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Any OG marines here who’s sitting on their LINK stacks and contemplating whether to stake right now third party (ex Bancor) or just wait for Sergey to release staking? Linkpool is too expensive right now, so I’m hoping for an alternative in the future - any news on this front?

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Use Bancor for now and then switch to real staking once it's released.
Real staking will most likely have a higher APY.

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I'm just holding. I don't trust anyone with my linkies, except official sergey approved oracles.

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I only have 1500. Until an official link wallet drops and I can stake there, I'm clutching them like rosary beads.

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waiting for real staking, probably going to use coinbase

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There is no point for staking to release. It’s working fine now isn’t it? What’s the point? It’s not like there are any enterprise users that requires some real collateral

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How much can I get from a 2.5k stack?

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The idea of not holding my keys on Bancor really scares me though. My thought process is like this: Whether I stake or not I’m still inevitably going to end up a multi-$millionaire, so is it really worth it to stake on Bancor for some pocket change? The risk is not worth it in my estimate

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except most likely there isn't going to be an official link wallet

you'll just stake with exchanges like coinbase if you're a normie (like me)

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OG marines stake
but on aave leveraging their interest to short LINK. If you see a sergey is dumping or some other fud thread it is 1000% an overly over leveraged whale that
>Deposited LINK on aave
>borrowed LINK
>redeposited LINK
>did another borrow cycle
>shorted LINK
Do the same, stake on aave and liquidate the trapped whales

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wow I cant tell if these are bait or not. impressive

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You trust the Bancor Jew?

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How big is your stack?

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More than 5000 LINK but less than 10000 LINK

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7500 link at 4.51% interest on celsius is 962 bucks per month
Not pocket change really

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you have your own keys on bancor

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I've got 20% of my link stack divided between Nexo and Celsius. The rest is just sitting in cold storage doing nothing.

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I'm not trusting a piece of code made by bancor jews, no thanks.

I'm also not sending my linkies to a cex like celsius so that they can manipulate the market

I also don't know how to run a node so I'm just sitting on my ass at this point. maybe if AAVE's apy was a bit higher, I'd send some there

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you cant short the asset you deposit on AAVE

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OG here.
This is going to be one of the hardest dumps on steaking and the project will basically fail because people will never use it for anything other than to PnD, which will completely fuck the tokenomics and make the whole thing useless. Sergey will realize this and just disappear along with the rest of the team. SWIFT and co will realize this, and begin to quietly remove any references they have to this embarrassing experiment which - who knows, might have succeeded if it wasn't for the retards who infest this place and run painfully obvious shill and fud campaigns. Many of you will experience the kind of hopium crash which actually kills people, and I suppose suicide is a fitting reward for some of the more smug retards who clutter up this board, but I hope it isn't all of you.

There will be no more memes, no more dreams of lambos or whatever NPC tier 'rich person's car' you've picked out in your imagination as you're left in the dirt holding a bunch of link bags. Even a fraction of the money some of you invested in link could have helped you make it during the next bull-run in a legitimate project. Imagine that. THAT is what you should be visualizing. Not your stupid fucking holiday home, not your imaginary future "faithful" gf / wife, nor an early retirement where you don't need to toil away at menial tasks for your betters from inside your 9-5 existential prison cell - you should instead be visualizing yourself scraping together what little money you have left in the wake of your devastation to try and ride something like BTC or ETH up, and your dream of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS suddenly becomes a much more realistic 10k-20k at most. I mean it's not bad - more than you intellectual runts probably deserve. You'll all see I was right. I always am.

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bancor/coinmetro isn't offering actual staking i don't think. just an interest account. LP will be the only actual staking option on release

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I am waiting. 15k here.
I've made it already, just need to wait a few more months. A few k a month in income isn't worth the risk in my mind.

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You don't do that part on aave, obviously. How many lending cycles did you went through, up to 98% like most of the ogs?

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the "BETA USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" header of bancor and just KNOWING there are turks involved makes me not touch this shit with a 10 foot pole even if I can make a lot of money. sergey will let us know when its time.

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my Celsius interest payments are paying my bills right now while I wait for staking.

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I don't want to fud my own investment, but Sergey should consider the effect not supporting staking for a longer amount of time will have on the future use of his network.
As it stands having an older node which has been white listed by his team is more important than having a collateral.
If customers get used to it they may consider paying for nodes with a higher collateral a waste of money, because he proved that Chainlink could work for years without staking and a need for collateral.

But maybe he doesn't care about the type of customer who prefers to use a failed oracle instead of paying for a higher quality node.
The banks will have enough requirements to force them to use nodes with a collateral if they don't use a workaround and sign an offline contract with the node providers instead.

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everything in defi and crypto in general is at your own risk anon, nobody is held accountable for anything in this space. the second argument is sound though

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How often does the Celsius return update to reflect the current price? Seriously considering parking my 40k linkies there and paying attention to the rest of my life for a while.

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r*ddithands typed this, very, very, very obviously.

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not your keys not your crypto, they are using your linkies to suppress the price, hope it's worth it

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Sergey uses Celsius. My little stack won’t make a huge difference.

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>Sergey uses Celsius

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Would I be an idiot if I have 50k linkies and stake it on Bangor or Celsius? Seems like if so pretty well but the fud of not holding in my wallet has always gotten to me

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So they do the same that every Link fag does that spams sergey is dumping threads?
Wonder why there has been an increase of
Could it be that whales are getting nervous looking at the uptick in interest on link over the last week

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Only for his ETH and BTC stack...

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Damn this is a good point. Breaking through 30 was massive but yes once we’re over 40 that’s huge, whales can’t just suppress this shit forever. At some point there will be a major breakout. Kind of sick of getting stuck at every fucking dollar increase. Why can’t we be like any other coin and just pump past a certain point, literally we spend weeks at ever dollar amount

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Only linkpool holders will be able to stake for the first 6-12 months or so. Also you get a pretty significant profit advantage if you hold linkpool once staking is live.

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they can if Linklets don't compete. A tuna can liquidate whales alone on bsc and heco, but to get rid of the aave link shorters, it needs more linklets, and it would be enough if the amount of link borrowers would just go up another 20% no matter the amount. Cycle 10 Link to 250 LINK, risk 5 and liquidate whales by 4 digits link

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>Why can’t we be like any other coin and just pump past a certain point

because retards are sending their tokens to centralized exchanges for "le comfy staking gains that pay my bills"

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There's staking where you don't have your own keys?

>> No.29060387

>it s the ebin chinese cex
Puh, you link shorters are a class for themselves. War was declared, methods to hunt you will be specified in the coming days when I mapped you all

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Yeah I was going to say, but figured that faggot doesn't deserve any attention

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How risky is staking on bancor? I've never actually used any defi lending platform.
I have 2,000 linkies that I've just had sitting in a wallet this entire time.

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there's all kinds of defi scams

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I have 40k Link. You're saying I could use them to fuck up those responsible for the price suppression? I'm tired of this shit.

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Lol, you gotta love nufags

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> linkpool too expensive right now

It’s going to be even more expensive after the erc20 port.

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yes. Take some and do what they do. Amp up the interests on link loans by amping up the demand.

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I guess so - I'd rather not hand over keys to some random anonymous devs. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

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I just got fired from my job and even if I only staked 20% on Celsius with an interest of 4% a month I could pay all my bills. It’s really tempting to do it, but what are the risks involved?

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pro tip, use several wallets with small stacks to trick the bots

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Enough with this. YOU CANNOT STAKE LINK ON BANCOR, THE POOL IS FULL. At least do the minimum of a semblance of due diligence and go on their site before asking stupid questions

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Hmmm, you’re right

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Thank you.

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you need to go back

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for specific sniping on bsc, yieldwatch.net, stalk link whales

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in bancor nobody has access to the smartcontract besides you. if you stake using your hardware wallet connected to metamask then you basically can't have your linkies stolen, the only threat is a bug in the code

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see >>29060954

fucking retard

>> No.29061254

Isn’t Linkpool too expensive? Aren’t most people priced out

>> No.29061403

Define too expensive

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Quick rundown on LINK AAVE manipulation?
t. 4k stacklet who knows nothing about markets

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Overpriced. If an alternative is right around the corner I wouldn’t want to give in to Linkpool

>> No.29061841

this is where i'm at
i don't want to lose my ticket to generational wealth due to a contract exploit

>> No.29061939

Well it might flip BCH. No guarantees brother.

>> No.29062054

Depends if you want to stake as in lending or stake as in node operator staking. I personally prefer the latter. 1 linkpool is around 3k links at the moment.

>> No.29062107

lot of linklets park there link, interests on supply low. The ratio of whales borrowing link to supply also low, means low interest. Imagine linklets withdrawing their simple parked link and other linklets taking mini link loans, demand rises, supply falls, interest rate rise, whales cant pay back their link loans, get liquidated by other whales

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You are called Simeon and work for the scamming Nexo company:
You take the stacks of your clients to short Link and market dump it on Binance to try to cause the price to crash and buy back cheaper your stack.
Unfortunately people are buying the dip instead.
Let's make an article on Zeus capital explaining how our partner Sergey is scamming people with Chainlink!
Now put our customer's BTC as a collateral on AAVE to borrow a bigger Link stack and market dump it on binance.
Shit it's still not working!
Put all the BTC of our customers to obtain the remaining Link stack they have because if the short squeeze happen we will go bankrupt.
Better to risk exchanging the dumb peoples Link stack who put in on AAVE for BTC when it goes wrong than not being able to buy it on Binance.
It was a close cal, we just lost 30% of our client's funds and technically are bankrupt.
Luckily they will never find out until they get the idea to all withdraw their funds.
They care more for their interest rate than for their stack after all...

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you need to go back

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This. People don't understand that at first, the only "pure" link staking possibility for people to stake on nodes will be lp. There is a screen shot floating around where someone from the chain link team confirms this. All other options (eg coinbase) will be lending your link for interest, not staking on a node

>> No.29062325

>1 linkpool is around 3k links at the moment.
And what are the expected returns? Because I could definitely afford 1 Linkpool right now

>> No.29062367

i wouldn't with my whole stack
since you've got so much you could do 10k split between celsius and bancor (and possibly other sources in case one fails)
that way you'd still have 4 make it stacks while making enough to possibly pay rent

>> No.29062420

If so many people defaulted on their loans that celsius goes bankrupt you lose everything
Or if mashinsky or whatever his name is is a scammer you lose everything
dyor to decide if it’s worth the risk
Sergey uses them so I trust them but that’s just me

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Constantly. They pay you interest in LINK weekly, every Monday. I have 3k LINK parked there.

>> No.29062574

>interest of 4% a month
it's 4%/year

>> No.29062642

Your also risking your $240k in LINK on a centralised platform for $962 a month or $11544 a year.

>> No.29062666

Nobody knows. If someone answers don't believe him he doesn't know. I just go from the assumption that they'll try to be attractive for stake so at least 3%. But I don't know really

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celsius shill mad as fuck. imagine giving your linkies to a company that hired a pornstar to manage your assets.

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what about exodus wallet?

>> No.29062854

whatever dork

>> No.29062919

>I just go from the assumption that they'll try to be attractive for stake so at least 3%.
So I have to pay 3k Link for a return of 3%?? Lmfao, why not just wait for $1000 and cash out 3 million instead? What could possible be appealing about staking then?

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>There is no point for staking to release. It’s working fine now isn’t it? What’s the point? It’s not like there are any enterprise users that requires some real collateral
its not even bait and I ain't even mad. link token price makes no sense on any level. kek
>be me
>link OG
though I have "derisked" half of it at 20 into BTC.

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You don’t pay you loan

>> No.29063180

Really? And can I get my principle back at any time? I might actually get 1 LP the. Right now

>> No.29063291

Yeah this is not really a stacklet thing

>> No.29063345

Fuck sorry didn’t realize you were discussing linkpool, in that case ya you need to buy it outright my bad
But for like nexo/cel/blockfi you loan

>> No.29063427

I mean, he has to buy a linkpool first

>> No.29063483

Staking APR is going to be dictated by the market. It's not something you just punch into the code.

>> No.29063562

>fags afraid to stake on bancor (decentralized) but will put it on fucking celsius(centralized) for lower APY

>> No.29063614

Yes sure. I mean they'll adjust fees to be profitable

>> No.29063713

Some form of interest with pre staking could be nice but it has the potential to backfire and attract more of these gambling addicts.

Looking at their telegram full of staking hungry gambling poorfags is painful.
I don't know how Eric manages to keep his calm when he has to repeat the same thing multiples time each day and has to link the article present in the message people are supposed to read when joining the Telegram channel.

>> No.29063984

I’m on Celsius right now getting 6% APY on my links, you’ve got to be braindead not to use this. Fuck linkpool. Celsius is partnered with Chainlink, Sergey trusts him, so do I. Owner of Celsius is doxxed so no chance of a rugpull

>> No.29064017

Isn’t Bancor full right now? How can I put myself in the waiting list

>> No.29064223

contract exploits exist
so really you're gambling either way if it's CEX or DEX

>> No.29064249

6% a year? Do you park all of your Link on Celsius or not and if not, why aren’t you going all in? Are you afraid of potential downside?

>> No.29064285

thanks just bought more

>> No.29064305

I’m almost to the point where I want to start discouraging people since it’s the scarcity of link to be loaned out that helps keep the interest rate up

>> No.29064490

Some anon talked about coding his own notification for when space opens. They will also implement feature where you can open up space with your own bnt. Other than that you can just wait if they will expand the pool again. I have relativly small stack but 20% APY with IL was just too good to miss

>> No.29064497

The total locked value in defi is now higher than chainlink market cap, there's a need to scale up

>> No.29064514

how much do I need for staking?

>> No.29064695

I have seen some anons buy defi insurance. I would probably do it too if I had bigger stack

>> No.29064805

Staking with Bancor is different from staking on the network. You're lending out your crypto so they can trade, like you leaving your crypto on an exchange, but getting paid for it.

>> No.29064885

I keep my linkies in nexo, 5%APR and interest paid out daily, which is about 0.3 link a day now. Not sure how they manage it,

>> No.29064908

Thanks bro

>> No.29064928

Agreed. All the shilling lately of the merchant's lending platforms has really comforted my choice of waiting for linkpool staking. The usecase is real and natural. I don't mind lower returns if it comes with some peace of mind. But I also understand nufags, not sure this is attractive to smaller stacks.

>> No.29065021

i love how you guys go thru so much trouble to fud this. its what got me into chainlink to begin with.

>> No.29065023


Is that 6% paid in LINK or CEL? I have like 600K in LINK and I can't bring myself to use any of these platforms. I'm so paranoid. What if I broke it into 3 parts and did Gemini Earn, Celsius, and Bancor. That is if I could even get in Bancor. Not to mention I have a separate computer I use for crypto only and Celsius doesn't have a webpage yet not to mention I'd want them to have Yubikey compatibility as well. I could be making like 30KUSD+ a year on my holdings if I wasn't a bitch lmao

>> No.29065247

celsius has no impermament loss risk though

>b-but bancor has insurance!
if LINK's price goes up rapidly, bancor tokens will be automatically printed by the millions to make up for the difference lost, increasing its supply. the traders will then want to sell their BNT/take their LINK away to avoid losses, driving BNT price even lower and requiring even more millions printed to keep up with LINK's price

this will continue in a negative feedback loop until impermament loss is inevitable and a lot of marines have lost most of their LINK, with the consolation being worthless BNT bags that don't cover even a fraction of their loss

>> No.29065288

Chainlink is using celsius but I'm still too afraid to make the plunge. I could quit my job right now with the passive income from my stack sitting in celsius but Jessica Khater always crosses my mind. Anyone else have any thoughts on celsius?

>> No.29065295

I don't even know how their fucking exchange works.

>> No.29065508

You can get paid in link or cel depending on some things (check their website for details). You get a bit less %wise if you get paid in link.

>> No.29065586

Cel is releasing a desktop app very soon

>> No.29065693

i'd trust blockfi more than celsius but sadly blockfi doesn't offer link rewards

>> No.29065718

Do you advice lending your whole LINK stack in Celsius or a certain percentage of your stack, let’s say 20%?

>> No.29066699

If you read the thread you will see that I’m merely considering for the time being. Probably a percentage is smarter in case something gets fucked up.

>> No.29066848

Want a ref code for cel for 20 bucks btc?

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