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Tell me why I should pump your bags.

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Are there any coins that aren't up 4x-10x already this month AND aren't pajeet rugpulls?

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celsius token. trust, i just moved all my portfolio in there. big AMA happening tomorrow at 1pm

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screenshot of portfolio please

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How's the weather in Mumbai?

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YLD App better than Celsius, smaller market cap and tiers which will price people out and give 20%apy on native yld and 20% on stables. If it reaches same MC as Celsius it will 15x from here... PUMP MY BAGS

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Time's up boys, I ended up putting $100 into BNT and a bonus $100 in RVN
I hope I don't regret this. Better luck next time boys.

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lol you can't even pay gas with just $100

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Well it's $200 I mean my wife smokes $200 of cigs every 14 days.

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Lol at you faggots who pay gas. My exchange doesn’t do that shit sweetie

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don't ask just pump the shit. INJ made a partnership with AVAX, Huobi and Polkadot in a day. But you are still watching?

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Meat balls

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Sup guys, have you already found your ideal project? I ask it because I’ve found and I wanna hear your opinion about it. Three main reasons to invest in Crop Finance:

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buy some TON with little money to make it 10x when the Tokamak Network start to mooning with ethereum

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