
Suicide and make it stacks?

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Sounds like a gem.
I tried it, it’s very fast to use and much cleaner than dextools

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Its 100m tokens compared to link 1b so 1/10th the quantity for a make it stack

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Interesting. What does it do? Other than making us rich of course.

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Im not a trader but it offers trading tools including bots

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yeah and I heard BSC pairs too

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Take all my Eth sir. I want the “make it” pack.

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here u go son 1 kek

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I'm leaning more and more towards this

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it's gotta be OXEN
no one who looks like you would NOT be using privacy tools

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nice side shill faggot, gtfo faggot

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