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>Best Chinese investments:

>My favorite Chinese ETF’s:

Divest from America. Invest in China. Taiwan is a province of the People’s republic of China, so TSM is a Chinese company. Remember to say “thank you daddy Xi!” to secure your gains. Amerilards tongue my anus.


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I came here from /pol/ after following the stock market hype a few weeks ago. Ever since then I haven’t gone back, and have completely grown out of my racism. I now respect black people and Jews. Thanks fellas, it’s much more comfy here.

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>"SAVERS could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this rate range before. There could be SAVERS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I HATE SAVERS" he thought. For the Love of Money reverberated his entire car, making it pulsate even as the $9000 wine circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of deflation in the economy. "With a printer, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

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from last thread

lads recommend what I can invest $200 into right now:

previous mentions:
>cocaine and booze

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you already know

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choke on a foreskin nigger kike

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So was BFARF just getting shorted all day today?

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pat seibah

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Here's your steel dilation machine you ordered
>You're not worth the (you)

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First off racism is a good thing. Without it you become too pozzed.

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>respect black people and Jews
Commit neck rope you fucking nig nogging kike lover

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This is a copypasta now but same except I think I'm somehow more racist without looking at /pol/.

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If you actually care about squeezing every dime out of the $200, you probably need to hold it as cash savings.

Surprise medical bill? Replacement tires? Dog needs surgery? All better investments in that situation than anything we could shill.

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>Racism and transphobia have no place here edition

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This. Imagine not having a drive to protect your own.

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Cool it with the slurs and seek mental help.

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know what

that you saved a small resolution version of that pic?

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lynch yourself nigger bitch

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((OP)) should invest in a length of rope and a chair to kick off.

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How can I invest in Anime?????

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diamond hands fellow dnn bag holders

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don't be sayin that word!

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>made more money from selling TWTR puts to angry Qoomers
LITERALLY free money and these retards just keep giving it to me. Now I know how orange man feels

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WIMI is the world leader in researching and developing high quality hologram technology. As a CCP backed company, it’s value is destined to multiple at least 1000%. The most attractive thing about WIMI is that their best hologram devices will be capable of displaying up to 50 anime loli’s at once, which also allows them to pay their dividends in cunny.

Another thing to consider is that once every American has a WIMI hologram device in their home, Xi will use it to project sissification hypno videos in real time to brainwash everyone in America into submitting to big Xi cock, allowing China to progress to the worlds top superpower, with WIMI attaining a market cap of 100 trillion. Be sure to invest now before you become a drooling sissy slave!

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i literally just started a position at 1.22-23

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Why didnt anyone listen to me when i told them about AABB

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whats the chances canadian shitcoin minsers (BFARF HVBTF) catch up to riot and mara?

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well i appreciate your honest and logical advice instead of the usual bag holder shillary

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No one cares nigger chink shill cunt.

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Why ARBKF no go up when bitcoin go up?

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0 unless added to us exchanges

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I do :)

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i fomoed in at 1.40 like a retard. guess im gonna be holding these for a while

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Well... EOW PT for PLTR? I forgot to cash out into LTC today so i guess Im stuck being locked into it

>> No.29187000

i bought more

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Once a jew realizes it they will create black sockpuppets to sow outrage directed at companies that they have short positions in. Perhaps they already do that

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I do. China is the future.

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here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqYCDX0roWc&t=67s

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So, looked into BCRX shills' new pick of Cielo Waste Systems. Looks fairly legitimate. Seems to focus on molecular/thermal depolymerization to turn trash into diesel fuel. I've read about this before years ago. It was being done by a company in Pennsylvania, I believe. Basically, they would process something like tires into a slurry with water. That slurry would be heated in a vessel at high pressure. The water is used to break the longer hydrocarbon chains. The distillate product has several useful products, like diesel and kerosene. It definitely works, but at the time was reliant on high oil prices

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It's so obvious and it never occurred to me.

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It didnt sell off hard when lockout ended
Hope you have a parachute anon

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You DID buy your FRX (BODY) shares before the 3.2 million coaches bought theirs right Anon?

>Being poor sucks!

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>”China is collapsing!”
>Said Americans every year for the past 7 decades

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W-wait did we just find out a mystical secret tenet of judaism?

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Chinks will fall. That's it. Save yourselves.

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You are stacking volatility on top of the usual crypto swings when you bet on miners (and that crazy RIOT calls fucker takes it up another level).

With GBTC there's only NAV fuckery but otherwise, shit, open up an account on a crypto exchange and buy the real article.

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Anyone here holding GTE and feeling hopeful for next week?

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On the contrary, racism is wholesome and a /smg/ tradition.

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Please no anon I'm so angry for leaving LTC into PLTR FUUUUUUCK

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Kill all Jews

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Thousands of shares here, and yes. Hoping to make 10k or so.

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this I don't go to /pol/ often, but I keep noticing (((schemes))) on tv and in news and media.

>> No.29187311

GBTC is not a bad choice if you want to put it in an IRA. Can't do that with bitcoin itself.

>> No.29187317

Friend was telling me about a biotech company that was researching plants in the Amazon rainforest for medical potential. Something about tree bark. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I can't remember the ticker but it sounded interesting.

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Gee which one of these 2 do you think will fail first?

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USS שוקעת חירות Sinking of the USS Liberty שחררו את פלסטין Free Palestine צליבת ישו The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ הלוואה ללא ריבית Interest-Free Loan מלח מיוד Iodized Salt וקדים ישראלים Dancing Israelis בעלי ספינות עבדים Slave Ship Owners מקרי מוות בעקבות ברית מילה Deaths From Circumcision פסטרמה בינונית Pastrami Is Mediocre מספר המוות בצלב האדום Red Cross Death Toll הקבלה לאוניברסיטאות בליגה קיסוסית Ivy League University Admissions טנק החשיבה של אפגניסטן Afghanistan Think Tank יובל חוב Debt Jubilee מדינת לאום הומוגנית מבחינה אתנית Ethnically Homogeneous Nation-State אחריות אישית Personal Accountability עלילת דם Blood Libel עשרת הדיברות The Ten Commandments פרוטוקולים של זקני לימוד ציון Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion שנה ביחד 200 Two Hundred Years Together סיוע שנתי לישראל Annual Aid To Israel

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Last thread, a magic 8 ball said that the price was pumping up to 1.15 Monday

>> No.29187446

If it’s CCP backed, I’m never buying it

>> No.29187466

Actually I think you can. Have to open a separate account at one of the companies that offer crypto IRAs but I think it all follows the same IRS rules as crap like real estate and baseball cards.

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Friendly reminder that Israel is an illegitimate state, and that they are big fans of committing genocide and acts of terrorism.

>> No.29187475

>dildo sucking guy at the end was in my unit
good times

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I can't pick between Palantir or Bitfarms as my memepick.

I'm thinking Bitfarms because I'm Canadian, and I think they have much high revenue growth compared to Palantir in the short term (<1yr).

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The chinks, they're pre-destined by geography.
whatever that shit is, it ain't worth my time.

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How's my poorfolio looking, /biz/? Think I am finally getting a healthy split between reliable growth stocks and gambles after going too hard on retard shit like mutant fish and AMC earlier

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You likes the ARBKF tho?

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Do you seriously honestly think that Chinks will solve the Jewish question and help white people? Or are you trying to heal your inferiority complex you have with white people because your little Rangoon dick can’t get into a white girl?

>> No.29187566

John McAfee.

>> No.29187574

god i want out of the military so bad
fellow crayon eater detected

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image searches give no result

>> No.29187616

Dammit you beat me to it.

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What's your portfolio rn?
Long term:
self explanatory, everything on their ETF is high growth and good
As federal and state governments move to replace their fleets, and as kids start going back to school, school districts will try to replace their old "pre-covid" (what itll probably be called) fleets with new electrical fleets, which bluebird makes
Industry turns back on -> people use more oil
Short term swings:
Buy below 50, sell above 50
>low cap, low price (<$3) meme-able stocks
Got GSAT and others like this

>> No.29187630

Don't know enough about it, just saying you can't expect a 1:1 correlation when they're doing company shit and have valuations and revenue forecasts vs. Bitcoin which is just "guess the price lol"

>> No.29187631

>they don't know about ANY

>> No.29187680

Well if you support Jinping and his regime because you think it’ll benefit Europe and the Americas, hats off to you, but I personally think you are gravely mistaken

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If I want to change brokers, and I have a bunch of stocks in a TFSA. Can I like transfer the entire account to another broker (I don't want to sell and withdraw money) or does it not work like that?

>> No.29187739

>Mr. Peter Tassiopoulos
Greek CEO, shorting it now.

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PHEW.. fucking buzzer beater to end it in the green lads

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>> No.29187792

It's true, fuck those faggot jews shooting kids and shit
Fucking kikes

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It seems they'd do better than the Zimbabwe government... er I mean us government.

>> No.29187830

Don't spend it all in one place.

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>> No.29187865

kool, thnx anon

>> No.29187866

tfw you would've made it writing GPRO puts but GPRO cucked you on thursday and now you're gonna be exercised

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will riot just keep mooning along with the btc run? my dad bought it after I shilled it to him and now I want to make sure he gets out before a rug, but I don't see one looming for it

>> No.29187948

I was an 0311 in 29 palms, you?

>> No.29187949

I hate the US government as much as you, maybe even more. But what will China get out of helping the U.S/Europe? What would they even do? If they topple our government and instate theirs then were no longer sovereign as white people. We would just have the Chinese replace the Jews, which is not much of an improvement

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I think I see Palantir's future.

>> No.29187962

Damn. Maybe I should cut my losses with mutant fish. I'm down 600, I have 2.1k in it now

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God I wish I could just get hugged like that. Not even in a sexual way, but just human contact beyond a handshake or a pat on the shoulder. I've literally not been hugged since 2015 at my dad's funeral. I feel miserable and wish I was in the casket instead some days.

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My dog is unironically my only irl friend besides my dad if that counts. The stock market consumes my life. Even while I work I just trade, read about the market, and watch videos about the market

>> No.29188048

>Didn't beat the 3% inflation per second that happened in the time it took me to write this post

>> No.29188054

that ain't nice word! don't let me be hearing you say that!

>> No.29188068

is it all going to crash or just keep going up? i want to make money in the market but i fear buying the top right now, what do?

>> No.29188113

The worlds a stage. They know this will never pass, but they throw it out there so they can use it as a talking point later. It's like biden, he's stabbed his further left constituents over and over again. He's an 80s dem, he's basically a republican with more guile.

>> No.29188119

I'm happy for you that you have a wonderful companion. In some ways a good dog is a better friend than you'll find in people.

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Nice dog anon. Here's my boy.

>> No.29188137

Show me a WIMI anime hologram
You can't

>> No.29188157

TSLA puts to crush the autism bubble.

>> No.29188162

What did Micheal Burry read in medical school to get good at stock picking?

>> No.29188166


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NAT? Last year called they want their meme stock back

>> No.29188182

Realize that even if you account for inflation, stocks only ever go up as long as you're not into total meme gambles that are going to shit the bed

>> No.29188191

Is it based to be profiting from Uighur slave labour? I think so.

>> No.29188196

>>>/twitter/ or >>>/reddit/

>> No.29188205

wtf i love china now

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what did he mean by this

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Market, market, market, trade, trade, trade, yields, inflation, dividends, valuations, rug pull, moon, cheapies, crab, bear, bull, ngmi, wagmi, Fed, Cathie, stimmy, IRA, broker, Chinkshit, cryptoshit, >futures, opening bell, ding, ding, ding, closing bell, gains, gains, gains.

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This, but unironically

>> No.29188286

Nice looking dogs, frens

>> No.29188305

he spent med school shitposting on internet stock forums, not joking

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The only niggers I love

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Give him a treat for me.
Eating steak on the kitchen floor with my cat, so I understand how you feel anon.

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he read this

>> No.29188355

Anon I'm hungry for divvies and I am hoping if I keep putting coins into the magic box every week the wizards will grant me their boon

>> No.29188362

don't be killin no jews i didn't raise yall like this

>> No.29188380

Ho fuck there's two of you here
The stumps only had woodshop and brown trout fishing (and that mexican restaurant in palm springs)

>> No.29188389

my favorite is the guy spreading jewish lies because if he is doing it intentionally it's 100x funnier

>> No.29188396

7257 in k bay

>> No.29188417

Wow thank you so much, this is perfect.

>> No.29188428

The dog in the back is like
>He bought PLTR?

>> No.29188434

Salmon and that

>> No.29188439

FCX you dumb faggots. I trued to fucking tell you this shit last week and no one fucking listened. They are literally out of fucking copper and the biggest copper mine in the world cant reopen for 2-3 months because;

1. You cant just reopen a mine, there is infrastructure that needs to get ramped up, you cant just turn it back on.

2. The Grasberg district in indonesia is closed due to covid.

Moreover, copper fucking jumped 4.3% today. In commodities terms thats the equivalent of btc jumping 30%. It just doesnt happen unless there is a supply crisis.

FCX is the biggest copper miner in the world. Get your fucking shit together buy the fuck out of this shit. We are on a rocket ship.

>> No.29188445

Why? The parachute is so you can get back to earth and order soxlovers like me around

>> No.29188448

>Even while I work I just trade, read about the market, and watch videos about the market
You and every body else in this asset bubble. Productive work is secondary to rent seeking.

>> No.29188458

My rycey stays spicey


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>People don't want a president with an eye patch

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all long-term, and negative cash since my broker lets me trade like a margin account without being a margin account

>> No.29188482

More shills. Reverse psychology baiting >>>/pol/ you need to go back

>> No.29188500

If the jews didn't want killed they wouldn't have infiltrated every level of the government.

>> No.29188511

I'm still not listening, suck a dick and fuck TSLA too

>> No.29188521

Just to clarify my thesis was verified because FCX Jumped 20% this week. It has zero signs of stopping.

>> No.29188550

Bought 4K of FCX in 2016 and I’m stilling holding lmfao

>> No.29188551

So many people shill here. Post some DD and convince us to partake.

>> No.29188564

had me until 'rocket ship', ever since AMC and GME that word has a bad connotation to me

>> No.29188590

Damn, nice hardwood floors. I got a peleton coming next month too.

Still have to rip out and redo the kitchen in pic related >>29188121
But its a good brick house in a good neighborhood in tech capital of the east. Huge backyard. I'm happy with the price paid.

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but like what IS "hologram technology" actually

>> No.29188597


1.70 per share here. FML

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Lol, Nice.

But you should reconsider.

>> No.29188617
File: 13 KB, 300x168, SJNEETwagie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting cause i took the job but now i am having some regrets, I feel like im selling myself short. (start next week)

Finally got my first real offer letter from a reputable company in NYC. Im relieved and excited but the only problem is the pay. It is an entry-level law firm job and it's only 17-18/hr. (yearly salary) It has benefits and stuff but the commute to the city will greatly hinder my income (if/when we return to normalcy) which the company is pushing me will soon.

I am torn on what to do. It is WFH until further notice, and i plan to commute to NYC from my nans to save money. That pay is brutal though. Cant be picky i guess.

I was a psych major for 2 years but switched to Crim major, with psych and ethics minor, the shit pay makes me want to keep looking, but 2021 grads are creeping up and the job market is a complete ruse . Now my gf wants to get married and i have shit all in my bank account.

Should i take this job? I do not have any current income but feel like i could do better.
Also be smarter about your degree choice anons.

35k/yr worth it for a recent grad? or am I selling myself short? Or just tough it out and wage it out

>> No.29188622

Moon seems super degenerate as its an etf of meme stocks. I like GUSH being leveraged oil but oils not moved like I wanted thusfar since buy in but the week has been shit

>> No.29188647

Also very nice dogs lol. I immediately saw the wood floors and that distracted me.

>> No.29188659


Any factory tours? Do they have customers?

>> No.29188684
File: 1.23 MB, 2992x1548, 20201230_102533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you only knew how bad things really are

>> No.29188691

fake and gay. what is this, some reddit mind programming operation?

>> No.29188693

I'd just sell at a loss at that point, what I did when I got in at 1.60

>> No.29188702
File: 531 KB, 1604x1211, Screenshot_20210219_222211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

our autist is not running for president boys, tfw...
>I am not running for president. I am far too flawed. Do you really want to see a cross-eyed President of the United States of America? No one really wants that. I'd have to wear a patch, and I don't want to wear a patch.

>> No.29188703

Holy shit I'm going to be a billionaire.

>> No.29188717

This is not GME levels of risk, if you bought last week it was a lay, up. Now its a free throw. Not guaranteed but the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor.

>> No.29188746

Keep the job but look for a new one in the meantime if you think you can do better. Some income is better than no income. Once you get something better give them your 2 minutes notice and leave.

>> No.29188751

alright i'll check it out

>> No.29188753

did the faggot with le secret food ticker genius from yesterday reveal his retarded plan or was he larping

>> No.29188771

this is what I think of
only way better

>> No.29188783
File: 1.09 MB, 2434x2110, 1608506692169.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>respecting blacks and jews

First rule of stockclub: always do the opposite of what the jew says

>> No.29188791

I put 10k into MVIS first thing this morning, so I feel good about it. I should, right?

>> No.29188800

Not a financial advisor.

Just do a finance planning sheet and see if that pay will cover your life choices. If not then don’t take job but keep in mind it could lead to a good opportunity if you can climb the ladder and your gf works as well. Avoid debt and enjoy your work till you get what make you feel secured.

>> No.29188807

Why the fuck would you get such worthless degrees? You should just be thankful you aren't working at best buy.

>> No.29188810

Seconding this. You have a lot more leverage in the job hunt when you're actually employed.

Same as how chicks flock to you more when you have a gf. You're pre-vetted.

>> No.29188822
File: 422 KB, 1024x1012, gettyimages-533100564-1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

will continue to buy in roth ira
bought at 9 average in normal account, 60% of account now, not selling for years

>> No.29188863

Only good book listed is Common stocks & Uncommon profits. One up on wall st by peter lynch is also good. Intelligent investor is a dry ass book, and you'll only need part of it. Buffettology and the others regarding buffets methodology next to impossible to obtain in todays market conditions. Value investing today, isn't in favor, and usually takes a high level understanding of businesses, corporate structure, and business accounting. Ben gram was about asset arbitrage, takes brains. Read Common stocks, and One up on W.st
>T, Ive read them all. ALL OF THEM.

>> No.29188865

WIMI looks like a good one

>> No.29188869
File: 558 KB, 1600x900, GOLD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Barrick was going to acquire FCX you this week, but it didn't pan out.

>> No.29188875

ahhhh dont degree shame i hear it everytime, i was young and wanted to be a cop for some reason....

>> No.29188903

Imagine if all that crypto equity was forced into the market

>> No.29188914

>tfw I have to wear a patch
alright nigger fuck you too

>> No.29188932

Why would I work productively?
My bosses are incompetent and downright insulting

>> No.29188939

Should have bought eman instead.

You're probably fine but you better hope the tech for ar/vr is actually ready this time.

>> No.29188952

>implying they come from the future

>> No.29188973

I've been trying to find the video since last thread, but can't seem to find it anywhere

>> No.29188996

Ionized salt?I don't get it

>> No.29189008

here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtUzXpMP9m0

>> No.29189013


he's included on there

>> No.29189016
File: 26 KB, 498x499, 1536201808280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29189045
File: 87 KB, 366x374, s05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

P-please don't do this to her
>worth it
Probably not

>> No.29189053

Maybe he was just high as fuck and the burgers spoke to him

>> No.29189150

do i actually need to read anything? If we're not in a bullrun for another 4 years i'm screwed anyways regardless of whether i read shit or not

>> No.29189165

bro they are cut but they too THICC

>> No.29189166

Experience. You don't get good jobs without it. Your not there to earn money, your there to earn experience so that you can get a better job in the future.
>T. B.A. Philosophy

>> No.29189196
File: 10 KB, 300x168, 4DC411D1-3414-4DE9-9E13-A166D82A53EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29189198

ok i accept this future. sold my wimi for 20% already though

>> No.29189206

thats pretty shit especially for fucking NYC. my entry level job at a law firm started at like $28/hr. i mean if you have zero work experience then just fucking do it and start getting experience so you can apply to another firm or whatever in like 6 months.

also you are kind of dumb for not negotiating a better salary. jobs always lowball you but you are a beta recent grad so they smell fresh meat and know they can walk all over you and get a good deal on slave labor because you dont know any better

>> No.29189226

FRX boys i'm still retarded. When the stock merges to make BODY will my FRX stocks turn into BODY stocks or will they stay FRX stocks?

>> No.29189233
File: 51 KB, 740x551, DAE6CE3C-0013-4383-9A50-58BB5D7A4B25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WIMI is my favorite meme play. I don’t understand it what so ever but for some reason it keeps going up. Apparently it’s a real company since they keep getting deals.

>> No.29189252

It's okay, I sold a large part of it today
No idea where that shit is going yet

>> No.29189264

CCIV bros are we gonna be okay...?

>> No.29189332

Every single crypto I buy after hours of research dumps. Every single random ETF I buy with zero thought put into it pumps. What the fuck is wrong with me?

>> No.29189344


Rumer that apple may buyout MVIS though

>> No.29189366

there were 4 other people willing to accept the pay, i had to leverage in any argument

>> No.29189411

>legal cunny
That stock will have two more trailing zeros once the virgins find out

>> No.29189417

The one in the back is the mom of the one in the front. She had 14 puppies, which apparently both permanently widened her and brought her titty to body ratio up to 80%.

>> No.29189425

That's sad. He is ashamed of his disability. Probably has low self esteem and will go full trannypill soon. "Cassandra".

>> No.29189427

that dip going to get bought, always has

>> No.29189475

>crypto is a gamble
>etfs with good stocks pumps on a good market day

>> No.29189490

www.energy.gov 2019/08PDF
Waste-to-Energy from Municipal Solid Wastes - Department of Energy

Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) is a thermochemical method to convert organic feedstocks such as MSW
into liquid biocrude. Under high temperature/pressure conditions (nearing the critical point), water becomes a
much better solvent for the organic substances present in the organic fraction of MSW and other wet waste
streams of interest.(87) HTL produces four phases: bio-crude, an aqueous phase that still contains organic
materials, and both solid and gaseous streams.(88) The biocrude itself requires cleanup and hydrotreating to
produce a drop-in biofuel. As an added benefit HTL biocrudes tend to be more stable, have better energy
content, and have lower oxygen concentrations than fast pyrolysis oils.(89, 90)
Much of the R&D interest in HTL is because it can take advantage of some of the unique attributes of high
moisture fractions of MSW, and experimental tests have been conducted on a variety of waste feedstocks.
Examples include, and are not limited to, sewage sludge,
(91-93) animal manure,(94) food waste, and mixed wet

>> No.29189494

By buying crypto you are making your own investment decision, and since you are a retard you get retarded results. By buying an ETF you are letting other people make all the decisions for you so you are safe from your additional chromosomes.

>> No.29189507

it is extremely hard to find a job while you work full time, know from experience.
good call boomer man thank you

honestly you are right im cucked with no job they had me backed into a croner with no choice, im broke so idgaf let me work

>> No.29189528

Track your trades in a spreadsheet. One row per coin/ticker, columns for entry reasoning, exit plan (holding period & sell target), ultimate outcome.

>> No.29189536

I've read somewhere about a stock that has some kind of influence on these mysterious derivatives but I'm afraid to look it up.

>> No.29189585


>> No.29189598
File: 982 KB, 500x333, feels good man.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PLTR fuders, do you have atleast some shares for long hold?

>> No.29189617


>> No.29189628

That's a good girl, disregard my post

>> No.29189647
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 1612487585684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Corona is now, and has always been, a nothingburger. SA strain is no more deadly, and as the coof has served it's usefulness to the PTB, Opening shall continue unabated.

>> No.29189651

hmmm science! what is this in regards to? any companies?

>> No.29189674


>> No.29189686

That Cielo Waste Systems that's been mentioned here recently

>> No.29189689

someone asked about CRSR in the previous thread.

Yes. bet the farm. Even if its being manipulated, you can count on it going up to at least the high 40s. I'd like to see it around 51 but im being realistic.

I've got some options im banking on, but I truly believe that this stock will be a steady gainer in march. seems like every 10-15 days it climbs up and down. very dependable. That may change when the lockup expires.

I could post DD but lets be real, since taking a position and talking about it in a couple threads today, suddenly reddit loves this stock.

>> No.29189711
File: 261 KB, 1200x1200, Panicked Pepe Running Away from His Computer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29189718
File: 73 KB, 1086x992, F8F1B9C6-9A7B-48DF-AD60-2AD716E76A95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I buy FB now that the aussies are losing their shit?

>> No.29189734

Except it's not like it's a good ETF like something from fidelity or vanguard, I aped into a 3x leveraged semiconductor ETF like a retard. Crypto gambling is so much harder than choosing random stuff off of etfdb

>> No.29189795

Does the race market have options?

>> No.29189802

In Canada, Enerkem, SU(suncor) has a working interest in the company

>> No.29189812

anyone have a ticker? is it offshore? is there an ADR?

>> No.29189818

true but i promised i would be there for at least 2 yrs kek fat chance

>> No.29189846
File: 5 KB, 190x266, 1592983273210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>noooooo! we haven't seen these levels since yesterday! it's over!!

>> No.29189902

lol nevermind, ticer is CWSFF but the fucking float is 300 million.... hmmm

>> No.29189904

>Good ETF’s
3x leverage is the only way.

>> No.29189923

>stock market consumes my life
Youve completely and utterly wasted your time. The very few successful traders only make a few moves per year

>> No.29189968

Cielo Waste Systems is based in Canada as well.

>> No.29189979
File: 1.74 MB, 1874x3596, linusdemontips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the SOXL of videogames?

>> No.29190006

>i aped into a leveraged etf
> in a critical industry
>that supplies goods during a massive shortage
>stock went up
Wooooooooow why could that be
Anon you did good. Guessing it was soxl or a similar. Leveraged etfs are dangerous since it trends down just as fast if there are loses since its based on underlying stock. So if qcom takes a massive shit again and loses 15$ itll drag it down

>> No.29190024

Honestly I would love Facebook without news.

>> No.29190031

Great advice, thanks. I have 5.2k of casino money that I throw all over the place just trying to get a feel for the emotional and psychological side of full time investing. The money itself is under 2% of my portfolio but I'm trying to learn from all these dumb decisions I'm making. I know I could paper trade, but it wouldn't feel the same as having half the value of my mitsubishi shitbox at stake.

>> No.29190042
File: 201 KB, 660x780, 161315043111.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29190100

Money duping

>> No.29190123

when shopping for large caps ive found that the single best indicator for (buzzword about price going up) is whether or not they are scaling up their operations and bringing more and more new emerging technologies and diverse streams of revenue into their organization.

don't worry about news. these big corps get people to handle their press and massage it as needed. Just look at the fundamental stuff. Leadership. Products. Buyers.

>> No.29190126

>Bought back into GME at $50 because I thought it was the bottom
I found a strategy to salvage this situation, the collar.
>Sell covered calls at $55
>Use the premium to buy protective puts at $20-$30
That way if it keeps crabbing down to $20 at least I'll make money.
Put premiums actually seem extremely cheap. I could buy like 3x $30 put contracts for selling 1x $55 call contract.

>> No.29190148

Will be hampered by pdt limits until you have enough in your account to avoid it.

>> No.29190161

Crusader Kings 2. People have to encourage you to try it, but once you give it attention, it leaves you pleasantly surprised with hundreds of mutations in how you approach matters.

>> No.29190183

...and publicly traded.. Thanks! I wish i could have a piece of the Geothermal energy projects happening up here as well

>> No.29190248

sadly the don't "own" the patents... right of refusal for patent owner

>> No.29190339

And since the squeeze happened I wondered if everyone and their brother was selling cash-secured puts to take advantage of IV to get in which massively drove down the put prices from everyone slapping the bid.

>> No.29190405

Yeah, I got flagged twice during the whole GME AMC thing, but my broker just said don't do it again or you get ding-dong 90 day bannu. Having 25k margin fixes that though, right?

>> No.29190457
File: 106 KB, 1024x788, 5MZmyKbC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some anon shilled me CRBP and so far it just going down...he said I would make it. Liar.

>> No.29190464

I wont speak to specifics but yeah 25k unlocks cheat codes

>> No.29190502

Uhh I know if they include margin in that calculation, I thought no.

>> No.29190515

It's a reference to Cassandra from Greek mythology, a character who was given the ability to be able to see the future but also cursed to have nobody believe her. Burry accurately predicted the 2008 economic collapse to the extent that he was 100% confident in betting hundreds of millions of dollars on it and when he tried to contact the government about it their response was to open an FBI investigation into him and audit him 5 times.

>> No.29190531

$18/hr on the books is a shit sandwich when starbucks pays $15/hr

>> No.29190542

I bought into the CRBP meme too.

I think we'll be pleasantly surprised. Your money might get tied up for a while but everything goes green eventually.

>> No.29190592


>> No.29190610

Lmao...remember to sell the news anon.

>> No.29190648

same here! I bought the narrative but the volume suggests we may be on to something here... that or citadel is gonna pull the rug on us or some shit

>> No.29190658

How can /biz/ start its own publicly traded company?

>> No.29190680

I have a friend in NYC that holds a fuckin boom mic and they started her off at double that. fresh out of high school too.

>> No.29190691
File: 23 KB, 400x388, 1546305204632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to die poor.

>> No.29190728

Looks pretty interesting. Would love to know what their catalyst is, as it does not appear to be water.

>> No.29190736

Imagine a completely democratic etf that you had to get digits to make trading decisions with

>> No.29190755

Yeah, I know. But I also know the type. He's a proto tranny. Takes one to know one.

>> No.29190789

But we have SOXL so ... what else would we need?

>> No.29190797
File: 84 KB, 674x451, 1518820187888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do we feel about BILI earnings on the 24th? We've been consolidating nicely these past weeks

>> No.29190800

>become female
>life turns to easy mode

>> No.29190820

>trips decides which stonk we dump our money in

>> No.29190829

We need time to move shit before we pull the rug bruh
You cant refute a single thing he said

>> No.29190836
File: 49 KB, 618x618, 1594359425242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know why DMTK jumped up 15% today? There was a huge volume jump when the price increased by $10. Was it an institution?

>> No.29190866

Earnings generally go opposite of what you expect. Cauction advised

>> No.29190877
File: 42 KB, 510x496, 1613457507923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to die with more money than I can spend and no one to leave it to.

>> No.29190889
File: 163 KB, 627x627, 1613295077783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We've been consolidating nicely these past weeks

>> No.29190894

Just not the same as buying shares in /biz/ itself

>> No.29190911

yeah im not a female. i am attractive though that doesnt help with covid times

>> No.29190925

Wimi for holocunnies

>> No.29190929
File: 1.07 MB, 781x1024, tether-781x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should i cash out my globohomo funds now and buy commodity stocks and physical silver or will uncle joe give us a 20% boost when the gibs happen?

>> No.29190956

Bro chloroquine is an old as fuck drug. Like thousands of years old. It works but isnt profitable cause a jew cant make a patent. They added a hydroxyl to it to patent in the 50s but that expired. Tree bark is old news

>> No.29190970
File: 37 KB, 657x527, dacd70dcfcbc67833f9e0aaa4ed20554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good morning eurobros, I have to wage in an hour

>> No.29190989

Why not spend it sending pizzas to poor anons

>> No.29191002
File: 54 KB, 422x320, v39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone who sells their CRBP shares is an enemy of India. You've been warned
>how do we feel about BILI earnings on the 24th?
[rocket ship emoji]

>> No.29191025

>when the gibs happen

>> No.29191044

Well, it won't matter how rich you are after you die at least.

>> No.29191070

I thought that was already a common thing. I noticed that with ATVI, almost like clockwork, hit pieces would come out about them around earnings. I don’t pay as much attention to other companies, but I imagine it’s the same with most publicly traded companies with any short interest.

>> No.29191075

If they pull the rug, how low can it really go? Hopefully you didn't buy options on this thing, but I think we'll see it steadily climb to a better price than the 3.

>> No.29191082
File: 47 KB, 289x285, 1606744155898.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After reading about the Facebook stuff in Australia I have much more respect for the Zuck.

>Media companies want law that forces FB to pay for traffic from FB to media companies
>FB can either pay up or delete all links to these media companies
>FB obliges
>Deletes all links
>Big media corps lose like 1/5th of their traffic instantly
>Smaller media gets obliterated because they depend on FB boomers even more
>Instead of getting paid for traffic they no longer get any traffic and also no money
>Murdoch and his government goons are panicking and try to blame Zuckerberg for being a pedophile supporter and whatnot
>Government completely reliant on FB boomers and Murdoch media to get votes suddenly has boomers looking at dogs and babies again instead of fear mongering and angry idiots rambling
>FB doesn't even care because they lose no users and have like 0.3% of their users in Australia anyways

I love it. The stock dumped with the market today but I feel much more confident holding it.

>> No.29191085

>waging on a Saturday
Isn't that illegal? I have to imagine the EU made that illegal.

>> No.29191094

just use your vacation days for interviews. You'll have a small time period where your life is 9-5 regular work then 6 to sleep polishing your resume and applying for shit but it's really worth it in the end. Otherwise you'll be cucked at your shitty paying job forever and DON'T expect good raises

>> No.29191095

You have to pay interest on 25k margin though?

That seems bad.

>> No.29191102

Not one single check will come from the democrats

>> No.29191105

Do you want a pizza?

>> No.29191108

It will become BODY.

>> No.29191192
File: 440 KB, 720x404, yuri sad.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's okay, lil' gains into big gains...

>> No.29191204

of course not. they actively stopped trump from giving us 2k so they could dangle that check in front of everyone for the election. they never had any intention of giving out that money

>> No.29191205

Twitter is a Democrat and blacked propoganda machine. Im not talking about financial news hit pieces. I mean deshawn saying that that starbux is racist and shit

>> No.29191213

It's not just cliche to root against the tech oligarchs, after seeing how much the *other* powers that be suck, well, I'm downright rooting for the autists.

>> No.29191239
File: 234 KB, 1746x816, Wallmine stocks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhhh, what should I do?

>> No.29191248
File: 397 KB, 1518x1075, 637b2d8bcb29f3ecfba6c519aac9dd78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please no cry

>> No.29191257

I have to work on sundays too sometimes

>> No.29191262

Absolutely. OPTI posted an over 800% increase in earnings from quarter to quarter and it went down .05

>> No.29191289

lmao they finally memed us back. You're alright, chang

>> No.29191348

Don't trade anything you don't want to dedicate an unreasonable amount of time into understanding and following. That goes for assets, industries, and companies.

Or buy whatever trash you skim-read about on /smg/, either way.

>> No.29191361

Create a price target for the company in 2022 then do an IRR for each.

>> No.29191392

Biz bros I was down over 50% over the last 2 years/my whole time investing. I am now down less than 2% after turning my shit around the past couple of months. Not big time money but it is a five figure account. I might actually make it and if I can anyone can because I was 100% retarded

>> No.29191402

Good lord, man.

Can you at least go on strike? You guys love to do that shit.

>> No.29191425

How have server moderators not been minecrafted yet?

>> No.29191442

GME chads are you still here

>> No.29191453

Then check out Cloudflare desu

Dude what are you doing just load up on QQQ, SPY or some Vanguard bloatmaxx ETF

>> No.29191473

i still have 1 share

>> No.29191480

Im okay anon, I am greedy which had me lose 5k on it (3k of what I invested, 2k of unrealized gains I passed up multiple times). Save your money for the retards who post some god honest retarded truthful shit like the /pol/ack texan whi didnt prep for winter and might be dead.

>> No.29191507

*raises paw*

>> No.29191527

gonna pick up some cheapies if it tanks

>> No.29191531

that literally describes every pharma bio company

>> No.29191536

kek we literally can not go on strike, the salary is shit but the pension is guaranteed and its fun most of the time
its also a very secure job

>> No.29191538

You think Anon even knows what IRR is, let alone how to calculate in Excel?

>> No.29191544

Sick days for interviews is a good call kek, fuck that way of living is going to suck. im going to need some good stocks to hold

>> No.29191553

i will tell you yet again, anon.
purchase BTWN

>> No.29191554

Is FUBO a meme or it is a good long play?

>> No.29191556
File: 193 KB, 500x367, marin gn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Marin is so cute

>> No.29191571

if you dont know what to do then pick ETFs at random.

>> No.29191583

better long term opps imo... look at

>> No.29191597

holding 10 at $150

>> No.29191634
File: 325 KB, 992x1400, U5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just love seeing these elderly idiots get shredded. They still live in a world where Facebook and Google needs them, not they Facebook and Google.

It's just the sheer megalomania at work that makes me root for the Zuckerjew. It's like some 80 year old exec at American Steel refusing to pay for the Microsoft licenses because "They should pay us for promoting their services in our big industry!"
And Microsoft shutting off all services in return, caring about as much about the company as you do about a barking Chihuahua.

>> No.29191651

didnt they just get a lawsuit on them today for not disclosing stuff to their investors?

>> No.29191657

was shilling NGAC all day, hope somebody actually bought i actually like making people money here

>> No.29191687

Having money is/will be racist anon. Better chop off your peepee

>> No.29191714

would love to school my wife on some chloroquine effectiveness against covid porn... im sick of the propaganda everywhere

>> No.29191736

Trim that portfolio on a good green day for the stocks. I went through my portfolio today and sold out great positions like VSTO because its doomed to crab right now for a month or two so I could focus on
>Arkf for crypto
>arkq or w whichever one performed best so far
>uuuu for covered calls practice
>soxl to ride the lightning

>> No.29191771
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That's why I bought in!

>> No.29191774
File: 127 KB, 863x577, 12345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like you faggots missed out on HVBTF or BARF miners for amazing gains. I see these 2 doubling within the next week. Eziest fucking money. I hope all you stupid fucking Salmon bag holders get sick of losing out on a life changing play.

>> No.29191777

FYI: You haven't made until you've taken a roll of $100s, soaked them in lighter fluid, lit them on fire, and paid a hooker to swallow them.

>> No.29191803

>if you dont know what to do then pick ETFs at random.
>*randomly goes all in on SQQQ and VIX*

>> No.29191806

what's NGAC, friend?

>> No.29191807

That sounds bad

>> No.29191837

I'm mad I missed the whole squeeze thing due to selling covered calls on the day of the first gamma squeeze. I finally freed up some cash from selling a home and maxed out my Roth and went 100% GME with an average cost basis of $49, 1300 shares in Roth IRA and 600 shares in taxable account.

>> No.29191839

Is it worth it holding blue chips for safe comfy gains? Or at that point should I just buy SPY and QQQ

>> No.29191884
File: 192 KB, 1038x1620, 1596992558494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got assigned
>four contracts weren't ITM enough to beat my breakeven
>three contracts were but not enough to lose money altogether
>going to sell cash-secured puts on the stocks at same strike
how'd everyone else do?

>> No.29191891


>> No.29191899
File: 325 KB, 1280x1600, DINpTcGUwAAhQ7U.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would I want to impress a woman I plan on killing anyways?

>> No.29191908

Don't jinx it faggot

>> No.29191920

It's not to impress her...
Also, checked

>> No.29191923

If the MMs pull out, it'll be because they know that the trial report coming out in a week or two is bad news. If that happens, you'll see the price drop to 2, then slowly limp back to 1, where it'll crab for 4-6 months until they have something else in the pipeline ready for trials. Or the whole ship will sink because of the continued failures. Company ain't exactly flush with cash as it is, and it's in a highly competitive sector.

>> No.29191944

Wow, that is pretty based to be desu.

>> No.29191967
File: 26 KB, 460x460, 41020105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea I am going to bring down 1.7 trillion dollar market by calling a bunch of virgins faggots

>> No.29192006

>find study
>point out the study started givinf the drug to people already on respirators
>find any study in the 2000s from CDC where they use hydroxchlorquine as a “control”(cause it has proven history for thousands of years). Which is like every coronavirus study.
Also load of fireign organizations DID do proper studies, from many asian countries, to EU countries where it worked well. Eg south korea used it since the beginning and had no issue.
Etc etc

>> No.29192583

It’s probably less being a woman and more having connections. She probably makes that because she’s in an entertainment industry union that negotiated those high wages. But they’re extremely hard to become members of, and mostly invite only. And anyone straight out of high school in that position definitely got in through connections, probably from their parents.

>> No.29192892

spy is basically an average of the 500 bluechips

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