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>LINK oracles enables DeFi
>DeFi would have never gotten to where it is today without LINK
>In return,i LINK gets a kick in the balls and spat in the face, becomes the most shorted crypto thanks to early whaleniggers fucking with DeFi
Can't make this shit up

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Well stop fake staking your Link on exchanges for 4% returns.
You are just loaning to short sellers.

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Never selling
that is what happens when a token has a centralized distribution of early brainlets that cant do more than borrow reborrow and trap themselves for some 3% in interests in a smart contract. Are their credit default swaps for aave?

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this project has already mooned.. idk why people even bother putting any money in it. other projects that have yet to moon don't be emotional invested to this shit.

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kek literally all the biggest "defi" apps don't use LINK (Compound, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Makerdao).

the only ones who do are AAVE and SNX and will definitely switch to something else once their founder dumps their LINK. They're not permanently tied to Chainlink at all, can be replaced as soon as something better comes around, or as soon as they feel like it.

Chainlink is an extremely overvalued scam, and you fell for it.

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i keep mine on binance so cz can short it and give me more time to accoomulate :)

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