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You knew it was coming. Time to eat crow stinkers. This is just the beginning, $25 by Sunday

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Based uncle chadfag. teach me your ways.

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I bet you get liquidated again faggot

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I will try my best, now that this is an official hedge fund certain things won't be posted BUT... I will try to start more educational threads. LINK is a nice example of something to short, while BTC is an easy example of a long. So there's your hedge. We can get more into the details when I start that thread

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No chance. $37.40 is impossible with the current sell walls, and you don't have anywhere near enough buying pressure to climb vertically. I hope you stick around all weekend as I open additional leveraged shorts. LINK has pumped on zero news, releases, or adoption. Easy. Short.

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oh boy you are about to get wrecked old fag. again. we are making this somewhat of a tradition arent we?

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Hello old friend

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Based and short pilled thanks Uncle Oldfag

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These threads only mean one thing. Thanks oldfag.

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