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How we feelin, BATbros? Patient and diamond-handed as ever, if I could guess by the solid support levels in the charts.
When moon?

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I was told there are thots in this thread

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Holding and friendship.

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Thotposter dumps in Saturday threads so you’re a day early (burger time)

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and occasionally, thots.

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Yes. Occasionally.

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Rocket ship is fueled and moon mission is imminent.

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>entire thread is thot discussion so far
I doubted his shilling but he really does generate a lot of traffic for BAT threads it seems

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yeah i just realized it's friday, i had the day off randomly so i thought it was saturday but it's not...

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I wish to bury my nose deep into Beatrice’s anus while she makes that face

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im getting lendingtree advertisements now. like the loan/mortgage company. they want to refinance with them

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my man
brave refinancing? lol

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based BAT thread

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Define moon.

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based UmiCHAD

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after losing part of the BNB train because I went all in BAT i'm starting to feel this is like a toxic relationship: i keep holding but only misery comes

give me hopium bros

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Our foundation is beyond solid.
You can use the product.
Ad market cap allows for insane growth potential.

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Reasonably, I'm thinking a 2x before the end of march with strong bullish momentum continuing after that. Then, after that, new BATbros hop on and start making BAT some sort of meme about making free money while browsing the internet, and degeneracy ensues, driving it higher than its previous BTC rates. That'd put it around 5 bucks I'm thinking... by the Fall. Could be nice.

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Whoa that's ridiculous.
Think it can hold after the moon mission though?

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>can it hold?
That's the thing. I feel like anybody holding BAT has balls of steel at this point. No more weak hands. And the product still works, and is being developed and talked about by Brendan Eich (creator) in interviews online... so... for what reason would BAT be overvalued? Plus, with about 500,000+ active wallets as of late 2020, there are definitely people who are interested in crypto, BAT, and Brave, who have not invested yet but might invest upon seeing strong upward momentum. At the very least, they might stop selling it for USD if they see that it just keeps gaining value. You don't even need to log onto an exchange to notice your uphold wallet gaining USD while your BAT stays still.
...Therefore, to me, it seems like everything is being set up for a huge upward move by this token. Finally. Seriously, been watching this token for a year now, looking for a good entry; and my gut tells me this is it.

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the thing about this fucker and I shit you not I deadass shit you not is the next leg up isn't 75 cents it's 6 fucking dollars and then it's 12 and then it's off to the fucking races WE ARE COMING IN WAVES

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If only I actually took the time to READ what BAT was in the past years.
Been using the browser but didn't get into BAT until recently.
Oh well, at least I've got a stack to ride with you guys now.

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ded thread

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I don't even want to fud here but do you guys realize this thing spiked to 9000 sats in April 2019 and has been gradually tanking vs BTC since then? It's barely hanging above 1,000 sats at the moment.
I like BAT but it just doesn't gain like other cryptos. It really doesn't gain at all unless you can time the swings and dips of a bullmarket...and if that's your plan then you're better off picking more stable high mcap projects, or even risky low cap ones with 10-100x potential.
I honestly just feel bad for the bag holders because of lost opportunity cost. The superbull is coming so I would say right now is the perfect time to buy BAT, but you could say the same exact thing for 99% of non-shitcoins in this space. And 98% of those will outpace BAT anyway.

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Hey it's beating my bank account.
That's all I can ask for.

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Posting in an epic thread

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Well, advertisers were buying from Brave who was minting coins. Now supply is almost gone and Brave is aiming to release SDK for actual decentralization. Then we can expect an increase. BAT isn't your regular PND coin.

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You know it!

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Can't argue with that.

Didn't mean to bring negativity, I just think the larger gains this cycle will come from elsewhere. BAT is a good project and people actually use Brave - I just which it would show up in its value.

That's news to me, anon. I'll have to read up on the tokenomics. BAT used to be on my radar for the long term so I will dig

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speaking of news, when are we actually getting them? i get it: no hype, transparency, honesty etc but jesus christ we need some sauce from the team.

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BAT's strength is in its safety and good growth potential.
Even if we don't moon hard it will also be unlikely that we crash to zero out of nowhere.

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Pay with Bat is coming end of 1st quarter. Allowing you to bypass pay walls just using the Bat in your browser wallet.

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We are gonna make it. Trust Brendan's plan.

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It really is inevitable.

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Best browser.
Not selling till $60.

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Fuck, now i know its a scam coin if its being shilled here

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I'm not going off of nothing, here.
Have you seen the BATBTC charts? Huge reversal has started. Yes, BATBTC has lost value. A lot of it, actually. But the reversal trend has just been confirmed and BAT is undervalued and a safe blue-chip crypto, having nearly a 1B mcap. MACD on the weekly for BATBTC is about to print its first green candle, and already has done so for the 1D, 2D, and 4D charts. Looking super solid. Weekly price action is also finding support on the conversion line, closing in a day or so.
Also, if there's room for downside, it seems minimal. It's holding support at 0.60 USD and 0.00001070 BTC very well. If it breaks through, then it's swingable, but I just am not seeing the volume from the bears for the past week.
I'm convinced that anyone who wanted to sell already sold when BATBTC dropped from 0.00003200 to 0.00000590. Weak hands are gone.
I just come here to get a morale boost from the classic BATbros who've held on through thick and thin. It only convinces me more and more that these prices are locked in.

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aaand just like that the short-term downtrend may be ending as the conversion line just crossed the baseline upward on the 15m timeframe for BATBTC...

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I'm never selling. Ever. I will be using the pay with bat feature for the rest of my life

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Where do you see us potentially heading upside wise?

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Good plan.
Sadly debt is annoying and needs to be dealt with eventually.

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I want to see that juicy one dollar.

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If we cross 1250 satoshis with volume and hold that cross with a good retest, I see no brakes on the train till 2000 or 2500 satoshis. There may also be a notable pitstop at about 1850 satoshis.
1250 sats currently = 0.70 USD
1850 sats currently = 1.03 USD
2000 sats currently = 1.11 USD
2500 sats currently = 1.39 USD
Current ATH (USD) = 1.08 USD
Current ATH (sats) = 5.24 USD (9400 sats)

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Yeah I was thinking around 5usd too. Could run a lot further though.

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Still holding on, we will have our day. Hopefully.

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Holy smokes.
Thanks for the dope.

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>No more weak hands.
For the coin to moon, a bunch of paperhands need to jump on and pump us. Changes the dynamic. Won't totally collapse, but it won't hold near its potential ATH.

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Yes, weak hands will also join.

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what are your picks? long time bagholder, i'll never sell until $40 but i'd like to hedge beyond the ETH/BTC I have

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I feel exactly the same sitting at 60¢ as I did at 20¢. Feels like we’re back to that good ol’ sideways crabbing that every BAT holder knows so well. The slow bleed in SATs.

I don’t know. The recent moon was nice but felt long overdue and then predictively subsided. Instead of another leg up we get another eternal crab moment, meanwhile BMB of all fucking tokens shoots off to the fucking moon and BTC and ETH start another leg up. BAT continues to crab.

It’s all so tiresome.

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BNB* I fucking hate phone posting

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As fresh blood to the BAT threads... I can tell you that the momentum is upwards right now. We are finding support on the charts, not resistance. I would not be in these BAT threads for the past week if the momentum was not upwards and positive against bitcoin. So chin-up, oldfren. I see great upside for BAT--it's happening.
I'm looking at the charts every day.

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There is an exploit in the browser

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Just saw this. A leak in the tor private browsing functionality. Shame.
Brave Tor browsing was slow anyways--too many anti-bot services just seemed to hate my Brave Tor connections and perpetually asked me to fill-out captchas for half the sites I wanted to visit. I just stuck to Tor itself when I actually wanted to browse on a VPN.

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what are these "self serve ads" I keep hearing about

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what's the exploit?

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to BATbros

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I see.

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based retard

Thought they hotfixed that Tor thing like instantly

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You get to make your own ads via the BAT system.

>> No.29196637

Yeah, I think it was pushed to a stable patch already. The articles are coming out today but they're all speaking in past-tense as if the issue has already come and gone.

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unfathomably based

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Slow and steady wins the race fren

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BAT's pretty fucking slow.

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Looking forward to something for your whole life?
Sounds like a great way to live.

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Project Themis is really only getting started. They're currently in a "Request For Comments and Code" phase where they're looking for partnerships to design/implement the scaling solution needed. It'll take months for this to really get going. And probably a lot longer to get fully integrated, I suspect. Don't expect significant news in the near term.

This coin is for people with a looooong time horizon.

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So many are talking about BAEX(#baex) now, but I started using the system just today. Can defi binary platforms be profitable and transparent? Because this one looks nice with yahoo finance quotes source, a mathematical algorithm. There are too many stock indices as for me, hard to choose what to use

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I held BAT for years and switched to LINK. I think I might put some back in BAT but it never went anywhere for me.

>> No.29199085

From what I've read it seems to be quite the safe bet though so that kinda balances it out if you just want to put your money to work without getting the rug pulled.

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BATholder here. Been holding since 2020. Bought around .35. I'm glad it's finally moving up a bit but I was feeling very dismal about BAT for a good while when it was floating around the .20s last year. I bought it because I thought there was actual utility behind it. I really do hope this coin rises to the multi-dollar ranges ($40 EOY). I've thought many times about dumping my stack but I'm glad I've held and will continue to hold. Stay strong BATmen.

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I'm a lateboi who bought in just under 50 cents.
This is a solid project that is worth putting some money behind.
I'll stick with you till the end.

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I get down on BAT sometimes but it is a solid project that deserves more recognition, and deserves a higher market cap. Hopefully we're all gonna make it brahs.

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I feel like BAT is one of the few tokens that you can see where it is being used, which is the Brave browser, which I hear about more and more people using every day. Seems like 90% of the coins I see on here are pajeet scams that have people like OMG 1000x to TO THE MOON DONT MISS THIS and then OMG WHY IS IT CRASHING THIS PIECE OF SHIT SUCKS. BAT seems like a steady grower and an actual real token.

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i doesn't until it does

>> No.29199719

Indeed it just takes a little patience.
Frankly waiting isn't the hard part for me.
Trying to figure out when to sell is tricky.
I have a specific goal in mind with what I want to do with BAT profits.
Problem is I don't know if I should cash out as soon as I hit target or wait for more growth so I can leave some of the stack in.
My gut says the former as it's less greedy but also feels silly too.

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what would you say if i told you that i collect 0.1 BAT per day?

>> No.29199780

I recently started using Brave and for the most part agree with how they are handling data privacy. It might not be the end result of where I think data rights should go but it is likely the realistic compromise we will get.

>> No.29199850

Just curious, what parts do you not agree with?

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257k BATlet reporting. So many years. What is the half life of diamond carbon?

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its been crippled out the door with manditory kyc

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Unclear what you mean here, fren. Brave has the strongest browser privacy in market

>> No.29200264

Ideally, like I said at this point not realistic, the transparency of being able to track your own data and where it goes vs. a checkbox of if you can be served ads for a small amount, i.e. more control. Huge improvement over what I assume most people use I just think we've been used so long at this point an even sharper uptrend of data protection/privacy would be ideal.

>> No.29200426

Kyc is what gives Bat it’s legitamacy. It won’t get shut down when crypto get heavily dicked down by new laws. Japan is allowing Bat, this is far bigger than people are giving it credit for.

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Kim spendin 50% alimony on BAT outta spite.

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how do you eat that fish?

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BAT bags full

>> No.29200772

BAT is one of the next coins to moon on the exchanges

>> No.29200848

yeah but those shitcoins do 100x because they're pajeet scams and retards eat up that pyramid scheme it-only-goes-up FOMO no matter how many times it fucks them over
most of the profit made on crypto is not coming from legitimate technology

>> No.29200880

It would be nice if Brave could steal market share from Chrome. I keep mentioning Brave to normal folk and point out benefits but it's hard to get them off the Google teat.

>> No.29200917

We out here snail bro's

>> No.29200940

imagine those stupid things flopping around during your 3 minutes of passion

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These BAT o'mine. Imma let em shine

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Only 3 minutes?
You underestimate me.

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The smell

Live every one of the 180 seconds.

>> No.29201411

What do breasts smell like anyways?

>> No.29201483

You just eat it and not eat the bones? Maybe chew on the head a little? What are you asking? Also it is not a photo I took.

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bring the brave new deaL

>> No.29201557

Why is AOC relevant?

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The O is where you slide in the B

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This thread just got a lot more lit. Thanks for joining.

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Feels pretty good, if a bit quiet.

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Why is this so fitting kek
Absolutely based OP
Realize that this single meme alone made me consider grabbing a bag and installing Brave

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Calm before the storm

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Is Binanace worth it?

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battler so fucking based

>> No.29202552

Pub adverts.
Self Serve platform.
QR Codes.
Pay with BAT (Paypal integration).
80 million user partnership (imgur).
Brave NFT's.
Brave Today.
Brave Together.
Brave Mail.
Brave social media aggregator.

>not holding bat

>> No.29202572

How much do I need for the moon mission?

>> No.29202641

Our chief scientists have determined a 10000 BAT stack and a realistic probability of hitting $40.

>> No.29202700

>have 10k
Locked in and ready for the long haul.

>> No.29202739

i forgot

>Brave Youtube client.
>IPFS Inbuilt

Brave and BAT have more features in the pipeline than I have ability to remember.

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As a proud chinese man yes binance is <GOOD> for you
Read Rose Guns Days

>> No.29202886

*nervously chuckles*
I think I'll just stick with Uphold.

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File: 58 KB, 564x558, 7b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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eich will strike BAT

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>> No.29203512


>> No.29203777

Brave is a great browser and I can't read graphs but BAT looks like a moon mission waiting to happen. It's on Coinbase, that's where the normie money is.

>> No.29203789

Can't find anything regarding the paypal integration. That's big stuff. Link me?

>> No.29204289

Just rumors as far as I know. Seems likely though. 40k batlet, bought at .13 been holding forever.

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>my umineko sperging made someone buy BAT
need to tell my little bro about this, he's the one that got me into Umineko. lol.

>> No.29204850

What is it even about?
Everyone tries to outhax eachother?

>> No.29205113

Read his other novels like Higurashi and Rose Guns Days if you haven't. They're all kino

>> No.29205190

have a bat faggots

>> No.29205331

Whoa thanks for the 9000 sats.

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Trust in the lobes

>> No.29205484

Where are you more often chartbro? BAT lacks good TA charts.

>> No.29205635

This, a fuck ton of people are downplaying the Japan news. Those fuckers love to coom to lolita and what better way to do it than in a Brave private window while getting paid BAT

>> No.29205639

Umineko is a visual novel that is a murder-mystery, but with a meta-twist... not just a regular murder-mystery twist. It actually evolves into the meta of murder-mysteries and it revolves around trust, deception, truth, love, and family, and family history. The original art is very indie-esque ("bad") and there was no voice acting, but, just as Higurashi did, Umineko got voice acting later on, and even an anime.
Tbh I've been stalled-out on the second half of episode 8. I think I can't stand finishing good stories sometimes. Or maybe episode 8 is just too slow/weird for me.

>> No.29205816
File: 95 KB, 620x480, kla_nayamua1_r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using IceCat
wtf are you doing
>The original art is very indie-esque ("bad")

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File: 257 KB, 1451x853, bat3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't realize my TA was sought after! I'll keep you in mind for future threads. Here's a little update on my view on BATBTC rn.

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File: 476 KB, 800x445, 1608499553013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgive me kraus-sama, I'm just trying to connect with the unfamiliar crowd.

>> No.29206073

Are people keeping up with the THEMISv2 development? Needless to say, that's gonna be huge.

>> No.29206297

>HEMISv2 allows users to request updates and validate their rewards state in a private and unlinkable way. Users can also calculate the rewards they should receive, and submit proofs of correctness to Brave and other participants in the protocol. In addition to increasing “trustlessness”, THEMISv2 is a step forward in decentralizing the current infrastructure, as it offloads the reward calculation to the users while allowing third parties to independently verify the results of the protocol.
Holy hell that sounds really nice. I'm actually pretty excited, because I know they can actually make it happen. Wonder what the timeline is for this.
>the first phase (from the 8th January to the beginning of February) is to introduce THEMISv2 to the community, and make sure the teams who want to participate in the RFC&C event are prepared to contribute.
Looks like this is happening right now, isn't it? At least, phase one.

>> No.29207025

Yes I want to see your TA in every BAT thread. Your analysis is very thought out. Seriously keep em coming sir, Eich shall smile upon thee graciously.
It is massive, and yes its already begun. The team is making huge progress already in the tech and is talking to ton of good potential partners. Join the discord and see for yourself. Theyre really open about what theyre doing and will tell you about it all, which is part of the reason they are doing it in the first place.

>> No.29207332

Kinda sad that there will probably be no staking though

>> No.29207380
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This time the moon tourism is real right bros?

>> No.29207415

This is, but I never expected it anyways, it just didnt have a justifiable usecase for the core goals of Themis.

>> No.29207540

Imagine paying for BAT when they give it away for free.

>> No.29207774

I don't know much about THEMIS but how are they planning to decentralize it without staking? Who is going to run the validators?

>> No.29207829

Can we validate as we browse? lol

>> No.29208015

I don't think it works like that. I thought staking BAT could be a good idea because you could use the BAT as collateral to ensure that you validate properly, the same way you need ETH to stake in ETH 2.0 or Link to stake.

>> No.29208182

That's interesting. Seems like there's a lot more infrastructure and little holes of information I need to learn about BAT than I expected. Thanks for the good questions.

>> No.29208283

I know zero about Themis or why it is supposed to make Bat moon.

>> No.29208538

Same desu. I want self-serve ads to come out so there will be buy pressure on BAT from more advertisers

>> No.29209109

Bullish pattern is forming on BTC pair chart. BAT might pull another 2x in the next 2 weeks if we are lucky.

>> No.29209321

Noted, keeping my eyes peeled. What pattern we looking at, Elliot wave? Simple pennant?

>> No.29209587

WAIT HOLY HELL it's an inverse head and shoulders with a head height of 1000 satoshis!

>> No.29209777
File: 42 KB, 308x400, BATeichhulk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29209996
File: 79 KB, 512x512, 1612839534549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i missed the thread. was there anything interesting in it? i dont like reading

>> No.29210037

ASKO is going to hit $40 by end of year

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