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how much is generational wealth

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10M + a penthouse in Pattaya

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Minimum 10 million. 25 would be better

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10 BTC

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500K is nothing loser

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In crypto? 100 million. If you think crypto's going up and you dont have 9 figures, you're going to get drowned out by all the other crypto multimillionaires. if you dont stand above them today you never will

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Is that you F__nch b_o?

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How many generations are you expecting to live off that?
1b minimum. When I say generational wealth I don't mean my kids get to go to college or get a trust fund that they can put into voo the rest of their lives and my family stays bottom upper class until america collapses I mean my family can literally fuck off and conquer the world however they want to for hundreds and hundreds of years.

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He's gone anon, killed himself and gave his cash to Nick Fuentes in January

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probably, do you have a message for him (me)?

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Yeah generational is 10m minimal. 3 m to never work again and live like a boss till you die.

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I never gave money to any zionist bootlicker

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it's not real and if it was it wouldn't turn you white

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Don't larp as him faggot unless you can produce a timestamp

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tell him to do a sign with my hand i will do it

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you can easily get off of 1m or especially 2m put into an index fund and make a top 90% percentile salary but 10 million dollars will be worth nothing and will likely not exist in 3~2 generations

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For me about 1M but everybody in my family lives to be 100 so I won’t get to enjoy anything... but I will enjoy my kids not getting any until they’re 80.

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Looks pretty similar desu, if you really are him I hope your doing well

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8 figures.

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>3 m to never work again and live like a boss till you die.
I have this and it isn't as great as I think you think it is. I mean... it is pretty great though.

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post your cock again

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I'm doing normal, I miss Pattaya
Europe is depressing no matter the amount of money you have


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lol no but i will give you some OC

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Money wont make your family conquerors fren

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sounds like poorfag cope to me

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I feel like you need mid 8 digits or at least 9 digits for that
you'd need to have your wealth in so many different assets that you're immune to market risks
plus you have to account for your kids being retarded, doesn't matter how rich you are if you kid decides they want to buy private jets and yachts every year

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Hi FrenchBro, wyd with all your spare time?

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billions of dollars in diversified into hundreds of different currencies and resources will certainly help

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It doesnt matter, its mostly about DNA and family culture.
Just get a jewish wife and let her handle the kids, that would give them more power.

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